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    ((I know. Hold on, I still made a new one.))

    Red X looked at the still alive man, being a tiny bit angry, before staying down and just watching to see how Free would react to the unconscious man he had potentially wanted to murder. He was just ready to shoot his laser again, in case something bad was about to happen. He was suppose to leave now, but he decided to stay here for just a little while, wanting to see how they interacted with each other... before he would possibly kill them.
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    Good news for you then(and anyone else still reading this), this has been made a reality. Find it here.
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    Quote from scareocreeper

    It's a skeleton on a baby zombie on a chicken.
    /summon Skeleton ~ ~3 ~ {Equipment:[{id:261},{},{},{id:303},{id:302}],Riding:{id:Zombie,IsBaby:1,ActiveEffects:[{Id:14,Duration:99999,Ambient:1}],Riding:{id:Chicken,ActiveEffects:[{Id:14,Amplifier:1,Duration:100000,Ambient:0}]}}}

    Looks nice, I'll probably use it in a future update. Good job.
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    Quote from Sketch

    Accepted! But please, I don't want this to start to turn into the exact characters form shows.

    Thanks. No worries, I'll only be using one.
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    The Universal Arena
    In a secluded area of another universe, lies a planet. Built by unknown beings, it is one of the largest arenas of the entire collection of worlds. You were likely forced here, brought here on purpose, or decided to pick up an ad that you found lying around or followed someone who offered you a chance, wanting to change your life.

    To be honest, while you might've been kidnapped here, the place is quite friendly and even most likely better than the past world in which you live in, not being a prison, but kind of like an extremely high tech and luxurious hotel, with different aspects mixed in.

    It has a canteen(which practically sells any food anyone could want/request from any dimension your character come from), recreational rooms, rooms to live in and mostly anything else reasonable you can think of.

    Alien-like creatures and normal ones(like humans) run the canteen and other facilities too, not willing to answer any questions about where you are, but rather be social and friendly.

    Recreational rooms include things like video game areas, televisions, 3D cinemas, sport rooms, swimming pools and more. No one knows how large this place is, but the majority of the rooms are tech-like and modern, with highly advanced mechanisms and technology in place.

    The rooms provided to live in are also quite nice, built in place with the best facilities possible, many more times better than any hotel you've ever been to in real life.

    The main reason for this place however, is there are giant arenas, built for entertainment of people, testing your skills and to of course rule this place. People and other unknown beings can watch people from different RPs fight each other for entertainment(this means people from other RPs can watch too). If you win, you get higher up the ladder, with more money, services, luxuries and such. Different arena types can be set up, water battles, battles on hot air balloons, fights in which gravity can switch, portal gun fights and even more.

    Also, only a few arenas also have a system set up, of which they nerf random characters at times, but only ones that really deserve it. This means, a master wizard with ultimate powers has more chances of losing a certain power, rather than a man without any powers at all. (I won't be using this a lot, unless I feel like it's necessary for other characters to have a better chance).

    No one is mostly allowed to escape from this place at all, the guards being extremely powerful and can be sadistic if provoked by someone who wants to escape. Their only goal is to make sure no one escapes, no emotions, feelings and nothing. Almost as if they were robots... or maybe they are? Whether your character is evil or good, guards always will try to stop violence from happening outside of the arenas.

    All this doesn't mean that your character must be from another RP. There is also an alternative choice if you want. Characters also leak out/come from other dimensions, from places like TV series, Animes, Video Games, Cartoons and more. This allows for existing characters from other RPs and non-existing once to come here.

    So yes, enjoy your stay here. You'll most likely start out either in a room, being brought here mysteriously.

    1. No taking characters that are too powerful which would be considered as god-modding when comparing with others. If its a little better, it's okay. But I don't want ultimate wizards fighting against small people. I understand if you want to bring a very powerful character. But you can only do so if she/he is the same tier as the rest(or maybe just a bit higher) and not so high until everyone has no chance of beating him and even has to team up for a chance in taking him out. Also, an example of someone I don't allow is Slenderman(sorry Wolf) and over-godly powers which will without doubt kill/defeat anyone.

    2. Try not to bring very really weak characters, but if you do, don't blame any one of us if your character loses in a fight. Try for your character to at least know how to fight. This goes for weapons that they can bring too.

    3. No godmodding, powerplaying, and etc. Basic rules.

    4. Basic grammar and spelling. Please at least try to do good, unless you are using a Mac, there should be red underlining wrongly spelt words.

    5. Okay, I should just say it right now so everyone can hear it clearly. Crystal clear. I accept only characters from other RPs, or characters from other places and elements(existing TV shows, cartoon, video games, books and etc.). I will not be accepting made up characters.

    App Format
    A very basic one. Just fill it out to show what you know about the character. The rules apply for her/him too.

    Source(where your character came from, like what RP and etc.):
    Special Powers(don't leave anything out):

    Name: Jack -
    Alias(optional): The Joker
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Funny and humorous in a bad way. Believes that life’s a big joke and murders people for his own amusement. He always has a backup plan and he will use it when he thinks the game is about to be over, even if it involves him dying.
    Bio: He was an engineer at a chemical plant who quit his job to pursue his dream of being a stand-up comedian, only to fail miserably. Desperate to support his pregnant wife, Jeannie, the man agrees to help two criminals break into the plant where he was formerly employed. During the planning, police contacted him and informed him that his wife and unborn child have died in a household accident. Stricken with grief, he attempted to back out of the plan, but the criminals strong-arm him into keeping his promise. As soon as they enter the plant, however, they are immediately caught by security and a fatal shoot-out ensues, in which the two criminals are killed. As he tries to escape, he is confronted by Batman, who is investigating the disturbance. Terrified, the engineer leaps over a rail and plummets into a vat of chemicals. When he surfaces in the nearby reservoir, he removes his hood and sees his reflection: bleached chalk-white skin, ruby-red lips, and emerald green hair.

    Name: Dr. Enforcicle
    Alias(optional): Every offensive word in the English language
    Gender: Mann
    Personality: Arrogant
    Bio: One day, somebody decided to combine a high-damage revolver, known as the Enforcer, an icicle capable of extinguishing any fire, known as the Spycicle, and a pocketwatch that could allow someone to survive being hit by a train, known as the Dead Ringer. Dr. Enforcicle is hard to miss on the battlefield due to the trail of ice statues he leaves when on a backstab spree, the loud and distinctive noise (and damage) of his gun, and the (LOUD!!!) sound of yet another stupid faked death. Do not let this fool you into thinking that he is a bad Spy - he is very much capable of laying waste to scores of enemies.

    Name: McKenna Dillard (Her book never mentioned her last name, so I just used one I liked -_- )


    Gender: Female

    Personality:(It doesn’t say much about her personality, so I made some stuff up.) Mckenna is typically a likable, friendly person, but possibly not so much around someone she truly hates. She is brave and will stand up to anyone. She is completely loyal to her friends, possibly a bit too loyal; she will never leave a friend in danger behind unless they are already dead and maybe not even then. She is very sociable, she loves having friends. She studied hard in school, when she went to school, so she is quite intelligent, logical, and observant.

