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    posted a message on Modern SMP // 1.16+ vanilla does not run on annoying spigot, bukkit, or paper! Whitelisted // 70+ member discord

    Modern SMP is an SMP server that runs on the latest version of the game!

    Unlike bukkit or Spigot servers we don't have annoying patching for no reason because we use something more vanilla called fabric!

    The server is almost pre vanilla if it wasn't for small data packs like player head drops and 1 player sleep.

    The server has a whitelist to prevent anyone from joining!

    Here is the discord

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    posted a message on Looking for staff, builders, and a developer! We pay staff!

    Hello I can do a little coding but not much I can edit an ad YT video pic or anything I can make a texture pack I can spot hacker very good and I can build very good I did have a server in the past and I can do a little bit of everything!!! And I am very good with tech

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    posted a message on N/A

    Am I too late?

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    posted a message on New Server Looking For Staff (WILL PAY FOR WORK)

    The link is not valid :( set the link to never expire and is there an age limit?

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    posted a message on Calisto City 🏙️ | Looking for Mods | Admins | Developers | Builders (Paid)

    IGN: Need_Not
    Time Zone: (PDST)
    The position you are applying for:admin
    Why you want to join: because I can get board playing hypixel all day, and I know I would be perfect for the job
    How you help the server: I make sure all rules are being followed and people are having fun
    Why we should choose you: because I know administration is like make sure everything is OK but I can do much more. . . I can make an ad for the server, make a texture pack, build games, fix any computer related server problems, and I do own a server.
    How you are unique from the other applicants: I know a lot about tech and can do a little bit of everything!!
    What times you are most often on and how long you can be on each day: well I can try from 12pm to 5pm, but I don't really have a schedule but I can most everyday do 3 - 7 hours

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