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    IP: Spartacus.Beastnode.org
    (Please bookmark this page for any updates or changes.)

    Mumble is now available!
    To set up Mumble:- Download Mumble- Click "Server" - "Connect"- Click "Add new"- Type Label: Spartacus Address: Port: 65002 Username: (your IGN)- Register your name by "Self""Register"

    You were captured by Imperial Guards and taken into Spartacus to be sold as a slave. You have to spend your lifetime working for the Emperor. Find ways to earn Glory and respect within Spartacus to gain access new areas of the city.If you prove yourself a worthy fighter and loyal worker by gaining enough glory, you will regain your freedom to find home anywhere in the world. You can set the long journey back home, or continue to fight for glory and allow an emperor to grant you land in your name!


    Cost 0 Glory.
    Fresh off the ship, Work in the mine or kill for your next meal.

    Cost 15,000 Glory.
    Learn the Ways of a warrior
    Soon you will be one.

    Cost 30,000 Glory.
    You will soon be fighting in the
    Arena Soon!

    Cost 45,000 Glory.
    If you can survive this last hurdle, you will be free
    Kill or be killed in the Arena for Freedom.

    Cost 100,000 Glory.
    After years of doing the Emperor's biddings, you have finally gained your freedom! As you leave the walls of Spartacus, you set on a long journey to a place to call home...- At this rank you leave the prison walls and venture into a world just for Free rank and above, join a faction or try to go alone, this world is much harsher and will test your PvP skills.

    Cost 1,000,000 Glory.
    On your long journey, stories have traveled across the land. People know your name in every corner of the earth. In exchange of your endevours, the Emperor has granted a land in your name dedicated to your own bidding. Will you build a new refuge for others who have escaped? Or will you create a fortress only the strong will survive!

    - Governor plots are 100x100x100 and come with creeper damage turned off.
    The upgrades available for Governor plots are the following:
    Bank Sign - 100k Glory
    Warp to Free - 100k Glory
    Mob Spawning Off - 150k Glory
    TNT damage off- 250k Glory
    Watch Tower ( A 10x10x20 region within 100 blocks of the Gov plot, 4 max) - 100k Glory each
    Moving a Governor Plot can be done ONLY once for 150k Glory.

    The worst of the worst get sent to exiled.
    You are removed from the community and sent to a place similar to hell! You will spend an eternity mining obsidian and fighting off other exiled and mobs! Endermen will hunt you as you attempt to gain 25,000 Glory to return to Spartacus. Once you return, you will come as a Slave regardless of your previous ranks.

    (These rules CAN be broken, but may result in jailtime or DEATH if a guard SEES in happen)-PVP is only allowed in the arena. Any outside pvp is prohibited.-Any weapons are armor are strictly prohibited. It will be taken if seen. If you do not comply, you will be killed or jailed.-Stealing is a no no...

    (The following is taken VERY serious and if you do it, you will be banned. Some are more serious than others so you may be warned first)
    -NO Racism
    -NO Sexism
    -NO Excess foul language
    -NO Spamming
    -NO Chat fights
    -NO Griefing
    -NO Hacking/Mods of any kind
    -NO Glitching
    -NO Camping
    -NO Non-pvp abuse

    Having trouble getting ahead?

    Vote on Minestatus.net and receive 500 Glory Everyday!

    Vote on Planetminecraft.com and receive 500 Glory Everyday!

    Vote on Minecraftservers.net and receive ANOTHER 500 Glory Everyday!

    Purchase Glory and Special Ranks! (Click the rank to donate for it)

    - This rank comes with its own mine for much faster glory, 30k Glory.

    - This rank comes with 50k Glory, access to another two mines, a double sell shop, permissions of Lanista. 1.5x shops sells

    - This rank comes with 75k Glory, access to an even better mine, a kit including a full set of chain-mail and tools and comes with a custom [Prefix] 2x shop sells

    - For all donations straight to the server upkeep costs, without a rank associated with it.


