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    Sounds great Mafia, can't wait to see it come back.

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    *applies for a year dead RP posted in 2014*

    *realises that it's too late*

    *applies for a year dead RP posted in 2014 hoping that he's not too late this time*

    For crying out loud...

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    ((Yup, it looks like the RP is really picking up steam. Hopefully it stays that way I guess. Oh yes, and breaker, completely curious about this, but I assume that memory chip can only be applied once on a character? Thanks for letting me play two characters by the way, I don't think I'll get bored of playing the two for a very long time.

    As for the OP being too big, you could use a method Mafia used for his Hot Zone RP(cough interest check for revival here cough), where he simply listed out the characters and linked the appropriate applications to them. Here:

    Characters so far:



    Wilson Grey - Blockbreaker170

    Name: Wilson Grey

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Background: Made, not born

    Skills: Hacking 2 (Intelligence Augmentation), Melee Combat 1 (Memory chip), Gunplay 2, Social 2 (Skillware), Infiltration 2

    Hardware: EMP Mesh, Memory Chip, Thermal Adaption, Thermal Chameleon

    Wetware: Social Analyzer, Linguistic Augmentation, Intelligence Augmentation

    Nanoware: Universal Interface, Skinflex, Chameleon Shroud, Cloaking Shroud, Skillware

    Complication(s): Broke, Hated

    Appearance: Wilson has short, dark brown hair, a five o’clock shadow, dark blue eyes, and light skin. He stands at roughly 6’1”. He is usually seen wearing a solid black baseball cap, a white t-shirt, a heavy black felt jacket, blue jeans, black boots and sometimes wears a black backpack to carry miscellaneous tools and a spare set of clothes as a disguise.

    Bio: Wilson was born into a wealthy family as an only child. As a result, he got to have and experience things that most people would only ever hear of. He went to a private school, and was usually able to go out, see friends, and have fun. The skillware implanted into his brain was great for making new friends. At school he was signed up for a drama class, and frequently participated in the school plays. He was also in a programming class, and practiced minor hacking in his free time. On the side, his family and their friends would teach him how to do various things with his augments like how to sneak, how to aim a gun, etc, claiming it would help to protect himself later on in life. He had a bright future ahead of him.

    A short while after graduating high school, Wilson decided to practice his hacking by getting into his parent’s email, thinking he wouldn’t find anything serious. What he found instead was a chain of emails discussing how they would fully integrate him into a crime ring. Confusion swept over him. He decided to look through their room to find more information. After breaking into a safe, he found his birth certificate. Except it didn't say "birth", it said "creation". Wilson felt shock roll through him. Crime ring, creation, sneaking, shooting, hacking... Wilson put it all together quickly enough. He couldn't believe how stupid he was.

    Devastated, he ran away from home. This made his "family" angry, seeing as he was expensive, and they had spent many years trying to condition him. After pulling a few strings, they prevented his ID from being used for any purchase in an attempt to slow him down or get him to come back. If they were to find him, they would surely try to capture him. For a few years he wandered and anonymously worked as an independent contractor, collecting information and doing various things for people on his own terms. He often had to steal to get anything he needed. During this time he still somewhat retained his old self, but now he fell into a minor depression. It would only appear every once in a while, but when it did he felt like a wreck. He thought of the state of the world, how nothing could get better, how stupid he was for not realizing he was being used, all his friends he left behind to live a new life, and most of all; how he wasn't a person, he was a tool created for a specific purpose.

    About half a year ago, when the COL was formed, Denzel “Scion” Greeves discovered him. Wilson was recruited, and he quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a trusted member of the COL. Today, he has been tasked with bringing in some new recruits.

    Equipment (optional): A backpack with a change of clothes, a modified smart phone, a silenced pistol, a silenced bolt-action rifle, and a black synthetic hatchet.

    Other (optional): None

    Sophia Madein - GeorgeNinja

    Victor Johnson - CloakedShadow

    Irida "Iris" Orma - MafiaDog

    Claire "Bandit" Shannon - Flying_Bat

    Dominic Lewis - Iceinfly

    Tetra "Neon" - Flying_Bat

    Victoria "Vi" Price - Xevra

    Amy Lenner - Rainbow_Girl

    Ris "Shadow" Sihn - SirEripmav

    Might help to save more space.))

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    Claire's attention, as she was still somewhat cautious of the area and people around her, was very quickly caught by a few newcomers. First was a man who was dressed way too particularly well to come to a place like the Old Town. She didn't give much attention to it, deciding to let Wilson ask all the questions for now. It was then when all of a sudden, a hovering spherical drone landed directly within the group's view. Reacting with lightning speed, she immediately reached into her jacket and brought out a throwing knife, almost ready to toss it before noticing that it had been talking directly to everyone. It took her a few short seconds to realise what had happened, before she placed her weapon back within her jacket. This was followed by a very soft sigh, before she once again leaned against the wall of the warehouse, with her arms still crossed and her face giving nothing away.

    She'd silently curse to herself in her mind for allowing the bot to have caught her off guard. To be fair though, a bot in a dingy place like this was very unexpected. After this, only the pupils of her eyes had been moving, only very quietly scanning the area in an almost hyper-attentive mode. She noticed a group of three people who've arrived, and were most likely related to the message she got, assuming from their stances and way they had walked.

    'A pink haired woman in goggles. A man in a red jacket with a sword... who seems to have pretentiously raised his head up and allowed the group, or particularly Wilson, a very generous view of one side of his face. A good first impression.', as she kept on examining her surroundings with great finesse, she managed to observe a skinny and short girl seemingly walk up to the group slowly, before then greeting everyone in a strange tone. Not feeling too social at the moment, not that Claire was exactly known for being social, she decided to keep her silent gazing and examination of the environment and let one of the many others in the group reply to her.

