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    Quote from Smeagolow»

    Because like 20 people are doing LPs of the map and if they all posted every episode it would be a whole lot of spam...

    I think as long as they're condensed into like 2-3 videos per post it's not spammy, and clearly not all "20" people doing LPs are posting every episode, it's not an issue.
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    After 2.79 days (or approximately 66-67 hours) it's FINISHED! :D

    Absolutely fantastic map, I'm considering starting it again soon even, to try out new things.

    Some statistics you guys might like:


    Distance Walked: 432.49km

    Distance Crouched: 5.15km

    Distance Sprinted: 131.68km

    Distance Fallen: 17.44km

    Distance Flown: 80.65km (Thanks creepers!)

    Jumps: 43,337

    Damage Dealt: 304,592

    Damage Taken: 18669.80

    # OF DEATHS: 101 (hey at least I finished)

    Mobs Killed: 11,287

    Animals Bred: 0

    Trapped Chests Triggered: 22

    Items Enchanted: 40

    Chests Opened: 9630


    17,376 Torches Crafted

    2,536 Wood Planks Crafted

    41 Chests Crafted

    924 Coal Mined

    746 Stone Mined

    593 Oak Wood Chopped

    583 Stone Brick Mined

    974 Brick Placed

    921 Cobblestone Placed

    735 Stone Brick Placed


    Most Depleted: Leather Cap at 6 times, Wood Sword at 4, Stone Sword at 3, Stone Pick at 3, and Diamond Boots at 3

    4508 Sticks Crafted

    2483 Coal Crafted (from coal blocks)

    317 Iron Crafted

    261 Diamond Crafted

    197 Bread Crafted

    Diamond Sword used 7499 times

    Iron Sword used 7232 times

    Bow used 7152 times

    Stone Sword used 6742 times

    Iron Pick used 4330 times

    Bottle Of Enchanting used 2206 times

    Diamond Pickaxe used 494 times

    Water Bucket used 193 times

    Ender Pearl used 8 times

    Lava Bucket used 2 times


    1500 Creepers Killed

    Death by creeper: 16

    2744 Skeletons Killed

    Death by skeletons: 22

    571 Spiders Killed

    Death by spider: 3

    3152 Zombies Killed

    Death by zombie: 12

    132 Ghasts Killed

    Death by ghast: 0

    875 Zombie Pigmen Killed

    Death by zombie pigmen: 0

    490 Silverfish Killed

    Death by silverfish: 3

    382 Blazes Killed

    Death by blaze: 2

    19 Magma Cubes Killed

    Death by Magma Cube: 0

    162 Witches Killed

    Death by witch: 0

    2 Guardians Killed

    Death by guardian: 0

    12 Pigs Killed

    1 Cow Killed

    1 Squid Killed

    Deaths by Squid: 0

    General Thoughts as I'm flying through the map after clearing it:

    The Opening:

    Valley of Blood:

    This was a great starting area, the upward climb into the village gave a great sense of progression through the area to the player and it gave it a nice gradual difficulty curve instead of dropping the player straight in like in RC1 and RC2, even though it ended up about as difficult as the starting areas in both of those maps with the higher level zombies in the armory. Getting the crystal itself was fairly simple, I feel like it taught the idea that you either want to run in and torch everything and run out, or trigger the spawners, run out of range, kill everything that spawns, and take the spawners out while they're recharging. The exit to the nexus was great as well, there was a nice decision, do you want to "waste" this feather falling 4 book on leather boots, or do you want to farm some iron from zombies? I personally took the boots option because I was itching to see the next area :D

    The Nexus: The path to this area started with "The Fall." The cave spiders at the bottom of the giant pit that leaves you with 2 health is a great "trap," making the player think they're in an insane amount of danger and thinking they're going to die, then realizing the cave spiders don't even do damage. The huge amount of adrenaline gets soothed right after that too when you finally climb your way out of the tunnel and into the nexus area, when you realize that you made it out alive. The nexus itself is fairly similar to the one in RC2, albeit slightly more twisty and winding around itself, I got lost a few times before I knew my way around. The major difference is obviously the upgrades, and since I had all 9 emeralds from the valley of blood, I saw that each emerald block reward had a bedrock block inside, so my mind was immediately spinning with the all the different options.