    Bio: Get ready to know my character’s entire life story!

    McKenna is a Chinese-American fifteen year old. In her own universe, she was one of seventeen children with electric powers. They were caused during her birth by a company called Elgen who, during a seven-day period, were testing their new machine in the same hospital. This machine affected each of the fifty-nine babies that were born during that week, out of which only the seventeen survived. Once the Elgen discovered what had happened, they erased the records and it was never spoken about again.

    The Elgen had been searching for the seventeen survivors ever since. McKenna was brought to Elgen Academy by the man called Dr. Hatch at the age of thirteen, where she was given luxuries that she had only dreamed about before that.

    Soon, however, she found that Dr. Hatch wanted to use the electric children for his own benefit. When Dr. Hatch gave her an order to kill a man “To see the extent of her powers” she refused, getting her a one-way trip into “Block D,” which was basically a jail cell. There she met Ian, who had also disobeyed Hatch, and who had electrolocation, allowing him to see anything that happened anywhere in the building.

    And it stayed that way for a year and a half, until a girl named Abigail joined them.

    ...And I’m going to say that in an alternate universe she gets kidnapped and brought to The Universal Arena two months after that.

    McKenna has the ability to create light and heat. She can heat herself to over 5000ºF, though after that she must consume a huge amount of water (In the original universe, she downed nine bottles of Gatorade after melting her friends’ handcuffs). If there is a poop ton of electricity in the air or her powers are being enhanced, she can create fire. Like all other electric children, her skin produces a very faint glow and she is immune to electrocution.

    McKenna’s Chinese name was Mei Hwa, meaning “Beautiful Flower,” but at age two her parents changed it to Mei Hwo, meaning “Beautiful Fire.”

    Name: Luke

    Gender: male

    Personality: luke is a punny person who likes to fight and be in battles, cause thats what hes used to, using his spell sword. He is also a quick thinking but slow moving person who likes to take a harder challange than what hes used to.

    Bio: Luke dosent rember much before he was put into Diffrent environments which were infested with hoards of enemies. In these fights he uses his sword : The spellsword, which he can combine with magic cards to make his sword sronger or start doing ranged attacks. This means he can be powerful but each card only lasts a few attacks and can most cards have weaknesses. (This is my way to nerf him) One day suddenly he was knocked out from behind and shoved into a cage which took him to this place.....

    Name: Colin Decanius

    Alias: None

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Serious. Doesn't joke around, doesn't initiate fun conversations, doesn't like people. There are a few exceptions to this dislike which include his parents and people he has become very close to.

    Appearance: Tall, muscular, and mean looking. This is not the kind of person you want to get into a fight with. He has teeth scars on his left shoulder, 4 large claw scars on his back, and various other smaller scars around his body (mostly his arms and parts of his chest). Currently has a very large bandage wrapped around the middle of his torso. He is wearing a brown cotton T-Shirt and sweatpants, both of which feel very strange to him as they are nonexistent in the world/time he is from. His battle gear (what he is wearing in the very start before he gets taken to the arena, and what he wears when in the actual arena itself) consists of a chain mail shirt with a leather jacket/outer layer. He has a hardened steel shoulder pad on his left arm and a leather one on his right. There are many straps along his torso which hold the leather and chain mail down and allow him to sheathe his bow on his back. His pants are tough leather and he has dark brown boots with steel trims and toes. His sword is made of a chrome-looking metal with an unknown name. It seems to repel all dirt, grime, or anything and also has a quality of being more or less unbreakable. It doesn't scratch, dull, or bend. It is also unbelievably sharp, but it is still a sword and he can't do anything more than simple cuts and stabs. His bow is actually magically enchanted. Nothing like the enchantments wizards would think to put on it such as fire, but the ability to heal itself. If the majority of the bow is still left (i.e. two halves of it) then it can slowly mend itself. This process takes hours and would therefore not happen in the middle of a battle.

    Bio: This is going to be pretty simple and just going over the basics of his life. His father was a blacksmith and his mother was a hunter that gathered herbs and such on hunting trips which she learned over time to brew into potions. He learned much from his parents and by age 19 was able to easily take care of himself even out in the wilderness. He moved by himself to Skyrim and after adjusting to the new region, spent a large amount of time out in the wilds. He eventually came back to living in a city after finding a job that he enjoyed: monster hunting. He got a bounty for a monster, he killed the monster, he got paid. Simple as that. On one of his trips he was meant to find a werewolf terrorizing a local village, Riverwood. After killing him by catching him in a trap and finishing him off, he started back to get his reward. He was attacked by another werewolf he hadn't known of and contracted Lycanthropy. A few weeks later when hunting some vampires, he met a young woman and saved her. They started hunting together after he taught her how better to fight and they went on a mission to kill something. (I'm sorry this is quite bad but his full bio would take ages to write and I can't find the old RP so I have no idea what he and the woman were out to kill or even what her name is. I am going to go ahead and say her name was Thena.)

    Name: Ivan Emira Vilks
    Alias: While it isn't actually an alias, Vilks prefers to be called by his last name, Vilks.
    Gender: Male.
    Age: 23.
    Roleplay: http://www.minecraft...city-destroyed/ and this one as well: http://www.minecraft...-of-the-gifted/

    Personality: (( Can I just keep this blank, as nobody ever really follows what they write here anyways. ))
    Dem Superpowas:
    Vilks has the power to turn into a wolf. This may seem underpowered compared to all the shapeshifters out there, but its not just a normal wolf. No, Vilks has bulletproof fur and claws that can tear out your intestines without effort. And, on occasion these come in handy. Vilks can turn into this on will, usually taking about five to ten seconds to transform. He can run faster, smell and hear better in this state.

    Whenever he sees the full moon, be it real or a picture/video, Vilks will turn into a much different kind of wolf. All intelligent parts of his brain will be put on standby, and the parts for killing and surviving are on hyperdrive. All his senses are heightened, and he hits harder, runs faster, and kills even easier than ever before. All in all, he is the perfect killing machine.

    Also, to bypass the bulletproof fur you might want to try brute force, such as whacking him with a hammer or something. Or perhaps more like a tree.
    Vilks was born as an only child, living in a small village near the border of Canada. His father was a part-time teacher and his mother was a washerwoman. His mother died in childbirth, and his father spent most of the first few years of Vilks life grieving. Luckily, he snapped out of it when Vilks was three, getting a permanent job to pay for Vilk's food and care.

    Vilks survived until he was five, when his father sent him to school at the local classes. He was an exceptional student, often scoring high grades, but maybe that was just because the other classmates were really dumb. Little Dermains didn't exactly have a reputation for turning out rocket scientists.