    As Tetra got a name from Claire, she waited for the other man to introduce himself, but not before she detected a drone which had suddenly flown down from what she assumed was the rooftops. Easily becoming as animated as she was before, she walked a bit closer to the robot, a bit intrigued by it as she went on to see that it could even talk.

    "Duuuuude, it's a talking drone! Sweeeeet...", she said with a high amount of interest in the technology, even tilting her head to the left slightly in a curious manner to fully get a look at the hovering bot.

    "Hey, you can call me Tetra.", she said with her hand placed next to her mouth, almost whispering to the robot like it was a real person being here, which she guessed was the intention anyways.

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    Tetra got silenced for a very short while, one might even describe her as appearing slightly dumbfounded for just half a second, before, like a spring, she reverted back to normal. Looking around for a while, she then continued on with her conversation, this time an attempt at lowering her usual bubbly personality and voice being noticeable.

    "Alright... we can get ta know each other though! Don't think I caught both of ya names, mine's Tetra in case ya didn't catch it the first time.", she said as she gestured using both her hands towards the other two group members, before placing them back comfortably in her pockets and leaning on the warehouse's wall as well. As she waited, she occupied herself by once again scanning the area, seeing that there wasn't really much to do yet but to wait, as she assumed from Wilson's implied meaning and the fact that she wasn't the only one here who got the message.

    Claire, still somewhat caught off guard by Tetra's bouncy personality, took a while to take in what was happening before she stepped forward and responded.

    "Well, you can call me Claire.", she said towards Victor and Tetra, her arms still crossed but now feeling a bit more open than she did when she first arrived here, still a bit weary of her company and the place where they were currently holding this meeting.

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    Tetra watched, still in a particularly joyful mood, as she got their attention. One of the tall guys came up and introduced himself as Wilson and went on to elaborate as to why they were here in the first place. Feeling slightly more secure right now, and the after effects of Craze still on her, she quickly brought her right arm out of her pocket to allow for her to do gestures whilst speaking at the same time. Still energetic, she went on to talk once again.

    "Coolcoolcool, cool ta meet ya all.", she said as she glanced and did two quick nods with her head towards the other two people who got the message(who Tetra very quietly noted to herself to being way too solemn) and shook Wilson's hand in a bit of a lively manner, before letting go and placing it comfortably back into her pocket, feeling slightly calmer as she once again felt her grenade. It wasn't long before she went on again.

    "Well well well, organisation huh? Pretty neat! What's it about? Are we gonna get code names too?", she blurted out in a very excited mood with a smirk still on, appearing to have even achieved the record for the happiest person to have ever entered this desolate town. Not that it was hard to do so either ways, with the reputation of this place.

    Claire had been very quietly thinking to herself about the current affairs of Lynnhaven and the world overall, and although her face didn't really seem to show it, she delved into very dark thoughts about things people wouldn't usually want to think about. Just as she was about to change the subject to a lighter tone, let's say infiltration methods, she was broken out of her daydream by a new arrival, who the bandit could've only described as... strange. No one was really ever this cheerful these days, not to mention playful. 'Surprise of the day I guess.'

    Her attention now caught by the growing group, she decided to pay more attention towards what was currently going on, her arms still folded but now facing towards the group.

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    Claire only turned slightly to hear the man's answer, who replied to her question before very kindly putting his hand out for a handshake. She seemed to pause for a while, thinking it through for a while before she decided to extend her left hand to politely return the handshake. Him knowing her name seemed to spark a bit of a red flag in her mind, but she didn't give anything away that would really suggest she really cared. Seeing as this Wilson already knew her and she herself having really nothing worth saying at this point, she simply nodded back in return, with her still as ever apathetic expression being displayed. Upon hearing that there seemed to be more people arriving however, her curiosity peaked very slightly, interested in seeing who else was to come.

    As she crossed her arms, still leaning on the dull wall of the warehouse, Claire's attention was caught by another man in a black coat, who seemed to be the second to arrive. Just after a few seconds, her guess that he got a message too was confirmed, with the two men having a short introductory talk. She took a quick note of the newcomer's name of course.

    However, a look at her would make it seem that Claire didn't really seem to care about anything at this point, as if in a mode of stasis, simply aware and listening to her surroundings as there really wasn't much for her to say yet until what she assumed the entire group of people who had been contacted had arrived. For a moment, it even looked like she was daydreaming, staring into the rain and just enjoying the calm and soothing sounds of it.

    A few hours ago...

    "Yes! Winner!" Tetra was currently facing four monitors, sitting in a comfortable swirling chair surrounded by two keyboards and what looked to be a bright neon green gaming mouse. She'd been fighting off an entire team of four players in a team based shooter game, and had unimaginably managed to defeat the entire group without even dying once. One of the screens displayed the usual first person viewpoint, while the others seem to give off other constantly updated statistics, such as a huge view of the map, and even a strategy board which was placed there for Tetra to quickly type in any sort of optimal strategy to use in a situation of the current round. Through examination of each player's habits and capabilities and her multitasking capabilities, she's managed to very skillfully destroy the competition, followed by either insults or accusations that she was hacking in the chat log. Smirking victoriously to herself, she adjusted her headphones, before then leaving the game.

    Quickly grabbing a Craze pill by her right side and a bottle of water on the left, she gulped down her daily dose, sighing to herself and closing her eyes for a few seconds, just enjoying the immediate rush and boost of energy she seemed to get from it. After that, Tetra then drank down some water once again, before scrolling through a few game servers, feeling in a mood for yet another game. One might say she could've been doing something more productive, but what was more useful than honing her skills in utilising information and statistics to her advantage? Other than it just being a virtual playing field that is.

