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    posted a message on Should the End get another Update or should be left alone?

    Yeah I never understood the whole beetroot thing either. Pumpkin would make sense because you can use them as a mask and look at Endermen. But also it's not like you can grow beetroots in the End anyways because there's no dirt or water, I mean you can bring your own but still, and technically there's no sunlight either so no plants should not be able to grow regardless.

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    It seems pretty unanimous (especially if Google translate was right) that everyone wants another End Update.

    As far as overhauling the End, it would be pretty tough to guess what Mojang would do to update it since it is pretty empty. The only thing I can come up with is that it would probably be VERY exploration heavy because if they're going to tie in other mechanics than they would most likely involve rechallenging the Ender Dragon. Every time you defeat the Ender Dragon, a new End Gateway appears, letting you explore a new corner of the outer islands.

    If I'm right in that it would be very exploration heavy and that Mojang would want us to fight the Ender Dragon multiple times then there's probably very little chance of them adding a new boss. Which would be a bit of a shame since the Wither was the last boss we got (I'm not counting the Warden since we aren't really supposed to fight it).

    There might be more of focus on floating structures you could only realistically reach using an Elytra, like a giant floating castle in the sky.

    I don't know how I feel about new biomes though, the Nether has the whole hell aesthetic and the Overworld is just Earth (kinda) so they have plenty of inspiration to work with. The End is a void, being empty is the point. It would be interesting if maybe, instead of regular biomes, some of the islands were actually bits and pieces of the Overworld and Nether that were mysteriously pulled into the End. And in the Overworld and Nether, similar to abandoned portal frames, there's just parts of the environment that are missing and infested with Endermites.

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    The End has always been a fairly straight forward dimension, originally it was just a boss fight arena but then we got the Outer Islands and all of the content surrounding them, including the Elytra and Shulker Boxes which are super useful. Despite that update, those Outer Islands are still pretty barren and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.

    Those Islands aren't just end game content, they're post game content. Yeah Minecraft doesn't really "end" but the Ender Dragon is meant to be the final boss of the game. I can't see Mojang justify fully fleshing out the Outer Islands with numerous different biomes and structures and challenges when all of that additional content is locked behind the Ender Dragon fight.

    What do you guys think? Should the End be left alone or do you think it's still missing something?

    I don't think the End is perfect but I don't know how much they could really add without changing what it is.

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    posted a message on Add the other two elements

    For simplicity's sake I'll just call them the Water Elemental and Earth Elemental because I can't really come up with a clever name for them.

    I think the Water Elemental would be a great addition for Ocean Biomes, they could this whirlpool monsters that pull players and mobs (especially Zombies to turn them into Drowned) under water to drown them and they could spawn near ship wrecks.

    The Water Rod would be perfect for crafting the Trident, similar to the Wind Rod and the Mace. I don't know what the second item (the fork part of the trident) required for crafting the Trident should be. Maybe defeating an Elder Guardian will drop a Trident Fragment, get 3 Fragments and you can use them with the Water Rod to craft a Trident.

    A Water Charge is a little tricky because while the Elemental would absolutely be able to throw them, that doesn't necessarily mean that we will, kinda like the the Fire Charges.

    The Earth Elemental could a lot of fun. Maybe it could have variants depending on what material it's based on, and when you kill one, it doesn't just drop an Earth Rod but also the blocks it was made of (stone, dirt, gravel, sand, ores, and so on). Since we have different types of stone there could be stronger variants of the Earth Elemental depending on how deep you are underground.

    Another fun mechanic we could add is that maybe it could heal itself by picking up blocks. So if a creeper explodes, leaving behind a bunch of stone, the Earth Elemental could pick them up the stone and restore it's health.

    As for the Earth Rod, it would probably be used to create a brand new item/block and at that point it could literally be anything.

    As much as I would love for the Earth Charge to just be a rock you can throw at people, I think I can come up with a more fun use, maybe you can use it to throw blocks as projectiles. You have a random block in your main hand and the Earth Charge in your off hand, right clicking with it will use up the Earth Charge and launch the block as projectile.

    The damage of the projectile is dependent on how the hard the block is. Obsidian would deal more damage then stone.

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    posted a message on Fire Mace

    I think the Heavy Core is going to have more uses in the future and we'll be able to craft it with the Blaze Rod to create a Fire Mace and the current Mace we have in game will be renamed to the Wind Mace.

    If they do end up adding a Water or Earth variant of the Blaze/Breeze, they I think their drops will also be used to create new Maces but they don't exist so I'll just talk about the Fire Mace.