    Intersection 1:

    Going down towards I1 was fairly uneventful, very similar to The Descent from RC2 even though it had much less danger and things to do. If I had to guess, I would say this is because there may have been a thought that players are probably itching to go to the next areas and don't want to immediately deal with a transitional area right after the "transitional" area of the spider cave. The intersection itself is beautiful, with lighting illuminating both paths up above and the main central tower, and most importantly in my opinion is the genius way the intersection's third area is placed. You come in from "The Descent" straight to the entrance that leads you into the intersection itself. Most players will either go straight up without a second thought, or think that they'll explore the bottom a little later. The way that the descent exit is laid out is exactly so you won't see the entrance to the "Breeding Grounds," because the central tower is in the way, so when you see the sign telling you that the last area in the intersection is down in the water and you go down to check it out, you see this massive gaping entrance that you missed along with learning the area name, and they're both very intimidating.

    Zepharin Sands:

    The joy of having the first boss and simultaneously a large difficulty spike in the first area of an intersection! When I first heard the name of this place, I immediately thought of a large desert area with bland white sand desert, possibly in the sky because of "zephyr." I was happily proven wrong when I saw the beautiful contrast of the orange sand and the blue river in the middle, even though the buildings were strangely normal sandstone instead of red sandstone. The orange crystal in this area was quite dangerous compared to the white crystal, with knockback mobs and skeletons and blazes all around lava, it was quite easy to get knocked in. Thankfully, there was a water bucket which made most of it trivial except for the trap later on :D

    The Pharaoh. That Pharaoh. I had the misfortune of going to the right first, clearing until I found the castle, clearing the castle out, finding the sign that recommended I get better gear from the area, and thinking it meant the castle area. I was very very wrong. I ended up losing most of my good leather gear, several golden apples, and hadn't even taken the pharaoh down to 50% health. I took a break, explored the rest of the area, got iron gear, and came back and beat him without a hitch. Fun fight, but nothing compared to the other bosses.

    Xin's Legacy:

    For those who played RC2, Xin is an immediately recognizable name, and gives you an idea of what to expect. Jump boost, speed, parkour hijinks. Clearing out the main tower area was a blast, even though I did splat against the ground once after falling from the top. Finding a piece of xin's grandmaster set was awesome too, it gave even more incentive to explore this really fun area. The three mad sensei minibosses were interesting, I think I liked the master of water most just because of the beautiful prismarine blocks, though jumping around above lava was nerve-wracking and the entrance to the fight with the hidden one was great if you didn't have a water bucket by that point.

    Breeding Grounds:

    I'm not sure if I like this area or Xin's Legacy more, honestly. Xin's is a playground, but the mechanic wasn't new if you'd graduated from the Ninja Academy before. Having to constantly soak yourself in the creeper infested waters to be on even ground with the dangerous reptilians was a great risk management mechanic, and the relatively small area took a surprising amount of time to fully clear. Going underground was a bit too easy in my opinion, it could've used some guardians guarding the hatchling eggs. Speaking of the eggs, though, the room that you first see them in gave me massive Alien vibes, I loved it.

    Intersection 2:

    The Outpost:

    This was a fun transitional area until my heavy battlevest broke and I realized how horrifying the skeleton jockeys were. Dealing with the long range ghast spawners was cool too, it was a good introduction to how long range spawners worked. Nothing much else to say about it.

    The intersection itself is probably my least favorite intersection, the stone walls on the side of the rails were a little annoying to walk on, and I wasn't a huge fan of the naturey-mining outpost feel in general.

    Little Mines:

    Actual mining dwarves! So this was the return of the dwarves from the Little Empire? Or maybe the origins? Who knows. It mostly just felt like it took the skin of Little Empire wrapped around what could've been a pure mineshaft area, not that the aesthetic was bad, it's just not my cup of tea. I have no idea how those dwarves find their way around either, I get lost in there so easily :D

    The Last Sorcerer:

    The initial feeling stepping into this area is indescribable, the sight of this massive wizard tower, along with the custom mob "zoo" really steps up the custom content. The first few floors seem to have a malfunction though, soon after I went in they suddenly exploded and I had to make stairs manually to get up and down :D

    After the shock of that was over, clearing out the elemental shrines was great, I liked how the mobs all had unique ways they were dangerous. The fire elementals can easily knock you back into lava pools with their thorns, the ice elementals slowing you in water can get pretty bad, the lightning...creepers...well, they're lightning creepers, and the earth elementals just never get knocked back so you constantly have to back up and can get cornered by them.