    Deciding to check the media on the internet once again first, she very quickly and easily scanned through the information as she scrolled through it. Nothing was of real interest, until she got around to checking her messages on a hackers-only forums, noticing that she got a very peculiar message. Checking another monitor of hers to see her extremely messy to-do list, she looked free for today. Typing this in to her schedule, she stood up and put on her jacket, and picked up her usual set of gadgets. As she was about to leave, just after finally choosing to bring along a few simple explosives just in case, she turned back, standing there and looking at her computer for a few seconds before rushing back and joining a server.

    "One more game can't hurt...", she whispered to herself in a mischievous manner before getting back to quickly examining the players.


    After three games of annihilating her enemies, she got off her procrastination spree and very discreetly exited her underground home using a network of equally derelict and unused paths. It was only a matter of time before she reached Old Town. She'd heard about the place before, and as she walked down the side pavement, where there was at least cover from the rain, Tetra marveled in an intrigued manner at the place, noting that it must've been one of the most historic sites in Lynnhaven, knowing of course that it had played a bit of an important part during the horrible World War III.

    Her jacket, a black one covered in neon green lines, was adjusted very quickly, as her attention was then caught by a small group of people who seemed to have been waiting at a warehouse for something to happen, of which two men taller than her were currently conversing with each other, while a woman wearing a gas mask looked like she was just admiring the cool rain. They looked a bit peculiar being in an area like this, but from her social analyser, the group didn't seem to harbor malicious intent. She almost instinctually reached into her jacket to hold her explosives, but resisted the urge.

    She then walked down very casually towards them, deciding to introduce herself quickly, to see what was going on, with a very friendly smirk on her face.

    "Hai there! Name's Tetra, cool ta meet ya guys! Say, one of you wouldn't have come across a message, wouldcha? Specifically one which gives the coordinates to this place and was sent by some guy called S?", her speech pattern seemed to be faster than the average, giving off a very energetic aura. With both of her hands in her jean's pockets though, the right one was pretty much ready to bring out a grenade at any second, if Tetra deemed it's services were needed that is.

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    ((It's been fixed(added enhanced musculature instead). I edited out first aid too to replace it with melee combat by the way. So now that that's done, I'm just going to assume I can start writing as both characters.))

    2 Days Ago...

    A museum laid very quietly in the night, with no real light turned on inside to be seen. Recently, things haven't been going too particularly well for it though. They weren't getting as many visitors as they have been back then, most likely due to the whole gloom that has been settling above everyone, with how practically every plant on Earth was now sick and possibly even incurable. Since it was a relatively unpopular museum, not a lot of people already knowing about the place in the first place, they've even had to lay off a guard or two just to keep making a reasonable profit. But they would survive. They've recently been bought under a mega-corporation, as part of a deal to make sure the museum gets a whole new makeover the next month, and that it's still sustainable. Under them they'd be safe. At least, that's what they thought.

    A guard inside the building had been taking his usual strolls around the place, holding some sort of flashlight and shining it around the place. He had been working for practically a year now and, in all honesty, has probably already seen it all. I mean, who would dare to rob from mega-corporations? They virtually rule the world at this point. Not to mention all of the security this place has been fitted with. Keeping a very calm and apathetic expression on his face, he then turned to the corner, before being suddenly pulled into the darkness of the shadows, and being beaten to unconsciousness. From then on, it was all but silent.

    In the meantime, in another room somewhere in the building, grids upon grids of security feeds were being monitored by two men, one of which even felt like already sleeping off. The room used to be a bit more full, but a few workers had very coincidentally called in sick at the same time, even getting one of the guards thinking that there was some sort of conspiracy happening against him. One of the men had been lazing around the workplace, placing both of his feet on a nearby table as he sat down, yawning slightly to himself before hearing a knock upon the door. One of the other guards, already paying attention the the monitors and standing up, he then walked very nonchalantly to the sound.

    "It's probably Charlie, with the daily news most likely. It's been a pretty boring night, as usual huh Frank?", he said as the man sitting down nodded very quietly back to him, before the door was then unlocked and opened by the man. Half a second passed by before the guard was knocked out in a punch, and brought onto the ground. The other man, still shocked by the sudden attacker, attempted to quickly bring out his firearm and aim it at the intruder. The person, dressed all in black and a gas mask which concealed most of her face quickly tossed a throwing knife towards him, the knife striking him directly on his right leg. The guard quickly let go of the gun, grimacing in pain as he was then very abruptly shoved onto a wall. He groaned in pain once more, before the newcomer quickly punched him in the face. It was purposely not strong enough to kill nor knock him out, with the man now completely quiet as he stared back, very frightened, at the masked woman.

    "You're bleeding. If you don't get help, you'll eventually bleed to death, and as of right now, I'm the only one who can get you assistance. So you're going to listen and do exactly what I say. I need the security systems down, and you're going to help me.", the man, realising he had no choice, nodded very obediently, before the person pushed him back up and right in front of the security systems. Typing in a few commands or so, he eventually turned around and bopped his head down once again.

    "It's done.", he said as the intruder quickly kicked away the gun which the man had previously dropped.

    "So it seems. I guess it's time to say good bye, and good night.", very swiftly raising her arm, she brought a punch down intended to knock him out, before she then quickly brought her fist to a stop, as he seemed to still have something to say.

    "Wait wait wait! U-um... I've been p-paid to give you this in case you come around...", he said as he seemed to shiver and take out a letter from his pocket, with the word 'BANDIT' marked on the top. She very quickly took the message, and opened it in a rush, to reveal a very strange message of sorts. Reading all of the information as fast as possible, she crumpled up the piece of paper in around 5 seconds, and put it in her pocket to dispose of at a later date.