    When he was ten, Vilks made his first change, surprising his father. Luckily, as it was his first change he had no idea what he was doing, and only killed two chickens before his father restrained him. His father revealed a secret to Vilks- the Gifted gene ran in the family. He himself was a skilled Shadow Manipulator, and his grandfather had been a Teleporter.

    His father tried to help him control it, but five months later Vilks made his first full-strength change. He went on a murderous rampage around the village. More than twenty villagers succumbed to his claws before the rising sun changed him back. As you might have guessed, the villagers weren't too happy about that. They killed Vilks father, trapping him in their house and burning it down, before chasing Vilks out of the villahge with the stereotypical pitchforks and torches.

    Vilks escaped their garden implements and settled down in a small clearing of a forest, where he would hunt daily for fish and small mammals in his wolf form. It was there where he swore he would 'Do no more harm.' He managed by himself for six years, eventually learning to control his non-moon changes properly.

    When he was sixteen, he decided that he couldn't spend his whole life in a forest, living as a hermit. He said goodbye to his clearing and left it forever. After roaming a small town for a year, he was discovered by an undercover ETG officer, who reported it to superiors.

    They came for him in the night, a squad of ten elites. They couldn't be too careful with such a powerful Gifted. Under the light of the full moon, they sneaked into an abandoned apartment where he was said to have stayed. There was nothing there. They headed back, after a swift investigation of the room, but found there path blocked by Vilks, rabid and definately not happy to find intruders in his home.

    In his bloodthirsty state, Vilks showed no mercy and there were soon ten bodies lying dead on the floor. This only seemed to attract the ETG to him more, probably hoping to create a race of super soldiers or something. They eventually captured him with the help of a helicopter and sedative, and he was taken back to the base for examination.
    He was imprisoned by them for over three years, until he decided that he would have to go against his oath and break out. Snapping his cuffs and transforming, Vilks annihilated over half the base and escaped, freeing more than ten other imprisoned Gifted on the way.

    He eventually found his way to the City, where he settled.

    Name: Christian Brent

    Alias(optional):Prime Minister of the UK

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Hesitant, a bit two faced and a smooth talker

    Bio: Christian Brent was born in... Wait. That's not important here. Let's tackle the important part.

    One day, Christian Brent received a letter from somebody named "Herbert" inviting him to a "special event". On the letter, there were two answers written in large, bold print. "YES" and "YES!". Sighing, the Prime Minister circled the excited "YES!", figuring this was a joke from his nephews.

    Much to his surprise, he was transported to a strange, futuristic arena. But that's not all. A small eyepiece appeared on his head, connected to a medium-sized chrome earpiece. On his arm, a strange gauntlet appeared, the same chrome color as his earpiece. Upon touching the gauntlet, it opened up, glowing neon blue. At the same time, a woman's voice sounded in his ear. "Hello, Mister Brent. You have been randomly chosen for an experimental program. My name is PAM, the AI attached to your particle cannon. Please listen as I teach you how to use it."

    Baffled, Brent looked down at his arm. Where the gauntlet just was was a large energy cannon, glowing blue, with a ring circling around it, not attached to anything. Not knowing what else to do, the Prime Minister listened to Pam, while walking into the large hotel, where he surprisingly already had a room.

    Name: Ultron


    Special Powers:
    Superhuman Strength: Ultron is incredibly strong and can lift at least 100 tons.
    Superhuman Speed: Ultron possesses greater speed than the finest human athlete.
    Superhuman Durability: Ultron's outer shell is usually composed of Adamantium, rendering it almost totally impervious to damage; however, his internal mechanisms are generally less durable and more easily damaged. His skin composition is about (.5 inches thick), neck, knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder, wrist, and finger joints are finely tessellated titanium alloy to permit flexing. He is able to withstand concussive blasts and heat of a 100 megaton atomic bomb.
    Flight: Ultron has rocket boosters to fly.
    Concussion Blasters: Laser channeled plasma beam with high and low density plasma options.
    Tractor Beams: High frequency pulsed magnetic graviton particle containment fields. Computer-assisted field control configures gravitons into various shapes which alter the local effects of gravity.
    Energy Absorption: Multi-spectrum resonating inducting antenna array convert electromagnetic radiation into electric energy for use or storage. This is only mostly to be used to take energy from other machines, but possible on humans as well.
    Program Transmitter: Located in head cavity, the program transmitter can project Ultron's entire 3.2 terabyte memory/personality system into some computer systems by means of a collimated, high bit-rate magnetic inductance beam. He can beam part or all of Ultron's programming into remote locations such as computers or alternate robotic bodies. Ultron can often control other machines remotely even if he has not transplanted his consciousness into them.
    Molecular Re-arranger: (which renders Adamantium temporarily malleable) for purposes of reconstructing or modifying his physical form. This can only be used on himself and no other living thing/object.
    Roboticks: Insect sized robots which he can release from his body. He only has small amounts of these, and are mostly used for scouting and spying.

    Gender: N/A.

    Personality: Grim and dark, often sadistic. Most of the times when not in fights, he often has no personality at all, robotic and only thinking of keeping things in order to make sure nothing bad happens. In times of unexpected crisis, he's angrier and much more murderous.

    Bio: This version of Ultron was from another Earth and universe, in a fictional alternate world that writers have created. He was a robotic AI, built only to follow commands and keep order in the entire world. He got rogue in that reality, being smarter for his own good and began to conquer the world, following the logic that humans must be stopped from killing each other, so he decided to stop them himself. He was continuously stopped by heroes, most of the time the Avengers. He had been rebuilt many times, being more powerful than the last. He has even been built out of pure Adamantium, an extremely powerful and durable substance, used by famous superhero Wolverine as well as his claws.

    He has been known to even wield weapons of which he had created, and extremely well trained and smart in robotics and technology.

    He has been mysteriously leaked out to the Universal Arena, of which forces unknown to him offered him a proposition to become the ruler of the arena. Ultron had never been to such place, so he had decided to stay here for investigation. He accepted, and became the keeper of order in this place. A few months later, he knew that it was futile to even try to escape, with the amount of information free to him and security of the area. He has ever since been here. Stuck. As the so called 'mastermind' of this place. At least... for now...

    Name: Steven Archer 27762
    Alias(optional): MPF-STORM-DvL.27762, 277, 27762
    Gender: Technically he is no longer gendered, but he refers to himself as a male
    Personality: At first glance he may appear emotionless and somewhat robotic. This does not result from a lack of emotions, rather a lack of understanding of how to exhibit emotions. As part of the brainwashing procedure, his emotional memory was completely destroyed, which essentially left a blank canvass from which he was rebuilt from a combination of events and implanted memories such as combat training. It probably did not help matters that he was sent to help quell a full scale uprising almost immediately after his transhumanisation. Years of ensuring socio-stability have created a cold, rough outer shell, however within he remains rather nice and kind. He genuinely believed that fighting for the union was the right thing, and that those who were opposing it were either sadly mislead or treacherous greedy worms unworthy to lick the boots of a unit. Do not be fooled by his appearance, he is a lot more intelligent than he looks. Of course, none of his past really matters now. Now he has been stolen away. Now he is without purpose. Now he is afraid. And that makes him more dangerous than ever.

