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    posted a message on ★ Iriliath ★ The most unique RP experience around. 24/7. Custom classes. Custom generated map. Check us out!

    Minecraft username: NethaEmerald
    Age: 18
    What attracted you to this server?: I'm looking for a new RP server after my last one kind of shut down.

    Characters name: Katlego Net'r

    Character Age: 25

    Characters appearance: tan peach skin, dressed in a slightly worn white/green robe, short black hair, deep brown eyes, a belt pouch hidden beneath his robe, new leather shoes,and iron bands on both arms

    Was there a certain class you wanted to play? If so why?: A Sage because I want to help others, not harm. Plus I feel there will be few of them.

    Goals for your character: To help the tribe he finds out and keep them alive. He also wants to find a safe place to pray to his God.

    The following section involves "Open-answers" as to how your character would react in the following situations

    1. You find yourself in the jungle at night returning to your village, and two wild wolves emerge before you. They begin to circle to flank you, what do you do?

    At first Katlego would be in slight shock, as he is not fit for any sort of combat. He would carefully study his surroundings , then he would repel the wolves to he can climb some vines up a tree. He would get out of sight from the wolves, and use lightstep to aid in his silent escape amongst the treetops.. He would record their location by memory, and alert his tribe, so they may do what they desire with the wolves.

    2. Two members of your tribe begin shouting at each other in the village center,. You are drawn to them curious as to what's happening, they seem to be arguing over a corpse of a fresh kill. Probably about which of the two hunters gets the first pick of meat. What do you do?

    He would get them to stop arguing and ask them who did most of the work. If none of them give a clear answer, he would ask his God to help him decide who should get the meat, with the hunter's consent. If they still argue, he would repel them from the meat, and say whomever gets to it first gets the first choice of meat.
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    posted a message on Dedicated Hack/Mine server
    When will we know who's been whitelisted or not?
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    posted a message on Dedicated Hack/Mine server
    • IGN? - NethaEmerald
    • Age? - 18
    • Timezone/country? - Mountain Time, U.S.A (GMT -7)
    • How long can you play for a day? - 2-3 hours weekdays, 7-8 on weekends usually
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    posted a message on Betelgeuse: Supernova
    Minecraft Name - NethaEmerald
    Age - 18
    Timezone (So we know when you'll likely be on) - -7 (Or Mountain Time [more specifically, Arizona time]))

    In Character Name - Frard Brelen
    In Character Age - 28
    Frard was a unique boy from a city rarely ever heard of. The city was split into two different castes, with the usual castes. The two unique castes were those who had some power over magic, and those who didn't. As one could imagine, the magically inclined were not very good at physical labor, so they used their unique power to puch around those who didn't. This made the non-magical people really strong physically. They were always hired as town guard and warrior, as well as carpenters, etc. The magic people were good at Alchemy, enchanting, magic healing, and magical destruction. The magically impaired had no choice but to listen to the magic gifted. Until one faithful day.

    Frard was born into magic. His parents had high hopes for him, until they saw that Frard was only good in one little area of magic, rther than most, if not all like the rest of them. Frard only had the ability to control fire. Because of this, Frard was shunned out by the caste he was born into. His parents still loved him anyways, because it was easier to teach one art than about five or so. Frard grew up around both Pyromancy and Enchanting. He was rather well at both, but still had a lot to learn. He would have been able to go beyond, but things don't always turn out as they seem.

    The city suddenly, in the blink of an eye, was under a civil war. The magical people against the physical. It would seem immedietly obvious that magic people would win, but that was not the case here. The warriors of the town had special weapons and armor enchanted to either pierce of resist magic. The magic casters found themselves overwhelmed fast as their numbers dwindled. Once there were only about 15 mages left, the "master" killed himself to make a warp for the other mages that were left. One by one, the mages rushed in, Frard included. The portal was a disaster, however, as it split all the mages up into different lands. Frard was warped into a strange land, where the natives had never seen magic. It only took a second for Frard to flee into the nearby woods. There, he ran across a project of the natives: a canoe. Frard stole it, and sailed off, but wasn't stealthy enough, and was detected rather quick by the natives. They fired arrow after arrow at him, and one stuck him in the left elbow, severly crippling his left arm. He can still use it, but it's very hard for him to lift anything up past waist level with it.

    Many days at sea made Frard almost go insane. He was on the brink until a pasing by ship picked him up. There Frard was fed and whatnot, but they forced him to go to the land of New Novograd. They gave Frard no other choice, as Frard himself was in no shape to fight.

