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    posted a message on 1.19.4+ | «Shadefall» | Whitelist | GriefPrevention | MCMMO | Survival | Advanced Enchantments | Player Run Economy | Never P2W
    «Welcome to»
    «Server IP: shadefall.mcserver.us»

    «Version 1.19.4 Java»
    «Survival | SMP»
    «New Server - Fresh World»
    «Player-Run Economy»
    «Player Sign Shops and NPC Shops»
    «Custom Enchants»
    «Quest-based Progression»
    «Land Claims - Protect your land!»
    «Build Mob Farms!»
    «Redstone Engineers Welcome!»
    «Friendly Player-base»

    "Okay, but what actually is your server?"

    Shadefall is an SMP minecraft server that was originally planned to just be for me and my friends. However, as I added more plugins, quests, ranks, ect, it became more like a group of staff building up a public server. There's 15 of us in the server at the moment, but now, that can change. I'm opening the server up to whitelist, and possibly fully public in the future.

    We're a pretty relaxed group. Want to play with client-side mods like Litematica or a minimap? Go ahead, that's allowed. Want to build mob grinders or redstone minigames? That's allowed as long as you don't lag the server! I'll probably write up a comprehensive list of rules in the future, but for now, as long as you aren't explicitly cheating, trying to lag the server, being annoying, or being a rude ***hole, I don't really care what you do!

    A couple things to note: The server is still pretty WIP. It's only existed for a month as of the day of this post. If that first month could be considered the "alpha" phase, setting up plugins, getting the staff acquainted with the server, laying the groundwork for stuff, then we are now entering the "beta" phase of the server. We have a Spawn, but it's only about 25% built. We have a questline, but it's only about 25% finished, we have custom enchantments, but they aren't really fully playtested, ect. This means that there will be a steady stream of new content coming out for the server, new stuff being added over time!

    Another thing, as I mentioned before, this is a whitelist server. Almost everyone currently on the server is an adult, so I'm going to have a minimum age requirement of 16 years old to accept whitelists. That is only going to be mentioned here, in all this written-out text that most kids aren't likely to fully read. Why? To discourage lying. If you're genuinely above 16, then you'd put that anyways even if you didn't read this or skimmed this. If you're under 16 and you do fully read through this, I guess you could lie and I'd have no way to tell, but you're probably a little more mature and less likely to be a nuisance. Obviously if/when the server goes fully public, a minimum age won't be a requirement at that point. Also please answer everything in the whitelist, that'll help me filter out low-effort applications.

    Lastly, in case you want to know a little more about my intentions, once this server goes public, if I ever make a site for the server, it will never be P2W. There will be no "You can only get VIP+ or MVP+ or whatever by donating." That will never be a thing I add to the server. You want /fly? There's a rank for that. You'll have to work for it, in-game, and achieve it. Maybe, maybe, I'll add donating for in-game money in the future, but there will never be anything 100% locked behind irl money. If you can buy it with irl money you can buy it in-game, and not theoretically, legitimately.

    Whitelist Application:

    «Name:» Or nickname, whatever you like to be called.
    «IGN:» Your in-game-name, I need this for the whitelist.
    «Age:» Self-explanatory.
    «Country:» Or at least continent, if you aren't comfortable with sharing.
    «Tell us a few things about yourself:» A fun fact, your favorite color, whatever.
    «What kind of Minecraft player are you?:» Redstone engineer, miner, builder, grinder, ect?

    Full plugins list: Advanced Enchantments, Angel Chest, Auction House, Block Locker, Citizens, Clearlag, Core Protect, Custom Drops, Denizen, Depenizen, DiscordSRV, Elevators, EssentialsX, Flowermeal, GPFlags, Grief Prevention, GSit, Head Database, ImageOnMap, Jobs Reborn, LPC, LuckPerms, mcMMO, NotTooExpensive, Placeholder API, Quests, QuickShop, RHLeafDecay, RoseStacker, Sentinel, ShowItem, sleep-most, TitleManager, UpgradableHoppers, Vault, WorldEdit, and some add-ons for these plugins.
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    posted a message on minecraftian language
    If anyone wants to read the story so far and give tips here it is:
    These stories are made mostly for my adventure map, but I'm posting them here as they go with the Minecraftian Language. I'm not giving Minecraft a backstory, here, I'm giving my map a backstory. (Also I should note credit goes to Mellifluousness, as I took her story's basic plot for the first story that the Testificate tells. Then I edited it a whole lot. The other stories are pretty much mine.)
    The Creation Story
    (Words in the Testificate Language are in bold. The translation into english will be provided after it, with parenthesis and italics.)
    This story would be told by a Testificate to you, a human. The Testificate would be one of the few ones to know English. He tells you his story, his religion, in as much of your language as he can without ruining the sacredness of the story and also teaching you some of their language in the process.

