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    posted a message on [1.6.4][Forge][1.3]Craft it out!New crafting recipe for item!
    Quote from 123eric14

    This mod is actually very simple and could be made easily with a mod maker. Also most of the recipes dont make sense

    I agree these recipe's doesn't make sense but I run out of good crafting recipe right now.1.3's recipe will be better,I will make horse saddle craftable again.
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    posted a message on Regular zombies in the nether?
    This is because zombie pigman and zombie share some code.

    When you punching a pigman there is chance it will use zombie's reinforcement code.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][Forge][1.3]Craft it out!New crafting recipe for item!
    Craft it out 1.3
    Craft it out is a mod that add new crafting recipe to Minecraft.My targets is kinda very simple,make item more useful and renewable.Originally,I uploaded this mod on planetminecraft but it got removed because it is violating their rules.'Simple mod'
    Funny thing is they don't ban other simple mod,
    There are many new crafting recipe has added.Every screenshot of recipe can found in imgur.com album.To make image more easier to found,every version of their own album(except for 1.0 and 1.1)
    Image uploaded to other website because if I put every image here,it will cause long loading time and lag to some users.
    Recipe in this mod(check album for crafting image)
    1.0 and 1.1's recipe
    -8 block of stone+1 fire charge=9 lava
    8 coal block+1 coal=1 diamond (Very logical)
    9 cactus=1 water block (For anyone live in desert)
    Water bucket+lava bucket=1 obsidian
    9 leaves(any)=1 apple
    Nether wart+1 poisonous potato=Potato(Shapeless recipe)
    Cobblestone+Vine=Mossy cobblestone
    Brown mushroom+red dye=Red mushroom
    Red mushroom+bone meal=Brown mushroom
    8 snowball+1 water block=1 ice
    Glowstone powder+1 stick=Torch
    Coal block+ stick=36 torch
    9 string=1 cobweb
    1.0-1.1's recipe image can found here:
    1.2 recipe(Nether update)
    8 redstone+1 lava bucket=16 fire block
    6 cobblestone+2 fire block+1 redstone=8 netherrack
    Water bucket+sand+lava bucket=4 soul sand
    -You can craft nether fence or stair using nether brick(item)
    -6 netherrack+1 gunpowder+1 fire block=6 nether quartz
    -Nether brick(block) can be crafted back to 4 nether brick(item)
    -8 netherrack+1 fire=8 nether brick(block)
    4 gold nugget+4 gunpowder+1 netherrack=4 glowstone
    Recipe for 1.2 update:
    1.3 update(The recipe that I used to know)
    -Added horse saddle recipe(same with old pre 1.6 one)
    -Old golden apple recipe
    -Old book
    -1.3 doesn't need album image(
    1.2(Nether update)
    1.3(The recipe that I used to know)
    Sneak peak
    1.4-Tweak the recipe I added
    1)Recipe for new update will be hidden in spoiler.
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    posted a message on Mojang Anti Cheat(Sound like VAC lol)
    There are many hackers in Minecraft right now.To make Minecraft less filled with hacker,Mojang could introduce a anti cheat system,'Mojang Anti Hack'(MAC).

    MAC is a giant whitelist,every server can sign up for MAC protection for free.If a player spot a hacker,they can report it to Mojang with the following format.

    Hacker's name:
    What hack does that hacker use?:
    Proof:Upload a video to proof it.

    MAC will not automatically detect hack and ban player,it will help prevent player got banned for no reason at all.

    If the hacker is successfully banned by MAC,they will not able to join any server secured by MAC.This will greatly ruin hacker's fun and stop most of the hackers hacking.Also,once banned it is permanent ban

    To make MAC less strict,MAC will not taking the following reports.
    -Offensive building structure
    -Griefing(griefing using hacks will banned)
    -Scamming other player's item
    -Posting links.Dangerous link can be reported.