    "Thank you. I'm afraid I can't leave any stoned unturned though, so...", her fist, still only around one inch away from the man, twisted slightly and dealt a very painful blow to him, knocking him out. She sighed to herself, before walking back off and heading towards the few galleries where she would begin her thefts. It took her a few minutes to steal some of the more significant ones, with glass cases being left with huge holes in them, made possible courtesy of Claire's nanorobotic gloves, which very easily carved gaps like that to just pick up the goodies from inside. Knowing the police would be here very soon, which often followed from a downed security system, the bandit left through the front entrance, walking off in a very collected manner, before disappearing into the night, with still the thoughts about the very strange message she got on her mind.


    Claire very carefully walked into the Old Town, with both of her hands very comfortably placed in her jacket's pockets. It was a good place to meet she supposed, the police rarely kept an eye on this place, and as such this place has practically become a criminal's paradise. With her gas mask still on and covering her mouth, the only expression her face seemed to give was one of a very serious and uncaring person, who continued to examine the area as she moved along, turning her head occasionally to get a better view of things. Any criminal who was around was met back with a short stare by the bandit, some of them even being intimidated and looking away.

    Still using the cover which was often attached to the side of buildings to protect herself from the rain, she noticed that she had finally reached the coordinates she'd been told to arrive to, as confirmed through using her mnemonic augmentation to recall very perfectly. Seeing that there was a dark brown haired man wearing a baseball cap waiting very, well the word calmly could be used, with his phone out, she caught the meaning very quickly. Utilising her post-visual sight, she that there seemed to be other people around, very discreetly watching the area. Taking this into mind, Claire noted that she was prepared enough to take on anyone if things got ugly. Walking and then leaning on the same wall of the warehouse Wilson was leaning upon, she was only about a few feet away before she then spoke almost suddenly(with the silence of the Old Town and the rain), in a very composed tone.

    "I assume you were the one who sent the message?"

    ((Not too free now, will post for Tetra very soon.))

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    So yea, here's a jab at another character. I decided to try out the Condemned background, so let's see if this turned out good or not.


    Tetra "Neon"








    • Hacking III
    • Social II
    • Technology II (Skillware)
    • Bot Ops I (Memory Chip)
    • Melee Combat I (Intelligence Augmentation)


    • 2 Cyberlegs
    • Enhanced Musculature
    • Memory Chip


    • Social Analyser
    • Intelligence Augmentation
    • Multitasking


    • Skinflex
    • Oracles
    • Skillware


    • Watchlist
    • Junkie
    • Hated


    Tetra appears to be just slightly shorter than the average person, and at a first glance appears to be a light and nimble person. Her skin appears relatively fair, while her eyes are a bit of a brownish colour, while her hair is more of a red-brownish mix. During data heists, when one actually needs to get off the chair to collect some data or some other sort of information or device, she wears a multitude of disguises, mostly to make sure the government doesn't associate her with just one person(utilising the skinflex too of course). Although, when not doing dangerous things like crimes, she prefers to wear a loose shirt under a bright neon coloured jacket(bright blue, green, etc.) along with some jeans.


    Tetra's story begins in a rustic and crude orphanage, which laid in around the worst areas of Lynnhaven. Within her home were various other children as well, most of them usually around the age of 12 or less, the only real similarity being that all of them have no parents whatsoever. This applied to Tetra too of course, with her unfortunately not even having any idea as to what her surname was. It was often maintained very badly, with only a few adults who could honestly care less about managing the place. Almost everyone there had a constant looming of gloom and sadness over them, especially Tetra who seemed to always stay away from everyone else and keep to herself. Life was difficult and tough. She would've most likely caught a disease even before she got to become an adult, with just how filthy and unchecked the area really was. Things weren't about to get any better however.

    Unknown to most of the populace, a top secret subbranch of the government, labeled as BioT51, has begun a new set of experiments, or as they preferred to call it, Project Ultra. Requiring human test subjects for their tests, where better to look than places where the poor and often irrelevant people reside by, the dark and often unrecorded slums. The first batch of very discreetly kidnapped children and young teenagers included Tetra, who was still at the age of 9. Bringing them to a highly secure military testing lab, they had immediately got to work.

    One of the main aspects of Project Ultra was centered around was to test as to how much the brain could've been edited, modified, and augmented, before things started to noticeably take effect, and to very clearly record solutions to certain 'problems' which might've occurred. Tetra and the various other people found were subjected to a week of horrible tests, surgery, and experimentation, fully implementing prototypes of the BioT51's very carefully and articulately crafted mechanisms. Tetra in particularly, had been categorised in a section to attempt and extend the brain's full power and capacity as much as possible. This could've possibly had application for future implants, which might help increase reaction and thinking time almost twice as much as normal, without any sort of side effects. For now however, the many test subjects in Tetra's group had to deal with the untested wetware.

    After the initial practically countless amounts of surgeries and implants that was necessary to begin the first phase of the project, Tetra had been given her own room, or what she usually thought of it, a prison cell. As clean and modern as it looked compared to her home(it had no furniture however, and the entire cell was padded), it was very traumatising for a child of that age to suddenly be forced into such pain and work that she was virtually unprepared for. She had been taught the main concepts of coding, technology, and even psychology, often accompanied by a few doctors who observed her in great detail as she practiced her knowledge on the various subjects. This continued for a long time, Tetra during her free time often just alone with a computer and pieces of tech laying around, even more socially isolated from everyone than she was before.