    The boss fight with the sorceror was fantastic, I loved how the phases were indicators of how much health it had, and they'd get progressively more dangerous over time, but I felt like the blazes spawning on top of the bookcases wasn't enough of an incentive to not just jump boost around everywhere to avoid everything.

    Mount Cinis:

    Easily my favorite area of I2, learning that the TNT heads explode when they die is horrifying when you consider how many bad things can happen because of explosions. The imps were super scary too, especially because their fire aspect lasts so long, you either really need to have extinguishers or a water bucket on you, and since this is late I2, you want to be careful with your iron management since there's still not a *ton* of it. The TNT room was especially great, trying to snipe the blazes from far away and luring the TNT heads back into the hallway so they wouldn't blow up everything down there was pretty nerve-wracking. The volcano dive was slightly underwhelming, I expected to fight one or two enemies after getting down there, but it was great nonetheless.

    Intersection 3:

    The intersection itself was interesting, I've never seen an intersection double as a village before. The reveal of gold being an extremely valuable resource was timely, considering the player didn't have *much* access to it yet, but it gave a very clear choice, either to spend gold on potential notch apples or standard equipment. The quest where you have to choose between 20% permanent health and potion brewing was especially painful.

    Phantom Ruins: Having to constantly be watching out for phantoms was fun, especially making sure that you didn't hit yourself with the blindness. I liked how there were several directions to go in this area, and how incremental clearing the main ruins above was, there was easily viewable progress. The trap with the wool was pretty devious too, with it being straight in the ground so you could easily get stuck with infinitely spawning mobs above you inside the wool box.

    Summoner's Lair:

    This area was a nightmare for me, having forgotten that frost traps existed, having not used them earlier in the map because I opted for a more traditional approach to CTMs. It was here that I decided to go for the fire resistance of the advanced adrenaline upgrade, and started using a little bit of diamond armor. I went through half a set of diamond armor in the castle portion of the area. Heliceo pls.

    Cinderblood Temple:

    So many pigmen, I died quite a few times in this area due to poor planning, bad positioning with the death potions, and also experiencing some strange behavior where pigmen were still mad at me after I died already. Other than that though, I enjoyed how there were several different variations, the typical brutes, the "firemen" pigmen, and the insane knockback ones that actually were kind enough to drop me a pig spawner! The crystal was fairly easy to get to in this area, but apparently I missed a chest with some enderpearls on the platform so I had a *very* nerve-wracking descent back down, thankfully everything went fine :D

    Winter's End: My favorite area of the intersection as far as aesthetics, but gameplay-wise it felt a little barren. The first section was great, climbing up the hill with the skeletons with punch bows, and the introduction of the (god I hate them) frostbite spiders, having to constantly be worried about getting knocked off, but after looking around in the lake at the bottom, and securing the few buildings to the left and right, again it felt a little empty for how big the area was. I felt no incentive to explore the long hallway of tower spawners, and instead just ran past pretty much everything. The boss of the area was fantastic, though, using jump boost to constantly smack a ghast in the face for 5+ minutes was like a dream.

    Intersection 4:

    Can't comment on the transition to I4 except nopenopenopenope I'm outta here seeya later bye everyone

    The intersection itself is great, the structure really does make it feel like a bastion, with the long climb up to the areas and then all the (preeeetty good) trades up above, there's instantly 2 goals, find the special rose red, and the spectral dust for two awesome pieces of gear. The brown crystal entrance was particularly interesting, I think that's the first time I've seen an incomplete path to an intersection area. The black crystal entrance is also extremely foreboding, actually requiring you to explore the other areas before you can even look inside.

