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    posted a message on Shulker should ocasssionally spawn on Chorus Plant

    In my opinion, shulker should be slightly more common to make Ender got more challenge and more fun. Currently, the shulker only spawn in End City which makes them hard to find and the rest of The End is still empty. By making shulker spawn on chorus plant, it makes shulker became more common in The End. This makes The End slightly more dangerous as the shulker can attack player that roaming around floating islands. The player will need to extra careful to prevent getting blasted by shulker while passing through Chorus Plants.

    All chorus plant (naturally generated) should have 1 / 25 chance to spawn 1-2 shulker. The shulker may spawn on top of the plant or at the side of the plant.

    How can player deal with these shulker? They can break the bottom part of chorus plant and cause the shulker teleport away. Sometimes, it will force shulker teleport down to ground and make them more easier to kill.

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    posted a message on Sword Return should return but in different way

    The sword blocking is removed in 1.9 and replaced with shield in 1.9. In my opinion, the sword blocking should return because of the following reasons:

    1) Sword blocking add another Combat Tactic in PvP

    2) It can serve as quick defense against mob without shield

    3) You don't have to craft shield to block damage

    However, sword blocking need some tweak to prevent it making shield became useless:

    1) Sword blocking use 1 durability for each damage source blocked

    -Can be affected by unbreaking

    2) Sword blocking cannot block fire and explosion damage

    -This will completely make players vulnerable to fire and explosion.

    3) Sword can only block 25% from other damage source

    -In 1.8, it block 50% of damage source. Nerfing the amount of damage blocked should make shield became more useful

    4) It make you move slower than in 1.8

    -Maybe like 10% more slower

    5) Similar to shield, you can only block damage in front of you

    -Any damage from the side also deal full damage

    This is why I think sword blocking should make a return but in different way. So... What do you think about the return of Sword Blocking?

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    posted a message on Constructive criticism of hearts coming out of mobs when you hit them

    I agree to this criticism, some of my friends (younger than me) have complained that these heart make the game seems little bit went wrong direction (they thought the heart is brown blood).

    Removing this feature might cause some player mad, so why not Mojang change it to something other than brown heart (ex: using critical hit particle or health bar) and give us option to toggle this brown heart feature on or off.

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    posted a message on Airplane

    If you want planes in Minecraft, why not implement UFO aswell?

    Basicly, this idea is too un-Minecrafty. This should became a mod.

    No support

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    posted a message on ◆◆◆Difficulty system overhaul◆◆◆

    Definitely support this, this make Minecraft insanely more fun than ever!

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    posted a message on Petition Against Minecrafts New 1.9 PvP System

    At first I think this new system is bad but now I think it is best change to combat system. Combat became more fun and less spammy. When you get used to it, it can be more fun than old combat system.

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    posted a message on 1.9 New Brown Heart - What do you think?

    Agreed. Using critical hit particle is much better.

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    posted a message on 1.9 New Brown Heart - What do you think?

    For those who don't know what is the new brown heart here it is:

    Mojang implement it to show player how much damage they inflicted to mob.

    In my opinion, this feature is kind of weird feature because you can know how much damage you can inflict on other mob by reading the item tool tip.

    This brown heart thing is also look like Mojang's way tried to replace blood in Minecraft. Remember Mojang promised not to add blood or any violence feature into Minecraft few years ago? They seems forgot it.

    Also, there should be a option to disable this brown heart thing without changing the particle option.

    Overall, I'm fine with this feature. What do you think about this feature?

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    posted a message on The End is begin -13w33b

    Well, all I have do is change the particle setting from decreased (I accidentally set it) back to normal.

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    posted a message on The End is begin -13w33b

    I was messing around my house in 13w33b and suddenly this weird wild bug appears.

    I wonder what caused it, anyone had this bug?

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    posted a message on Mobs that evolve and get smarter?

    I like the idea but I also agree with the others because it sound a little too 'moddy'.

    Perhaps if this can be toggle on or off from world option.

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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    Good outcome

    -Everyone in Mojang stays

    -Microsoft let Mineraft devs develop Minecraft as usual without stopping them

    -Microsoft gives Minecraft devs more funds to create more epic update and Mod API

    -Microsoft sent highly experienced coder to help Mojang develop everything

    Bad Outcome

    -Microsoft limits Mojang's development by stopping them from implement anything they want or force them implement something.

    -Microsoft slowly fire anyone in Mojang then replace it with their employees

    -Microsoft implement a lot of un-Minecrafty features
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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    If they decide to make everything cost money...

    Cracked client here I came...
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    posted a message on Have anyone encountered anything odd?
    I saw a star slowly falling down from sky. I am very sure it is not shooting star or meteorite because it move very slow and emit dim light.
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    posted a message on Lighting Engine Overhaul
    The current lighting engine cause way too limited and causing lot of problems.

    Problem caused by current light engine.

    1) Black spot

    -This bug has been around for a very long time ago. Mojang attempt to eliminate this bug but they can only make it less common. A overhaul to the lighting engine may fix this bug completely.

    2) Laggy for some user

    -For some user, the lighting engine cause massive lag if smooth lighting is turned on.

    3) Too limited and weak

    -There are a lot of feature cannot implemented due to the limitation and problems with light engine. For example, the directional lighting.

    It is removed because of massive performance decrease.

    -The colored lighting cannot implemented

    -Smooth lighting not working on some blocks

    4) Weird lighting behavior. For example like this one.

    Benefit of overhaul lighting engine.

    1) May give massive or minor FPS boost

    -Everyone like their game run smooth and less laggy

    2) Tons of cool feature can implemented

    -Colored light, directional lighting and dynamic lighting.

    3) Smooth lighting can be improved

    -Smooth lighting on water.

    3) Eliminate black spot bug forever and ever.
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