    For the current Mace, Mojang definitely wants us to use the Wind Charge with it, they are made for each and have a lot of synergy.

    For the Fire Mace that would be tough as the Fire Charge is essentially just a one use Flint and Steel and can only be launched with the dispenser. So instead the Fire Charge will have it's own unique interaction with the Fire Mace.

    When you right click while holding the Fire Charge and Fire Mace, you'll stick the Fire Charge into the Mace. And for a short period of timing, the Fire Mace will enter a "Burning" state: it'll do more damage, set mobs on fire, and it would look pretty cool.

    Now there is a risk to use the Fire Mace; while in the Burning State, the durability will slowly tick down and when that Burning State is over, you will (violently) explode, or at least the Fire Mace will. This explosion will of course damage you and taking a good chunk off the Mace's durability.

    There are two ways to get around this:

    1. Toss it. Just chuck it, let someone else pick it. Turning minecraft combat into a more dangerous version of Hot Potato.

    2. Right click again. This will launch/expel the Fire Charge out of the Fire Mace in whatever direction you're pointed at.

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    posted a message on Craft cobwebs from string.

    Forget about crafting, add a whole new mob: A friendly spider that you chuck string at and they'll weave it into webs for you.

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    posted a message on Turning Allay into Vex

    I'm not trying to bump this but after the new snapshot I just wanted to check to see if a phone was ringing, cause I CALLED IT.

    They changed the Vex model to look like an evil Allay! Even if we aren't able to have Vex as allies we might still be able to turn an Allay into a Vex soon.

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    posted a message on Hidden Curses

    If I see an item with a Cursed Enchantment in a chest, I usually just leave it there. Curses are a mechanic that I just don't interact with because why would I?

    But what if you don't see them at first?

    Imagine this: It's the early game and you're exploring a cave system and find a dungeon, you disable the spawner and then check the chests.

    You find a Iron Chestplate with Protection 4 and you think the game is being a bit too generous with the loot.

    So instead of putting it on, you put it through a Grindstone with an Amethyst Shard and instead of removing the enchantments, it actually reveals that the item has a Curse of Binding. When you place an item into the Grindstone with an Amethyst Shard, the result won't reveal if it has a Curse until you actually click on and remove it.

    I think this would a good way to get more use out of Amethyst and to force players to interact with Curses.

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    posted a message on The Ultimate Jukebox

    I think the current Jukebox is a bit outdated but instead of replacing it, we could simply make a new one that functions a bit more like an actual Jukebox.

    The new Jukebox will be very similar to the Chiseled Bookshelves but instead of storing books you'll of course be able to store discs inside them and you can store up to 6 music disks at a time.

    On the front side of the block, there will be 6 small buttons, pressing a button will play one of the music disks in the Jukebox, pressing it again will make it stop.

    Right-clicking the Jukebox with a music disk will place the music disk inside the Jukebox and it will make one of the buttons light up, the color of the button will change based on the color of the music disk it's tied to. Shift right-clicking will remove the last music disk you inserted.

    When the Jukebox is powered by Redstone/Lever, it will play the songs in order.

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    posted a message on Monster Trap

    A Monster Trap would be a new way to transport mobs and a way to get more use out of Monster Spawners outside of mob farms.

    Essentially, every time you break a Monster Spawner, you'd get a Spawner Frame Piece. Collecting 8 of them will let you craft a Monster Trap. The recipe will be the same as a chest but with the Frame Pieces instead of wood.

    The Monster Trap looks more like a bear trap at first and you can place it on the ground, if a mob walks over the Monster Trap, it will close and trap the mob inside of it. While closed/holding a Mob, it looks a lot more like a Monster Spawner but the edges of the trap are more defined.

    If you break the Monster Trap with a pickaxe, the mob will be released but you still get the empty Monster Trap back. If you want to pick it up with the mob still inside, you have the break the trap using Silk Touch.

    You can release the mob in two ways.

    -1- If the Monster Trap is placed as a block, you can right click it and it will open and release the mob. This will give the trap a bit of a cooldown before it can activate again just so it doesn't instantly trap the mob again.

    -2- If you're holding the Monster Trap with the mob inside, you can release the mob by just right clicking the ground with it.

    Now onto what mobs the Monster Trap actually works on.

    Just to get it out of the way, no you can't use this to trap The Wither, The Ender Dragon, The Warden, or even The Ravager.

