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    Tetra smiled slightly, a bit delighted that Eide was interested in seeing her latest work. Now that she thought about it, most of the items she had built were often left in the dark of her workshop and kept to herself, with only a few people having really seen much of what she's done(such as the people who hire her). The device Tetra had in mind had just been finished last week, as she now had a lot of free time and energy to do work, especially ever since she found out about her powers months ago(which had most certainly assisted greatly in ironing out problems). She stood back up slowly, using the table in front of them for some support.

    "Alright then.", she said with a gesture to Eide to follow behind her, as she pulled the rest of the items in the cart along with her, leaving the pencil on the table behind. Tetra calmly walked through a short sand white coloured hallway, before entering a big rectangular room at the end of it. Opening the door revealed a fairly large amount of space, at least half of which had already been filled up with an assortment of uncompleted machines and shelves filled with unorganised papyrus scrolls tied in different coloured ribbons. There was a short staircase which led down(as the room had been built a little deeper into the ground for more space), which Tetra used to then bring in the bundle of the parts Eide brought for her and set it by on an empty spot next to a wall.

    Tetra waved her hand in her direction, indicating to come to where she had walked to and try not to get overwhelmed by the mess surrounding them. The room was certainly a little darker than the living room, with the windows being of very small sizes(and even then, most have been intentionally covered up by some of her objects). Speaking of which, inside the room laid a huge array of mechanical creations. There were some long wooden shelves topped with atypically modeled gears and metallic scraps, and even some devices which had been attached to each other, seemingly serving no purpose at the current moment. An armour stand stood ominously in a corner, only having one strange and large brass arm attached to it, which appeared overly complex with an uncountable amount of gears and mechanisms integrated into it. There were also boxes laying around, keeping more random pieces of metal and other alloys. Other unusual hunks of machinery rested on the rocky floor of the room, most of them appearing to be calmly at rest in their slumber. Anything else to note might've been a deactivated small black bricked smelter set aside at the end of the room, most likely made use of for when Tetra required personally designed metallic parts of her own.

    Anyways, the eccentric engineer was currently standing next to a slightly long wooden and weathered table. Lots of other uncompleted parts and fragments of machinery had been pushed out of the way to reveal a strange brass and brown coloured device. It appeared to have a very sturdy and circular stand, most likely to hold what looked like an intricately crafted cylinder, raised horizontally and tilted slightly so that one could manage to see a hole poking out of it. It suggested that one would most likely put one's eye by it to peer into the inside. Below the cylinder was a plate of sorts, on which was placed a small dish of dirty water. It wouldn't surprise some if it was an alien device of sorts from the future, if it weren't for the human touch to it made by Tetra. However, if one dared to look into what laid inside the scope, they might've changed their mind.

    In front of Tetra were pieces of papyrus, attached onto the wall with what looked like simple clamps. They displayed drawn bizarre, circular, and seemingly two-dimensional... things. Most of these sketches had been detailed to show some sort of strange anatomy within the blob's own body with labels such as 'Core?' and 'Bubbles?', almost all of them accompanied by question marks at the end. Tetra appeared to be a bit more solemn than before currently, standing out of the way if Eide approached and then speaking for a bit.

    "I must warn you... what you see through the scope will be unlike anything one could possibly imagine. On the other hand, you will be one of the first humans to know about this brand new discovery!", Tetra paused a bit here, looking slightly more excited at the end of her sentence before talking again.

    "And before you ask me, no, it is not some sort replica of a portal to hell, or whatever otherworldly realm that people often talk about through rumours.", she said as she took a few seconds to examine the machine once again, before getting out of the way to write a few details down in her journal as she waited for Eide to take a look.

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    Yes, the multiverse RP does belong to you.

    As for focusing on other forms of power, I doubt it'd be likely to be included in the RP. We already have a special sort of resource planned, and most people already fear that it might replace steam power. At the moment, the world is too busy involved in these two sources of energy, and it's either working too effectively to consider a switch, or anyone who tries to conduct research on other means of power will get shut down by others interested in keeping steam power(or those researching simply fail due to nothing coming out of their work).

    And yes, the investigation part of the RP will definitely be quite visible in the RP, which is good to hear.

    Either ways, I'd just like to confirm that you'd be interested in joining the PM discussion before adding you Mad. Wouldn't like to do it accidentally and bring you unwanted messages or anything.