    Helicean Labs:

    I think my opinion might be slightly off about this area, because the entire time I was expecting a huge "gotcha" moment, like with the nether nexus in RC2. The area was fun to explore, though, the experiments like spider creepers and spiders stacked on spiders, even the "predators," and the suddenly available enchanting bottle farm, all those mobs were great. Having the brown crystal be a WEAPON, though? A straight up WEAPON? That's a genius idea, I'm sure speedruns will definitely use it since they don't die. :D

    Reeking River:

    I think this is my favorite area in the map. The aesthetics are on point, it looks very swampy, the river is just straight up poison, finding the elder witches and countering the weakness with more ranged use was a lot of fun, and the castle at the end?? The castle at the end was AMAZING, I think it's the best looking thing I've ever seen in a CTM map, it reminded me a lot of the first castle-dungeon area in LoZ: Wind Waker, actually. The boss was *a little* lackluster though, having to find a purification point every 30 seconds was slightly more annoying than fun, I think extending it to 45 or even 1 minute would make it a lot better and a lot less nagging.

    Fort Vhisarion:

    I loved this area as well, going back to the standard "trigger mob spawners, get out of range, kill mobs, rush in and break spawners" strategy worked well...until the ghasts came to play. Those damn ghasts caused me so much trouble until they were finally priority #1, and THEN I had to deal with all the damn blazes protecting them, so the fire resist potions came out, and FINALLY I could clear the area in peace. Mixing up the ordering like that from something that feels familiar is really cool :D

    The boss fight with Vhisarion is definitely the most fun boss fight in the map, I broke out the really good bonus items for it and took him down without too much trouble, it was amazing seeing what the ender dragon really could've been.

    THE EXILE: Unfortunately, I had quite a bit of trouble playing this area as it needed much more memory than I'd originally allocated to minecraft, so the first half of this area wasn't the best experience, lag-ridden and confusing. The charged creepers with the short fuses were a huge problem, I'd suddenly get exploded without any warning because the game decided to catch up. After I installed optifine though, it was a much better experience and I managed to get the last two emeralds I needed to finish the emerald monument :D

    The two shrines in the back of the area were much more difficult than the one underneath the entrance to the area, surprisingly, but they were definitely the most fun to clear.

    Actually getting the black crystal, though...dude, just turn that **** pillar off when all the shrines are broken. It serves no fun purpose at all, it's just irritating to try to find a spot to enderpearl from and simultaneously avoid the pillar of smoke.

    The "gotcha" at the end when you grab the black crystal was great, very "thank you for going to all the effort of opening the temple of time for me," and the ensuing boss battle was a lot of fun too. With the extra bonus gear, I was able to tank enough of his attacks so that it was difficult, but it wasn't *too* hard.

    and then the final final boss happened

    I feel like it should've ended there, honestly, maybe make the wither harder to compensate. I didn't *dislike* the fight, but the platform felt too small, the holes felt a little too big (I fell down twice and lost really good gear thanks to blindness), and I just feel like I wasn't prepared gradually enough in the endgame to deal with a threat like that and learn about the fight at the same time. If I hadn't had several notch apples by that point and several really good bonus and legendary items, along with a large store of potions, I'm not sure how I would've dealt with it. I exhausted my store of pretty much everything as it is, I would've had to made an experience grinder and dug up all the gold in the damn map to even have a chance :/

    The fact that I beat him says I can't really complain, I suppose, but I wish I could've kept more of my bonus emerald rewards :D

    All of that was far out of my mind when I saw that sweet sweet black crystal though, and finally placed it.

    Great map, I loved every minute of it.

    Hope you all enjoy the map as much as I did, can't wait for Ragecraft 4 :D

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    Quote from taschneide»

    Guys. Stop. It'll be released when it's ready. That may or may not be 10 minutes, but I'd be inclined to say that if you don't stop spamming, then Heliceo should deliberately be slow about releasing the map just to teach everyone a lesson.

    Spamming? People are just excited man, there's no negative feelings here :D
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    For all your refreshing needs

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    Quote from Palomitez»


    We all do, be patient.
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    The new art is awesome! All those memorable enemies through the maps, reptilians, ninjas, dwarves, rage...creepers...

    PTSD-style flashbacks

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    Is there any chance we could get an exact timeframe on the 12th, or are we all just going to spam F5 on this thread all day?

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