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    72ndlegionMC is a Minecraft Towny and McMMO server hosted in the US.

    The server runs a variety of plugins such as Lockette, Colored signs, Iconomy, Citizens and many more, with quests currently in the works.

    72ndlegionMC also has a donation and voting system in progress that you will be able to use for special rewards, such as ingame ranks and access to fun commands, as well as an in game admin shop that you can sell your gathered goods and items at.

    We are always improving our server and looking for suggestions, which you can submit on our dedicated website or suggest in our public discord. We also put on events occasionally for our players to enjoy.

    Concept of Nations

    Our server is based around the concept of 4 nations, pre-made, that you have the option of joining either as a player (The Capitol city or Allied towns), or after you have gone out on your own and made a town, as a town.

    The four previously mentioned nations each have their own characteristics, ranging from being strictly peaceful to viciously warmongering. Depending on the nation you join, you may find yourself being attacked, or your king requesting your help in attacking others. You may find yourself being pressured to trade with other towns, or to cease trade with another. Joining a nation is the best way to find yourself succeeding as a mayor and making it as someone important on the server.

    It is up to you whether you want to join a nation or not, although it is highly recommended. Not joining a nation will put you in the dangerous position of being alone.


    We do have a set of rules, although our staff dedicate their personal time energy and money running this server and would prefer to not have to step in unless there is an unforeseen problems.

    1. Respect Staff members -- pretty self explanatory, we run the server for our and your enjoyment, If you have a concern about something or how something was handled, please contact us so we can resolve the issue.
    2. You must be 13 years or older to play on this server. No Exceptions. -- If we have reason to believe you are not, you will be removed from the server while we investigate. If we are not confident with our findings we will be forced to remove the offending player.
    3. Advertising is not permitted. -- Also pretty self explanatory, If you choose to be a part of our server, we wouldn't appreciate you advertising for another, be this in our in-game chat or on our forums.
    4. Chat Moderation -- Please do not spam, Use all caps, repeatedly message another player when communication is unwanted, Profane language is not preferred but we understand that sometimes it is used to get a point across though excessive use will result in a mute, zero tolerance harassment policy, If a staff member asks you to stop please do so and refer to rule number 1.
    5. Cheating and Exploitation -- These are a straight up ban, they can be appealed through our appeals process. A non comprehensive list so that you get the idea: Hacked Clients, Intentionally exploiting bugs or gliches, Use of mods that add an unfair advantage against other players, etc.

    Please note, Our rules are subject to change at any time as needed to clarify things or add additional rules as other issues arrive, we however will do our best to notify our players of any changes and their effective dates as soon as a change occurs.


    Owners - Nezin, Cyblue2995, Anubis72nd

    Administrators - Sequelman1, Dylan4781

    Moderators - Kynigos

    We are not currently looking for additional staff, but will notify the player base when we are.

    Closing Remarks

    We at 72ndlegion are a large family of gamers, we have been playing games together for roughly 15 years and decided that we would like to run and operate a Minecraft server together. As many other servers have, we have put many hours of work getting this set up and running to a point that we would like to share our server with the rest of the Minecraft population. We enjoy playing games within our group and with many others from all kinds of backgrounds. We hope to see you online.

    "Analyze, Adapt, Attack"

    We are not one, We are legion.

    Welcome to the 72ndlegion.

    IP: minecraft.72ndlegion.com

    Discord: Contact a member of staff

    Private Forums: Here

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    Looking to host an FTB server, needs to be at least 3GB of ram. If you can do this for us, let me know. Looking to not spend tons of money. as most of us probably are, Lol.
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    Moderator Application

    IGN: Nezin

    Age: 17 years of age.

    Experience: I had ran my own for quite a while, Shut down due to lack of funding, started college this year, a year early. I have also been an admin off and on for a few different servers, one for 6 months that was averaging 30 people online at a time. I was also temporarily an moderator on a server called The Kingdoms before Beta came out, when I was trying to fix lag problems for them, and was successful.

    Skype: My skype username is Tehrepacker

    TimeZone: My timezone is UTC -8 (Pacific time, west coast USA )

    How Much Time Do You Play MC a day? Anywhere from 1-15 hours a day, averaging at least 2-3 hours.

    How Long Have you Played MC for?: I have been playing MC from infdev.