    "In the beginning, there was only the Topi (Void); darkness was over everything, the only otil (light) being tiny grey particles that danced through the eternal blackness.
    No one knows how or why it happened, but out of the darkness stepped a being named Noth (Notch). Some say he started off as one of the particles, while others say that he was always there. Noth came out of the darkness alongside his brother, Eroprin (Herobrine). Eroprin was content in the darkness, but Noth wanted more, so created him the world. He mashed the particles of Topi together and into a substance to spread a great sishtok (surface/land) over the Topi so that his creation wouldn't fall into it. The particles of the Topi were so strong only the gods could destroy it. He named it noko (bedrock).
    Noth decided to make a less concentrated version of the noko and named it tok (stone). Noth laid it in many layers over the noko, and Eroprin chipped in, making sish (dirt), which covered the tok in turn. Noth grew sishhat (grass) on top of the sish, and in some places it grew taller than others.
    But the world was still cold and dark, and the sishhat withered and died. So Noth took warmth from his own heart and the put it in the Topinl (Void-black) hemnaal (sky), which turned bright and blue. The serlanfah (sun), as he called it, warmed the land and the sishhat flourished. Eroprin fed the sishhat until it grew tall and thick. He called the new tall sishhat Kkettj (Tree) and made them in many places, and in some places consentrated them. He named these places takka (forests).
    Noth took his own life poHpok (blood) and turned it clear and blue. He made huge poko (oceans) and rivers and lakes with it. He named it pok (water). The serlanfah glared down on the land and parched the sishhat and kkettj and dried the pok. So Noth made the pok form kaafhos (clouds), to refill the poko and soften the serlanfah rays.
    Eroprin missed the dark. So he dug networks of tunnels beneath the sish and tok, filling them with his own poHpok witch he made hot, sluggish and fiery. He named it lava. This was the only otil im-shistok (underground). Eroprin loved being im-shistok. Noth kept calling him to the land above, though, and Eroprin thought it was too bright up there; he always wanted to see the dark. So Eroprin took out his own eyes and broke them into tiny pieces and scattered them throughout the tok. The pieces became ani (gold), pEheram (diamond), sepak (coal), fe (iron), and pEtok (lapis lazuli). PoHpok poured from the pieces and scattered throughout the tok and became poHtok (redstone). His empty eye sockets glowed in the dark.
    Noth loved the hemnaal and the serlanfah, so he didn't go down into the topi im-shistok (cave(s)) and they became the place of Eroprin. Instead, Noth kept calling his brother up to the sishtok and Eroprin eventually got sick of how bright it was, even though he could still see the dark im-shistok. So, Eroprin forced the serlanfah out of the hemnaal to get revenge of Noth for annoying him, and it made the world dark again; the sky looked like the Topi. Noth was angered by this, so he took the otil from the eyes of Eroprin and made it into a great cold ball in the sky, whch he called serlannj (moon). At the time, pEheram was as common as sepak and Eroprin favored pEheram the most, so Noth ripped as much of it out of the ground as he could find and threw it into the sky, where they became seserlannjil (stars). Ever since that time, pEheram has been rare and precious, and Noth and Eroprin shared a mutual grudge.

    Noth kept inventing new things, having many new brilliant ideas, such as snarra (snow) and ksatahk (jungles). Soon the brothers formed an amazing world that was unimaginably big. Noth and Eroprin shared the massive world, yet something was missing. It was empty, nothing lived in it. Noth decided to expiriment with different forms of creatures, creating mokse (cows), nor (pig), paa (sheep), bakaa (chickens), mekohat (ocelots), tokohat (wolves), and more.
    Eroprin became jealous of his brother's success in making animals, so he tried making some creations of his own. Noth had designed creatures for living in ka (day), so Eroprin planned things to join him in the im-shistok and the ko (night, things that would like the dark. First he tried to mimic nornor Noth had created. It didn't work out and he ended up with the sessan (creeper); a kO (green) creature
    It's not even close to finished, and I may have gotten some translations wrong. I can't wait until the whole story can be translated.
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    posted a message on Icicles!
    I support this, for one. Snow biomes are my favorite.
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    posted a message on Icicles!
    He accidentally lagged and somehow accidentally created two topics. Here's the original:
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    posted a message on (Give it a chance, you'll like it!)NethanielShade's Mod Aesthetic Ideas/Requests [1.6.4][Forge]
    This topic is where I'll be posting any and every mod idea I come up with. If you're a coder, feel free to make these mods! Just link them to me and say somewhere you got the idea from me! Also, if you don't like the names I've come up with, feel free to change it when you make your mod! I am big on making adventure maps. I find these mods would be helpful for those who like making modded adventure maps. I came up with these ideas while building my own maps and wishing I had this stuff.Also, if one mod developer decides to work on one of my mods, then other developers can start on another one of my mods! Don't think just because one person started one mod means I only want them. This applies until I say otherwise.