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    Once Eide had entered her home, and hauled in all the other items she had along with her, Tetra closed the wooden door softly, locking it back up due to her slight fear of uninvited company. She sighed to herself, the dark marks beneath her eyes clearly giving off the answer as to why she'd done that, and then sat down on another of the short cylindrical stone chairs. The cart that Eide had brought in was conveniently placed close enough for both Tetra and her visitor to examine in their positions, and as such, Tetra allowed herself to peer in and hold some of the parts to get a feel of them as Eide addressed the objects. Just as she began slipping away into the possibilities of what she could do with these, she prevented herself from doing so, and turned back to her guest.

    "Ah, thanks Eide, I really appreciate it.", she said in a very genuine voice. As the conversation then went on, Tetra just quietly rose her right arm up and cupped her chin, just to make it so that things didn't look particularly too awkward. As Tetra listened intently to what her friend said, she realised that she must've been camping out in her house for quite a while, or at least, hadn't bothered to interact with a lot of people.

    "The Key? I don't think I'm really familiar with them.", she spoke in a curious tone. Thinking it through over and over again didn't really bring up much. Guess I need to catch up a bit on what's been happening recently... Tetra certainly noted the part about stealing from the king though, as robbing the royalty wasn't exactly an action most would advise one to do. The mention of artifacts however, definitely caught her attention. If a group of people had access to that sort of power... they'd have an unbelievably strong army at their command... enough to conquer kingdoms with great ease... Tetra could only stare at her left hand for just a moment, wondering as to what kind of mess she might've gotten herself in. Did I lose anything that day?

    "What is it you do with all this stuff anyways?", Eide asked curiously.

    "Hmm?", as this was done, Tetra could only look around her house to note how seemingly chaotic things were. Things were definitely messier than she'd like it to be, but she'd been procrastinating the day when she'd finally reorganise things, mostly due to a new project she'd been working on recently. Tetra had just finished the design for a part of the machine a week ago, and got way too focused on finishing and improving it. In fact, the stuff that Eide had brought her would most definitely help in the construction of said part.

    "Well, a lot of the scrolls I have here are documents which record scientific knowledge, or just works of writing. As to what I do with everything... I make stuff. Here.", Tetra pushed her hand into the pocket of her pants, fiddling around with the items inside before bringing an object out and placing it on the wooden table between Eide and her. It appeared to be a small long cylindrical object made out of dark wood. On one end was a black sharpened tip, which appeared to be made out of a different material altogether.

    "It's not one of my most complex works... it's awfully simple actually. It's just some graphite placed into a hollowed out stick. It works like a quill, but it requires no ink whatsoever to function. Much more convenient, if you asked me.", using her left hand, she pushed it forward, indicating that she offered it to Eide to keep it for whatever need she had of it. Tetra thought of the demonstration as a bit mediocre in all honesty, and as such, considered displaying her latest invention instead.

    "Actually... I could show you something much more fascinating. But it'd be good if you kept it a secret between us... Do you want to see it?"

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    They've already been around for one year? Wow, the time just flies by, huh?

    And yea, I've taken a look at one or two of them before. The dinosaur RPs seem to have taken lots of inspiration from LaaM... which is not really a good thing you want to do.

    Ah yes, sorry about that. I guess Pokémon RPs have been such a trend around here that I figured it needed its own group. Fixed it.

    EDIT: Necroposting everywhere.

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    I think Kabling summed it up pretty well. I'm honestly not going to waste anymore time writing up replies relating to that matter, as I think we can all already guess the type of reply we'd get pretty accurately at this point.

    Anyways, necroposting is still a popular thing. Other than that, anyone remember this?

    Quote from Meritania»
    ... In other news, I just did a quick survey on the genres of the roleplays on the first page, so that is roleplays that have been updated by posters in the last two days. We have:

    • 8 RPs based on existing Fiction (ie. Fanworks)
    • 6 RPs based on superheroes or magical people or kids with non-human mental/physical abilities attending schools or academies.
    • 4 RPs based on being 'thrown in the deep-end', without much world building or background, players have to figure it out as they go along.
    • 1 Crime RP
    • 1 Fantasy RP
    • 1 Minecraft RP
    • 1 Futuristic/Sci-fi RP
    • and 1 RP based on characters from other RPs.
    And of course a cacophony of OOCs.

    Pweety pweety pwease, can we have more diversity?