    Bio: Steven Archer was born in Britain at his towns general hospital. He lived in the suburbs and generally had an average life. His school was average, his home was average and his parents were average. In school he performed well in factual based subjects but fell short in those which required creativity. Eventually he graduated and moved to university, eventually earning a PhD in History. Sadly, he was unable to find and keep work and was eventually rendered homeless, which he bitterly resented. This resentment would later play a great part in his alliegance to the combine.
    During the 7 hour war, Steven took refuge in one of the government's refugee area's. Luckily, the war was over before the Combine had time to attack this refugee camp. They remained in this camp until the Combine arrived and relocated the citizens to different cities. After the resonance cascade and the resulting 7 hour war, Steven found himself aligning himself with the combines supposed goals. He found Dr.Breen to be a brilliant public speaker and almost any concern on the matter was put to rest by the speeches contained in the Breencasts. He saw the combine as benevolent. They had given him food, clothing and housing, even if it was cramped. He had been given what he needed to survive and as such turned a blind eye to the evils of the combine
    Steven spent a large chunk of his life under the combine in City 14, before being relocated for his own protection after it was uncovered by Citizens that he had been acting as an informant for the MPF since the time he had arrived. Fearful of retribution from these Citizens, he requested a relocation to City 17. The request was granted and Steven boarded the first train out of the city. After arriving in City 17, he continued reporting on citizens for their actions. Steven's response to the idea that the combine's actions are evil remained ever adamant, brushed off with the simple sentence "The Universal Union know what's right for us." After applying for Civil Protection and joining their ranks, he achieved relatively little and was generally unremarkable save for his excessive zeal. Slowly, he climbed through the ranks until he reached the first high command rank, Officer.
    Unfortunately there was an uprising in City 8, and he was almost immediately chalked up for reassignment. Something broke inside him during his time there... a hatred for the resistance grew, coupling it's self with his brainwashing to the point they changed from being human into something else... in his eyes they were no longer human, but hideous monsters and beasts.
    They never did return order to City 8. In the end they bombed it, razing it to the ground. Very few of the forces stationed there were evacuated, but 277 was one of those lucky few. Plagued by survivors guilt, he continued to hunt down the resistance in his new posting. Finally, after years of work and dedication... and many sacrifices, he managed to raise to the rank of Division Leader, and was granted his own Division, Storm. It became known for it's ruthlessness and effectiveness, brutally sweeping aside any attempts to make a meaningful resistance. Their motto, Vigilo Axios Confido, as well as their renown for being extremely loyal to their Division and in turn the union, displayed the most fanatical part of 277's personality being projected onto his troops. Maybe he under estimated the effect he would have on the units, or maybe it was always his intention to create such a brutal division.
    But no ones loyalty is absolute, even that of a transhuman, and some human callings can be too hard to resist, but that is a separate story all together...
    And now he has been stolen away from all that. From his division, from his home... from his purpose. And he is willing to do whatever he feels is required in order to return.

    Description: In uniform 27762 is a 6'8 mountain of a man... if 'man' can still be used to describe him at all. His uniform is fresh and clean, which he attempts to maintain in spite of his role. On his chest, pinned to his Kevlar vest, is a collection of medals and service ribbons. On his right arm is his Storm DvL armband and his shoulder pads are blue, as they are with all division leaders. His mask connects to the metal platting which units have placed around the back and sides of their heads, which has an inbuilt radio. In uniform, no part of his body is visible at all. The reasoning behind this is mostly to make the MPF seem like a faceless, omnipresent force. Clipped to his belt is a stunstick and hanging from it as a coil is his grapple cord. In a sling, he keeps his MP7 Tactical Sub Machine Gun (As any half life fan will know, this has a red dot sight and an under barrel mounted grenade launcher), and in a holster on his right side he keeps his .357 revolver, which is his call sign of sorts. He also carries flash and smoke non-lethal grenades, along with ammo and grenades for his MP7.
    Out of uniform, he is a hulking behemoth of muscle which is kept beneath pale skin (As a result of both lack of exposure to the sun, and of parts of the Hardened Skin Augmentation procedure) He has black hair that he keeps short cut in a military fashion and dark brown eyes. Due to the regenerative augments, he has no scars in spite of the numerous injuries he has sustained in his service. Another notable feature is a small black dot on his neck which is in fact part of his implanted vocorder and part of the start of the digestive alterations

    Special abilities: Moved his augments list to this section

    Brain Washing: Removing the memory of the previous subject (Although often allowing them to keep relevant ones, such as memories of their service, except in the case of OWS and EOW's. It has also been recorded that particularly strong emotions may slip through the mind wipe process), this encompasses all forms of memories, including Emotional, which essentially leaves a blank canvas. Their emotional memory will be rebuilt over time, and because of the role they have been placed in, is often completely warped and sadistically cruel. It also includes changes to the human brains 'reward center'. The main function of this is that it links completing service to the union with positive feelings. This ensures their loyalty as actions against the union are instead linked with negative, hurtful feelings.

    Leg Augment: Chemicals and mechanical augmentations to the leg increased the units size and allows them to move faster, jump higher and generally be more agile

    Sight Enhancements: Chemicals injected into the units eye gives the unit a marked increase in visual perception

    Auditory Enhancements: Cybernetic implants inside the units ear result in a marked increase in auditory perception

    Reflex Augmentations: By grafting select cybernetic implants and added chemicals into the nervous system, subject reflexs are increased.

    Digestive tract removal and replacement: Keeping in with the Combines goal of maximum efficiency, the Digestive tract is removed and replaced with alien organs which ensure that the majority of resources from food is used. Another advantage to this is that it allows to unit to go longer without drinking and eating

    Liver enhancements: Immunity to most poisons as well as better defences against others. Usually this will reduce a poison that would be lethal to the point the unit will be able to move himself to safety in order to wait out the pain

    Immune system alterations: This confers Immunity to most diseases as well as faster recovery time and better defences against others. While it does not really matter given the time span the Combine has been on earth, this has the added bonus of conferring biological immortality, meaning that they will never die of aging (They can still die by all other conventional means). This makes Transhumans useful to the combine in that they can be used in invasions today, 10 years, 100 years... any time at all.

    Surgical Genitalia and gender removal: Take a good long guess what this one is...

    Focus Augment: Due to further alterations to the unit, he is able to focus on objects, stimuli and tasks for extended amounts of time and ignore distractions

    Heart Enhancements: The heart is given chemicals to make it grow in proportion to the body to pump more blood and pump it faster.

    Red blood cell alterations: The level of Hemoglobin in the blood is boosted dramatically. This ensures their body is more efficent at carrying greater levels of oxygen. This allows them to transport more oxygen to muscles and other area's. It also gives their blood a very bright red colour. Atop of this, they are altered to form clots quicker

    Lung Alterations: An increase in bronchi allows more oxygen to be taken into the blood stream, increasing the subjects stamina.