    Over the years, the process continued. While she had practically no information and no home other than the very plain room she lived in, she persevered. She had to. That was all that she could've done that gave her just slight twinges of pleasure, knowing that she was completely going against what everyone had expected. As time passed by, more optimisations, edits, and new wetware and technology had been added into her, with Tetra eventually just succumbing to following their orders, knowing that resisting will end up in a lot of pain for her. Tetra grew stronger as time passed by mentally, easily grasping at concepts and very fluidly managing new knowledge and using it in new unexpected ways. The scientists knew this too, recording how Tetra had very little difficulty now coding and even creating new pieces of tech from scraps she was given access to. She was by far, one of the most successful test subjects in her category, and BioT51 had actually been planning to present their 4 years of hard work very soon, and its high potential.

    That was not to be the case though. Tetra had been slowly descending into what most might describe as an unstable mental state. Solitary confinement, along with all the quick and sudden changes to her body along with the fact that her brain often had to adapt to new pieces of tech every month took it's toll on her. Days would sometimes be spent just staring at a corner in the wall, huddled up with herself, either very quietly chuckling to herself or just very strangely shivering to herself with a depressed look on her face. BioT51 ignored this however, as the side effects weren't too damaging, and they had lots more test subjects to fill in for her in case something happened. Unknown to them however, she had been thinking and growing in ways none of them could've expected.

    Being constantly watched by doctors, along with access to knowledge in science and psychology, allowed her to very quietly mask her real emotions and intents. Starting around 1 year ago, she had already been planning her escape, still using the only computer she had access to along with the scraps of tech she was allowed to use to tinker with. The day before the planned revealing of BioT51's Project Ultra, which had cost millions of dollars, Tetra had done it. A sudden blackout had occurred in the facility, along with any sort of emergency power sources suddenly not functioning at all, some even exploding. Before this happened however, practically every cell had been opened, allowing every test subject to roam free, most of which rioting and attempting to escape. Knowing that a single escape would've meant chaos, guards had been authorised to kill, but more preferably contain. Almost half of all the people they had been testing on died that day, with the others being detained as swiftly as possible once the guards finally realised what was happening. A headcount of everyone they had(including the dead) revealed that a person was missing however. Their prized possession. Patient 1, Tetra.

    Through the disorder Tetra caused by her very uniquely coded shapeshifting worm, which conveniently enough very easily connected to the base's database, she was finally free. In all honesty, she had never felt this happy in her entire life. Completely free to do whatever she wanted. As expected, the 14 year old quickly integrated herself back into society as fast as she could. An enhanced mind meant she had the capabilities of doing things most people wouldn't even be capable of imagining. Tetra found herself a home underground in an abandoned and derelict subway station, purchasing it off the black market as discreetly as possible, before setting up everything she would've needed. It was only a week before her place was effectively filled up with things. A workshop took up around half the space, tools and random sets of tech lying around the area. On the other hand, the place where she wrote and did most of her digital work had a desk filled up with four monitors, with her multitasking capabilities allowing her to use all of them efficiently. She had even begun picking up on how to operate robots and defend herself through combat.

    She had really only two major problems at this point, unlike the position she last found herself in(the slums). First was all of the trauma which she had endured in the testing chambers. Tetra often found herself having really undiagnosable side effects of what happened back then, such as shivering, headaches, and stuttering, to possibly worse effects. Tetra hasn't really gone out to personally find out what the worse effects exactly detail, but from the archives of BioT51's Project Ultra she copied before her worm wiped everything, it appears most subjects tested in her category seemed to experience psychotic hallucinations and delusions, along with even violent and destructive psychopathy, to even worse effects. Flashblacks of those past days often made her very depressed as well. As such, with all of the knowledge available to her and her very refined thinking skills and determination, she crafted a new recipe for a drug.

    She called it Craze, and while it was still a drug, she attempted to keep it as safe as possible, but as of right now, there was really no way that she had thought of yet that could make it any less addictive or less dangerous. It was experimental after all. While it kept her mental issues down, and made her a lot more capable of being cheerful, she needed to take at least one dose of the stuff everyday, if not more if a lot more work was done. Tetra now relies on it heavily, and while she knows that this is bound to make her very vulnerable(side effects of this drug that she had not foreseen haven't really been checked for yet), there was no optimal choice. It takes quite a bit of money and a considerable amount of time and resources to craft Craze, but it allows her to be a lot more light, optimistic, and even loopy sometimes. So it stuck.

    The other problem was the government. For a lot of reasons really. BioT51 was on her tracks, and had been looking for her very furiously. Ever since they found out that a mysterious worm in their computers had wiped out all the data they had on Project Ultra, the government had very severely lowered the amount of funding they got. While still receiving some money for the very minor work they do now, they are out for revenge. If any sort of news really surfaces about her, they will find her and most likely detain her once again.

    The problem was that living a lifestyle where you had to keep your head low often made it so that Tetra resorted to crime. Already knowingly associating herself as a professional hacker, it was very easy to slip into it. Giving herself a nickname on the web, 'Neon' became one of the most notorious hackers Lynnhaven has ever seen. A vigilante some might say, with private information and tip-offs about criminals often being released by her. Or a criminal, as the news reports that she occasionally conducts attacks against mega-corporations(as Tetra found the current way things were to be a huge injustice after escaping the labs and reading up on it). Either way, the government was now onto her as well, and has placed her on the watchlist.

    It's been 4 years since, and Tetra has progressed exceedingly well. With enough cash on hand to help her survive for a long time, and BioT51 might even be practically giving up on any hope of finding her, yet she's managed to become one of the most successful hackers in the world. Security and digital experts hired by the government were often left clueless by Neon's untraceable work, and had been very quickly fired, with their supposed merits and reputation ruined. Neon has been getting a bit more involved in the politics of the world, now more intent on finding injustice and making sure to punish the greedy who exploited the poor, sometimes even donating to orphanages around the area or investing in badly built areas to hopefully help change things for the better. A hobby in her free time which also cools herself down(other than Craze) that she has gotten into the habit of doing is playing video games, which she's often very skilled in. Due to the implants in her mind, Tetra can very quickly destroy competition in strategy based games, along with shooting games, most of which rely more on reaction time. And if not, well, a few buffs to her character couldn't hurt, right? Other than that, she has also enhanced herself further with skinflex technology to protect herself, along with two cyberlegs, which she uses when she needed to escape after a heist conducted at an area keeping sensitive data. She's even managed to integrate an enhanced musculature into her body, as while she wasn't particularly skilled at combat, she knew that she would at least have a bit of strength on her side.

