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    posted a message on The Finish Mod (or whatever, I don't know what to call it)

    Heres the mod I am requesting

    You finally have reached the end, you take out all the endercrystals and you kill the dragon. When you go back to the world, everything is different.

    So after you defeat the enderdragon

    Zombies and skeletons will have different skins, look like humans, and will only hurt you if you attack them ( They also wont burn in sunlight anymore)

    Spiders will turn tiny and can be squashed. They will only hurt you if you hurt them.

    Creepers will look like humans with a peice of tnt in their hand and will only place tnt if you attack them (Their attack is they place tnt, light it up and run away)

    Enderman will have human skin and will build house by placing blocks (only hurt you if you hurt them, maybe throw blocks at you?)

    Witches will turn into villagers that defend themselves with potions and trade potions and enchanting.

    Endermite and Silverfish will be peaceful little animals (can be squashed) Does not hurt you

    The Wither and Ghasts will be superheros that can fly and shoot wither heads/Fireballs ( will only hurt you if you hurt it)

    Zombie Pigman will be regular pigman that will trade nether items

    slimes/magma cubes will be tiny little slimes that are different colors that you can tame and keep as pets

    The enderdragon egg will grow into a little baby peaceful enderdragon. If it loses all its health it will turn evil and turn all monsters back to normal

    This all will happen after you kill the Enderdragon because the enderdragon is actually a very powerful witch that turned itself into a dragon and mutated all the people and bugs into monsters

    Maybe, if you can, make it compatible with other mods and will make mobs in other mods only hurt you if you hurt them

    Also have an option in the settings to turn this on and off

    Please make this because I think it makes no sense that all the monsters still hurt you even after you kill the enderdragon

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    posted a message on Epic SUPER MARIO GALAXY MAP!
    Can u please add stuff from the mario mod? That will make it a little bit better
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    posted a message on [Idea] Realism Survival Mod (Make survival about survival!)
    I really wish there was a mod that did this. Terrafirmacraft sucks
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