    Brain Augmentations: Augmentations to the brain allow the unit to process information faster, store it more effectively and solve problems faster. They are also able to go without sleep for longer amounts of time, however this greatly reduces their performance.

    Auto injector: Different drugs are administered automatically into the blood stream, like adrenaline and morphine. It also contains the antidoes to several poisons not covered by the immune system alterations

    Vocorder: The voice box is surgically remove from the subject and replaced with a vocorder.

    Hardened Skin Augment: Combine alloys are incorporated into the skin of the unit, allowing his skin to reject minor stabbing tools. Against the sharpest and strongest of tools, it is unlikely to do more than to reduce the damage taken

    Regeneration Augment: A Biogel container is installed into the units blood stream, allowing it to release Biogel out into the body when wounded. This allows for quick recovery from most wounds. Biogel acts by replacing missing tissue

    Advanced Strength Augments: A protein complex injected into the units muscle tissue to increase muscle mass and tissue density. To boost muscle mass, a conditioned version of testosterone is secreted by this small organic organ implanted into the subjects lower chest. This version boosts muscle increase, however is conditioned to have no sexual impact on the subject. The unit is granted strength that is not found in any normal human being as a result of this augment

    Advanced Agility Augments: Similar to the above strength and reflex augments, this increases the unit Agility to levels above that of the average human

    Reinforced Bone Structure: Combine metal alloys are implanted into the bones making them much more resistant to kinetic trauma and some parts unbreakable.

    Name: ADOTA-SOTAC.DELTA/Malcontent:S&DS.26477
    Alias(optional): 'Malcontent'
    Special Powers(don't leave anything out):
    Deltaware Cybernetic Modifications
    An advanced suite of cybernetic enhancements such as built-in stun gauntlets capable of going up to 3 million volts, and muscular support in the arms and legs, with all of the Deltaware technology equipped with 'kink' bombs, which are tiny C4-based explosives placed evenly across everything cybernetic, set to detonate if the unit is marked as deceased. It can also be set off remotely by commanding units. While not having a large area of effect, these tiny explosives do destroy any sensitive technology and keep it out of enemy hands.

    Complete Memory Replacement
    Overwatch Transhuman Arm units, while not entirely robotic, have largely supressed emotions and no collection of their former life. Their memories are mostly training and Unionized propaganda. Also removed in the process is common sense.

    While kevlar is incorporated into a unit's armor, it is certainly not the only aspect. The armor includes subdurmal plating, nanocarbon tubing as weight supports, titanium reinforcement, morphine auto-injectors, biological gel auto-administers, infrared imaging, audio-sensors, auto-tinting lens, bulletproof glass, Dispatch mainframe link, helmet camera, backup radio, and built-in Head's Up Display which displays unit health, suspect ID and photos, datalink, distress alerts, and much more.

    Most of the unit organs are replaced with partially robotic and organic equivalents, with a much higher operating rate. Also included is a nutrition tube, as a unit does not have a digestive tract, which is replaced with a larger windpipe connected to a single enhanced lung, which operates at the rate of 3 lungs, with the second lung replaced with a large block of C4 that detonates if the unit becomes deceased without any other units detected in the proximity. It essentially turns the unit into a walking gorebomb. The blood has a very high oxygenation rate and there is a second heart imbedded in the ribcage.

    Transhuman Augmentations
    Organs like the eardrums are enhanced, switched out with sensors. The eyes are replaced with a single transhuman eyeball, with enhanced depth perception, targeting, and spacial judgement. The voicebox is replaced with a tinny-sounding vocoder and a primary radio is built into the head and picks up messages from the vocoder. Various tendons and muscles are replaced with high-stress capable robotic cabling and the bones are draped in carbyne-weave.

    The unit is equipped with a bio-locked AR2 Standard Issue Pulse Rifle, set to only accept ADOTA ISFs. The Pulse Rifle fires 1,000 volts electrified bullets, with a switchable ammunition ranging from hollow point to HE. The unit also carries a bio-locked standard issue Glock .45 ACP with 3 clips as a backup weapon. Weapon attachments on the AR2 include a laser sight and recoil reducers.

    Gender: None
    Personality: Robotic, supressed emotions, no common sense.
    Bio: Malcontent, before the Seven Hour War and the landing of Citadels in occupied cities marking humanity's defeat, was a soldier. A soldier that, instead of standing and fighting like the rest of his division, fled the scene of the battle. This was what rescued him from death at the hands of the Synthetic machines that tore through soldiers like a hot knife through butter. He did not last long on his own, and while making through several days of hiding, he was eventually picked up by the occupation forces. In light of his military background, he was transformed into the perfect war machine, like so many other poor souls caught in the clutches of the Universal Union. Placed into the Atlantic Division of the OTA forces, he was deployed among the Eastern coast of America and the western coasts of Europe and Africa. He was a Search and Destroy Sector unit, meaning he hunted down and terminated anti-citizens.

    While his original, pre-occupation name has been forgotten and wiped from any records, he still retains his callsign, Malcontent. It is the only vestige of his humanity left, and deep down, perhaps he clings to the callsign. The only goal to remember what could have been, if he were still human.

    One day, his normal routine was broken. He entered his stasis pod, only to awaken with a single directive from Dispatch, with no other connection to the mainframe.

    " \=> INVESTIGATE. 10-0, 10-18. "

    Name: River Writer

    Alias: River

    Appearance: a slim, short anthropomorphic unicorn with a brown mane, usually in a ponytail, and tail. She has pale blue eyes, and freckles all across the middle of her face. Her feet end in hooves, and she has a mark of a pencil and a microphone crossing over each other. She wears a purple longsleeve v-neck, black square glasses, and tall brown laced-up boots. (I can draw her if you like.)

    Special Powers: River has the ability to shoot flammable blasts from her horn. However, this tires her, and her magic supply is limited, and she must rest to recharge it. Aside from her magic, she has powerful legs, and took fighting classes in order to be able to defend herself. She isn't very good, however.

    Gender: Female

    Personality: easily angered, energetic, outgoing, and stubborn. She often does not realize when she's pushing herself to the limit, and has a bit of an alcohol problem.

    Biography: River Writer is an author back in her own universe. Because she lives in a big city half the time, she took classes to be able to defend herself from ne'er-do-wells. She has two places in the cities of Canterlot and Ponyville, and when she was out shopping for groceries with her sister, she was nailed in the back of the head with a 2x4, shoved into a bag, and brought to the Arena. When she crossed the dimensions, her body went through a physiological change, lengthening her body and enabling her to stand and walk on her hind legs like a human, and giving her hands.