    Since it's been around 1 year, let's do the same survey again to see if anything has changed. We got:

    • 5 fantasy/power RPs.
    • 5 RPs based off existing fiction(Steven Universe, Skyrim, Portal, Warriors, and Pokémon)
    • 3 Minecraft RPs, one of which is closed and just kept alive with irrelevant OOC talk
    • 4 dead RPs resurrected by necroposters
    • 1 multiverse RP.
    • 1 RP with no backstory at all.
    • 1 dinosaur RP(when did these become a thing?).
    • 1 'superpowered people go to a school' RP.
    • 1 apocalypse RP.
    • 1 high school RP.
    • 1 cyberpunk RP.
    • 1 alien RP.
    • 1 mutation(choose what species you want) RP.
    • A few OOC threads.

    The fantasy/power RPs are actually some of the best you can get in the forum roleplay section. So yea, just because a few RPs are diverse and different, doesn't necessarily mean that those different RPs are of actual good quality(e.g. we haven't seen a dinosaur RP before, doesn't mean it's automatically great). Same goes for the opposite: just because a genre has been done a lot doesn't mean that it can't be good if executed well enough.

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    ((It's a bit sad to see ya go Mafia, but hopefully I'll continue to see you elsewhere. As for Iris, does anyone want to take over for her? If no one objects, I'd be happy to take a spin at it. It could even be a collaborative effort if needed. I could use an answer to this relatively quickly, as I wouldn't want both Tetra and Iris to be stuck in stasis for too long.))

    Claire quietly watched as most of the people in the room reacted to the sight of the enormous amount of money in a way which she had expected. It was certainly true that a human could very easily reveal true emotions simply through subconscious body movements. She'd studied the main basis of it during the time she learned how to perfect keeping her true emotions locked up inside her. Some of the mercenaries here suddenly got a bit more interested in the subject. Some subconsciously leaned their bodies in to marvel at the credits, while others looked curious as to when they'd begin the job. She even noticed a young female adult whispering into something. Claire wasn't exactly sure what the girl was doing, but she was capable of hearing everything said and happening inside, and even to an extent outside, of the room perfectly with her enhanced senses. From what she'd heard, Claire had discreetly came to a conclusion that the girl must've had some sort of tough life, most definitely one without a mother, if not one who had died in some sort an accident. A quick note was taken regarding this, and then pushed back into her brain for future reference.

    She was able to tell all of this through her quick thinking, while giving away practically nothing at all. Claire remained a closed box, not a single person capable of even guessing as to what was really going on in her brain. Her body gave away nothing, the same went with her eyes and the tone of her voice. Everyone in this room was a stranger; and potentially even skilled murderers, if she was to assume that some of them were very skilled in different professions. As such, it might be best to remain cautious for now.

    Either ways, no one left the room and a brunette had even stepped up to ask a few questions about their digital security. Claire guessed the credits got everyone's attention. She on the other hand, didn't even give it more of a glance than she gave the other objects in the room. It's funny how people think that greed can help solve humanity's predicament, when it was the very thing that got us in this hellhole of a situation in the first place. She sighed slightly to herself, but got back to what was happening. Scion answered her and the other man's questions, with Claire nodding slightly to show that she acknowledged it.

    "If we have any views of the building from the outside, and even schematics of those places your group has once infiltrated, it'd be good if I could take a look at them later to get an idea of how Hyperion buildings usually work.", and with that apathetically made comment, she remained silent once again, at this point really just waiting for Wilson to bring them to some sort of room to discuss this further.

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    Quote from Rainbow_Girl»

    I don't want help anymore. So you can stop wasting your time on someone who won't listen. I'd prefer being sworn at, personally.

    ... Well then, thanks for wasting our time and generosity then... I'll just leave it at that.

    I guess the only real good thing which came out of this episode was the Steampunk-Detective RP(and even then, it's actually directly attributed to Cloak). Which by the way, is still open to anyone who wishes to join in the discussion.

    Yea I'm doing a shameless plug for something still in development, sue me.

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    Careful. Careful. Caref- KNOCK. Suddenly caught off guard by a faint sound of what she thought was her name and a knock on a wooden surface, Tetra had nearly tossed her magnifying glass up into the air. Cautiously staring into the brass piece of machinery that had been held in place by a few clippers on her worktable, she sighed to herself softly. Nothing had been damaged.

