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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.9R5 Vanilla SMP
    Sure, I'll try it out and see what the ping is like. Where's the server located?
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    posted a message on New 1.9 PreRelease 4 Server [24/7] Vanilla Survival
    Been playing here about a week now. Good people playing, very few problems with griefers and the like. We're still running 1.9pr4, and from the sounds of it probably wont be going pr5 because of some of the bugs like flying.

    The server is in Europe, but I get good enough ping from the US east coast. Would be nice to see more US time zone people playing.
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    posted a message on 1.9 (Pre-5) Glitch
    Double post self reply to console yourself that a bug will be fixed in a pre-release of a beta game. Simply amazing.
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    posted a message on OMFG, I DON'T GET THIS! 1.9 IS SOOOO LAGGY!
    I'd recommend using Fraps to get a more accurate fps reading without the F3 data showing.

    I havent really noticed any loss in FPS, but that could well be I have a fast enough PC to not drop far enough to where its noticeable. I'm not an FPS ***** that complains when my FPS goes from 200 to 150, because I cant tell a damn difference until it goes below 60 anyway.
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    posted a message on The Real Problem I have with the Enchantment System
    Well, obviously thats why you spend your max level on enchantments to get the most out of it possible. It makes you think about how many levels you have, when you buy an enchantment, and what level you have for a goal.

    If you accumulate xp levels because you're just a pack rat and like to see big numbers and never spend on anything high level.... you're just an idiot.
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    posted a message on [1.9 Pre-Release 4] Maxter Crafters V1.2
    Quote from rastarave

    Its fraud, do not click the links.

    I'm gonna go with this.
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    posted a message on Will mob towers be pointless in the next patch?
    Quote from granpa_jo

    Have the grinders funnel your mobs into an obsidian box, with a hole at the top. light one TnT so it falls in. Viola, free lewtz, and no risk.

    Or just bash at their feet..........

    Does tnt make them drop xp?
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    posted a message on Enchantment Levels [solved]
    Quote from LavaAndDiamond

    1. Are there glyphs flying from the bookshelves to the enchantment table?
    2. What's your current XP level? The enchantment table won't give you enchantments you can afford, so if you're low level you won't get anything high level showing up.
    3. I read somewhere that the level of the enchantment doesn't change anything, so you might be okay anyway, but I think that's BS, so I wouldn't trust it.
    Hope that helps.

    1. Yes. This is the best sign to see its working, other than increasing levels in your enchantments.
    2. You can see higher levels, they will just be grayed out and unusuable if you dont have high enough level, but they will show up randomly depending on how many bookshelves you have around.
    3. The level does matter, but its still VERY random. You could spend 30 levels and get Efficiency I on a tool. But, if you do spend a lot you have a much higher chance of getting something good. From experience, its nearly useless to grind xp manually to get good enchants. Either stick with low level stuff thats easy to get and still helps (lvl5 or lower), or hack in extra xp to test how each enchantment works.

    You can also stack bookshelves 2 high starting on level with the table to have them make an effect. Anything higher than 2 high wont do anything.
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    posted a message on Slimes in 1.9 Prerelease?
    I found a deep cave that has spawned slimes for me pretty consistently on 1.9pr4. Made lots of sticky pistons, potions with blaze cream, and plenty left over.

    U shure u doin it rite?
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    posted a message on SMP Exp grinder?
    Quote from ColdNCursed

    I have the method figured out now - basically I have a half stone block set up so there is a half a block above and half a block under where things can go through. (Lol, sounded wrong..) But, yeah.

    Basically top slot is for sword swinging, bottom slot is for water flow bringing exp/items out. Skeletons can not shoot through it for some reason, and creepers won't blow up. (Despite their silly range in SMP) The problem is, well.. the video I posted. Until that bug is fixed, it won't work.

    That sounds like a stupidly easy solution. I'm betting the mobs see the half block as a "non-transparent" block like glass or a door so they dont shoot you, but the player side detection is more sophisticated allowing you to hit the mobs. They can see your feet, but only your torso registers with their attack trigger.

    I'm currently using a 2-wide glass wall 1 off the ground with a single half slab on the ground to keep spiders from getting through. I can hit everything, including spiders, the items can be reached anywhere, and spiders cant climb through.
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    posted a message on SMP Exp grinder?
    Quote from Prinny94812

    The trap I made in my server isn't 100% safe but it works.

