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    Latest Release: 7 - 28 - 17

    Cleaned, fixed, freshened up, and 1.12 ready. Jungle Stream is more playable than ever.

    "Back from the dead ***holes!" - Boba Fett

    Jungle Stream is an Adventure / Escape style map that takes you deep into a tropical Jungle. No, I didn't just take a jungle biome and give you a bunch of tasks to complete. Using the power of VoxelSniper I created massive cliffs, caves, crevices and all around amazing looking scenery. I then threw in many different redstone puzzles, parkour obstacles, mazes, keys, and save points, and the result was Jungle Stream. It is a linear style map, with tons to do along the way. Not much reading has to be done (Yay) because too many signs to read always made me bored when playing a map.

    **Story** You were visiting a remote tropical rain forest in order to study the habitat, when you fell into a valley. As you are about to begin your long climb out, you look at the waterfall in front of you, and notice a strange light that seems to be hidden behind it.

    **Rules** (Included in-game)
    1. Do not break / place any blocks.
    2. Play on any difficulty you like (Normal is recommended and set for you automatically).
    3. Once in a mine cart, you may not get out until the cart comes to a complete stop.

    4. Redstone Ore marks the main story line. (Must do puzzles and tasks)

    5. Gold Ore marks optional tasks. (For food, armor, Gold Bars, etc)
    6. Lapis Lazuli Ore marks where keys (Levers) may be placed.

    Total Gold Bars to collect: 60. Diamonds: 10.
    Estimated playing time: Around 2 hours, most likely more if you are collecting gold bars and diamonds as well.


    It's the same as any other map, so you should be fine. Here's a brief how to for windows:

    1. Download and save the map to your desktop.
    2. Extract it. (you should not need winrar or anything)
    3. Go to "run" and type in: %appdata% Hit Ok.
    4. Open the ".minecraft" folder.
    5. Open the "saves" folder.
    6. Drag the map there.
    7. Done.

    **Texture Pack**

    This map looks quite ugly in the standard minecraft look. Use whatever pack you like, but I would recommend ChromaHills, DokuCraft, or JohnSmith.


    If you see Red Stone Ore around a cave or entrance, it is telling you that this pathway or puzzle must be completed in order to finish the map. If you don't know where to go next, look for Red Stone Ore.

    Gold Ore marks puzzles and parkour obstacles that do not need to be completed in order to finish the map. These obstacles will award you with gold bars, armor, or food.

    Protect your levers! All levers are essential to completing the map.

    TEXTURE PACK! Please! It is so worth it.

    **Important** If you are playing on a server, set the command blocks property to true.

    Map designed and built by NickT33
    Building and design help by xScubadanx
    Beta tested by Johnyt3, Ryan and annarox23

    Download Link: Jungle Stream

    **Other Maps**

    Alaskan Survival / (No thread yet)

    Battleground - PvP / Here

    Screenshots - Click to view full size.

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    Will there be a release for 1.7.10 now that it's the last version compatible with bukkit?
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    Right now I am looking for reviews of the map so I can start making a list of changes for v 2.0.
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