    Tetra looks like she's still at the top of her game, and it doesn't look like she's about to stop anytime soon.


    When she needs to travel, Tetra usually keeps a bag around with her filled with essential things like her laptop, a medkit, her phone, and her usual dose of Craze. Due to her lack of real combat or gun experience, when it's necessary she uses an array of gadgets built by herself, utilising things such as smoke bombs, caltrops, tracking devices, and etc. When out for high risk missions, what she almost never leaves without is her small set of explosives, some of which are the classic fragmentation and concussion grenades bought off the black market, to the more conventional tear grenades, flashbangs, to even her own personal chemical concoctions, such as smoke or incendiary devices. She is experienced with and has used high grade explosives before, having blown up buildings before by utilising things such as TNT to simple dynamite. As she says though, 'those are for the really really special days!'.


    This was highly inspired and based off Borderlands 2's Tiny Tina, although it might've turned into something a bit hard to relate to at this point.
    Also as expected, her personality is often a very outgoing one, a person who first meets her might even think that she's just a playful kid who can't take anything seriously, the first half of that being true anyways.

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    Just curious about this subject, but is it possible to put in more than one memory chip into your character?

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    Well, me being bored at the moment coupled with a lot of thought on this RP's theme has got me thinking about making another character... specifically one inspired/based off Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2. I can't tell if this idea will end up being a good or a bad one, but I'm going to take it out for a spin and try it anyways. Wish me luck I guess ^_^

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    Just to give a short input of my opinion, I do agree with Mafia and Ice. Personally, I feel that a luck based factor coupled with a skill based system will most likely end up badly, with things such as people who have no context in hacking suddenly capable of getting into a highly secured mega-corporation's database just because she/he got a 19 or 20, or a professional martial arts fighter suddenly managing to get defeated by a local thug walking down the street just because the dice suddenly decided to give a bad roll. All this happening while professionals who have been learning their trade for years just stand by, looking very very confused, not to mention the fact that they could do the exact same action but less effectively than the sudden brilliance achieved by a rookie/person with no knowledge in the subject in it altogether, all because of an unlucky roll. I might be slightly exaggerating, but this is basically my other concern not already mentioned by Mafia.

    Either ways, I'm still really hyped to get into this. Can't wait.

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    Well, as for the character I'll be using, I've decided to mash up my past 2121 character and the latest character I've been using quite often. Do tell me if there's any sort of problem, I wrote the last parts of these in a bit of a hurry.


    Claire "Bandit" Shannon






    Self-made Man


    • Infiltration III
    • Melee Combat III


    • Enhanced Senses
    • Stability System
    • Post-visual Sight


    • Reflex Package
    • Mnemonic Augmentation


    • Chameleon Shroud
    • Cloaking Shroud


    • Watchlist


    Claire has a fairly average height, which maybe just slightly shorter than average. Although she might appear relatively slim, she's a lot stronger than one might expect from just a single quick glance at her. Her skin also appears pale, slightly fairer than the general population, with no apparent blemishes or freckles on her face to be seen. The colour of her eyes appear to be brown, along with her short hair, which while of a very dark brown colour, can still be differentiated from black in the dark. Her hair can often be styled in a bit of a messy way, or a much more coordinated method, depending on what she felt like doing on the day.

    Her usual wear just consists of a dark jacket with a hood, covering a grey shirt, accompanied by some dark/black pants. In all honesty, she just prefers to choose dark coloured items to wear, staying away from bright coloured things. Other than that, she's pretty much never seen wearing things like skirts or shorts. This is of course coupled with her usual wear of masks, most often choosing her usual gas mask, capable of retracting on command to reveal the top half of her face.


    Claire was born very discreetly in a terrorist organisation, known to the public as Crimson, a rebel group focused on uprising against the government and toppling mega-corporations. Despite being perhaps one of the biggest and most successful politically based criminal groups, they were very infamously well known for their utmost secrecy, their unknown but effective ways of management and coordination of huge-scale plans, and their huge interest in the use of mass weapons of destruction, or just unorthodox and expensive tools in general. The group itself had roots in communism, a movement which had arose from the past nearly two centuries ago to change and impact the world completely. Many people living in Lynnhaven, mostly poverty-struck people to the angered middle-class, sympathised with a movement for the people, and as such, they were a force to reckon with.

    Claire's father was a highly powerful leader within the ranks of the Crimson organisation, and had an unknown mother, who she has never met in her life before. Due to being born in such circumstances, there are no official birth records of her existence. The Crimson worked extremely well under the rule of Claire's father and the other council members who made the main decisions in the group, conducting things such as extortion and bribery of officials and high-ranking politicians, to even running small parts of the black market and thievery of rich goods the poor and middle-class often have no use for. By stealing from the rich and places like museums or banks, they ended up with a huge but very tightly locked up funding, which was the main driving force of the gang and their operations.

    Claire's father, while not particularly enthusiastic on having a child, decided to raise her up, supposedly because she was one of his blood. Wasting resources on a child wasn't exactly the best use for funds and resources however, and as such, she had to make her living and contribute to the group. Knowing this, Claire had been trained ever since she was young to become the ideal survivor in such a dystopian society run by the rich. Due to her being often kept in the shadows by her father, she never really interacted with a lot of people, and as such, often agreed to spend all her time improving herself.