    Tetra had been practically lazing around for the most part of the day in her home. She supposed she was practically really free to do whatever she wanted to today, but got way too absorbed into dissecting and investigating the piece of clockwork, as she's gotten used to calling it, that she'd bought a few months ago off the market. It was strange... she usually understood how machinery worked very easily.. but for some reason it was virtually impossible to find out what was powering this device. It had been ticking steadily since the day she found it, as evidenced by certain arrangements of the watch's long and short hand during certain parts of the day. In fact, you could even tell what time of day it was depending on how the hands were arranged, as she soon realised.

    Her mind beginning to wander off once again, she quickly got back to the real world with yet another knock at the door. She calmly put down her magnifying glass next to some instruments such as an assortment of rulers, and onto a simple sheet of papyrus, which displayed an almost complete sketch of the pocket watch. Tetra stood up and passed by her shelf filled with scrolls of all sorts, most of them detailing designs for mechanics and machines she'd made in her free time. A multitude of them were unfinished, and more haven't even been constructed in reality yet. She left her workroom, walking through some sand white hallways as she yawned to herself. Curse the human's need for sleep. Very slightly fatigued from having spent the whole of her last night piecing together a new and yet simple tool(which she eventually completed), she soon reached the door to see who had visited her today. It was a bit unusual, as she rarely had any guests.

    Unlocking a metallic lock and opening the door revealed a young teenager, who looked like she was around the age of 16, next to a cart filled with all sorts of different mechanical parts. Tetra, dressed in a simple brown shirt, which almost reached up to her neck, and some dark brown pants, looked a bit confusedly at her visitor for a while, before very quickly catching her memory back.

    "Hello Eide. Nice to see you again.", she spoke in a bit of a curious but polite tone, which was actually most often not the case. Tetra usually reserved a very dark and apathetic voice for most people as, well, she didn't have many friends. You could probably count her current acquaintances with just your two hands in all honesty. Feeling a little tired, she yawned softly once again, this time covering her mouth with her hand.

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    Sure, I'm ready.

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    In regards to the Hot Zone reboot Mafia, be sure to take your time. If other real life issues seem to be pressing very hard on you, try to get those done first before coming back here if needed. It'd be bad to have anymore unnecessary stress if you happen to already have a lot piling up on you.

    As for the steampunk detective roleplay, Cloak, GG, and I have been talking and discussing about it a lot in a PM. If you're interested in it, I'd be happy to let you into the PM to put in your thoughts as well.

    Rainbow, I'd tell you that not everyone actually starts out as a superbly good writer, but I think Cloak has stressed that enough. Don't beat yourself up, and just learn from your mistakes. It's really how everyone has got to where they are now, no matter how good they are at writing now.

    I think that's all I can say really. If you're going to continue believing that you literally can't do it and wallow in self-pity, then you're stuck.

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    Meh, this place might have a lot of RPs with cliché stories and roleplayers who don't understand, in the slightest, the concept of capital letters, but the real reason I haven't left for good yet is that there's still a moderate amount of interesting RPs being created by skilled roleplayers here(I'm going to use Mafia's Hot Zone as an example till I forget about it, but yea). Lots of RPs here have huge amounts of potential, it's just that they always tend to unusually die right before things even start going. And of course, there's still a community of roleplayers here who actually understand how to write, which I might've gotten quite attached to.

    One of the only reasons which would make me consider venturing out of this place forever is when things get so bad that the remaining good roleplayers migrate as well, which might not happen for a while, if not ever. So yea, I guess I'm staying here for now. Things might not be as good as most would like it to be, but it isn't horribly terrible yet.

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    I think guygombaa and Cloaked have done a great job elaborating on the entire situation. guygombaa even addresses the whole set of the 5 most popular(by this I mean threads with highest post count) RPs/threads to have existed so far. But I'd like to talk about it just a bit more. Just to prove my point and bring an end to this case. This might be a bit more unrelated to the situation at hand, but I think we've talked about it enough.

    It shouldn't come to me or anyone as a surprise that as I delved deeper into each of these threads, I came upon a bit of a trend which seems to be very apparent in all 4 of these roleplays.

    So, after randomly selecting a page and reading the first post... well... I'll let you judge from the ranging samples given here:

    Ulti's Bar & Grill - Page 1021

    Julie nods a little, smiling. She gets up and puts her usual outfit on before standing by the door, ready to go with Erion.

    Pokemon Topaz - Page 356

    Me: So emma... mind telling me why you were kissing spyro, and also why i should not toss you into the street.

    River: WASKOM!

