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    posted a message on [Request]Can someone create a mask for me? Or a good texture

    I made a texture for this as a helmet and item, saved as attachments here:

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    posted a message on Mod Idea: Mobs have higher health and damage the further from spawn they are

    If you've used many mods or modpacks that add more equipment or more ways to become more powerful, you may have found that mobs eventually become so weak compared to you that it would be practically impossible for them to ever kill you. At this point, only mobs or bosses added by mods could be a challenge, but after killing them you will almost always get better equipment from them that makes them much easier.

    You could try installing some more mods that make mobs more powerful, but that usually just makes the beginning of the game much harder while making the endgame only slightly more difficult.

    The problem is that, while you progress, mob difficulty is constantly lowering relative to you and the only time it goes up is in other dimensions (and with mods those dimensions usually give you even more ways to become powerful).

    My idea for a solution to this problem is having a mod that makes enemies spawn with more health and damage the further from spawn they are. This would let the start of the game not be too difficult unless you wanted to go further from spawn and fight more powerful mobs, and when you get much better equipment you can just go really far from spawn so combat stays challenging.

    I have searched for a mod that does this, but the only things like this I could find where some Bukkit plugins from 2 or 3 years ago, and apparently you can't download Bukkit anymore.

    So would anyone want to make a mod that causes mobs to have their maxHealth and attackDamage multiplied based on how many blocks away from spawn they spawned?

    EDIT: I found a mod that does this! http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/238161-mob-options

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    posted a message on A mod that lets you keep your inventory on death, but still lose exp

    I usually have keepInventory set to true because I don't like losing all my items when I die, but then there isn't really a reason to avoid dying other than not having to travel all the way back to where you died. This gave me the idea to install the More Health Enchanted mod, and change the config so I start with 5 hearts and go back to 5 hearts when I die, and have to level up to get 10 hearts again. However, because keepInventory is on I would respawn with all the exp I had, and when my level would update I'd instantly be back at 10 hearts.

    I think there's a mod that already allows something like this, but it includes a lot of other things and causes my game to crash.

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    posted a message on How to set a resource pack to a server

    But how do you find a source link with .zip at the end?

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    posted a message on 1.12 - Custom Loot Tables

    What do you mean by namespace? If I named a folder "Loot" and in that folder I had a folder named "chests" that contained the .json file for a custom loot table called "dogfood", I think I'd have to use a command like this: /blockdata ~ ~-1 ~ {LootTable:"Loot:chests/dogfood"} to set that as the loot table for a chest, but I don't know where to put the folder named "Loot".

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