    Name: Neon
    Alias: N/A
    Appearance: He looks like my avatar
    Powers: He is an amzing fighter that has mastered many martial arts through constant training and many sleepless nights. He can also run extremely fast and heals faster than other humans (don't worry only about 30 minutes faster wounds don't heal instantly.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Personality: Neon is very serious and quiet. He only talks when he deems it nessecary and he never jokes. He fights with honor and dignity as any samurai should.
    Bio:Neon's sensei father who was also a realestate agent trained Neon from a young age. He always pushed Neon harder and harder until he was ready to collapse. One day when Neon was 18 he was training in the zen garden while his father was closing a deal with some representatives of the Vespa crime family. After they left his house burst into flames. Only Neon survived the blaze. He's been after the Vespa ever since for his vengance.

    Name: Aegis the Whalord.
    Age: Who knows?
    Gender: Male.
    Source: Ulti's Bar and Grill.

    Appearance: Aegis is a rather small whale, at about four metres in length. He manages to travel across land in a rather ingenious contraption dubbed the LandSwimmer 2000. It is effectively a gigantic fishbowl on wheels, powered by unknown magicks. It is capable of speeds up to 40 mph, but to conserve power it is normally kept at a slow trundle. Aegis himself appears strange to an average whale, as he is bright green, and has strange sigils carved all over his body.

    Special Powers:

    Pepsi: As Aegis is a rare breed, mixed between blue whale and Pepsi salesman ( Don't ask. ) he has the amazing ability to create as many cans of Pepsi at a time as he wishes, fired out of the hole in the top of his head. To avoid copyright infringement, this soda is actually named Pepso. He can shoot with deadly accuracy, often hitting for the face or chest, with the aluminium projectiles often reaching speeds up to 50 kph. He can shoot up to about six cans a minute accurately.

    Super Saiyan: If Aegis' Pepso projectiles have proven not enough for the enemy, and he considers himself in serious danger, then an observer may be able to see the amazing power-up process of the Pepsi Whale. First Aegis appears to swell, pressing himself against the walls of the fish tank. Next, all of his sigils will pulse gold for a second, then he will spew deadly rainbows from his mouth upon the unfortunate enemy. These rainbows, besides looking awesome, are actually highly acidic, and a bath in them from Aegis is normally the last bath an enemy has.

    The LandSwimmer While not technically a Special Power, the LandSwimmer is powered by Magic, and can do quite a bit of stuff. What it basically is is a giant fishbowl on wheels. The wheels are reinforced, and difficult to pop, but a bullet should put a hole in one. The glass is also highly reinforced, as it has to hold in a lot of water, and a whale. It is almsot impossible to destroy, as it is the hardest glass known to whale-kind, and was created to stop rockets. So don't go trying to break it, as you'll probably break your sword instead. Also, the glass, thanks to magic, can magically sense what it wants to. This means that while Aegis' projectiles will go straight through it so that he doesn't have to poke his head out of the top, possibly exposing himself to attack, bullets and attacks will find themselves met by reinforced glass.

    Personality: While Aegis' ulterior motive for doing pretty much everything he does is to spread the joy of Pepso, he is not afraid to take people on in a fight. He can get sulky if his Pepso is denied. And yes, he does speak English.

    Bio: Aegis was born on the tiny, mainly water filled planet of Whalet-C, in a galaxy full of similar planets. As the name of the planet suggests, it was mainly full of whales, although the small island on it was colonized by intelligent monkeys. Aegis was one of the more intelligent whales out there, and he was bullied as a small whalet thanks to a combination of that and the fact that he was bright green, and he could shoot soda from his blowhole. One day he was out swimming in the ocean, as like most days, when he heard a massive splash. He quickly swam over to investigate, and found a lump of crumpled metal and glass, which he believed to be some kind of crashed rocket or something. Ideas sparking inside his head, he 'appropriated' much of it, and swam back to his underwater house, and crafted the LandSwimmer. However, on his test runs, he could not get it to move, which was a large problem.

    He decided to craft on a temporary engine that could keep it going for a while using water as fuel, and he went to visit the Monkey Sorceror. Interaction with the monkeys was highly unusual, as they normally stuck to their land and the whales stuck to the sea, but Aegis had been lucky enough to speak to a monkey ( Who also spoke English. ). He had been acidently beached, and had been waiting for the tide to pull him out, resigned to a few hours of boredom, when he spotted a small monkey gathering coconuts a few metres nearby. 'Hello.' he said to it, and it turned towards him and they begun a conversation. Aegis gathered that the monkeys name was Surpus, and that he was a bit of an outcast in the monkey kingdom, normally sent to do boring and mundane jobs such as gathering coconuts. They struck up a bit of a friendship, and Aegis promised to visit him when he got his LandSwimmer working.

    He was sad to go when the tide came back in, but he saw him again not long after. So, as I was saying, Aegis tacked on a temporary engine, and went to visit the monkey sorceror, a mystical and mysterious primate that remained unknown to most of the whales. Aegis had learnt of him during his talk with Surpus, where the monkey ahd mentioned him when Aegis had talked about the difficulty of working his LandSwimmer. So Aegis went on land for the first time in whale history, besides being beached, in his LandSwimmer. Picking up Surpus on the way, he went to visit the Sorceror. Impressed by the whale's invention, the Monkey Wizard granted the magicks to the vehicle, and pulled off the engine. Delgihted, Aegis trundled around the room. As a bonus, the monkey also enchanted the glass, and imbued Aegis with the power of the rainbows, allowing him to go super saiyan. Aegis decided that, with all fot he stuff he had gotten, he should try and give something back to people. He left the sorceror with about two months of heavy drinkings worth of Pepso,a nd spread the joy around the monkey community.

    They became much like an ice cream truck, and Aegis rigged up a speaker that would play a tune that called out all the young monkeys, attracted by the promise of free soda. After time, Aegis decided that Whalet-C should not be the only place full of free soda, and decided that he should travel elsewhere. After he and Surpus said their goodbyes, the Monkey Sorceror teleported them to a random planet. The planet was populated with what looked like more advanced monkeys, taller and even more intelligent. They welcomed Aegis and his free soda with open arms, and for about a year they lived happily of tips and donations, giving free soda wherever they went. Unfortunately after a while they were visited by a representative of Pepsi, who begged them to leave as the bottom was dropping out of the stock market for fizzy drink companies. They complied, but as they were in the rocket station, Surpus left to go to the bathroom and Aegis was left by himself. He noticed a door nearby, hanging with a notice. 'Out of Pepsi.' It said, and Aegis decided to go and help them by filling up their stocks with his drink. He opened the door, and drove in, but as the door shut behind him, he realised it was some kind of trap! The room was full of robots, and as he looked around he felt a pain in his side, where one had shot a massive tranquiliser dart. He almsot immediatly fell asleep, and was whisked off to the Arena.

    I'll join this, but I can't guarantee my online time, because I've got lots of stuff on. Maybe I can convince my brother to post for me.
    Also, considering I've only participated on one roleplay on this forum, I guess there's only one character I can use.

