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    IGN: Nichu9696
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: I have played Minecraft since the early days of 1.2, and have been building projects since 1.6
    When will you usually be on: I will usually be on after school from 5 pm - 8pm
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    I'm sorry, but Communism is defeated. With the fall of the USSR in 1991 Communism eclipsed into the shadow realm of governments and societies along with the monarchies of the 1800's and Fascism ala the fall of the Third Reich. With that the US took capitalism and put it into every system that had traces of Communism and now even countries who say they are Communist are really just trying to hold onto to old strands of power (China) are really using Capitalism as their main power (Think of all the cheap products China pumps into the free markets). The main reason why Communism could never work is because it destroys ambition, if I can never get anything rewarding for my efforts, why would I try any harder than what is required of me? This creates a sort of status quo society where everyone works for the good of the state, but never works any harder than they have to, which is even worse than the mediocrity the American government has forced upon its people with corporations and such. Once again, I would say Communism is defeated and the dawn of a new age has begun, one which will eclipse even current mediocre America and the corporations.
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