    Strengths: Knows basic fire magic and enchanting skills.

    Weaknesses: Has a crippled left arm, not very strong, deathly hates water and is weaked by rain and being in water, lacks knowledge past simplistic (wood) on any woodworks or mining (stone), and has vulnerable bones due to lack of excercise.

    * If I need to fix anything, let me know
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    posted a message on The Land of Myrinthia [Roleplay] [Spout] [Classes] [Factions] [24/7]
    It says i'm not whitelisted at all, despite me being accepted.
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    posted a message on Legends of Vyrithia
    IGN Name: NethaEmerald
    Age: 18
    Location (For reference of time to be online): GMT -7 (Or Mountain time USA)

    IC Name: Vesiro Coche
    Age: 22

    Information about your Character: Vesiro had heard tales of a land where two races were at constant war. He was told the story by his family, as it has been passed down since the days of about 200 years ago. Vesiro's family was primaily farming. Although Vesiro knew the ins and outs of farming, as well as more detailed family tricks, he was bored of just farming. He decided one day to talk to his parents about a big decision. Vesiro had asked if he could become an herbalist.

    Vesiro's parents were not happy with what Vesiro presented, but Vesiro managed to persuade his parents by saying it still relates to farming, it's just he would find more uses from nature around him. His parent's reluctantly agreed. It was at that time Vesiro was off to Herbalist school. It took a long three years, but Vesiro eventually got all the knowledge he wanted to know and dropped out. He eventually started his own business, selling potions and medicine to the locals.

    One day, the King of his land asked Vesiro to make a potion to help the King with his constant coughing. Vesiro knew this would be an easy and relaxing task... as far as he knew. The night before he put the potion together, a local rogue switched Vesiro's healthy wheat with moldy wheat, painted tan. Vesiro woke up, and was unaware of the foul wheat. He put the potion together and gave it to the King, who died only seconds after drinking it.

    The King's royal guards called treason upon poor Vesiro, and he was sent to jail to await further trial. The guardsmen heard of a land ravaged by magic, and that almost no man could survive there. They decided to take all the prisoners to that island and leave them there to perish a much worse fate than they could come up with.

    The next day, the guardsmen dragged the prisoners off, Vesiro included. The townsfolk boo'd the prisoners off and threw rotten food at them as they were all forced upon the ship, as the new King was crowned. The voyage took weeks, but the ship finally made it to the ravaged land: Vyrithia. The ship's crewmen cut the cuffs off the prisoners and threw them off the side of the boat without even dropping any sort of stairs or ladder for them to climb. One by one, the prisoners fell. All of them died from the 25-foot impact, except Vesiro. His short life in prison left his bones and body well enough to take the impact. The crewmates laughed at Vesiro as they sailed off, leaving Vesiro in the strange land of Vyrithia.
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    posted a message on The Land of Myrinthia [Roleplay] [Spout] [Classes] [Factions] [24/7]
    IGN: NethaEmerald
    Age: 18
    Timezone: Mountain Time zone (GMT -7)
    Race (Dwarf, Human, Orc, Elf ): Human
    Class Desired: Cleric
    Crafting Class Desired : Farmer
    Character Name: Ximant Blyd

    Character Biography (A few lines will not suffice): Ximant was a proud farmer of Arcium. He was happy there, until the drought happened. Once the drought came, and the famine and plague soon after, Ximant had cleverly stashed a supply of wheat away in his home, and used some of that in total seclusion in order to survive. Once he heard of the new land to the North, he has asked to go there, seeing as how he was one of the only few healthy farmers on hand. He set up a small farm, and was happy with it, and went to bed. That night, however, ws a bad one for him indeed. He saw all of his fellow men die as he fled as fast as he could. He was almost downed himself, but his will to live led him to flee back to Arcium. News of the attack had already hit home by the time he got there, thanks to a local hunter who was close enough to witness it himself.
    The war took more from Ximant than he hoped for, and he too felt the effects of the bad land. He struggled to live every day, but his clerical knowledge kind of helped him ward off illnesses that fell to him. The next few months would be a test of his will to live. He managed to survive, and he was happy he did; until he saw the orcs marching Arcium. Ximant was lucky he was not a fighter, or else he would have surely died. Once Agranthion took over Arcium, he was lucky they left him be. Maybe because he was a cleric, and that Agranthion could use one of those. He was given the energy to help heal the wounded as they brought the fight to the orcs.
    Once the orcs had fled the mines, Ximant set his farm back up again, and was happy to help those who were injured.