    Current Emperors:





    Imperial Guard of Spartacus

    Relations Head of Bans & Appeals
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    Spartacus Rules and Regulations

    Basic Guard Rules:
    • Guards are NOT allowed to give away Glory or items.
      • They may sell items they gain from mining, however.
    • Guards MUST destroy all loot from kills.
    • Guards are not allowed to accept bribes.
    • Guards who abuse /kit will be demoted and exiled.
    • Guards who jail people for infinite time will be demoted.
    • Be a role model.
      • Any guard who is disrespectful to others or has a bad temper will be demoted.
    • Guards MUST follow the rules strictly and NOT abuse powers while Emperors are away.
    • Please note: Jail times DO NOT stack. Jail them for the largest offense.
    • Killing is always a better option. It allows you to get rid of the items.
    • You have to PHYSICALLY see the offense.
    • Guards MUST NOT use armour in events.
    • In Free You may keep your kit on BUT May only attack with it if you are attacked first.
    • If you die in PVP you MUST wait 10min to fight again, however you are allowed to take a position up in a tower/wall with a bow to pass the time
    Please make sure you know ALL the rules and regulations before applying for guard.

    Offenses and Punishments:

    "Abuseing the Jail System"
    Abuseing the System. Avoiding a Jail in anyway: 1. Joining mob arena 2. Logging out
    This will result in the tempbaning of 10min, If it continues you WILL be Exiled

    "Swords and Bows are KILL ON SIGHT"

    If a player with a sword/bow is seen in a PvP Zone, you must automatically kill them, NO questions asked. If they give their sword/bow in PvP, you Must leave them alone. If a player is seen with a sword/bow in a NON-PvP Zone, you must ask for it, and if they refuse, jail for 3 minutes. (+2 minutes each additional time.) If they run back into Non-PvP with the sword/bow, still jail them for the allotted time.

    "Armor is KILL ON SIGHT"

    If they have ANY piece of armor on, no matter the type (leather, iron, gold, diamond, chainmail) kill them on SIGHT! If they are in Non-PvP, ask for armor. If they refuse, jail them for 3 minutes. (+2 minutes each additional time.) Armor is ONLY allowed in events, mines, a player's house plot, and the outside world.

    "Hit and Run"

    If you see 2 people fighting, immediately stop the fight by killing them both. If only 1 person is attacking, kill the attacker. If they run into Non-PvP and neither dies, give a warning to both. If they are seen fighting again, and run into Non-PvP, jail for 3 minutes. (+2 minutes each additional time.) Secondly, if a player hits a guard and runs away twice, they will be jailed. Also, if the player runs from the guard and said guard cannot reach them for over a minute, but they are still in PvP, the guard may issue the first Hit and Run warning to this player. First time, warning, second time jail!

    "Kill and Run"

    If a player kills another player they are to be killed by a guard. If they run into Non-PvP and a guard is unable to kill the player, it is treated the same as a Hit and Run (warning first time, jail second) but have a more severe timeframe for jail. 3 minutes. (+2 minutes each additional time.)

    "Non-PVP attacking is PROHIBITED"

    If you see a player attacking from a Non-PvP zone, JAIL IMMEDIATELY for 5 minutes. (+5 minutes each additional time.) If they STILL continue after three jails, gather evidence (through use of video capture or a screenshot.) and post on forums. Anyone doing this excessively will be Exiled.

    "Camping is for cheaters"

    If you see someone camping, i.e. waiting for others to leave an area in order to ambush and kill them; or crouched outside a door, immediately jail them without warning for 5 minutes (+5 minutes each additional time.) If they continue after three times, gather evidence and post it on forums to be Exiled.


    Griefing ANY area (especially breaking saplings in the tree farm) is an IMMEDIATE jail for 10 MINUTES. If you continue to grief, you will be jailed for 10 minutes each time until an Emperor has the chance to EXILE you.


    Any player spamming multiple (3+) chat sentences, words, or phrases in a short timeframe will be muted by an Imperial or Emperor. If one is not available, they may be jailed for 10 minutes each time until an Imperial or Emperor has the chance to mute them. This includes using faction description to speak when you have been muted. Anyone doing this excessively will be Exiled.

    "@help, -Help -Irc"

    Don't say it or ask other people to do the same. Just don't. If you do bad things will surely happen. It has become a nuisance and quite frankly, all of the Emperors have tired of it. The Emperors have anti-cheat tools to ensure that the player experience is fair for everyone. If someone cheats, we will know.

    Guard Offenses:

    "Joining Guards"

    Any players wishing to join guards, as well as any guards quitting their position will now need to forfeit all of their armor before doing so. This is to prevent guards from stockpiling armor, swords, potions, and food and then leaving the faction. Before joining or leaving, an Emperor will check you house, bank, and chests to make sure you have surrendered all of your armor.

