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    posted a message on How can I open a copy of my Mojang server world so I can try out different builds?

    Umm i think u should just see the name world folder in your mojang server folder because that world is the world on your server so if you want just copy paste the world folder of your server That's all you want to know and remember copy paster not cut and paste because that will corrupt your world of server

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    posted a message on Ports won't open

    What ip you put in port forwarding dont put the online ip

    Process for ip:

    1) Open cmd

    2) in cmd type ipconfig

    3) there will be a line called ipv4 there will be the ip

    4) put the ip at the place where website ask for ip

    that's all

    if i am right then this process will work and if you get this again problem then see that you have put both tcp and udp

    and if u see both then use both or it will give error that's all you have to do after then also it give error

    check server properties both port in server properties should be 25565 and at ip place in server properties type

    you ip which u put while portforwarding that's all it will not give problem anymore


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    posted a message on Any ideas why entering The End causes massive lag on a vanilla server?

    Do you have clearlagg on your server then it different problem.

    If you have clearlagg then try reseting every thing default

    If it still countinues then i dont know

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