    She was taught the art of infiltration and even combat. Acrobatics, parkour, running around continuously and such were very common place in her life. When Claire wasn't doing that, she would've been mastering different styles of combat and martial arts, being trained to use all types weapons as well, such as brass knuckles, daggers, and even a sword at one point. Time was also spent teaching her how to work as a skilled strategist, her mind easily absorbing much of the tactics and techniques used in the art. Of course, it wasn't just all work. Her father knew that doing so would most likely drive her insane, so he often forced her to spend at least two hour just doing whatever she wanted. During this time, Claire often interested herself in reading, playing chess with herself, or just spending time on the computer to do things such as playing video games and such. This would've went on for quite a while, being an almost daily routine, with the occasional piece of hardware, nanoware, and wetware being added to her over time so as to not overwhelm her immediately.

    As one would've expected, by the age of 18, Claire was as prepared as she would ever be. With her intelligence, combat abilities and superb stealth skills, paired with specific hardware, nanoware, and wetware to suit her skills, she was a juggernaut, or more suitably, an extremely efficient agent in the future in order to contribute to Crimson's cause.

    During these 18 years of her life, Crimson had lots of things going for them. Infiltrating secure government testing labs would often bring back weapons of mass destruction and incredibly useful tools none would be capable of even imagining. Meticulously planned terrorist actions often occured every few months. Crimson, having such a huge set of agents literally everywhere, and access to funds and weapons, was perhaps the most feared group by the mega-corporations and high-ranking government officials. Attacks such as bombing of rich residential areas, or the destruction of mega-corporations' warehouses and bank accounts(sometimes to the extent of bring down a mega-corporation and causing it's death), not only urged many onlookers to join the cause in confidence, but pushed the group to the brink of annihilation, as authorities began to close in on them very slowly, but surely. Even though the government had been investigating the group ever since their first appearance, the amount of resources put into solving the problem has been increasing by every attack.

    Decades were spent chipping away and digging into the practically impenetrable group, before finally managing to strike at the heart. After tonnes of bribery and corruption in the gang over time, the entire head council had been assassinated by certain members in the group very secretly, sometimes even their own bodyguards participating in the act. The council was replaced with an entirely new one, the plans for who to replace who completely thrown out of the window, with planned members such as Claire losing their spots on top. Ever since then, the group has been under the mega-corporations' and government's control, with the government using the group to very quietly arrest anyone who joined. Of course, they still had to do the average 'faked' terrorist attack to convince people that the gang was still going. And while the new corrupted head council still had more control over the gang, the original Crimson was virtually dead. And Claire didn't like this. Not a bit.

    After more digging into the whole subject, her suspicions had been confirmed. Everything was a set up. Practically all the true people of the movement had mysteriously vanished, while the ones remaining often being very dubiously involved in government affairs. Claire, with the element of surprise on her side(due to her being mostly isolated in the majority of her life), sought out to destroy the group from the inside. With almost everyone underestimating her skills, no one saw it coming. She had spent a year of her life doing this, slowly and maliciously instigating hatred and tension between the group, before finally eliminating the entire council in one deadly blow to the group's head. As predicted from all her time spent very painstakingly strategising her options, and insidiously making the very foundations and members unstable, the moderately large group collapsed onto itself.

    Crimson disbanded very unofficially, with remaining members in the chaos of having no one to lead them, splitting into various smaller and ineffective factions. Claire, the shadow which had very quietly watched over the organisation, eventually brought it to it's knees before destroying it. The government and mega-corporations themselves couldn't be really bothered with the sudden collapse of Crimson, and they were not too effected by it in all honesty. A single glance was taken by them, before their attention migrated to other more important subjects. With this, Claire now had everything she needed to start clean. Using what her father had told her a few months before his death, with his suspicions of assassination bringing him to tell Claire of the subject, she also now had complete access to Crimson's secret lifelong earnings. For those who even knew about it's existence, it was labeled as the Vault, the ultimate and yet considerably mythical source of resources for Crimson. And while a huge majority of the money had already been siphoned out due to corruption, a relatively large sum of money was still available, not to mention the cache of weapons collected by Crimson, which even the corrupt council had kept hidden from the government. And it was now hers.

    For a month during the aftermath, Claire had spent time working out the plans necessary to create a spiritual successor to Crimson. An impossibly difficult to destroy group. Time was spent, working out every tiny detail of how the new group would work. Deciding that groups such as the Crimson, despite their effectiveness, would eventually get toppled or destroyed, due to just how many people were in it. Many people bring a lot more factors to take into consideration, and as such, corruption happens a lot easier. With this in mind, she got to work on completely rebuilding an organisation.

    Days were spent on end, staring into different articles to find out exactly who would be loyal enough to recruit. She eventually managed to contact two hackers, of which only rumours existed of, online. Knowing their hatred and interest of bringing down the current system of rule by the rich, they agreed. Once everything was set in place, the Shadows had came into existence. Unlike Crimson, it had pretty much no ideology which it followed, other than the destruction of the current one set in place. While Claire often communicated with the other two members of the new group, their real names were never used. They addressed themselves as Hex 1, 2, and 3, with Hex 1 being Claire. Their first public appearance featured a government building which suddenly exploded, with any sort of digital advertising screens plastered on skyscrapers in the area simply showing a black background, with a pure white daggers located in the middle of it. A small line could be read below it, simply saying: The Shadows are watching.