    Placeable Books, Bottles and more! *
    An idea for a mod I've always wanted, as long as I can remember, was for books, bottles and other items to be placeables.
    Books- Basically, click with a regular book or enchanted book, (Meh, you don't have to do written books) on a block, eg. wooden planks, stone bricks, ect. And it places a book on the block. Closed, like the enchanting table book but closed and laying flat. You can then stack more on top of each other. Also, if you shift click it'll place an open book on the block, but nothing can be stacked on it. Note: Just in case I wasn't clear, the placed book will look exactly like an enchantment table's book, but static. If you place it normally on a block, it places it closed and on it's side. If a placed book is on a block, closed and on its side, you can stack more on top of it (Say, 3 more?) And also, if you can, don't make them even with each other, so you can tell they're books and not a chunk of something. If you hold SHIFT and place a book on a block, it'll place the book on it's spine, flat and open like an enchantment table's when you're up close.
    Bottles- I'd like empty bottles and water bottles to be able to be placed on blocks in a similar fashion to a mushroom/flower. Except it can be placed on almost any block. You don't have to worry about potions, here, if you don't want to. I'll understand. For the model? If you want to make a custom model, that'll be epic! But if not, just make if two bottle textures crossed in the same fashion of a mushroom or the like.Bonus: If you do this for bottles o' enchanting too, that'd be great!
    Paper- If you place it on a block it'll be almost 2D, flatter than snow, but white (maybe with squiggles or something? Just make it look like paper). You don't have to make these stackable, but if you do I'll leave it up to you how it's done.
    Discs- Same as paper, but the texture be that of the corresponding disc placed on a block? This one is optional, but all the better if you can do it.
    Ingots and Bricks- Dunno how to explain this. Placed like everything else, and it'll appear as a 3D rectangle with a texture that looks like an iron/gold ingot or a brick/nether brick. (Also can you add GalactiCraft support allowing GalactiCraft's ingots to be placeable too?)
    Mushroom Stew and Pumpkin Pie- Cakes are already placeable? Why not use the cake model, retextured, for pumpkin pie? Easy. Now, Mushroom stew. You could easily use the clay pot texture for this as the dirt on the inside looks like the stew and the outside like the bowl, but it'd like it to be shorter and more stretched. Alternatively, don't want to do a model for this one? Make it similar to the discs, but with a mushroom stew overhead texture.
    Maps- I'm not sure if this one's possible, but if you can do it that'll be epic! Basically, you know how you can place maps in item frames? Well, I want working maps to be placeable ontop of blocks so you can look down on the maps.
    Buckets- I really want this one, I should've listed it in the top 3. Basically, it acts as a cauldron but looks more like a bucket (3/4ths the size of a cauldron, but still has water/lava/milk in it.) Yeah, and I don't just want empty ones and water filled ones. I want lava ones that give off some light (Maybe the strength of the light a redstone torch gives off) and a milk one too. Bonus: Craft a slime bucket with a slime ball and a bucket anywhere on the crafting grid, then have that placeable too!

    Better Cauldrons! (Small/medium mod) This has been basically fulfilled with the Ex Nihilo mod.
    Better Cauldrons. It always bugged me that I could only put water in cauldrons. Yeah, they're used in alchemy and lava or milk will have no purpose. But I'm all about aesthetics and I was just upset that there were no lava and/or milk cauldrons.You can fix that for me! Basically works the same as a regular cauldron, but with lava or milk textures replacing the water! Simple enough?This would be enough to make me a happy person indeed. But feel this is too small, want it to be more? Well, I'd like it to be compatible with other mods too. Again, this is optional. What other mods? Well, off of the top of my head, I use GalactiCraft A WHOLE FRIKIN' LOT and being able to put oil from it in cauldrons would be nice.Oh, and a second option, slime filled cauldrons and snow fuilled cauldrons? With slime balls, 3 fills it all the way. Kinda like reverse filling bottles from a cauldron. Click an empty cauldron with a slime ball and it fills it a third of the way, ect. Same for a snowball.A third option, gunpowder, redstone, blaze powder, gold nugget, seed, sugar, bonemeal, and glowstone dust filled cauldrons also!!! Again, these may seem useless, but I'm all about aesthetics and building maps in creative for others to play! You could even go so far as including every dye. Oh, and if you add GalactiCraft support can you also make steel dust and bronze dust filled cauldrons?

