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    I'll be online a lot today to answer questions and promote newcomers! It's a nice, small (but active) server... Come join the fun! :D
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    Quote from Nuckelchen»

    Hi, almost all player at Minetology(my Server) don't speak english, it might be difficult to communicate. I try very best at english. Iam happy if everybody understand my threads.
    But if anybody likes to take a look, very happy


    Haha kein Problem, ich lerne seit 4 Jahre Deutsch und 2 Monaten Niederländisch.
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    Quote from Ldogec»
    IGN: Ldogec25

    Age: 16



    Been playing since mid 2011, I think

    I enjoy tinkering with McEdit, so if you need a guy who's decent with making dungeons; I'm your man :)

    Okay, so on Spigot's website, it says it Spigot 1.8 will be released VERY soon! So when it is released, I am going to make the server public with permissions. You will be able to join then. We will likely ask you a few questions in-game and talk to you a bit to gauge your personality, because we like playing with calm/active/fun people.

    I'll post here again once everything is up and working, then you can join and I can promote you to member rank! :D
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    posted a message on How to Get Six-Sided Piston Head Block in Minecraft 1.8?
    Thanks, I replied there, but I still can't get an answer to this anywhere. I'm actually literally dying.

    Someone please help! :(
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    ►Small & Friendly Community Survival◄
    Like chatting and hanging out with friends? This is the server for you! 100% survival, nobody has "unfair advantages" and nothing is restricted! Many live in towns together, which can be seen below. Members of your town and other towns are always friendly and will help you as a newbie!
    We build everything in 100% survival! Nobody uses creative to build. There are no shop plugins, so everything must be obtained like it SHOULD be!
    ABOUT THE SERVER: I've had the server since August of 2013. In November 2013 I got it hosted 24/7! Around January or February of 2014, I made the server public so that we could get some more players. We now have tons of regular players, many of which play multiple hours every single day.

    RULES: There are no rules set in stone other than BE NICE! Cheating in any way is not allowed, of course. This IS NOT a server to "PVP" constantly. Stealing isn't allowed. The goal of the server is to work together and have fun while building and surviving!

    ANTI-GRIEF: I personally HATE servers that keep saying "Sorry you can't break this block" so you can build ANYWHERE! Your town is protected from everyone who isn't a resident! LOCKETTE can easily be used to lock your chests so that ONLY YOU have access to your stuff! Also, when new players join, they are a "GUEST" rank, so they can't do anything other than chat and travel around to see the server until I promote them.

    HOW TO JOIN: There's no whitelist, just join. You'll join with a "Guest" rank which means you can't build or destroy... All you can do is explore and talk. To be promoted from this rank to "Member" (all permissions) I just need to be on to promote you. I'm the only one who can promote. I'll ask you 5 questions before I promote you. EVERYONE IS PROMOTED AS LONG AS THEY DON'T SEEM SKETCHY!

    - No donations
    - No chat flooding
    - No block limitations
    - No cheating ranks (I don't even fly)
    - No economy/admin shops
    - Strong trading economy
    - Lots of help to get started
    - Fun, non-survival-altering plugins (like flying airplanes)
    - 100% grief protection (we have Towny to protect your town's stuff from outsiders and Lockette to protect your stuff from getting lost)
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    I didn't build my server around essentials, too big to comprehend especially when you have just started a server and have no idea how to even configure a plugin and set up permissions.

    There are plugins specifically for those... I use MyHome and SimpleSpawn for /home and /spawn... But Essentials would be better for those.
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    posted a message on How to Kill Villagers Without Bad Reputation?
    I have a slight issue... I own a survival server and I built a fancy NPC village over a week time period. We got some villagers and let them breed, but realize there weren't enough golems to protect the small population from zombies. A member of the server went far underground and make a villager breeder than pushes the adult villagers into a water elevator to the surface. It produces one villager every four minutes.

    We have well over 300 villagers and it's lagging the server, and I don't think we need over 100. I turned the breeder off and I think it stopped but I'm not sure. I want to kill as many villagers possible without gaining a terrible reputation because my house is by the golems and I also like trading with the villagers. How do I conduct genocide without gaining a bad reputation?
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    posted a message on Forge 1.7.10 Won't Run?
    I've successfully used Forge for months. Haven't made changes. Today I installed Forge 1.7.10 and tried to launch with it... Once I hit play and the launcher disappeared, nothing else came up. No error or anything. I tried with the three latest versions of Forge 1.7.10.

    Is this happening for others too? What can I do to make it work? I'm using it on a brand new windows 8 computer, it's a fast computer.
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    posted a message on [1.7.9+] Bukkit | Mostly Vanilla | English | German/Deutsch | No Donations | Towny [ALWAYS ACCEPTING]
    Just built this by hand, 100% survival. Took about 10 hours but was worth it! #noshaders

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    posted a message on [1.7+][PUBLIC][TOWNY] CobbleCraft SMALL BUKKIT Server [DEUTSCH/ENGLISH][DYNMAP]

    NPC Village Spawn

    Awesome Member Builds

    Community Creations

    Fancy Houses

    Large Community Farm (All crops, all animals)

    - Towny (Claim and set perms on your own land)
    - MyHome (Set your home and tp there with /home)
    - Ships (Build and fly real working airships)
    - Dynmap (View a live map of the server to get around more easily)
    - Citizens (Found your own functioning NPC-run post office, or buy mob-killing NPCs for diamonds)

    WHEN YOU JOIN... You will be in the Guest category. You'll have permission to chat, permission to visit other towns (/town spawn [town name]) and permission to teleport to the spawn (/spawn).IF WE LIKE YOU... You will be promoted to the Member category. You'll have access to ALL permissions that others have.
    IF YOU PLAY A LOT FOR A LONG TIME... You will be promoted to the VIP category. It's just an honorable name thing, no extra permissions.
    ABOUT THE SERVER... All ranks on the server have the SAME permissions, even moderators. I am the only one with the ability to promote/demote people. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DONATE EVER! My Minecraft username is below my avatar. I'm usually on for a while each day. I have to be online to promote people, because nobody else has those permissions. We're basically a tight-knit group of players who like to build and chat. BUILDERS OF ALL EXPERIENCES WELCOMED! We just won't stand for annoying people who constantly spam and bother others.


    Minecraft Username?
    How long have you played Minecraft for (roughly)?
    What do you like to build?
    Is there a specific style/theme that you enjoy building? (Pictures may help, but are not required)?
    Are you really good at building a certain kind of structure? If so, what?
    How many hours per day do you usually play?
    How many servers do you play on?
    Have you ever been banned from another server? If so, when and why (I understand ridiculous bans, I’ve been there)?
    Are you a talker or do you prefer to build silently?
    What language do you prefer using?
    What country / time zone are you in?
    Anything else you want me to know that could help your application?
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