    To prevent some player abuse MAC.The following punishment can be used.
    -List the player into reporting blacklist,any report from that player will be ignored.

    The banned player can unban them self by sending email to MAC team but they must describe with the following format.

    Why did you got banned?:
    Why you should unbanned?
    Proof to show you are innocent:

    If the unbanned player got banned again,they will not able to unban them self anymore.

    (To be honest,it work almostly same as VAC lol.)
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    posted a message on Do you think Mojang should declare war to Minecraft hackers?
    I have playing on many survival server ever since 2012.When I was playing on a server,the chat is full of message like this.

    This happen on many Minecraft server,every server I have played has full of people complain about XXX has hacks.This is my real story about hackers(seriously,it is very unlucky day).

    I was playing on my favourite survival server with my friends.Me and my friends has build a house together,we build our stronghold underground.To prevent our base exposed to other player mining near our base,we blocked most of cave nearby with stone.However,bad thing started to happen.My friend has noticed someone has came above,we prepared fight that intruder.That intruder is breaking into our place and killing us with kill aura.He stole our item and our secret chest which we hide behind the wall.After this,we decided to move our base to somewhere else,we moved our base to Ocean biome which is 15,000 blocks away from spawn.Our former base is 5000 blocks from spawn.After that,we start a new base and never got xrayed again.

    Seriously,Minecraft currently is full of hackers right now,many people like to using hacks to grief people and stole their stuff.The best example of the hacker is Team aVo they can cause a massive grief to other player by using their hacking client Relient.

    Do you think Mojang should declare war to hacker to make Minecraft more fair and less filled with hackers.
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    posted a message on Jeb did NOT Ruin Minecraft!
    I only give Jeb 85% out of 100% because he keep adding RPG stuff and mining feature seems less focused when he is lead developer.I like him listen to community and improving Minecraft.Jeb is much better than Notch because Notch always lazy to implement something he promised and not listen to most of time.
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    posted a message on OldDays/NBXlite, SpawnHuman, SSP, SSPC
    To be honest,where is Exalm?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4.][Forge]Biome Variety-1.0
    Quote from InsKill

    Add compatibility section in topic. How it working with BoP, EBXL, Highlands?

    Most likely will never work with any terrain mod because it modify terrain it might conflict with other biome mod.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4.][Forge]Biome Variety-1.0
    Quote from Deathpebbles

    Hm. I may add this to a modpack I'm creating! I'll let you know if I do decide to add it and of course will ask for your permission once I get it all ready and set to release. <:


    The one thing that would make this a lot better is to add a config file to allow you to change the ID's and generation of the biomes themselves. If not, I can't use it :<

    Ya you can add it to your modpack but put my name into credits :)

    About config,I don't know how to program it now.I will learn it when MCP and Forge is stable for 1.7.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4.][Forge]Biome Variety-1.0
    bump again
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    posted a message on Podzol spread *now with poll*
    In real life podzol is type of soil not grass,it will not spreading like grass.

    To topic:I support this even I find this unlogical comparing to real life podzol but Minecraft is video game I don't care about it.If podzol is spreading like grass,it give a special feeling where Minecraft is different than real life.Sometime Minecraft need sometimes need unlogical thing to bring back the fun,if Mojang focus too much on reality it take away the unique feeling of MInecraft.
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    posted a message on Better Ender dragon
    Updated this post,now with more change.
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    posted a message on Better Ender dragon
    Quote from aary33

    I like it, but it needs to improve on some aspects.

    I am improve it now,check it back later. :3

    About that deafening,it will not cause player not hearing music.
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    posted a message on Better Ender dragon
    Quote from Aeruoa

    No support. 1 nerf, 9 extra add-ons that make the fight even harder. If you could make it more equal, i'd maybe support.

    I plan to improve this topic,I will make it more balanced later.
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    posted a message on Better Ender dragon
    As many of people know,the Ender Dragon is kinda too easy to defeat because all the Ender Dragon can do is charge into player and pass through blocks.I got some idea to make Ender Dragon more better.However,to make it better it require some nerf and some buff.


