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    Here at BlueOcto we are just some friendly people who want to relax and have a good time. More simply put: We're people with slightly too much time on our hands. Whereas many other servers may claim to be "the best" or "the most popular" Minecraft servers out there, we'll be more honest with you. We're not the server everyone is or will potentially be talking about, nor are we the best, we're just a simple server hoping to cater to your needs. Want to join this community and perhaps gain some new friends while you're at it? Or do you want to be left alone - not to be pestered? Don't worry we do both - so leave an application down below and join us ;) .

    So who are we? Well, first and foremost, we are players. We like to play minecraft just as much as you probably do (orperhaps more). With this enjoyment also comes a large arrangement of knowledge regarding the game, so if you are in need of any help just ask us! Our main goals are to play with you, help you, become friends with you, and if needed - steer you back onto the right track. Lastly, we realise that we're not perfect (and never will be), so if you have any suggestions on what we can improve on, please tell us.

    [Squid]: Normal member - The first rank you get. Has no special privileges.

    [Trusty Squid]: Trusted member - You get this rank by playing a lot on the server. Has some extra perks.

    [Golden Squid]: Donator - Rank is gotten by donating. Perks are listed on the donation website.

    [Elder Squid]: Moderator - Only members of the staff have this rank

    [Octopus]: Admin/Owner - Owners/Admins have this rank

    No spamming/advertising.
    No griefing.
    No racism/discrimination/sexism or over the top swearing.
    No hacking.
    Don't build too close other players without their permission.
    Respect the staff.
    Replant what you take of plants/trees.

    In game name:
    Age (+13):
    Previous bans (And if so, what were they regarding?):
    Why do you want to join this server:

    Want to help us improve the server further? Donate at bluocto.buycraft.net
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    This is my base

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    Project "Depths Of LaR"


    Hi there! Seeing that you've come here, we have the feeling that you're somewhat interested in what this "project" is about. This project as we call it (NeverLost, Robmadeyou, Lewiz), is mostly us fooling around on a legit server, trying to build several buildings that come from our castle of ideas, which we hope to expand as we go on with the project! If you have any suggestions or ideas you want us to carry out, on our sever, just post it in the thread and we will try our best to make it.
    - Sincerely NeverLost, Robmadeyou and Lewiz

    Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and as far as you're concerned, we have progressed further than what is stated in this post.


    -Main base-

    -The Entrance-

    -The Stairs At The Entrance-

    -Stairs From Below (Rob is the guy in the stairs)-

    -Left Side Of The Stairs-

    -One Of The Two "Split-ups" (Not done yet)-


    Coming soon


    Coming when questions are asked

    ¤~Download Link~¤

    Coming when the demand is high enough
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    We have at no point said it's safe to build yet. We're currently building the towns and getting our plugins sorted out. Griefing isn't alowed , stealing is allowed aslong as the chest is not locked with lockette PVP IS ON. Please don't review our server yet or blame us for not catching the griefers, we are aware of it and we're trying our best we just can't do everything at once. I hope you'll stay with us until we get the server to the point that we want :wink.gif:! - NeverLost (Admin on the server)
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