    "Leaving a fight"

    Any Guard leaving during combat will be demoted. You may NOT run into a Non-PvP Zone for ANY reason, including re-kitting, putting away items, etc. If you are hit, but DO NOT exchange a hit back, you may run into Non-PvP, but as soon as possible, must return to the fight.

    "Stacking Kits/Re-kitting"

    Any Guard caught stacking kits; (i.e. keeping more than one set of armor at a time) will be demoted. However, Guards may "re-kit" by burning all spare items, (excluding food), and replace their broken armor with new, thus burning the old. Guards may keep a MAXIMUM of ONE spare kit, wherever they feel is the best location. Guards are NOT allowed to leave a fight in order to put new gear on. If you have to die, die. Have your fellow Guards continue the fight for you in your absence after death.

    "Being a Role Model"

    All Guards must always be on their best behavior. Any Guards NOT being a good role model will be demoted. Guards may not swear, rage, start chat-fights, troll, flame, or brag repeatedly. If someone offers criticism, accept it and work on being better next time rather than yelling at them and getting angry. If you are confused as to the scope of the rules or the time you should jail someone, ask a fellow guard. Use the advice you receive in order to progress.

    "Being Active"

    All Guards MUST be as active as possible! Any Guard gone longer than 2 weeks without submitting some kind of valid excuse as to why will be demoted! Guards must ALSO be active in Mumble, being in as often as they can. Guards must be respectful to all in Mumble, not repeatedly being rude or disrespectful towards others. Using other speaking tools (such as Skype) is NOT allowed, as long as the Guard remains active in Mumble.

    "Accepting Bribes"

    Accepting bribes from players is in no way acceptable and doing so will result in demotion from Guards. You are not allowed to give away items or accept items from players, however, you are allowed to SELL items you have received from mining, etc. Any guard found selling armor, swords, food, or anything else in the Guard kit or anything gotten from killing a player will be demoted. A guard must destroy all of the loot from their kills.

    "Witnessing the crime"

    A guard must physically see the offense in order to punish the offender. Any guard found to be killing or jailing without having seen the offense is subject to a warning or possibly demotion.

    A guard may NOT Charge for a Escort, That said you should try and do as many as you can. But you are not Forced to Escort a player.

    The Guards Faction is always looking for skilled and knowledgeable guards. If you would like to be one, you MUST be a Warrior before applying. Make sure you read all of the rules and post the word Evolved in your application. Flaredude64 is Current Head of Guards and Decides the New/Next Centurion's. Asking Centurion's to review your apps, (i.e. spamming them) will result in your addition to the auto-deny list.

    To Become a Guard:

    Any player wishing to become a Guard, must have the below mentioned aspects and tools.
    • The player must be respectful in-game, prior to applying.
    • The player must pass the Guard Test (given by an Imperial Guard.)
    • The player must follow all of the prior mentioned rules, and regulations.
    • The player must know all jail times, and regulations. (You will be tested.)
    Guard Application:


    Rank (Must be at least Warrior):
    How did you find this server:
    Why do you want to be a guard:
    Why should I choose you:

    Once you apply, you will be judged by our Imperial Guards to see whether or not you are worthy.
    Note: Any guard apps that are hard to read may be Denied

    Guard "Accepts" Expire after 7 Days, You need two accepts to be tested.

    Getting off Auto Deny Application:


    How Many Times Have you been Guard:
    Why have you Quit/Been Demoted from guard:
    Why do you want to be a guard:
    Why Would we accept your app:

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    Ban Appeal's
    This MUST be PM'ed to patato12 or will be Invalid


    Date Of Ban:

    Reason For ban:

    Emperor who Banned you:

    Reason for unban IE. First ban, Misunderstanding Ect.:

    Apology If Needed here:

    Proof of how you have Changed:

    Ban Reports:
    This MUST be PM'ed to patato12 or will be Invalid

    Person You wish to Ban:
    Your Name

    Those Included:

    Realationship to Player:
    Why they should be banned
    Why will the Server Be Improved
    Which Punishment do you think they Deserve

    Evidence IE ScreenShots Video Ect.