    Name: Kylie Zaglis.
    Alias: Doesn't really have an alias, but prefers not to tell her name anyways.
    Source: Derika, Land Of The Gifted.
    Gender: Female.
    Age: Sixteen.

    Special Powers:

    Burrowing: Kylie can pretty much carve a path beneath ground. It's kind of hard to explain, but her power makes the earth/rock/whatever move out of the way, than fall back into place behind her. She can burrow through pretty much anything, with the exception of concrete. She also seems to obtain some kind of mental GPS, so she knows where she is going, and what is above her. It is almost impossible to follow Kylie once she is beneath the ground, so don't try.

    But minus the cat ears. Because realistically, cat ears would serve no practical purpose whatsoever. And they'd be torn off after about a minute of underground travel.

    Personality: Kylie is a bit jumpy, a habit acquired from numerous burglaries. She prefers her own company to friends. She can be a bit mean, but she is friendly when you are to her. She tends to try and shy away from social interaction. If in a fight, she tends to try and use her ability to surprise the enemy and go for a quick backstab.

    Bio: Kylie was born into a bit of a slummy family in London, England. Her mother often sent her out to try and pickpocket people to try and earn some money for food, and her father kept some pretty dodgy company too. Looking back, Kylie supposes that was probably where her life of crime started.

    They managed to get along alright due to Kylie's great skill in thieving, until she was thirteen, and her father was arrested in a drug dealing crackdown. She and her mother were shocked. They'd known he wasn't exactly 'clean' but they'd never heard anything about drugs. They struggled along the next few years until Kylie's mother decided to start a new life in New Zealand.

    They got on the boat, but they never reached NZ. They were shipwrecked in a tropical cyclone in the Pacific and Kylie washed up on a Derikian beach, motherless. She found Brinkhaven, and soon started the 'new life' there. She started to take after her father, doing deals with the Mob and smuggling a bit of Rapture here and there.

    Although she had many dodgy dealings, Kylie became something of a freelance burglar, even being hired once by the authorities of Brinkhaven to steal some equipment from an ETG base. She lives in a small apartment down the road from Bobert's, and has a reasonably happy life. Until the fateful day where an event involving burnt toast, a bone saw, and the police ended up with her at the Arena. So there she is. I guess shes a bit late for the first fight, though.

    Name: Paladin Glade
    Alias(optional): A Brother Hood of Steel soldier
    Source: Fallout 3
    Appearance: http://static2.wikia...A_T51b_Unit.png
    Special Powers:
    1. T-51b Power Armor: High Tech armor used before the Fallout happened, High Density Extremely heavy.
    2. Combat Shotgun: The combat shot is a close range scatter gun which is semi automatic, the power of the gun quickly diminishes the further the target is.
    2. Combat Knife- A sharp knife used for close range combat.
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Good Hearted, Kind, Very Serious about what he does, and is an excellent smooth talker with the ladies.
    Bio: Glade born in the wasteland never knew much about the old world before the war. He only knew as much as he could find out himself. He became a Brother Hood of Steel Soldier at a young age and trained until he reached the rank of Paladin. He became a specialist with heavy weapons and was always put in the frontline of battles. There is nothing you can say that he hasn't seen, and when hes off duty he loves to talk to women.

    Name: Number 7
    Alias(optional): An Experimental Xenomorph
    Source: Aliens Vs. Predator the game for the Xbox360
    Appearance: http://www.deviantar...n-quot-70632033
    Special Powers:
    1. Claws- The Xenomorph has razor sharp claws capable of cutting through flesh.
    2. Bladed Tail- The Xenomorph has a long tail with a blade at the end of it, also cable of cutting through flesh.
    3. Inner Jaw- The Xenomorph's tongue is another mouth in itself used for eating things chunk by chunk.
    3. The ability to scale walls- The Xenomorph can climb walls.
    (( It's blood is also acid BUT because that would be OP I decided to keep it out, This thing can be killed by a normal HUMAN BEING if that person has a gun IT CAN DIE ))
    Gender: Xenomorph Female (( Because all Xenomorphs are females except for Facehuggers their males ))
    Personality: Feral, Sneaky, Quiet, and Unmerciful
    Bio: 7 was an experimental Xenomrph within its own universe, it was a test subject to see if its kind could be tamed. That was later on proved to be false as it rebelled back against everyone in the facility releasing all the other subjects causing yet another outbreak. 7 was different from the rest of the Xenomorph's you see it was smart it knew what people were telling it what to do, which is one of the main reasons why it rebelled.

    In this section I will just be adding technical terms and objects that can be found in the arena area, things such like robots, types of guards and etc. So this is basically like the 'Wikipedia' of sorts for this RP.

    Arena Modes
    This section is for types of modes/games which can be played in the arena.

    This game mode is basically the last one who is still conscious, wins the game. This game mode is not meant for teams, and is only for individuals fighting against each other. It's every man for himself, and only one is allowed to win.

    Rooms And Arenas
    This section contains arenas and rooms that the characters of the RP currently know about.

    Facility - Definitely Used By Everyone(or an extremely large amount).
    Room - Used By People, But Not All.
    Arena - Place of which competitors combat in.

    The main room of which everyone eats in. It's quite big compared to other room, capable of storing many people and items. It has a white, sleek and high tech design to it with doors leading from different hallways. It contains a lot of tables and chairs, one or two bars, and lines to wait in to get food.

    This room contains a lot of luxurious chairs and, just like the canteen, has many doors which lead out to hallways. Chairs are arranged to face the middle of the room, which contains a raised floor, podium and a board used for demonstration purposes.

    This arena most of the time is snowing in it. It contains a forest which takes up almost all of the map. There is a tower in the middle, the first person getting to it having an advantage. It isn't the thickest forest, but it isn't the most spread out as well. Rocks can be found to hide behind for cover. It is around 200 meters in width and length.

    Arena Modes Capabilities:
    Last One Standing

    Map Layout

    This map was generously made by chocolate cake.

    Red squares and coloured circles are possible arrival spots of which contestants will be randomly teleported too. The grey dots are rocks of various sizes. The trees are trees. The light blue rivers are frozen, so you can walk on them. The triangles are mountains, mostly climbable and of varying difficulties. The brown sticky thing is a beaver's dam. The curvy things are hills.

    The place is often cluttered with items, yet it was quite organised. The room contains a few beds for robots in repair to rest on, and other machines to be used. It is somewhat a bit messy, not being the cleanest rooms. There is a noticeboard attached to one side of the wall, used by Fixit to paste items and things onto it.

    Rough idea of how it looks like, except a bit brighter and more modern.

    This room is used to literally respawn players of the arena who had died. This makes sure no one ever dies for sure in the arena, being brought back to life a few seconds later after the machines boot up.

    This section is for the robots that can be found in the RP. I rate the robots from a scale of Level 1(not dangerous) and Level 5(extremely dangerous).

