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    posted a message on GigaMobs 16.0 Add-on!

    It's 0.16.0, and by add-on it is the new feature of 0.16.0 where you can use "Behavior pack", aka addon

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    posted a message on Morphing Mod - Transform into Any Mob!

    Support segment mobs?

    Probably no but it would be cool if it does :P

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    posted a message on [RETURN] I'm back to mod stuff

    function projectileHitBlockHook(projectile,x,y,z,s){
    var r = Math.floor(Math.random()*3+1);//math random gives you a float between 0 and 1, so we round it up by using this
    switch(r){//a better way than if(), but if() is fine
    case 1:// 1 is the output of the random
    clientMessage("your message 1");
    break;//stopping the code to prevent repeating
    case 2:
    clientMessage("your message 2");
    case 3:
    clientMessage("your message 3");

    That's how I do it by taking the new hook function's advantage

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    posted a message on [RETURN] I'm back to mod stuff

    I know it is off topic, but I finally decided to play MCPE again, and start some modding.

    If you guys don't know what happen to me and why I'm saying this, I quit MCPE modding because of school issues and lots of problem. But I manage to balance my schedule, so I think it is safe to come back.

    Here's a few thing I will do and not do


    Start making an API

    Try to teach/fix others script

    Make some new mods about mobs and stuff

    Not do:

    I will not continue on Hextral(or T-craft if you remember this name), basically I lost all the saves and I don't wanna code it all again

    I will not post everyday, I still got my school.

    So yea, that's about it. I have no idea where to post this thread, and I think most of my time spend on MCPE mods like 2 years ago, so I post here instead.

    sorry if this shouldn't be here. I don't care if this thread get locked

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    posted a message on Blinking Steve v0.1 by Astro

    good use of render(or something else,i didnt look at the script),i first thought it is skin changing

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    posted a message on MCPE Banners Mod 3D [just like pc] [over 20 banners] [custom models] [soon with recipes]
    Quote from I_the_Accuser»

    Yes, but just because the rules have been neglected by many members and staff, it doesn't mean we should all break the rules. The rules are still in place, and if the forums had a little bit better moderation, the rules would be followed.

    if i am right in front of you now,I will say

    Boy,you just joint for a few days brah,dont judge the rules of old man(ho ho ho)

    but i dont know you much,so i will say

    Up to you,but the fact is the fact

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    posted a message on Hextral boss test:Naga boss!!With special attack patterns and animated body!!Now with customizable segment number and health!!




    Naga is one of our new hextral boss,with 1600 healths and 15 segment by default and special attack pattern,and the most important point,ANIMATION!!!!


    Tap a diamond sword on to a mossy cobble cobble(naga.js) or obsidian(naga2.js,for mob battle)

    Mob battle information

    If you want to test(or help me to test)how strong is the boss,see command

    Note that segment attack won't work on mob battle

    Attack pattern

    For real,I didn't code any,but it auto generated one for me LOL

    The naga will chase you try to hit you

    After hitting you,the naga will surround and trap you with its segments,it is quite easy to escape though

    When naga was being punched,it will run away and leave the attack with its body

    Keep running!!Not even taking a break!!


    /segment <number>

    set the segment number,after setting the naga length should be the number of segment + 1(head),so the health is 100 HP per part=100+100×number

    e.g. /segment 10

    the health will be 1100

    Mob battle only command

    /true and /false

    to cut and rejoin body part



    Known bugs

    Won't work on local multiplayer and server

    If the naga just run into a corner,the segments will crush to each other and looks like shorter

    The naga is bad at jumping

    Segments may not follow close to the head or another segment

    Zombie noise......uh......burn at day


    The best part :P


    Unzip the .zip file

    Extract the two .js file and the texture

    optional:read the read me

    A:import the texture and naga.js for normal survival

    B:import the texture and naga2.js for mob battle,see Mob battle information

    Enjoy your naga ;)


    See attachment,I am too lazy

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    posted a message on [Tutorial] [android] Addon coding/native mod coding

    Nice,this thread is 10% of 500ISE's tutorial, not even worth a follow

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    posted a message on TechnePE Porter by Anti [1.1.0] [Make as many Custom Mobs as you want!] [Decimals fixed]

    Dude will diagonal body part work???if it work it is #BRILLIANTOMG

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    posted a message on [0.10.4] Fly Hack [WORKING ON MULTIPLAYER] by Creeperface01
    Quote from MDwes»

    Crap! I hate these mods, more people ruining fun servers... at least 0.11/pocketmine updates will be a lot better with anti hacks :D

    For anyone using these mods just remember you are at risk for being banned

    Well,pocketmine didnt added modded online server,that makes lot of people want to use hacks to make them feel like we are playing modded server.

    If we can use this in a better way,maybe there will be modded server in the future(like my mod)

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