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So, intead of writing "I am a sexy beast." I'm going to put something meaningful up here.

I'm going to start with me in this forum, instead of me as a person.

****, I love this community I've been apart of for so long. By this - I do mean the roleplaying community. We've had our share of tough times, 'civil wars', confusion, and loss of loved members, but in the end, we've all pulled through, and we're all one big happy family.

I remember starting off, feeling really humble and shy. The first RP I ever tried to join was called The Final Exploit, by AFYTracks (Just AFY, now), who is currently a Show Your Creation moderator. At the time, and even now, it likely has the most pages any RP has ever managed to accumulate. At nearly 500 pages when it died, it was an imposing thing for a newbie like me to stumble upon. But, I decided to give it a try.

You see, I used to RP a lot in the old days. I wasn't the greatest. I didn't have that much skill, but I was dedicated and I enjoyed it immensely. Now before you pipe up: 'But Neil! You're only 14! The only days for you must of been like, eight!', I'd just like to let you know - yes, that was the age I started roleplaying. And hell, at my age I wasn't half bad. I didn't grasp the general concept of grammar, but it's what set me on my path.

Anyways, I eventually lost interest, and about a year ago (At the time I'm writing this, a year and a month exactly)I joined The Final Exploit. I don't have very many memories of it, as I joined just as it was on it's last (nearly invincible, mind you) leg, but it still holds a place in my heart.

Oh, Chatix, thanks for getting me back into this by the way. I'd never be here if I never met you on Novalia. I miss those days. Big props to you.

Along the way I managed to meet many new friends and people I actually care about, believe it or not. Absolete was a guy who meant really well. Though a lot of people didn't see it through his... Less than polite attitude, he was a great roleplayer and managed to change this forum a lot from what it used to be. Snerus was a guy with immense talent - but he disappeared. HugTheZombies is another great guy, who helped me plant my roots here. Stingray was a guy that, though relatively new to some of the 'veterans' time, is one of the best and most dependent guys I know.

See, the thing is, I can ramble all day about how much this forum means to me. It means a LOT to me. I'm writing this at one in the morning, with no proofreading, for gods sake. I just want to spit this out and confess ****.

Anyways, overtime, I made my own RP. Viral Beasts. And ****, it went well. I had a lot of support, lots of friends, and I was participating in multiple RP's. Now, with about 110 pages, it's one of the most successful RP's on the forum, and I couldn't done it without the community. And hell, it's not even halfway done yet.

I also wrote some guidelines to the Fan Art section, which was were all the experienced RPers would, well, RP back then before we got our own section. It was well received, and even stickied, but... People took it as rules, and a lot of the morale went down, and hostility went up. Thus, entered the darker (few) days of my 'career'.

Soon after it was stickied, I was appointed as a Moderator, and I knew little about what I was to do, but I tried my best. I kept doing what I thought was right - what I was doing before I became a mod. Explaining to people 'Participate before you create' whenever a newbie would create an RP before they joined one. And, I admit, this probably wasn't a good thing at all.

Through a bunch of mistakes I had made, the thread was unstickied and I had lost my job. I suppose it's all for the best. I'm not going into further detail, because that would just end up being opinions, and honestly I really don't know what happened.

After that, I slowly became disappointed in myself and drifted away a bit. I got a lot more distant and moved on to other things. To pique my interest once again, I created another roleplay. Once again, it was well received - but I just wasn't feeling it. It moved incredibly slowly, and despite being around for months, only has 16 pages still. But, this is my fault. And I'm coming back to all these things, and rebuilding my status in this community.

Somewhere in between all this, we got our own forum. This did some good and bad things - now we are intermixed with the people who don't know how to type a damn sentence, but they get to learn from us, I guess. It'll all work out in the end.

So as I reestablish myself here, I just want to let you all know that I love this place dearly and no matter how inactive I get I will always try to get back. Drowned Shores and Viral Beasts are getting their plots moved on - we won't get stuck. I can promise you this.
Interests I like to wake up at seven AM. I like to be fresh, and go downstairs. I have to have my bowl, I've gotta have my cereal. The clock ticks on and on, and everybody is rushing. I've gotta make it to the bus stop. I gotta catch my bus, but I'd rather be with my friends.

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