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    posted a message on List of sites stealing Minecraft content. StopModReposts!
    Another thing I have noticed it Misnamed versions, like 1.6.4 being labled as 1.7.10 the leadt to the old "Dismod No LOAD tis RUBBISH", maybe this should be added to the list of reasons its bad too
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    posted a message on CreeperHost | HALLOWEEN SALE! 66% OFF VDS, 25% OFF DEDIS! | sFTP & Root Access | Multiple Games | 24/7 Support | EU US AU & ASIA
    Ive been a creeper host customer on and off since the start I have to say the one thing I have noticed Most is the dedication to not just there customers but to the minecraft community at large, I know a number of other mod devs they have supported, they were there in the begining of FTB hosting the packs and files and continue to this day to support the community.

    on a personal level as a customer I have to say I havent had a better more reliable servervice from anywhere else, from an efficient set up to fast and flexable customer service I have and will recomend Creeper host to anyone looking for a gaming server.
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    posted a message on Magic island: A modded survival questing map
    this looks cool :) glad to see another map using HQM how did you find the quest design process ?

    EDIT: you might want to change the link for HQM to
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    posted a message on Hardcore Questing Mode - Party Hard (3.2.0)
    Quote from Pyro_Dub

    Is there a way to unban people from a server through only the file system?

    When the mod bans some one it bans them to the vanilla list so OPs have the ability to pardon some on in game, if you cant trust the OPs then de-op them, we currently have no plans to change this.
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    posted a message on Hardcore Questing Mode - Party Hard (3.2.0)
    Quote from VerusAnimus

    Are you going to make it so the quest system can be used with out hardcore? Infinite lives?

    Also if a server had a command trigger every day to give a player 1 live, and a player has already ran out of lives would that player then be able to log back in after the command trigger or is that player added to the servers normal ban list and no matter how many lives they are given they can never log tell they are removed from the ban list?

    I would love to use the quest system but really I do not play much hard core.

    /hqm quest
    activates the questing half of the system meaning you don't need to worry about lives/bans and as for the bans once you are banned your banned on the server list. (you could always delete the ban entry if your really nice)
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    posted a message on Hardcore Questing Mode - Party Hard (3.2.0)
    Quote from vital74

    thank you soooo much for this mod VSWE, this is the best mod ever. adding personnal quests to my modpacks is just a huge improvement for our minecraft experience. your the man, man !!!
    Here is a free beer for you my good sir, now, lets edit quests yaaay!

    He had some help ;)

    Quote from Fixided

    That book could actually help me list all the things I scanned with my Thaumometer (Probably a spelling mistake)

    Quick question: Must the book be fully completed before starting a world, or can we edit it later on?

    You can edit quests at any time by changing the config , Look for the line "UseEditor" and change it to true.

    Quote from anicet74
    yeah!!! download links seems to have been fixed,I can finally try the mod!!!

    Awww that was my derp sorry, If it happens again then come tell us on twitter @HQMUpdates
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    posted a message on Thaumic Tinkerer (Thaumcraft Addon) - Evolve Knowledge
    Quote from Vazkii

    Slayer's Bow:
    A bow that fires fast and strong, conjures arrows from XP.

    Sounds Epic
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