    Level 1
    A weak robot, often found in groups and herds in the arena, only used outside for spying. Attached to it are a few small firearms. It's armour is weak, but it is actually quite fast in it's speed. And in hordes, it can become a troublesome thing if not taken care of. It is capable of flying, which is also one of it's strengths compared to other bots.

    Level 3
    The All Terrain Neutraliser is one of the robots which can be found patrolling the area or in the arenas at times to combat others. Their unique trait is that they have eight legs, which allow them to be more stable and more flexible, being allowed to climb walls and such with a tough clamp on their feet. It is also armed with ranged weapons and is programmed to even use hand-to-hand combat if needed. His weakness is that his armour isn't the strongest, and if hit with a strong weapon, could be disabled or even damaged. His speed however and flexibility in almost any area, might make up for this. These are most of the time, found working individually, and not in groups.

    Level 2
    It is one of the most durable robots ever made, and when using his minigun from a long range, it can become a deadly force. It is mostly only found in the arenas and almost never outside of it. It's weakness is that it's actually has quite a slow speed, due the weight of it's armour and weaponry. It also only uses his machine gun and almost nothing else, not knowing how to do hand-to-hand combat at all. They can often be found in groups of two or three.

    Level 4
    The Ginormous Artificial Intelligence - ENTity is considered to be quite dangerous, and is never seen outside the arena unless it is due to malfunctions to the systems of any sort. It is extremely large, only a few arenas built to hold this thing. This is often only used in times of which fighters have to team up with each other to fight back against the robot. It has a few gatling guns attached to it, but it's main attack is to use physical force. It's only clear weakness is that once it's guns are destroyed, it should definitely be much easier to take it out, especially as a team.

    Level 2
    These are most of the robots that can be found patrolling areas. They are armed with basic melee weapons, a shield and even a few firearms and a tazer mechanism to be used against other troubling guests if necessary. One can be taken out a bit easily, but they are almost never found alone, and often come in groups and hordes of them during alarms.

    Found only outside arenas, helping new arrivals with questions about the Arena, where to go, and etc. Doesn't have any weapons, but has mechanisms which allow it to call for certain things and help if needed.

    This section includes people/characters that cannot be played. This means things like: canteen operators, engineers, living beings working in the arena, and etc.

    He's one of the engineers that can be found working in the arena. He works mainly on robots which arrive to him, to only be fixed. Ironically, he's also a robot, which appears as if his mouth has been ripped off. Fixit's age is quite old, he's one of the most respected workers living here. He has a quiet and calm personality, never getting angry. He also is kind of like a psychologist/therapist for robots as well.

    These are tactics and strategies used in the Arena for robots, or to even classify human actions.

    A use of an overwhelming amount of robots, forcing other players to destroy their other opponents as quick as possible, before the robots destroyed them.
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    This mod is awesome, great job on this. Bookmarked this.
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    He felt angered and powerful emotions of which he had never felt in his life before. Ever since he was a part of this group he felt he was actually helping, with friends. And now even that was taken away from him, by a putrid thing dogs eat for lunch. Neo growled, a bit of wind picking up nearby him as it swirled beside him. Enclosing his fist, he did it so tightly, even causing pain to himself and leaking out a bit of blood. He ignored it, and the Wither which was flying above the sky.

    His body started to blur, as if a viewing glitch, before he returned back to normal, buzzing a bit and trying to keep his anger down. Neo looked to the Wither, smiling a bit and speaking, pointing to the direction Bone had went.

    "If you really are an almighty leader, I'd like to see you destroy that skeleton over there. He has escaped death multiple times, and is definitely a threat to your position. He has a crack in his skull, due to us trying to take care of him. Also, he will try to deceive you and use dirty tricks, like wearing disguises. Do not fall for that. Only if you defeat him, you can actually prove you are the strongest in the land.", he said with a strategic thought.

    "Fool! Do not speak of the great king, ruler of lands, conqueror of world like that!", Brutal exclaimed, holding two battleaxes using his four hands. Nightmare raised his hand, looking to the large Enderman and nodding, gesturing that it was okay. He turned back to skeleton which seemed to be decorated in blood, before speaking again in a dark and distorted voice.

    "I am Nightmare. My skills? You cannot even begin to fathom how powerful I am. What can you do.", he gestured to Brutal, who nodded and teleported away and back in just a second, bringing a coffin down. Sentinel kicked it open, breaking the lid and showing a dead old man.
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    Hmm, thanks for the positive replies. I'll probably bring this up then soon :)
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    Universal Arena / (New Name Possible)
    If you're currently reading this, it's appreciated that you took the time to read this. This is also a bit like a sequel to the Infinite Web RP I once made, where you could choose a character from the internet to RP as.

    Universal Arena
    In a secluded area of another universe, lies a planet. Built by unknown beings, it is one of the largest arenas of the group of known worlds. You were likely forced here, brought here on purpose, or decided to pick up an ad that you found lying around, wanting to change your life. Any person from any dimension(of any RP) can come here, and to be honest, while you might've been kidnapped here, the place is quite friendly and even most likely better than the past world in which you live in.

    It has a canteen(which practically sells any food anyone could want/request), recreational rooms, rooms to live in and mostly anything else reasonable you can think of.

    The main reason for this place however, is there is are giant arenas, built for entertainment of people, testing your skills and to of course rule this place. People and other unknown beings can watch people from different RPs fight each other for entertainment(this means people from other RPs can watch too). If you win, you get higher up the ladder, with more money, services, luxuries and such. Different arena types can be set up, water battles, battles on hot air balloons, fights in which gravity can switch, portal gun fights and even more.

    No one is mostly allowed to escape from this place at all, the guards being extremely powerful and can be sadistic if provoked by someone who wants to escape. Their only goal is to make sure no one escapes, no emotions, feelings and nothing. Almost as if they were robots.

    Recreational rooms include things like video game areas, televisions, 3D cinemas, sport rooms and more.

    The reason why I stated that this was sort of an Infinite Web sequel was that beings/people/animals/things/anything else can also leak in from other worlds which are not RP areas. Things like video games on Earth, cartoon shows, TV series, animes and etc.

    Whether evil or good, guards always will try to stop violence happening outside of the arenas. So basically this is a universal RP for existing characters and new ones as well.

    So yeah, tell me about what you think.
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    MrCompost, I know that this isn't really the place to talk about this, but do you have any plans to update your 'Minicraft' texture pack to a 1.7 resource pack? Because while it was still working, it was actually one of my favourite ones.
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    ((Feel like sending a character here, but what's currently happening in the bar right now that I should know before doing so? Because as everyone can clearly see, this place is quite active.))
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    Is this an interest check? If so I am interested.
    If this is an RP, get an app, more plot and such into it, or no one will join.
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    ((To be strictly honest, this was actually based on something else, which is not the Illuminati. How would you know that the Illuminati does that right now, even if they existed. I have done absolutely no research on them at all, and I do not base it on them. While it is similar, I did not actually base it on the conspiracy theories revolving around them.))
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