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    Ahoy there!

    Welcome to the Settlers SMP, a relatively small (UK based) active server dedicated to fun, Big Builds, Minigames, Jokes being creative (however that means to you!) and Community (cheesy I know). We are a band of good friends who all wanted to play together on a server and now want to open this up to some new friendly faces!

    The server has been online for roughly 7 months on this seed as we were testing out what works and doesn't and in that time we have collectively built nether transportation systems, large and small farms, our own big bases and we have now started on "spawn" building shops and comunal builds and a fair few pranks! (My house ended up being filled with iron golems...)

    Each member of settlers brings something to the table be it, Redstone prowess, Taraforming mastery, Minigames, Building wonders or just good jokes on discord and ingame! It would be great if you could join us!

    We have some very simple rules:

    1. Dont Be a Douche - This includes, Griefing, Cheating, Hacking, Being Abusive, Stealing, And generaly not being polite.
    2. Dont use Xray or other mods that give you an unfair advantage (spectator / Voxel live map with mobs and players on it)

    3. Dont abuse game mechanics to duplicate items.

    4. Have fun, be creative, and enjoy yourself!

    Mods / Datapacks on the server:
    Vanilla Tweeks
    Carpet (Purely for performance monitoring)
    - Phosphor
    - Lithium

    We have both a Creative AND Survival world running on our seed, This is so Settlers can work out whats good or bad for a build before diving in and building it and wasting so much time!

    The server is running on the best possible hardware privately owned and maintained for the smoothest MC experiance as well as potential for expansion :)

    We have a very selective and limited number of slots for the server and as such we are very selective in who should join. but please dont let that get in the way of you joining us! We are all lovely people :D (Friends are welcome as long as they agree to the rules aswell :D)

    Your welcome to join our discord to chat: WQp499GdrC
    Or add me on Discord at Neek#6094

    If not via discord your welcome to post below and let us know alittle bit about yourself! :)

    Are you older than 18?:
    What kind of things do you enjoy doing in MC?:
    What kind of Minecrafter are you:
    What do you enjoy most about playing with other people?
    Are you comfortable being on voice-coms?:
    What country are you from?

    I cant wait to hear from you :) if you want to take a look around or chat I'm always available! :D

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