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    posted a message on Neo Mad Hatter’s Realm: We're a Bedrock Edition survival world, with a special safe haven village.

    Neo Mad Hatter’s Realm

    We're a Bedrock Edition survival world, with a special safe haven village.

    Instructions on how to join can be found in our discord!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/XsFf5M2PZm

    A brand new SMP world looking for members!

    About our server world

    When you first join, you will find yourself in the Village of Mr Enderman. This is a unique safe haven for our world. You may look at it and say, hey I thought this was a survival world!? IT IS! Everything outside of the Town of Mr Enderman is a normal survival world.

    What's unique about the Village of Mr Enderman? Well it's super safe spawn area. It has been set up with multiple protections to ensure you can't die from anything in the town, falling, lava, drowning, spawn killing, massive TNT explosion, all impossible to do in town. In fact you can't even destroy or place down blocks. Outside of the village is a completely normal survival world for you to explore.


    1. Don't grief! No one likes to have their work destroyed. If you choose to join our server keep this in mind, this is a place to have fun with your new Minecraft friends.
    2. Respect the Admins decisions, repeatedly breaking the rules will get you banned from the server.
    3. Do not steal rare items or treasure of other players. If you know the items belong to someone else, don't take them. However as time passes we may start having abandoned bases, in which case it's ok to take some items if you are mostly sure it's abandoned. Do not rob it blind though even if you think it's abandoned.
    4. Keep things PG-13, a wide age range plays Minecraft, inappropriate activities & vocabulary will get you banned.
    5. Admins will not give you items or gear. This is a survival world, there are no handouts. Even the admin started out with nothing, everything in this server is earned through the normal process of Minecraft.
    6. No Cheating or glitching, this is meant to be a classic survival world, no glitching or duping.
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    posted a message on Help setting up safe zone on Realms world

    I am struggling to find a place that outlines how to create a safe zone of sorts for my Minecraft world on realms. Or really any good guides on coding stuff in Minecraft with Command blocks or otherwise.

    Basically want a non-killing non-block breaking or placing area for people who join the world can have a safe spot to get in without getting spawned killed or something.

    Anyone know what I need to do to make something like this happen? What code I need to enter into the chat or command block.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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