    Body Parts Mod!
    Basically, I want to be able to not ply place a zombie's head, but I also want to place it's legs, torso and arms. See where I'm going with this? If you can, I want every mob in the game to have a placeable head. Ghasts can be excluded from this mod. Along with every mob having a placeable head, I'd like them to all have placeable body parts too. Also, the body parts should be rather configurable, like they can be turned in many directions like the heads.One last suggestion, can you make the heads face up too, somehow? I'd like that for making dead corpses.No mod support needed here, all vanilla mobs will suffice.

    Placeable weapons and tools mod.
    Essentially like the first mod, but with weapons and tools like diamond sword, bow, arrows, axe, pickaxe, ect. I'd like them to turn in many different directions like the head, and actually be 3d modles like when you hold them, and not flat like a dropped item. Also, if you can add mod support to other mods, that'd be cool, but if not I totally understand.

    Dangerous Coal Mining
    In this mod, if you place a torch, or there is fire within 3 blocks of a coal ore block, it explodes like tnt but without priming, only instant explosion. It also sets off other coal and tnt.

    More Torches
    In this mod, it adds more torches with different effects. We have our regular torch:

    The difference is, this one would only stay lit for 30 seconds (I thought about 10 seconds considering thats how long it takes to burn up one coal in a furnace, but I think 39 is better). And they have their light dulled down to 3/4ths it's original luminance (A light level of 10, versus it's original 14). When they burn out they should look like the difference between a lit an unlit redstone torch and, obviously, give off no light. Also, when you break it, it gives you a stick but no coal
    If you put paper on top of it, it burns with the same light level but for 60 seconds. When burned out, it gives you a stick but no paper or coal.

    Now for this torch. Note: The names I just came up from the top of my head, you can change them!This one burns infinitely, but with a light level of 8 (Still enough that monsters don't spawn) and when hostile, neutral, or passive mobs (Excepting Nether mobs, Ender Dragon, and Endermen) get in the light emitted by the torch, they get weakness debuff and get scared and try to get away from the torch (Light creepers from a cat).

    The Glowstone/Sunlight Torch. This torch glows indefinitely, like glowstone, and with a light level of 15, like glowstone. Also, whenever zombies or skeletons get within the radius, they ignite.

    The Wither Torch, gives off a light level of 9, burns for a minecraft day, and when broken gives you back the Wither Star and the tear but not the stick. (Instead of the fuel burning out on this torch, the star withers away the stick when the torch burns out. Also, since Wither Stars are so precious.) The effect? This torch acts like the Evil Eye torch, but scares away Endermen.

    The Crystal Torch. It only burns in the Nether, and harnesses the light from all that lava and fire to burn (Just kidding, it burns anywhere in the Nether, but that sounded cool) it scares off Pigmen, Skeletons, Wither Skeletons, and Blazes.

    Note: If you're wondering how a torch could give a mob a debuff, think of it as like a beacon, but without any requirements (Blocks or items, sky), it works on mobs rather than the player, and with a smaller radius (Only within the area of the given off light)

    * This is SOMEWHAT covered by Bibliocraft, but not even close to all of it. And it's not how I want it, in bibliocraft you can only place books on certain things, with this you can place them anywhere.
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    posted a message on (Give it a chance, you'll like it!)NethanielShade's Mod Aesthetic Ideas/Requests [1.6.4][Forge]
    Quote from andykuo1

    If you still want to know, MC+ WoodenBucket Mod is coming out soon (a week or two) that is like a replacement for the vanilla cauldron and would be adding a lot more features to it.


    Andykuo I just looked at that and it's nothing like it... It's wooden buckets, nothing to do with cauldrons... :/
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    posted a message on FAKE NEES
    Woopidy darn frikin do. Lockable.
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    posted a message on Pointless Button - The Crazy Minecraft Experience (Played by Bodil40)
    Awesome map! First to rep it!
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    And then your body dies and you're stuck as a chicken.
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    Quote from Blindie


    I have 1 suggestion. If you double tap W to sprint towards an enemy, then click with a sword or knife, you could "Jab" the enemy.
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