    How to apply:
    One does not simply "apply" for Chatmod the way to get it is to be of the best Language and Politeness. The requirement to be a chatmod is a high one reserved for the only most Vetran of players, These players, understand multiple languages or are of the highest level of the English Eticate to get noticed for chatmod we suggest useing forums/IG in a way that shows only the most highest class we also suggest haveing a long winded statement for everything, in short get noticed by posting forums, and IG respect fully as well as saying "Know" But spelling it "no", Answer questions respectfully and help out newer players

    Do Not: Minimod or tell Chatmods to mute certain people or be a Chatmod on the forums

    Rules of the Mod:
    It is VERY easy to be demoted from chatmod so we ask you dont "Muck about" with this rank as you are representing our server
    No Randomly kicking people if done this will result in a warning/Possible Demotion
    Baning for over 24hrs this is to be consulted with a Emperor or in extreme cases patato12.
    Kicking for reasons like "Shutup or Screwoff" Are unacceptable and may warrent a demote.

    This is a Work inprogress <3

    Jobs of ChatMod
    Mute Spamer's
    Mute Advertisers
    Mute People for EXCESS Swearing ((Light swearing is allowed))
    Tempban those Spaming VIA /suicide
    Tempban Those spaming /f desc
    Tempban those Spaming /pay all

    You are required to give one Warning before Making a ban or mute, However one warning per person per day is all that is needed. We leave it to your Descretion on mutes/Bans length however we ask you keep it resonable and put yourself in the other person's shoes before Mutes/Bans.

    Head of Chat mods Ramo909/patato12

    -Note to All Chatmods Please PM patato if you happen to ban someone by accident so i can deal with it. We ask you do not permaban without the permission of a Emperor and a Screenshot of said bannable Offence.


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    How to become a Chat mod can be found on page one of our forums third post down by Myself.
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    Did you know on this day ONE YEAR AGO the first block of Spartacus was placed?

    In celebration of this we are offering an awesome sale this weekend only!!!!

    If you donate between now and 12 am (GMT) Monday you get one of these two options

    20 dollars gets you Lanista, 35 dollars gets you lanista+ or 50 dollars gets you VIP with all the standard glory (35k,50k,75k)


    30 dollars gets you Lanista, 50 dollars gets you lanista+ or 70 dollars gets you VIP BUT with THREE TIMES the standard glory (90k,150k,225k)

    ALso look for an emp as we will be giving out presents and doing events all weekend
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    I am going to make this VERY clear. I hear all this bitching about building and getting **** done, so as I work 40+ hour weeks, while working on my military stuff, plus spending time with girlfriend and dealing with issues with the server and updating it and making sure people are doing what should be done... I find VERY little time to build... let alone the drive to do so after being tired...

    When i finally do start building, work I have done, gets destroyed for no reason...

    I built (along with Patato) last night which took us quite some time making the circles and height perfect. We placed it where it was because It will be in the water and we didnt have the location yet.

    I come on today after work, and its gone for NO REASON... 2 hours of work wasted for no ****ing reason...
    I will say this ****ing once. If any of you ever touch my builds again, you will all do everything on your own including updating the server and running it. I will not donate my time to make the server better while the rest of you either sit on your ass or destroy and troll my work.
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    Glad to see active people on the forums. I appreciate all your dedication and I want to continue making Spartacus new and exciting for all players.

    If you haven't heard the rumors yet, there are huge changes to the server shortly (within a month) which will basically expand on the Spartacus lore. Spartacus has held dignity in being the most unique prison server and we are taking that a step farther in the coming weeks. Spartacus resides currently as a city but will soon hold multiple cities of which our free citizens with thus begin a new journey to which they must band together to survive and either fine refuge in a new city, or begin a new.

    Beyon the walls of Spartacus, free citizens will be forced to leave their comforts and face new challenges and adventures. You will need to choose your destiny. Earn the right to build and own your own city, explore and search for long lost treasures, or spend your days pillaging the weak.

    Which ever path you choose, your destiny will lie in the darkness of the forests.

    On any given day, the emperors may call upon each city in hopes to find willing warriors to fight in the arena once again for glory and riches or the ultimate sacrifice and their unwanted return back to the wretched mine of Spartacus stripped of their belongings only to once again earn their right as a true gladiator...
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    Quote from BHC_o_nn_or

    I am Thinking of quitting guards Tommycannon is **** me off in mumble and minecraft

    Apparently you removed your rage post, BUT alas, I still think it is important that I say this. (This being said, this is not only a life lesson for Connor and minecraft, but for everyone and any situation)

    First off, being autistic is a difficult thing to handle, but personally, as sad as I am to say, I believe that everyone is human and thus should be treated the same. No person deserves a special treatment because you live with a difficulty. I personally am not autistic but i live with my own set of diffculties.

