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    Hey guys,

    This is a build I've been working on for couple of months. You can download

    this world from the description below, along with the shaders I used, a link to Realism Mats

    Ultra HD Resource pack (payware $8 month) I have nothing to do with the pac. There's also

    a link to Soar Fanver free resourse pack if you don' want to pay. :) Hope you like it:



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    The bottom of the aquarium has to be sand if you want o place Coral. The fish swim in odd

    directions because there are pockets of currents in the water. Make sure every single block of

    water, is full with zero flow. Do that by swimming and paying attention to when you get pulled.

    That should fix it. :)

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    Hey All,

    I brought Minecraft back to the channel, and made a fun Villiager Base. Check it out :)



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