    Why you want the position: I want the position because I want to be part of a larger community, I want to be able to make friends and help a server grow, I want to see something succeed, It has been far too long since the last server I was a part of died off, and I really want to get back into the swing of multiplayer. I am a big bukkit supporter, and I deal with lots of plugins, so commands and other things wont be a problem. I just want to help with something, being a moderator is something I have experience at, and is something I enjoy, and its hard to find people that like doing things and are also good at doing those things.

    Small tidbit about myself:My name is Guy, I am 17 as stated above, I am a freshman/sophomore in college ( its complicated ) I left highschool because things were not working out, it was too slow and I was not good at being held back because of the slower "popular" people in my class, I am cisco certified as a network administrator ( So I do know what I am talking about most of the time ) and have been programming in odd languages like YAML, JAVA, PHP, and LUA for the past 3 or so years because I enjoy it. My hobbies include programming, building fun gizmos, playing with my cat and dog, programming, and fish keeping! ( Like in a fish tank, both fresh and saltwater )

    Also, I just wanted to add that I like finding creative solutions to problems or inventing new things.I do not expect to have changes made or anything, But it has been my experience in the past inventive and innovative changes make people want to stay on the server and be a part of a greater community, so if I see something that the server might benefit from or that perhaps we should look at changing, I will let you know about it.

    Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any other questions, feel free to add me on skype and ask, I also have a few other certifications, One of which is being partnered with youtube, so if we ever need to make a video about the server to attract users, we can do so more easily.
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    Retracted, hired elsewhere.

    Thanks for your time.
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    In game name: CowsAreTasty

    Age: 17

    Have I ever been banned from another server: yes
    (Owner seemed to be having a bad day.)

    I have read and understand the rules above: Yes

    I voted for the server on the three links above: Doing so now.

    I understand that ranking up is not instant
    and may take several hours, I also understand that
    bugging the admins wont make it go any faster.
    In the meantime I will level my jobs and McMMO
    skills up as a squatter: YES
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    Quote from Chancew

    How long have you been playing minecraft?:2 years
    What do you plan to do on our server?:Build a nation and watch it grow help anyway i can
    suggestions you could make to us?:If you dont have big brother get it
    Do you enjoy playing minecraft?:Yes
    Anything else you want us to know about you?:No

    Accepted, you can now log in.
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    Quote from Chancew

    How long have you been playing minecraft?:2 years
    What do you plan to do on our server?:
    suggestions you could make to us?:Help with anything i can
    Do you enjoy playing minecraft?:Yeah
    Anything else you want us to know about you?:

    Please re read the rules, and fix your application.
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    Hello everyone, we are a new server looking for players to build a strong community and have fun, we do have some rules, but they are all fairly simple.

    -No Griefing
    -No Stealing
    -Keep your life off the server
    -NEVER ask for an up ranking.
    -Do not bug staff.
    -No Spamming.
    -Use reasonably correct spelling, and grammar.
    -Respect yourself, others, and staff.
    -Don't use foul language. Period.
    -PVP is disabled.
    -TNT is allowed for only for Trusted and higher.
    -We don’t need constant whining. If you don’t like how we run things find a new server – if you’re a good player, we’ll even recommend you. :biggrin.gif:
    -No Bug abuse. Minimap is cool, Flymod isn’t – any doubt? -- ask first.
    -No handouts, you need a resource, you get it.
    -Dont screw with the rails in trainstations.
    -Don’t whine or QQ if you fall and die, or your lagging
    -Yes there’s lag, don’t tell us about it.
    -If a staff member asks you to stop, stop – it’s a rule, just for you.
    -put (*@&*#*$&&&)* in your application it lets us know you read the rules.

    How long have you been playing minecraft?:
    What do you plan to do on our server?:
    suggestions you could make to us?:
    Do you enjoy playing minecraft?:
    Anything else you want us to know about you?:

    Owner: Nezin

    This server runs off of donations from people because we cannot afford it by itself with all the players, and upgrades needed, it's hard. If you can pitch in any money, there will soon be a donation Button Below.

    The server IP is:mc.volutionmc.com
    (there is a whitelist, so please apply below!)

    We hope to see you all soon!
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    Just wanted to let you know, with your mining drill.

    Started a brand new world, INVEdit'd some stuff in to make these...I just got 5 ladders, and a bunch of wool, Aswell as about 3 stacks of Coal, out of the first one, Any ideas why this is?
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    Bump! Dont die on me!
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    Never set your server to offline mode, we got trolled hardcore, Its never going to happen again.
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