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    posted a message on What biome do you prefer to "live" in?
    In the middle of ocean biome.
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    posted a message on New 1.8 Terrain - Do you like it?
    Quote from Silentscope88

    I made a thread yesterday called "The Return of the Omnipresent Cobblestone Village?" after finding a cobble village in a desert. Structures are being silly.

    This is more silly,blacksmith is gone after I go shear some sheeps. :l
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    posted a message on New 1.8 Terrain - Do you like it?
    Quote from oCrapaCreeper

    Mojang did not tweak the terrain at all aside from the stone.

    Seeds from 1.7 are nearly identical to 1.8 aside from bugs like misplaced structures, and vines not taking the color of the biome they are in (Which is what causes swamps to appear greener).

    The seed doesn't change much(I tested it) but cave is much more frequent and bigger.

    Also,diamond and lapis is more harder to find.
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    posted a message on New 1.8 Terrain - Do you like it?
    Mojang tweaked terrain in 1.8.Here is what they changed or tweaked.

    -More stone generated

    -Larger and swiss cheese cave have returned

    -Slightly less strict temperature system(I found desert generate beside cold biome)

    -Some structure is generated in wrong biome(<<< sound retarded)

    -Greener swamp

    This is all I found,if you found any feel free to post here.By the way,did anyone noticed mobs seems spawn more frequent in cave?
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    posted a message on 1.8 Terrain Gen Changes?
    Quote from Delocuro

    1: Inconsistent Biome Types
    Well,this is great.They seems attempt to make some biome more easier to find by make temperature system less strict

    2: Varied Base-Terrain Levels
    They make terrain much better with this

    3: Lakes?
    I notice that too.

    4: More Frequent/Glitchy Desert Temples
    Interesting I might check it out later

    5: Odd, Tiny "Desert Patches"
    Pre Beta1.3 desert glitch is back...

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    posted a message on are there jungles in minecraft 1.7.4?
    Quote from marfig


    Ah,I didn't know that.
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    posted a message on are there jungles in minecraft 1.7.4?
    It is exist but it is rare compared to 1.6.
    Quote from heshi2

    how is it modified?

    1.7 changed terrain by adding lot of new biome and temperature system to it.However,jungle biome is not in temperature system.That mean it can generate anywhere but rare.
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    posted a message on Best way to get struck by lighting
    Getting struck by lighting in vanilla survival is almostly impossible but still possible.I got struck by lighting during Beta 1.5.

    Btw,chance to getting struck by lighting is 1 in 249,550

    Maybe in Minecraft it is 1 in 600,000...
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    posted a message on Better Horse and Donkey - Fix or improve what we have now
    I guess everyone like horse or donkey.Horse can jump high and moving very fast while donkey can carry some items.However,there is some problems which making horse riding became less fun and annoying.Here is my suggestion to improve it.

    Problem that should be fixed
    1)Drowning horse
    This is very annoying thing I ever had in Minecraft.The wild horse(untamed) can swimming in river but the horse that we ride can't swimming at all.
    This bug make a horse rider had to push their horse across the river or ocean.
    Mojang need to make horse auto jump to make them floating on water.

    2)Laggy chuck loading
    Another annoying bug for anyone which have slow chuck loading time or bad pc.Currently,the horse riding is very frustrating for low-mid end pc user.When low or mid end pc user riding a horse,the game will lag out when chuck is loading.When Minecraft is lagging,the horse moving will move extremely weirdly by suddenly gone laggy or everything suddenly stop moving.

    Currently,I don't have a good idea to fix this bug because if forcing chuck update extremely fast by riding horse it would cause FPS drop.

    However,I do have a very bad idea.When player is riding horse,the chuck behind player will be rendered invisible(still loaded but the texture is unloaded) it will help improve FPS and might improve chuck loading rate.

    1)Hunger bar
    It would be nice if our hunger is visible when riding horse.

    2)XP bar and jumping bar
    The XP bar has replaced by jumping bar while riding horse.This make player can't view how many level of xp whey got while riding horse.A simple solution is making xp level(not bar) rendered while riding horse

    3)Spawnable zombie and skeleton horse
    The zombie and skeleton horse is hide in the code.Mojang need to make both of these horse spawn but at a rare rate(about 1 out of 500).However,both of this horse can only spawn on surface(Y=64) and above.
    I wonder Mojang make them not spawning because it spawned in underground during development of 1.6...
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    posted a message on It seems that the underground is no longer swiss cheese anymore.
    I don't like swiss cheese cave but this is a very horrible tweak comparing to Notch's pre beta 1.8 cave.

    In Release 1.7

    The holes on surface has decreased but the cave is totally horrible,it is very hard to find a cave that leading to deep underground.You can dominate a cave just under 1 minute.

    In Beta 1.8-Release 1.6

    We got lot of swiss cheese cave which cause cave entrace everywhere on surface.Swiss cheese cake can generate from surface until bottom.In my opinion,it is extremely hard to dominate this cave but very fun to exploring it(except for getting lost).

    Pre Beta 1.8

    Before 1.8,the cave is not a swiss cheese like in Release 1.7 but there are some difference.The cave is very short and tiny near surface.If the player is below Y=30,the cave is very large and long but a player can dominate it in 3 minute.


    Release 1.7's cave tweak make cave look like a tiny tunnel.I prefer old swiss cheese cave than this horrible tweak.They make cave too short and ending too quickly.They should make cave like in pre Beta 1.8.Cave near surface is very tiny and end quickly but in underground(Y=30 and below) the cave should be long and large.
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    posted a message on Constructing a good, balanced Minecraft Economy
    In my opinion,these following item is not suitable to be currency.

    Iron-Too common.

    Gold-People can cheat lot of golds by construct a gold farm

    Grass Block(some server use it)-When someone got silk touch diamond shovel,they can abuse it too easily.

    Slimeball - It was a very good currency item during Beta because slime is rare and useless but now slimeball is too common and having their use.

    The good currency item(my opinion)
    End Stone - They are rare and useless. I think it can became tertiary currency

    Emerald - Villager can use it as currency. I think emerald can became best common currency in Minecraft because they are not so rare and not spawn in group like diamond.

    Sponge - Sponge is a very good currency because it is useless and unobtainable in normal game.Cheater cannot farming sponge because they are not exist in survival game.The only downside of sponge is...without a bukkit or plugin,it is impossible to get a sponge in survival mode.
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    posted a message on Regular zombies in the nether?
    Quote from IronMagus

    That seems the most likely explanation. It was my best guess, too, but I could not be certain. Is this intended behavior, do you think, or simply an oversight? Think I should report it as a bug?

    Most likely bug, I think only Zombie can havng reinforcement ability.Pigman spawning zombie is quite weird...
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    posted a message on Locking chests in 1.8?
    Quote from Klausar

    But how will the chests be secured? Can people still just break them or blow them up? If yes then it's really useless....

    Maybe Mojang added a new chest which made out of obsidian.
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    posted a message on Giant Bubble in the ocean
    Quote from BillWFriend


    Oh that is air pocket,it is caused by terrain generation.Nice find.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][Forge][1.3]Craft it out!New crafting recipe for item!
    Updated to 1.3(The recipe that I used to know) with some new things.
    -Old book recipe
    -Horse armor recipe
    -Old golden apple recipe
    -Added real silverfish crafting
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