    Roleplay Example: "It hurts so much!" A soldier screamed after being beat down by an orc.
    "Okay, calm down. i can't heal you if you're screaming and resisting." Ximant calmly said.
    "Do you know how much pain I am in?!"
    "I do. Don't think a cleric has never been cut up before."
    "Then stop the pain!"
    "I am. You need to calm down, or you will die!"
    The soldier finally stopped screaming. The silence that was brought was a joy to Ximant's ears. He was savoring the silence as he quietly spoke spells of the cleric class to heal the man's wounds. The wounds themselves were horrible: his right arm and legs were almost severed. The process to heal the man was no easy task. It took Ximant many hours to get the man's limps fully attatched to the man's body, and even then it wasn't done. Ximant still had many deep gashes, cuts, and arrows to heal. The cuts and arrows were easy enough to heal, but the gashes were the worst he had seen. They were all over the man's body. Ximant was suprised the man had lived this long.
    It took Ximant 12 hours to heal all the gashes the man had recieved, and the diseases that tried to infect them.
    "Thank you so much." The soldier generously said.
    "It's what i do. Now, don't go and get busted up again. Your body is still in great mental pain. If you go through what you just had again, you will surely die." Ximant replied.
    "Wait, if i'm physically well-"
    "Yes. Only Physically. Your mind still has yet to adjust to being healed so fast, so it thinks you are in great pain. You can fight, but take it easy for a few days until your mind can adjust."
    "Because your brain can overload from too much pain, and stop functioning to cope, surely ensuring your death in the battlefield."

    The solier slowly walked off, somewhat in a grumble. Xiamant knew he wanted to fight, but he only hopes the soldier follows his advice well.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] LADCraft: Bukkit Role-Playing, Survival server!! [Quests][RP][RPG][Factions][Skyrim]
    I am interested in it. I do have some plugins that I think would fit in to the era's i've seen so far. One is Vicincantatio, which is a spelsl plguin, and you can control what spells certain people can learn/know. I also would prefer LWC over Lockette, as it doesn't require many signs (although Lockette does have some unique features to it). I might be able to think up/find some more (but I do NOT know how to install, so...).
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] LADCraft: Bukkit Role-Playing, Survival server!! [Quests][RP][RPG][Factions][Skyrim]
    What era will it be set in, and what kind of atmosphere will be created?
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    posted a message on Betelgeuse: A Tale of Two Cities
    I recommend this server to anyone who is interested in Roleplaying. It has a lot of opportunities to be involved in something big. Also, the people are nice, even if they don't act so in-character.
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    posted a message on Falchion, Blades of Honor [FANTASY][ROLEPLAY][RACES][MAGIC][CLASSES][FACTIONS]
    In Game Name: NethaEmerald
    Location: Arizona, USA
    Age: 18
    Why do you want to join our server?: I know I tried to join last time, but the developed lore just outright confused me, so I hope now I can join again and actually contribute (plus from what it looked like, it wasn't long before a reset).
    How will you benefit our server?: I am pretty good at RP, and I hope to help the server's lore (and others).
    Do you understand the rules?: yes. :smile.gif:

    Roleplay Character Name: Encler Shoal
    Age: 22
    Race: Gaian
    Gender: Male
    Class: Templar
    Worship (if any): Helo
    Faction: The Iron Horn (if there is room)
    Character Appearance: about 6'0", fair colored skin. green tunic, blue pants, gray shoes, brown hair, Bright deep blue eyes, brown hair, has an axe slung over his back (purely cosmetic, of course)

    Character Background Story: Encler was a rich, "spoiled" child. Sure, his parents had a lot of money, but they were lazy and selfish, and only got a child so he/she could maintain the house when he came of age, and not have to hire a servant to. Well, when they finally got a child, they couldn't be more excited. Encler was born a Gaian, but he didn't know, as his parents moved away from the homeland of the Gaians when they got married. The first 10 years of Encler's life was full of fun, as his parents did a lot with him. Once his 11th birthday hit, however, things took a turn for the worst for poor Encler. His parents decided to spring their plan into action, and force Encler to keep the house clean until he could afford to move out on his own. The chances of that were low, because his parents really never gave him any free time. His parents loved to see Encler suffer. On Encler's 13th birthday, he finally realized what his parents were up to. Encler waited two years before springing his own plan into action. On the morning he turned 15, he managed to flee from his parents, and escape their clutches. Encler knew if he ran far enough, his parents would be too lazy to track him. But he was wrong.