    You also can't trap Endermen or mobs that are flying or swimming. Endermen will just teleport away before they can be captured and flying mobs can't step on the Monster Trap to trigger it, so no Ghasts, Blazes, or Allay. You can't place the Monster Trap underwater, the water will just break it, releasing the mob, even if you somehow managed to capture something. So you have to capture mobs on land.

    Non-Zombified Piglins, Villagers, Witches, and Illagers will try to avoid stepping on Monster Trap but they can still be captured, you'll have to knock them into it.

    Other Mobs won't notice the trap, so you just need to lure them into it.

    Basically the Monster Trap is like a weird mix of a bear trap and a pokeball.

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    posted a message on Should you be able to Silk Touch a Spawner?

    Almost every material for brewing is a mob drop, and like you said, I'm still relying on RNG with natural spawning.

    I don't know if it's just me but I do go through potions pretty quickly, so brewing a bunch ahead of time at least lets me just grab an extra potion and then go back to what I was doing before, as opposed to having to stop what I'm doing to brew some more. It's not about using every single potion I brew, it's more about having a good surplus so I don't need to worry about using potions. It's pretty much the same with food, if you build a potato farm and have a surplus, you're probably not going to eat all of them, you're probably growing more than you're eating them.

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    posted a message on Should you be able to Silk Touch a Spawner?

    I think the main issue stems from mob drops.

    Mob farming is a necessity in Minecraft, at least in the current state of the game, because there's a lot of reliance on mob drops.

    To beat the game you NEED Ender Pearls and Blaze Rods. Originally you could only get both from Endermen and Blazes but now you can just barter with Piglins for the Pearls, Blaze Rods are still an issue though, since Mojang still want to keep Minecrafts "gameplay loop" of getting to the End. But if you run out of Eyes of Ender on your way to the Stronghold, or you don't have enough to complete the End Portal, you'll have to go back to the Nether to get more Blaze Rods.

    And before that they made Blaze Powder a fuel source for Brewing Stands! AND you need it for Strength Potions.

    If you didn't need a Blaze farm to beat the game, you'll need one for Potion brewing.

    Gunpowder can only be obtained from Creepers, Ghasts, or chest loot. Gunpower becomes a necessity to travel around with Elytra.

    Tridents only drop, VERY RARELY, from Drowned and the Trident is the only effective way to fight underwater.

    Prismarine Blocks can only be obtained by clearing an entire Ocean Monument but you can also get the crafting materials for Prismarine Blocks from the Guardians. So why not just turn the first Ocean Monument you beat into a farm so you don't have to clear multiple underwater dungeons just for some decorative blocks?

    I don't think I've ever crafted a regular arrow in Minecraft, why would I go looking for Gravel and hope they drop flint and go find a chicken to kill and hope it drops a good amount of feathers, when I could just kill a Skeleton? I'm pretty sure the arrow drop rate is higher than Flint from Gravel. Honestly I prefer just bartering with Piglins for Spectral Arrows, feels easier to get than normal arrows, I don't even need to fight anything.

    A lot of the progression relies too much on RNG so getting rid of mob farms is hard because players need them to play the game.

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    posted a message on How Piglins make Potions - another Nether Update

    I had no idea how to name this.

    These are multiple suggestions based around the same idea: how do Piglins make potions? This is from the perspective of, if Piglins were following the same rules as the player in terms of survival but they're still stuck in the Nether. If the player was stuck in the Nether, they just wouldn't be able to make potions, we'd be missing 2 important things: water and glass. Neither are obtainable in the Nether.

    -1- Adding Dripstone to the Nether and it can be used to extract Water from Crying Obsidian

    Using Dripstone with a Cauldron would be perfect to get water into the Nether for water bottles. The Cauldron is the only way to have water in the Nether without it evaporating but we'd still need a water source, but since Water blocks can't exist in the Nether, why not give Crying Obsidian a practical use and have it act as the water source?

    -2- Soul Glass

    By placing Soul Sand in a furnace, you can create Soul Glass blocks. They look like Blue Glass Blocks but they emit light and can be used to craft items that require regular Glass Blocks (like bottles).

    -3- Iron Ore in the Nether

    The Piglins have to be getting it from somewhere, they have chains and lanterns and you can find iron ingots and nuggets in the Bastion chests, so why not just add Iron as a new Nether ore? It would be the same as the Gold Ore in the Nether, giving you nuggets instead of ingots. We'd also need Iron to be naturally generated so we could make Cauldrons for the 1st Suggestion.

    With all of these added, it would be possible to create Cauldrons and Bottles, and fill them with water. All of the other brewing materials for Fire Resistance (Blaze Powder and Magma Cream) are already native to the Nether.