    Me: anyone who can hurt there pokemon like this is a bad person, i don't care who you are.

    Pokemon RP - Page 82

    "I'm up!" Lucar said, leaping into the battle.

    Half Moon academy - Page 65

    Darius is passed out on the floor. He is almost motionless besides his breathing. He wont awake for several more hours when it is day time.

    Notice something?

    I'm not asking you to write a book in Shakespearean style every post... but is making a paragraph really that hard? Seriously, I'm not trying to insult anyone, but is it really so difficult? I'm not even that much of a grammar nazi, but some of the mistakes I found in the threads are a bit... appalling to say the least. There's no need to remind me that there are people who actually write well in some of these roleplays, but their detailed posts are way too hidden among the other usual one liners.

    It's strange and a bit unsettling to me in all honesty, as I always expected there to have been some sort of huge RP hidden in this forum's history, where great roleplayers and writers once came to collaborate and create interesting and innovative stories. But apparently, such a thing has yet to happen. And I fear that it will actually never happen. It seems that every roleplay which wishes to be popular must always end up sacrificing quality for a higher post count. Or as guygombaa elegantly puts it, become 'spammy'. And it's true. One liners are easily spammed. And thus, threads with a lot more one liners get more visibility, and thus, more roleplayers. The cycle goes on until something eventually happens to bring it to an end. I mean, LaaM has over 200 pages of posts. Impressive at a glance. But I dare you to go look up a random page and check the first post's quality. I think you'll find that what I say here is correct, or at least has some sort of truth to it.

    I'm afraid there isn't a happy conclusion to this. Intriguing new roleplays which actually deserve more attention such as Mafia's Hot Zone, breaker's Rekindle, George's Anything But Ordinary, and so much more often succumb to Sudden Death Syndrome within a relative few pages when compared to the other giants. Whether or not we really completely understand the causes of this syndrome yet I'll leave for another day, but the effects are quite clear.

    Great RPs most often die. 'Spammy' ones most often live. And I don't know whether or not this can even be solved.

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    Those were created and started literally years ago. They're also a tiny minority in the whole spectrum of RPs altogether. Compare them to just the other RPs with huge amounts of posts as well, and you'll notice that popular Minecraft roleplays are an extremely small minority. As for the two RPs you mentioned... From a quick glance, the Herobrine RP already appears to be dead and basically closed and just kept alive with OOC talk. LaaM... there are literally just one liners everywhere. Sometimes just two words. Two words. Is that an RP you'd really want to create? Sure, you might argue that they have over 200 pages of content, but what kind of quality do most of those posts have? To quote the great Sloop:

    Quote from Sloop»
    ((Being responsible for the current state of LaaM spawns a level of guilt that can not be repaired by blank compliments. Thanks, though.))

    Sloop. I don't know what to say but sorry. You have my sincerest sympathies.

    Either ways, back to the discussion at hand. If you really want to create an RP like that... well... I don't think you really need our advice on the subject. Besides, I think those two that you mentioned are the only ones I can even remember.

    But tell you what, I'll address it. It could just be me, but I've noticed a pattern that seems to be recurring with RPs with the high amounts of posts. The quality of posts are most often simple one-liners, a paragraph at best, or lots of OOC chatter. Seriously, choose a random page number and read the first post. They're often not of a high word count. I'm not trying to insult anyone, but this seems to be a huge trend with these RPs. And trust me when I say, it isn't exactly hard to fill up pages with lots of OOC chatter and one liners. Point being?

    RPs which allow for writers new to the trade to easily slip in and get attracted have better chances of living longer. Why? Imagine if you're a 12 year old newcomer to this section. Would you rather join a Minecraft roleplay, something you're familiar with, or would you join a complex and rich Steampunk-Detective Roleplay? Maybe you'd take just one glance at the latter, to see a person's incredibly long application. As in, an application you couldn't cover fully with your hand on the computer monitor. So yes, you'd switch to the Minecraft roleplay.

    This, coupled with the fact that there will always be more newbies than professionals creates the environment we're currently experiencing. There will definitely be no shortage of people who easily understand how to write a sentence saying what they feel without capital letters, and people who easily write huge amounts of OOC posts anytime soon. As such?

