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    Huh. Interesting.

    Oh, I had a thought or two while waiting for my trees to grow - what if the 'leaky' wood barrels irrigated blocks in a short - maybe 1 block - radius? I know you -can- farm without water, but this would be a small improvement for early game. You still need a bucket for almost anything practical, and this would make it slightly easier to not-starve without a lucky acorn. (I accidentally fell off with all my oak saplings in hand on a birch map, haven't seen another one since.

    Also, using Extra Utilities and this mod's world gen features it was really easy to create a skyblock to my specifications - much as I appreciate the 'official' companion map, it seriously bothers me to have snow in a square or two, rain in another square or two, and nothing in the third set o' squares. So I made my own and it turns out it's a plains next to a magical forest biome, which led me to researching the pech and discovering that with luck and lots of gold/diamonds/stuff, you can get almost everything you need to ascend the Thaumcraft ladder. Tedious, but possible. I like the idea of using Nether Quartz to create Thaumcraft shards, on another random note.

    Assuming I can get a pech to spawn, which I'm intending to try and force after getting that last iron bar for a bucket for my cobble generator so I can actually seriously consider getting any reasonable quantity of glass.

    ((I picked up Extra Utilities specifically for the Angel Block and shelved it after I made my skyblock, until such time as I research it further.
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    If I can get used to anything that isn't vanilla, I'll be using this on my stream, I think.

    I play BTW with the BTW addon to this mod currently.

    Thanks for the TP - it looks pretty!

    As I understand it, using this TP for video/screenies does not require credit, which is good because it's hard to blanket-statement things on my stream (or at least I haven't figured out how to add some kind of MOTD), but if anyone asks I'll direct them here. :)
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    Quote from wintermuet

    Old timers?
    ********, noob.
    Refer to my signature.

    Yes this. Notch wanted it to be an RPG. A cliche RPG. That happens to also be a creativity toy.

    Up to this point, it's a creativity toy with some RPG elements.

    Now it's straddling the line.

    I like it, and a lot of other people do, too.

    Also, the only people who really get screwed by not using potions/enchantments are people playing on vanilla 1.9 pvp servers against people who are using potions/enchantments.

    Just because you choose not to use something doesn't mean the rest of us don't want the option to use it.
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    Quote from xDialtone

    Hm, is it me, or can I not make an animal spawner (not a monster)? I made a 6*6 Grassy square, hoping to get some animals to spawn and no luck so far. Yes it is also well lit. I can't seem to find anything about making a animal spawn, wonder if there is something about this map that doesn't let me? Or if i need to be at a certain Y Value?

    In 1.8 (I think) and 1.9 (definitely) mobs no longer follow the old spawning rules. On the plus side (for normal maps) there's mob breeding now but ... well.

    No neutral mobs for this challenge post 1.9. :sad.gif: Except squid, but squid don't count because everyone hates them.
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