About Me
Getting Minecraft

I bought Spore after my friend Walter told me a lot about it, and it interested me so much I bought it. (Did you read correctly, did I say spore? Yes, yes I did, and I will explain more in this long auto biography.) I bought Spore, and after around 6 months I bought Galactic Adventures. During Christmas I got Creepy and Cute Parts Pack, and I was happy creating and adventuring for another 6 months. I subscribed to Shadowraptor101 early on when I only had spore, and frankly, I wish I didn't. I love his creations, they are great, but POXL DIS, MINECRAFT DAT, I HAET MUDKIPZ, VIODHAERTZ! Well, I read all of the minecraft creations, so I decided to buy Darkspore. (Don't ask, I wanted Darkspore more back then.) I loved darkspore, I still play it sometimes, but it got dull. So I asked around about Minecraft on Darkspore, everyone but 1 person said yes, even Shadowraptor101. That went onto the studying , and I learned that I liked the game.

I tried Minecraft Classic, and to put it lightly, it was :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV:. I needed to try the real game, as the Classic was... a flop. So I ended up racking all of my wallet to get this here game.

By the way, the :VV: :VV: :VV: :VV: is a lie.

Being Born

I was born early because I was having a hard time breathing, let's skip this. Unless, if you really want to know, PM me.

Biography about Edvard Khil:Early Life

Eduard Khil was born on 4 September 1934 in Smolensk to Anatoly Vasilievich Khil, a mechanic, and Helena Pavlovna Kalugina, an accountant.Life as a child was hard on Khil, with his family breaking up and was brought up by his mother. During the Great Patriotic War (WWII Eastern Front), his kindergarten was bombed, he was separated from his mother and evacuated to Bekovo, Penza Oblast where he ended up in a children's home, which lacked basic facilities, such as food. Despite this Khil regularly performed in front of wounded soldiers in the nearby hospital. He was reunited with his mother in 1943 when Smolensk was liberated from Nazi Germany and in 1949 moved to Leningrad, where he enrolled and then graduated from printing college. In 1955, Khil enrolled to the Leningrad Conservatory, where he studied under direction of Evgeni Olkhovksky and Zoya Lodyi. He graduated in 1960.During his studies, he began performing various lead operatic roles, including Figaro in "The Marriage of Figaro".