    1)Nerf their pass though blocks ability.
    The Ender Dragon will not able pass through EndStone,Obsidian and Bedrock.This make player able to create a base in the island before they begin fight to Ender dragon.

    2)Ender Crystal heal 25% more slower.

    3)If Ender Dragon's health is above 90%,Ender Dragon will fear of light,placing torch around area will cause Ender Dragon less likely to attack.However,this doesn't block Ender Dragon's attack completely,Ender Dragon have 35% of chance to attack player.

    4)When the player first enter The End,Ender Dragon will be neutral mob for first 10 minute.This first 10 minute will allow player setting up their base in The End before attacking Ender Dragon.After 10 minute,Ender Dragon will begin attack player.However,if the player attack Ender Dragon during this period,the Ender Dragon will became hostile.
    The player can extend neutral time limit to 20 minute if the player is wearing pumpkin on their head.

    5)If Ender Dragon saw a TNT block,it will attempt to charge into it and cause it explode.However,it have a limit,after you cause Ender Dragon charge into 20 TNT blocks it will not charge charge into TNT blocks anymore.

    6)It is possible to distract Ender Dragon with other mob.If player spawn iron golem,snow golem and chicken,Ender Dragon will be distracted giving player chance to escape.If Ender Dragon's health is below 75%,this trick will not anymore.

    7)Wearing armour help reduce knockback when fighting Ender Dragon.


    1)Xbox360 ability
    In Xbox360 edition,Ender Dragon can use acid breath and firing projectile,why can't this implemented to PC version because it make Ender Dragon less boring to fight

    2)Mind Controll
    Rarely,Ender Dragon will mind control nearby Enderman to attack player.However only 4 Enderman can attack player.The controlled Enderman's eye will turn to red.However,when Ender Dragon is mind controlling Enderman it cannot attack player.

    If the player didn't destory all of the Ender Crystal,the Ender Dragon will retreat and flying to one of the Ender Crystal to restore their health,once their health is restored,Ender Dragon will fight player again.

    4)Slow regeneration
    Ender Dragon will regen their health when their health is below 35% but at very slow rate.1 minute will restore Ender Dragon 10 health.

    When Ender Dragon's health is lower than 25%,it will enter rage mode.Rage mode will make it attack with higher damage,faster flying speed and use their special ability more often.
    Flying speed increased 15%
    Ender Dragon will deal one more heart damage to player.

    Ender Dragon will occasionally roaring,the roar will cause every player in the end got nausea effect for 5 second and deafening effect which cause player unable to hear nearby sound for 10 seconds.When Ender Dragon is in rage mode the nausea effect will extend to 10 second and deafening effect will extend to 20 second.
    Deafening effect will only cause player unable to hear anything further than 16 blocks away.

    When Ender Dragon's health is below 15%,Ender Dragon will able to teleport to behind player like Enderman.However,it will teleport 32 blocks away from player.Ender Dragon will only have 1 out of 100 chance using teleport ability.Also,after each teleport Ender Dragon will not chasing you for 5 second to allow player preparing incoming attack.

    Ender Dragon will have 25% resistence to any incoming damage.

    If Ender Dragon's health is below 5%,Ender Dragon will quickly attack one of the Enderman to restore their health back until 10%.However,if the player is quick enough,they can kill Ender Dragon before it could restore their health

    9)Deflecting breath
    Ender Dragon will able to blow any projectile coming toward it with this ability.The deflected projectile will dealing slightly higher damage(half of heart) and travel at much higher speed.The deflected projectile will not always hit player.

    10)The Stare
    If you stare at Ender Dragon's eye for 6 second while their health is below 30%,you will got weakness 2 effect for 10 second.

    This is my idea to improve Ender Dragon,please give me a feedback after you read it.
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