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    Quote from SnubMansters

    May I use some of this source in a OpenSourced addon to my mod?
    I just want to tinker with a few things.

    Would that be okay?

    I don't want to use any of you're code without written permission.

    Absolutely, if you use a large portion of our mod please just give a bit of love back, a link or a mention, and keep your mod open source (Typical MIT licence stuff). But yes! Absolutely. That is why we keep our mods OpenSource, to help others.
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    Flicking tank issue should be fixed now. Or at least harder to reproduce.
    Eventually I'll reimplement tanks to a new model. Should fix a bunch of issues. Would you believe that problem free liquid dynamics is not as easy as first thought when throwing the idea in IRC? lol.
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    Quote from littlecrafterfin

    Hello Mikeemoo!,

    Great mod, really love it. I have been hanging around since Beta version?.. I think? When you posted on reddit.. Anyway..

    The tanks are still extremely buggy for me in the 1.0.0 release. Sometimes, in one tank, when I place a bucket into it, it will not register with animation. I can neither pull out the liquid I just put in. When this doesn't happen and it works, when I pull the liquid out to place in my bucket, the pictures below happen.

    In a 4 block multitank, it only registers liquid after 1 bucket. Meaning, I cannot put one in and pull one out. I have to put more than bucket of a liquid in to be able to get one back. Is this intended?

    Here are two pictures showing you one bucket of lava in one tank and what happens when I right click to fill my one bucket. If I take it out from the top, the lava is created on top of the tank.

    In these progression of pictures, I demonstrate a 4 block tank. Notice, I start out with 4 buckets of lava. The animation does not take affect until all 4 buckets are in. Then, I am only able to pull out 1 bucket. Now, 3 buckets of lava are completely lost to me until I get liquiducts or pump the remaining into a buildcraft or TE tank. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of these?

    The great thing is, this mod is open source! The bad thing, I don't know how to code. Just kind of a report bot, if nothing else =(

    Anyway, hope I gave you food for thought and some bugs to iron out. I always thought that multitanks should display the animation at the first bucket, no matter how big, so if I walk away and come back, maybe many days/projects later, I know what liquid is in a large tank without having to pump or break it. Just simplifies one more thing.


    Thanks for the bug reports, I've now fixed both these bugs. Please test the latest build :)

    Regarding the buckets being lost to you, that is a side effect of these tanks balancing out the liquid horizontally. Currently you can only pull the liquid from the tank you're right clicking on. Meaning you only have 1/4th of a bucket in each tank. Your alternatives are to put one block lower than all the others. This will fill up first, allowing you to get your bucket back.

    The other alternative is to build tanks that you want to use with buckets, vertically.

    There might be some changes to tank logic in the future that will fix these 'issues'.
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    Quote from Icabob4

    It is for when you turn your graphics to fancy that the sides of grass are the same color as the tops. It's just the grass in grey scale.

    Okay thanks for that Icabob4

    Quote from Banishga »
    Will this work with gui/items.png ?

    Yes it will, but I'll have to make a tile config for it. But yes it'll work. :smile.gif:
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    Thanks for the move, Aexis Rai.

    I should also do some touching up work on MCTM tonight and get out a version 0.2. Get exporting and importing of single tiles done and also groups of tiles. Also it seems the 'Crying Obsidian' tile has been changed to a mask for Fancy grass biomes or something like that? Any news on this?
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    posted a message on [CLIENT] Kreate: Client in C# - Looking for More Programmers
    Hey, Although I've only touched on XNA a few times. I've worked on Client - Server games before, similar to Minecraft and WurmOnline. I was actually a developer in the WOEmu project. Anyway I've been developing in C# for 4~5 years ( Nothing professional, just a very passionate hobby. Still in study )

    I've been looking for a project to spend my time on, I've so many of my own but most of them are just to past the time and aren't really going anywhere. I'd more than love to help out any way I can with this project. I can offer an extra programming hand and it'll also give me the opportunity to become better acquainted with the XNA Framework.