    I currently have a skele spawner suspended over a pit about 17 to 18 blocks. When they hit the ground I just run in and smack them once with a stone sword and they die. Although if it was a zombie or spider spawner it wouldn't be as risky since you can put a barrier between you and the mob.

    By the way, if you kill a mob using a dispenser/ arrow does it drop exp? Or do you have to kill it yourself?

    I just tested it in my mob trap, and dispensers do not drop XP, at least when used with arrows. I assume anything used (poison or instant damage potions, but you could only fit 9 in a time anyway so it wouldnt work well) wouldnt yield xp, but I only tested arrows.

    Right now I just have a standard mob trap setup with water/signs, and a drop that damages them and I do the final blow under a pane of glass. Its SSP, so this wouldnt work for you in SMP. I think the around the corner method would work best, because you could hit their upper body before they got around the corner far enough to shoot at you.
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    posted a message on 1.9 Pre-release 4 has less Diamonds ? !
    Quote from RustyXXL

    Well, but now the numbers seem more legit, but still there's still the chance of having a bad seed in 1.9pre4...
    Because I don't feel like getting much less diamonds in 1.9.
    Maybe I was just lucky, but I didn't get any Diamonds from chest, did only a little bit of strip-mining and have about 25 Diamonds, so from the way it feels to me I still can't support this, and still am inclined to believe you simply had a bad seed in 1.9 ;P
    It was surprising for me tho, that the Stone/air ratio in 1.7.3 and 1.9 is almost the same, it surly doesn't feel that way ^^.

    Thanks for doing the math, first of all. I don't care enough to do it myself, but I'll gladly contribute my 2 cents.

    The biggest variable here is the caves. You cant conclude that the stone:air ratio is equal because caves are a much larger generated item and can vary widely by chunk. You may generate a map and the start area doesnt have many caves at all, so that would require a much larger world to get a good sample of the varying amounts of air at that level.

    I do think that newer versions have more caves, with the addition of abandoned mines and strongholds. These are created after the terrain, which includes ores, so a larger portion of the diamonds generated are overwritten by the caves and things. Yes, you do typically skip over these caves when mining, and in a sense it makes searching easier because you can simply walk through a low lying mine and it reveals much more than a 1x2 mine. Even considering this, you would have to travel farther for the same amount of diamonds because they are more spread out, even if it doesnt take longer to get them.

    As for my 1.9pr4 world, I've found a decent amount of diamonds, but its pretty polarized between not finding any for a long stretch while branch mining, but then finding 2 full deposits exposed very close to each other in a cave I ran into while branch mining.

    Probability is a *****.
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    posted a message on Piston house:V2 (NEED YOUR IDEAS!)
    Quote from Boncey_Pineapple

    Make It Come Out The Ground And Have A Schematic/ World Download :biggrin.gif:

    The problem with that has already been addressed: You cant bring the house up and keep all of the redstone.

    The only possibility would be to have everything around the house sink down to reveal it in a stair step fashion. It would be pretty cool if the house was surrounded by sand, and the sand all dropped to stair steps going around the house.
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    posted a message on Piston house:V2 (NEED YOUR IDEAS!)
    I wouldn't expect you to use all of these, as the house could quickly get way too large, but hopefully you'll pack as many of these in there as possible!

    - Crafting station on same level as room (not in the floor!) 2x1x4 room with 3 furnaces.
    :Furnace: :Furnace: :: ::
    :Furnace: :Bench: :chestfront: :chestfront:
    - On/off nether portal.
    - Loss-less smooth stone generator (zero chance of losing stone by lava)
    - Multi-setting enchanting room. (at least 6 different settings, has to reach at least lvl 30 enchantments)
    - Hidden pool/whirlpool under the floor. (Think "Its A Wonderful Life")
    - Automated tree farm (grow the tree and it pushes- the wood to you to cut)
    - Minecart storage system. (ok, not pistons, but its still redstone logic based. Not sure how pistons could be worked into this idea other than hiding it)
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    posted a message on MyriadCraft 24/7 Dedicated SMP Server - *The Server of Endless Possibilities* - Running 1.4.6 - Bukkit - Custom Plugins - Greyli
    Quote from ddjji

    In-game name: xenoflow
    Age: 16
    Why you want to join: server sounds really fun
    How did you hear about this server: browsing the forums


    Also: Thanks for the add!
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