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    --The Labyrinth that reveals itself during the Dark Hour

    Download: http://www.mediafire...ynnalyn7vedz3ya


    Explore Tartarus in the midst of the Dark Hour - Gather food and supplies from the chests within, and fight your way to the top to save the world!

    -Find the stairs on each floor to progress to the next block!

    -Enter the Velvet Room, and bestow your weapons with power beyond anything you could imagine...

    -Find brewing ingredients in the tower and make helpful potions in the Velvet Room!

    Each "block" is 5 blocks tall, 7 counting the floors and the roof. The entire building is almost 70 blocks plus a surprise at the very top of the world.
    This is a short adventure map - I made it mostly for the sake of recreating a certain iconic tower from one of my favourite video games. :)
    This is also my first, hence the shortness.
    Any overlooked details or flaws will be fixed ASAP.
    I more than likely will not be doing any future improved versions or extensions.

    NOTE: This map was designed with SSP in mind and hasn't been tested on SMP. Default texture pack is highly preferred.

    Feedback is very much appreciated. =3


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