    You can contact me on:
    Skype: nevercast
    MSN: a1000runes[at]hotmail.com
    or Email: nevercast[at]nevercast.net

    Let me know if you're still looking for coders. Thanks mate.

    - Josh.
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    posted a message on [TOOL/Textures] MC Texture Merger {Released, Version 0.1.1}
    This is possibly a rendering issue in the resizing code, I'll look into it :smile.gif:
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    Quote from Yorgul »
    I love where this is going.

    I see you already have import/export entries, I hope they are working soon.

    It would also be great if we could select the zoom level of the preview, from 16x all the way up to 256x. Also, some type of tiled preview... :smile.gif:

    Great work, man, keep it up!

    Edit: Also, you missed size 64x64 in File - New texture :wink.gif:

    Ahh yes, Woops. I'll fix that size entry now :smile.gif: and zoom levels and tiling should be plenty easy enough so I can do that now also. The Import/Exports should be working by next big release which should be in a couple days :smile.gif:

    Quote from ImmaSaintBRO »
    I used it to make a texture mixed with 3 dif packs in less than 5 mins, great tool, keep going with it please

    I'm glad people are using it, and you can be sure I'll keep this project going.

    Quote from koenverd1000 »
    You should post this on the Texture Pack subforum. You will get a lot more views of you post it there! :iapprove:

    Is it possible for me to move it there? Probably not ae, I guess I could ask an admin to move it. Thanks koenverd1000 :smile.gif:
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    Although I've not tested it on any other operating systems, It should theoretically work in both Linux and OSX systems through the MonoProject. It doesn't contain any Windows specific dependencies so the Mono Framework should run it fine. I can test this at a later time. If anyone can let me know if it works in Linux or OSX I'd appreciate that :smile.gif:
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    Thanks for the feedback, Summertree.

    I've added your suggestion to the Upcoming Features list and I will be sure to have it included in my next release. :Diamond:
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    posted a message on [TOOL/Textures] MC Texture Merger {Released, Version 0.1.1}
    I'm glad some enthusiasm came my way, I'll tidy it up now and release it tonight :biggrin.gif:

    Edit: There you go guys, Give it a spin. Let me know how it feels. Have a good night, I'm outies :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [TOOL/Textures] MC Texture Merger {Released, Version 0.1.1}
    Little tool I mostly created for myself as I was undecided between two texture packs I liked, and decided I wanted parts from both of them. So I mocked this up, It's my first release and if you get an error, you'll have to work out what went wrong because this program doesn't catch any errors at current. It just throws them at you and expects you to fix it. I know, not exactly friendly.

    I've barely started on the features I'm going to implement, this is just my first proof of concept. I want to see if the Minecraft Forums have any interest in the application and if so, I'll put more time into developing it. I'm a features person so feel free to give me ideas and I'll fill up a list of fantastic features and fundamentals.

    Application Language: C#
    Assembly Version: 0.1.1
    Release Version: Alpha 7/5/2011
    Executable/Compressed Size: 64KB / 25 KB
    .NET Version: Built for 3.5

    Screenshots: ( Application might differ slightly from screenshots shown here )

    It supports 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x and 256x256 textures and auto scales between them.
    In fact it supports any dimension texture pack and any amount of columns and rows, It's all in an XML config file. Which means I can send out config updates when Mojang changes something.

    NeverCast's Blog • My Software

    Upcoming Features
      [*:1sjuvtgs]Group texture selection for copying entire image sets over ( Such as wheat; or break animation )
      [*:1sjuvtgs]Some sort of zoom level for the preview
      [*:1sjuvtgs]Finish the export and import for single textures or groups of textures
      [*:1sjuvtgs]Larger preview for textures available for previewing

    Changes Log
    Version 0.1.1 ( May 7 2011 )
      [*:1sjuvtgs]Added missing 64x64 entry to the New menu.
      [*:1sjuvtgs]Implimented basic tiling for texture preview ( Right click the preview box for a context menu )
      [*:1sjuvtgs]Minor bug fixes

    Version 0.1 ( May 5 2011 )
      [*:1sjuvtgs]Initial Release
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