    One night, when Encler set up a temporary home in the wilderness, he was confronted by some hired hunters to bring Encler back. Encler stood no chance, and was quickly captured. Once back with his parents, his life became even worse than it was before. Luckily for Encler, a blacksmith of another town saw his being whisked away, and followed the hunters back to Encler's hometown. The blacksmith saw potential in Encler. One day, when Encler was doing chores outside, and with his parents gone, the blacksmith came up to Encler and offered to get him out of the town. Encler eagerly said yes, and the two set out for the blacksmith's hometown. Once there, the blacksmith started teaching Encler the way of repair, as the blacksmith already had an apprentice miner and smelter. Encler was a little shaky at first, but he quickly picked up on the art. When Encler turned 20, the blacksmith had died, and left the company to the other two apprentices, who quickly fired Encler for another apprentice whom they could teach their way. Encler has just barely mastered the way of iron, but did not know how to repair diamond. All he had was a book on it he got from the blacksmith he worked for, although Encler was not skilled enough yet to work with diamond. Encler was now basically a lost soul. Until he heard of the land of the Gaians. He asked some people what they looked like, and a man who specializes in racial appearance said Encler fir the bill for Gaians perfectly. Once Encler heard the news, he set forth for the town of the Gaians, hoping to help the natives, hoping to finally learn what it means to be a Gaian.
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    posted a message on creeper proof house? (without moats, walls, ETC...)
    Bedrock is the strongest material in blast resistance, but cannot be gotten without using creative mode/cheats.
    Your best viable bet would be obsidian, as it resists all explosions, but takes a while.

    Cobble and some other stone-type variants have enough resistance to only lose one block by explosions, so a 3-layer think wall would also work pretty well.

    Things like dirt, sand, glass, and wool have almost no blast resistance, so you'll lose a lot in an explosion.

    For a better list, check the Minecraft wiki. It tells you how much explosive force each block can take.
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    posted a message on Betelgeuse: A Tale of Two Cities
    I'm going to re-post mine, as it seems mine was forgotten back on page 3. I hope you guys (admins) don't get mad at the re-post.

    Minecraft Name: NethaEmerald
    Age: 18
    Reason for joining: I'm looking for a new RPG server that can last, after the issue i've had with some previous ones. I hope this one is "Like an executive".

    IC Name (First and Last): Oldyr Coche

    IC Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Appearance (Height, weight, distinguishing features, overall) : about 5'8", scar under one of his eyes, a quiver, about 150 pounds, in peasent-ish clothing (brown tunic and black pants), a flat face, pale skin, not the strongest, but is not weak either

    About Me (Bio and Background (Should be at least TWO paragraphs)) :

    Oldyr was forced into the life of farmhood when he was only 9 years old. His parents were fantastic farmers, and taught Oldyr everything he knows about it. On the flip side, he never got to bond with his parents past their farming lessons, and whatever they talked about at mealtimes (which was usually farming). Oldyr never got to play much with other children, so he is pretty hard to get close to. One tragic day, however, his mother fell to an illness she contracted from a local wolf attack. This grieved little Oldyr a lot, and it was everything his father could do to stop Oldyr from committing suicide. Another year had passed, with his family still running the same farm. Everything seemed fine, until his father was shot down by rogue archers.

    This didn't upset Oldyr that much. He never truly liked his father. In fact, he was glad his father passed away. This now meant that Oldyr was free from the dictator grip of his parents. Although, once his father died, painful memories of him seeing his mom die surfaced within his head, and nearly drove him mad. He managed to keep them suppressed (and keep his sanity) by fishing. It only took a few short months for him to become calm again. The months of pure fishing weakened him physically, as he spent most of his life doing hard labor, and suddenly going from doing a lot of work to almost none took it's toll. Nevertheless, he heard of a new continent called Betelgeuse, and decided to try and start a life there, no matter how hostile the land may be.

    Oldyr managed to get a boat, and sailed north from his homeland to Betelgeuse. About one half of the way there, his boat sank into the vast ocean. There was no land for miles, so he had no choice but to swim. Since he wasn't as it as he used to be, he almost drowned trying to swim to land. Once he finally found some land, he slapped together another boat, which took him to the final destination: Betelgeuse. Once he got there, he was surprised he shored with humans, as he heard the land was native to other beings.

    Strengths: Knows how to farm, good at archery, likes to fish with his free time, good with an axe (both as a tool and weapon)

    Weaknesses: Not very good with a sword, scar slightly impairs vision, not used to mining, tends to stick only to himself, hates oceans
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    posted a message on Betelgeuse: A Tale of Two Cities
    Just a question: did you see my app re-post and arradeth1496's app back on page 3?
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