    Minecraft roleplays can thrive easily. If they're lucky enough to attract a substantial amount of loyal newbies quickly enough to sustain themselves. Believe me, I could easily create 50 pages of content by myself if all I had to do was write one liners for each post. Does this apply for everyone who joins Minecraft roleplays? No. Sometimes there are people like Sloop who can write detailed paragraphs of content, but he is one of a very small minority. A roleplay filled with one liners might be 'popular' but it wouldn't be one I'd like to join. If you'd like to, then go ahead. But if so, I'd think you're knocking on the wrong door for advice.

    To cover the subject of your RP's supposedly innovative plot. Here is a very elegant example of what not to do in an RP, provided by grnmachine:

    Okay so this rp happens (States random fandom) and (Adds plot twist) and feel free to join

    I know other Minecraft roleplays are more detailed, but can their level of detail match, let's say, oh I don't know, Mafia's amazing Hot Zone's opening post(revival coming soon)? No? Precisely.

    It's lazy and vague. I can do one too in just 30 seconds:

    The spider king, in all his glory, had united the arachnids all under a single flag. Together, their strength easily plows through Minecraftia, taking over plots of land without any difficulty whatsoever. Will you help in stopping him?

    Keep in mind that I could probably expand this in 2 more minutes to a word count similar to most Minecraft roleplays(including LaaM, Herobrine, and yours). With 10 minutes, I could even make an opening post bigger than these three all combined. Now, is there a mod about a spider king leading a legionnaire of spiders under him, using complicated weaponry such as cannons and machine guns to conquer Minecraft? No. Does it make it interesting? The answer is the same. Just adding a simple plot twist to a fandom/game in this way is easy and just pure lazy.

    And with that, I think my points have been made clear enough.

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    ((I'm still here. However, Tetra is still in stasis as of now.))

    Claire walked in as calmly as ever into the warehouse. Almost unexpectedly, the building itself was in poor condition, appearing to be practically abandoned and simply storing old wooden crates. Some of the windows were cracked, will others had been boarded up very carelessly with weathered wooden planks. However, it wasn't long before she noticed Wilson going off in front of a wall and seemingly just staring at a wall very intently. It took her half a second to see what he was really attempting to do. Making a bit of a pattern on the wall with his hand, a secret trapdoor opened directly next to him.

    Sighing into her gas mask, she climbed down the ladder after a few others. They'd entered a short corridor, of which Claire's gas mask seemed to have been heard easier. She allowed the sound of it to echo out slightly in the short vicinity of her, getting a feeling of the area through hearing the bouncing noises. Just as they entered yet another grey room, this one actually filled with people working on computers, she'd walked past an armed guard almost completely covered with his equipment. None of the people here seemed to care. As Claire just passed by the man, she seemed to return him the stare, her eyes looking as uncaring as ever, and yet intimidating in her unshakable confidence.

    After that, once Claire had very quickly taken note of the base's layout and the people around her, they went inside an office. It looked a bit organised, almost to the point of it easily replicating a real office. She watched as a man dressed in green camouflage attire, supposedly Scion, stood up and introduced himself as so. She listened attentively, with her arms crossed and standing at a corner of the room, yet not to the point of leaning on a wall. She found the organisation's goals interesting... she's yet to really find a group of people like this... well other than the Crimson and Shadows. But officially, those no longer exist. Most definitely suspicious, she decided to just listen for now. If this was legitimate, she'd most definitely assist them without any sort of monetary reward.

    As he paused to see if anyone would leave due to lack of interest, Claire allowed her eyes to scan the room once more, before going on to listen to his briefing. Scion explained his plan and their target. Once he finished, the woman raised her hand up very collectedly, her eyes looking back at the map covered in thumbtacks, before going on to ask a question.

    "I assume we have an understanding of Hyperion Industries' means of security? If so, I'd like to take a look at their level of security and the tech they've already installed.", she spoke in a composed manner, yet still as apathetic as ever, as she then patiently waited for her answer.

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    Alright, PM created. As to anyone reading this in the future/right now who's interested in the idea and would like to share their ideas/help in development, just leave a message here and you'll be added into the discussion.

    Yep, guygoomba makes a good point. Most people interested in games, while intrigued by it's established universe, mostly enjoy it due to the gameplay itself. If not, well, why not just read a book about the game then? Or a graphic novel if you're also into visuals. Or maybe even a television series while you're at it. Point is, unless the story is so damn captivating that it just needs a roleplay(i.e. something Minecraft lacks altogether), you probably shouldn't make a roleplay based off a game.

    Unrelated, but strangely enough, there seems to be a whole set of genres based of Cyberpunk(basically, they all end with 'punk').

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