    Again, that being said, no matter how great a person you are or how humble and respectful you are, people will ALWAYS hate on you. But maturity is NOT judged by your level of intellectualism, it is judged by your ability to roll with the punches. Basically maturity is shown through the worst of situations and how well you come out of it and how much better a person you are because of it.

    People will always hate you for what you do well or try and find ways to bring you down. Letting them bring you down is letting them win. Best thing to do, is remember why you are here and what will it take to get further in your life. Besides that, nothing else matters.

    Remember, people who hate on you, are wasting time watching you while you use that same time to become a greater person.
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    Quote from Sideswipe101
    This is not meant to be a complaint. More of a warning with a story. Today, I found myself on mumble talking with the other guards. No problems were in sight. Then I go to plots and immediately see two guys with iron armor. I call out "Help at plots!!" a few times, and I get attacked by two additional fully armored guys, and soon a fifth approaches. By now, I am desperately asking, "HELP there are five guys at plots!!!! All of them have iron armor!!" repeatedly to no avail. Of course, in the carnage I am destroyed. More notably, while calling for help, I had received a response from connor. It was flat out "No, you scrub." I ask sethisk000l why he did not help me. His response being, "Plots is just faction wars, there is nothing we can do. If we went in like that it would be like a 5v2." I was the only guard to return to fight them after retreating many times. There were five of us online. Of course, after I yell at them for quite some time, they go kill the wrong guy. But the story only gets worse. Connor pulls us all aside to tell us that he wanted to demote someone that everyone had warned him against approving in the first place. Yet this is not the end. I find two fully Diamond-armored guys, and call them out. Almost a minute later, Seth goes, "Whoah! there are two guys with diamond armor!" So we are fighting them, and I find myself fighting them both by myself, once again yelling for backup. So the three of us were at a standoff, with no other guards in sight. Keep in mind this is at the bank, a heavily trafficked area. I am fighting the two of them, unable to defeat their superior armor, and surprisingly enough, they were unable to defeat me too. So FINALLY more guards come to my aid. So I thought. Connor ran around with no boots or helmet and soon had to retreat at their hands. Seth comes out with diamond armor and just sits in pvp doing literally nothing. I do my best to protect him, but now their target is him not me, and they gain another set of diamond armor. I then return to fighting one of them alone while the other went off and chased connor. Despite my now-redundant demands for help, none came. So I am forced into retreat. The second I stop to type something, I get a demand from connor. It was "Side! Stop standing there AFK and go fight!" Needless to say I yell at him. So the five guys return again, and I give up asking for help and try to deal with them alone. Even though they weren't in plots, Seth tells me, "Leave them alone plots is faction wars and campers now." Obviously he wasnt paying attention to the fact that I said "At bank." Where were the two other guards at this time you may ask? Anna_Dion ran in the opposite direction of where I said they were time after time (Even though she was supposed to be listening on mumble) and carterwars6 was nowhere to be found. Sadly, my recorder's audio files have screwed up and I cannot post the video. That is where the warning comes in. I have not enough evidence to support this event, but I can warn you about these guards. Maybe not now that they will lose their position, but they will soon. I have not been wrong on a prediction about this server yet. So far, they include Ain's banning, rebanning, 17jlede Brutus99's demotion, The_3454 and noahmarley's demotion, and many guards too. Heed my words, justice is not there when in the hands of these people.

    very nice post. ill make sure kodi sees it and takes it into consideration

    We all know ill be leaving for the Air force soon, but I want to make sure I will bring Spartacus with me! So... While I am at Basic Training, these are my new lines...(See if you can guess who they came from)

    Sergeant: "Airman Guillermo! Drop and give me 20!"
    Me: "I can't be bothered to even do Free"

    Sergeant: "You missed almost all the targets!"
    Me: "Sir, this gun is sooooo broken...It needs a crazy nerf! Good job Riot for ****ing **** up!"

    Sergeant: "Run the course Airman Guillermo!"
    Me: "No way! It's so OP! **** this gypsy witchcraft!"

    Sergeant: "Want to hear a joke?"
    Me: "What?"
    Sergeant: "Women's Rights"
    Me: *Connor laugh*

    Add more if you like!
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