    The government was absolutely furious at this event. And unlike the Crimson, the group seemed to be a lot more secure than the reminiscent Crimson organisation. Hex 2 and 3 were the main juggernauts which helped in the hacking and technology area, while Claire was more of the brains of the entire operation. Attacks happened less frequently than the Crimson's previous method of doing things, but they were arguably a lot more effective and untraceable. Thing such as release of private information detailing atrocities occurred during this time, with a signature at the end of it with the Shadow's main symbol(a white dagger in a black fog). During this time, Claire had asked for help from Hex 2, detailing that she needed assistance on restoring a weapon to it's full glory, which was actually a prototype stolen from a government facility years ago by the Crimson. Trusting Claire(as after all, she was the one who got the group together), Hex 2 agreed on the subject and got to work on it.

    Things went on like this for around 5 years. One thing Claire noted however, was that while a small group was considerably more secure than a large one, it meant that if one member slipped up, it was very easily over. Her worse fears came to life at this point. Hex 3 had slipped up somehow. They'd found one of them. In a highly trained military break-in of his base, the government would've apprehended her. But as the members of the Shadows believed in their cause very much, Hex 3 activated the self-destruct protocol, so as to not allow the government to track the other two members down. No body, equipment or evidence of any sort was found. Convinced that the Shadows was now dead, as members who appeared on the screens often wore masks and used voice distortion, the government closed the case, shelving it as top secret.

    Hex 1 and 2 went underground however, now reorganising everything and planing to recruit a new member to fill in for Hex 3. However, it wasn't long before Hex 2 contacted Claire, telling her that he had recently come across a problem which he couldn't disclose to Claire, and as such, had to go into a long state of dormancy. Both didn't know how long he would be gone and when he would return, but as a parting gift, Claire was given an upgraded and working weapon which she had passed to Hex 2 around four years ago. It had taken long to reverse-engineer and upgrade it to suit her detailed purposes, but it was pretty much done. During Hex 2's short meeting with Claire in real life, their first ever meeting which they saw each other face to face, Hex 2 installed the weapon into her, before bidding farewell and going off.

    Ever since then, Claire had been waiting. Biding her time by doing things such as self-teaching and reading books. And while she still exercised pretty much everyday, she eventually decided to stop being so idle and occasionally robbed a museum or bank, with the one being robbed mostly related to a mega-corporation of some sort. With her available skills and installed tech, she was capable of very easily getting pass any problem thrown at her. Whole squads of security guards armed with guns would often find themselves knocked unconscious, sometimes even with a leg broken. Claire had a set of masks to choose from when conducting her jobs, mostly to keep her identity a secret, but she most often used a gas mask, capable of being retracted to allow for some parts of her face to be revealed upon her command. Recently, trying out something new, she sought to assassinate a corrupt politician involved in drug trafficking. This was the first real test of the weapon Hex 2 had installed in her. The government prototype was based off of nanotechnology, more specifically nanobots. They were like gloves made out of alive and thinking nanobots. And while they couldn't fly, they were capable of being controlled by the user's mind, and as such, could be even used to mold objects into shapes(through the power of manipulating the very atoms and molecules themselves).

    As such, during a situation when Claire met a bodyguard who had detected her as she entered the target's mansion, using her quick thinking skills, she placed her hand on a nearby wall, the nanobots eroding away at the stone fast enough for her to tear it out of the wall, tossing it directly at the man and bringing him down on the ground bleeding. Everything was done very quietly and stealthily, as Claire didn't really use guns to complete her job, and preferred her hands, knives, and whatever melee weapon she brought along for this trip. Using her available hardware, netware, and nanoware, she easily predicted guard movements, hid from them when she needed to, and managed to conduct flawless moves which brought down anyone standing in her way when the time was right. The target didn't see it coming, and was dead within an hour of her arrival.

    Every escape Claire had done often made it so that security cameras and such had no way of tracking down where she actually went. Fingerprints were never left behind, as the gloves which had already been installed in her hands actually made it so that prints were never actually left behind unless instructed to. In fact, the gloves themselves, using the Chameleon and Cloaking Shroud technology, are also capable of appearing invisible, to give the appearance that Claire wasn't even wearing gloves. Rumours arose quickly of a shadow capable of penetrating the most secure of security systems without leaving a track, well, except for a track of unconscious and injured guards. Not many have actual confirmation that such a person even exists, but even so, she's simply addressed as the Bandit, a word most commonly associated with the outlaws of the past. As such after multiple complaints and disturbances, the government placed her on watchlist, urging anyone who has information on the Bandit to report it to the government.


    Claire could be considered to be a very unique criminal, in the sense that she doesn't seem to use firearms at all, while still being very effective at what she does best, pretty much relying on anything but guns. While she often takes out an assortment of suited gadgets and tools for certain missions(such as thumbdrives, smoke bombs, rope, etc.), her most essential things would be her set of various poisons and chemicals(used for purposes such as causing hallucinations, just knocking a guard out, and etc.) and assortment of blades, including two serrated combat daggers and some throwing knives. And of course, her nanorobotic gloves, which works as explained in the bio. In terms of appearance, she always keeps at least one of her masks on hand, along with a backpack to carry items if needed.


    *insert random word you told me to put here in the rules*
    Just to give a short description of her personality, Claire could be described as an introvert, who tends to keep to herself. However, once you get to know her she's a particularly friendly person, which is more than can be said for the other ruthless thugs in Lynnhaven.

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    I might lean more to Ice's opinions in this case. I haven't really played D&D before, and do share his thoughts(removing the luck based system). Either ways, I'm working to get my application up by around today-ish, so soon I guess.

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    Great to see a spiritual successor to 2121. This looks like a good time for my semi-monthly return to the Forum Roleplaying section.
    I'll be posting my application soon, and as much as I'd like to copy my character from the last one over here, I doubt I'll be doing that(lore changes, me being more interested in creating a new character, and the last character being possibly similar with everyone else's). Can't wait to really get into this RP either way though.

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