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    posted a message on Looking for builders and plugin programmers for large server project

    I'm looking for people who can help me establish a server based around exploration and crews and such. The server world at the moment is an endless, empty ocean and I need to make about 3-4 islands of varying size and complexity each 10002 blocks. I also need one very large, central island for spawn and main docks and shops. This island is going have a very large tree in the center of it, that is hollowed at the bottom, as well as paths from that tree to the four sides of the island where there will be docks for the players to use. I need people who are decent at enviromental building and detailing to make the islands and everything on them. Any level of builder is still welcome to help.

    For programmers, I need someone who can create a custom bukkit plugin from scratch that will have basic math and spawning functions. I'm fairly good at programming but java is not my strong suit so I need someone to help actually create it, but I do know how to talk programming jargon so I will try to help as much as possible. I don't need a crazy amount of expertise, since the plugin i need is very basic, but I do need someone who can make the plugin "talk" to other parts of the server to make things happen.

    Any help is welcome. I'll have the server up just about 24/7 if you want to work on it. I would like to have a skype, phone number, or kik account that I can use to communicate with you (skype is preferred).



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    posted a message on Taking redstone requests (Redstone Consultant)
    Quote from BBoundless

    So I have a private server where my friends and I play. In spawn there is a WARPS area and I thought that there could be a pressure plate where you step on it you can go to your house. But I dont want people to just go into anyones house just like that. So maybe you could help me and make it so only a specified player can get teleported. And if you are not that player it sends you a message that tells you that you dont have permission. Sending a world file for this would be very useful! Hope this is not too complicated for you :-) Thanks! BTW my Minecraft name is BBoundless if you need it.

    wow people can still see this post. anyway that should be really easy to do and i should have to done today or tomorrow
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    posted a message on AoA--25 New Dimensions• 330 Mobs• 27 Bosses• Skills• Quests• 600+Items [LARGE Bugfix Update, May 2018]
    Quote from AK1TTENBBQ

    I am having a problem with mobs not spawning in the dimensions... Granted, I have only been to Eden, but still.

    Alpha More Enchantments
    Archimedes Ships
    Armor Smelter
    Armor Status
    Balkons Weapon Mod
    Battle Towers
    Better Breeds
    Better Furnaces
    Biomes O' Plenty
    Buffed Tools Mod
    Code Chicken Core
    Crystal Wing
    Damage Indicators
    Divine RPG
    Dummy Core
    Dungeon Pack
    Dynamic Lights
    Enchanting Plus
    Ender Storage
    Extended Enchant
    Floating Ruins
    Grave Stone
    Grimoire of Gaia
    Hat Stands
    Inventory Tweaks
    Flesh to Leather
    Minecraft Comes Alive
    More Health Enhanced
    More Swords
    Nether Ores
    Not Enough Items
    Pam's Harvest Craft
    Pam's Temperate Plants
    Pam's Weee! Flowers
    Pet Bat
    Potion Pack
    Power Crystal Core
    Randomite Ore
    Ran Craft Peng
    Status Effects HUD
    Thaum Craft
    Tree Capitator
    Tropic Craft
    Twilight Forest
    Village Taverns
    Zans Minimap

    OBVIOUSLY your gonna have some problems, i think you exceeded the 200 mob limit. i think...
    (sick pack though)
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    posted a message on AoA--25 New Dimensions• 330 Mobs• 27 Bosses• Skills• Quests• 600+Items [LARGE Bugfix Update, May 2018]
    God you guys must be annoyed at mojang for redoing the code....twice. i pray for your sanities..
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    posted a message on I don't know how to fix this minecraft crash.
    multiply{1.0.0} [Multiply Mod] (Multiply_v1.0_1.6.4.zip) Unloaded->Constructed->Pre-initialized->Errored

    It's clashing with micro blocks so you have to take one out.
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    posted a message on AoA--25 New Dimensions• 330 Mobs• 27 Bosses• Skills• Quests• 600+Items [LARGE Bugfix Update, May 2018]
    guys if you want to make a server with the mod you have to make a lan world and portforward the port at the end of the ip and use you external ip to let others connect. hope this helps anyone who wants to do this.
    Quote from librarra

    (i tried to post a pic but the forum wont link to my website, so heres the url)

    i think they are testing their world gen to make sure it's compatable with mc's code.
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    posted a message on Stuck on leaves glitch?
    it's server side so you can really do anything about it
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    posted a message on mod textures not showing up right
    you should report that to the mod creators
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    posted a message on Cannot install mods - Minecraft re-download client when Jar is modified
    ok you obviously don't know that the new versions changed the minecraft file system.
    you have to use the forge installer or it becomes difficult.
    and make sure you are using updated mods and are using forge compatable mods
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    posted a message on Minecraft Forge Help Me Please
    ok, first off, what mods are you using. next edit the profile to keep the launcher open so you can look at the console. i am waiting for your response so i can find out what is happening
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    posted a message on Multiplayer Screen Update
    or you could just name the servers
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    posted a message on install mod 1.7.4
    well modding a server works in a very annoying way. there are 2 places where mods must be installed, on the server and on their client. a world is not hard coded into a server if you take the world folder out of your server folder then you can use that anyway you want and you can move it into other servers. there are 2 types of mods, client and smp. client mods (such as optifine, TMI, NEI, ETC..) are only need to on the client side but smp mods (like battletowers, the mcmmo mod you were talking about, generation mods, ETC..) have to be installed on both client and server side. ok that was a bit of background so i will answer you question now.

    1. yes you can use the link he gave you because forge likes to make things simple for you.

    2. you can install them but you will have to find new chunks in the world to find a battle tower or better generation.

    3. you will have to wait untill the mod creator updated the mod to the versionwhich is difficult because mojang did a overhaul to the code. the way you could have to day/night cycle longer is if you made a redstone thing with commandm blocks moving back the time other wise you have to find a mod. as far as the mod greifing there is a command in vanilla minecraft that doesn't let mobs damage the world. /gamerule modGreifing false.

    i could help you more if you gave a list of the mods you wanted and i could tell you which is client or server side and how to install them or make you an installer.
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    posted a message on Need Help
    Quote from Ipal

    i want to download forge
    then i download in the official link
    its make annoying
    its take a lot of adf.ly link

    i want direct link of 1.7.2 forge


    you just have to deal with the adf.ly links and just the file that is a .jar
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    posted a message on Ubuntu help
    thanks to all of you but it turns out i was just using an old version of ubuntu. 10.11 to be exact. after i updated everything worked! thanks anyway
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    posted a message on Ubuntu help
    hey dude, how do i install a rpm?
    i want to get adobe flash but when i download it i get a .rpm and when i double click it i just unzip it

    please help, i am kinda of a noob at this
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