    Extra Suggestions:

    -4- Adding Brewing Stands to Bastions

    They have to brew potions somehow. I think they should also have Crying Obsidian and Cauldrons set up so they can get water.

    -5- Piglins drink Fire Resistance potions if they're set on fire.

    Why is it that if I throw a stack of Gold at a Piglin, they seem to have a never ending supply of Fire Resistance Potions yet they will let themselves burn to death in lava?

    -6- Piglins will equip Soul Speed boots if they're standing on Soul Sand/Soil.

    Same logic as 5, they should be able to use the equipment they carry around. Also since all Soul Speed boots from Piglins are Iron, you'd be able to visually tell if a Piglin is wearing them since they prefer Gold Armor.

    -7- Piglin Berserker

    A new type of Piglin that you can identify because they wear a full set of Iron Armor (with Soul Speed Boots) and an Iron Sword, and like the Brute, they will always be aggressive towards you. What makes them really different is that they use potions in combat. If you were stuck in the Nether, there'd be plenty of other types of Potions you could make beyond Fire Resistance, the Berserker uses Strength and Regeneration Potions to turn themselves into a force to be reckoned with. When you beat them, they drop some of their potions

    I think it would be a fun mini-boss that will just be wandering alone around the Nether. I like the idea of other Piglins avoiding the Berserker since they'd be the only type of Piglin that normally wears Iron instead of Gold.

    We could have a tougher version that uses an Axe, but I think that might be a bit too overwhelming.

    -8- Soul Bottles and Soul Potions

    So this is, of course, an add on to the Soul Glass suggestion. It's not totally necessary since we just need a way to get glass in the Nether but I'm already 7 suggestions deep at this point, so why not add a new Potion type while I'm at it?

    Instead of making regular Bottles using Soul Glass, you'd make Soul Bottles, the only real difference between them and a regular bottle would be that they have a blue tint to them, Soul Bottles can still be used to hold water.

    If you use a Soul Bottle to craft a Potion instead of a regular bottle, you'd create a new type of Potion, a Soul Potion. But it's not like Lingering and Splash, it's more like an additional trait to Potions instead of full separate type, so you can even make Soul Lingering and Soul Splash Potions too, doubling the amount of potions in Minecraft. Soul Potions will have blue enchantment effect instead of purple and they'll have 2 effects:

    -If it's a buff Potion (Like Strength or Regen), the Soul Potion will only affect the person used the Potion.

    -If's a debuff Potion (Like Poison or Slowness), the Soul Potion will affect everyone but the person who used it.

    With this new change, all of the Potions you can obtain from the Nether will be replaced with their Soul Variants. Now this would be extremely useful, as you can use the AOE and instant uses of Splash and Lingering Potions without the drawbacks. Instantly giving yourself Strength or Regeneration without the worry of making whomever you're fighting stronger, or worse accidentally Poisoning yourself with your own potion.

    Regular Splash and Lingering Potions would still be useful for when you want to heal or buff other players or mobs but even then, if this was added, I think we'd need a harder way to get smelt Soul Glass, maybe you'd only be able to smelt Soul Sand into Glass if we're using a Lava Bucket or Blaze Rods as fuel?

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    posted a message on Should you be able to Silk Touch a Spawner?

    I didn't even think about the griefing potential. Crafting them should definitely be off the table...I'm just imagining someone creating a wall of spawners around somebody's base.

    Maybe picking up Spawners can still be fine-ish? In a multiplayer setting, all someone has to do is break the Spawner once and then it's gone for good. Afterall, there's only 2 Silverfish Spawners in each Minecraft world and dungeons aren't that common and like you said Creepers, thankfully, don't have Spawners.

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    posted a message on Should you be able to Silk Touch a Spawner?

    I was going to put this in suggestions but I started to think about how it would change the game.

    Mob farms are already a huge part of Minecraft, personally I think this would only really change where the mob farms are created.

    The only part of that I feel weird about are the Blaze Spawners, you’d no longer need to go to the Nether to obtain Blaze Rods since you could just build the Blaze Farm in the Overworld and that just feels kinda weird.

    So maybe instead of just being able to Silk Touch a Spawner, maybe we have to set up certain conditions/blocks to make it work, like the Conduit. Blaze Spawners won’t work unless it’s in the Nether, Cave Spider Spawners won’t work unless they’re below a certain y level and so on.

    What do you guys think, there are plenty of mods that let you pick up or even craft Spawners but does it have a place in the game? Or do you think there needs to be an additional mechanic to make being able to pick up/craft Spawners work?

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