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Hello and welcome to my Account , now I don't know why your here but anyways I'l continue.

Am NetherApprentice , thats my name in almost everthing. If your wondering that name came from Minecraft after I made my 2nd account (My first one got hacked).

I started gaming when I was young and I played games that today are some of my favorite games even after 5-7 years. Those games are (Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, Legend of Zelda Series, Mario Sunshine , etc)

Now a days I've just gotten into PC gaming (December 2012) and am loving it much more than PS3 / Console gaming.(Though there are some good games on Consoles)

My Favorite Games as of now:
Team Fortress 2 : Best Free-To-Play FPS I've played
Maplestory: Very relaxing and easy yet fun
Vindictus: An MMO with real time combat? Am in.
Minecraft: A game that can be explained with no words.

My Favorites of all time:
Legend of Zelda Series: So many puzzles and bosses it's just an amazing series all around it's a must play
Mario: Shall I say anything?
Minecraft: After playing for 4 - 5 Years still not bored of it's addictive style
Roller Coaster Tycon 2: Amazing Amusement park simulator!
Age Of Empires 2 : My favorite RTS still play it today.

Also by looking at my avatar you might notice am a big fan of Anime as well. Heres a list of my favorite animes.

Dragon Ball Series: Masterpiece
One Piece
Fairy Tail
Death Note
High School Of the dead

I should also mention am appart of a clan called Edge-Gaming it's an amazing clan and I recommend you join it as well just google Edge-Gaming It's really a nice community

If you actually read this post a comment I would be surprised if someone did.

BTW! Am 13 and a boy
Interests Really in to gaming and love watching Anime

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