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    Quote from allihave»

    I miss the old minecraft (2010 - 2013) used to be fun and inspires your creativity, now it's just a bunch of servers with minigames.

    Loud cough

    (stop looking at the top 25 servers, and you might find non-minigame ones!)
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    Quote from Badprenup»

    Not to mention, how often are you usually putting up paintings? Maybe a couple at a time very rarely? The flow of gameplay would be broken more often by many other things before having to place a painting.

    The flow of gameplay is broken to me when I have to smash 30 paintings to get the one I want. LOL.
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    Quote from BadBoy6767»

    The problem is that depending on the configuration of the server, anyone can become your enemy and then raid your faction.

    Find a server with a rockin' factions config that doesn't suck! :P
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    Here's a funny story. Pigcraft QC has been DDoSed before, and we lost a lot of our players because of it too. Not sure who did it, and why (I wasn't around too much, was busy with RL. Normally people get snippy with me for banning/enforcing rules though), but he happened to DDoS a server that was connected to a Canadian Phone Service Company. Brilliant, isn't he?

    A few months later, he got caught, all of his computers and stuff were confiscated, and he isn't allowed to use PC for 2 years. It was some 14 year old kid who DDoSed us.. man, the authorities were not happy.

    Don't DDoS kids. You will end up like this kiddo. Get owned.
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    posted a message on NazzyDragon's Epic Enderdragon Skins (Mob, not Player)
    I take requests!
    <CLOSED>, until I find the time to finish all of the PILES of requests I already have! >_<
    I AM A BUSY WOMAN. Do not nag me please! I will try to get the time to sit down and finish a skin at a time..

    Table of Contents:
    1. Black & Red Enderdragon
    2. Green Enderdragon
    3. Frosty White Enderdragon
    4. Twisted Purple Enderdragon
    5. Alduin from Skyrim
    6. Mech Dragon, based off the Winged Beast from the movie Nine

    7. Red Dragon

    8. Blue Dragon

    Took a while because GIMP was a derptard, so I had to use paint for 75% of it... Then I couldn't find the bloody neck texture... Just changed some colors to my personal liking. Plop the two files in the .rar up for download into your mob folder in the minecraft .jar and you're good to go!

    Click to download the skin!

    My personal preference in colors, no changes too big.. It looked good, so I figured I'd post it for anyone who likes it. Feel free to use it and pass it around, I really don't care about credit.. just don't claim it as your own <33 You can edit it however the hell you want. :P

    P.S. I know the sides of the "claws" are not white. It doesn't bother me, but if it bothers you, it is not hard to fix..
    P.S.S. I may take requests to color this guy other colors! :P

    Here's a green enderdragon, made by request!

    Note: I know there's a few errors in the skin. They aren't that noticeable... Hardly at all. Maybe just the claws, but that's it. You can recolor the white to fit the scales if you're picky.

    Click to download the Green Enderdragon!

    Here's another skin, a more frosty and bright dragon! His textures do not show up very well in the picture because I took them in the end... But he has scales! I swear. It's not blank.

    I think it looks funny, but someone I know wanted it, so I figured I'd put it out there as well.

    Click to download Frosty Enderdragon!

    Purple Enderdragon (supposed to look a little skeletal... didn't turn out the best. It's okay I guess) by request. Feel free to tweak, I really started to lose patience with this one. I decided there wasn't much I could do to make it really shine.

    Click to download the Purple Enderdragon!

    Alduin, from Skyrim

    NOTE: I have NEVER played Skyrim.. and a good reference picture was very hard to find! This may not look 100%, but I did my best!
    NOTE2: My reference pictures were not black, like he is in-game. The statues of Alduin were very misleading, he looked a lot lighter in those (I could not find an in-game reference picture.) You MAY darken the skin as you please, but do NOT claim it as your own!

    Click here for Alduin Dragon Skin~

    Skin Art � NazzyDragon. Alduin is � Bethesda.

    Mech Dragon

    I really needed to fight with myself to finish this. It doesn't look the best (to me at least), and I think I could do better (if I had time), but here it is... The robo-themed enderdragon.

    Click to download MechDragon

    I really think it's not my best work.. at all. You're free to edit it a little as you want, but please do not claim it as yours.

    Red Dragon

    I FINALLY HAD SOME TIME TO DO A SKIN!! Yes, at 4 in the morning, I made a skin! FINALLY! PROGRESS BAR INCREASES! Hope you like it. I took the poll as a suggestion!

    Click to download Red Dragon

    NOTE: Despite the confusing picture, this dragon has 4 legs. Slight bug, didn't feel like taking better pics at 4am... Oh, and the spines are reddish with the final skin. I really should make a better picture.

    Blue Dragon

    I just found out a neat trick with gimp that makes recoloring the scales easier... Dohohoho. This is based after the Dungeons and Dragons blue dragon.

    Click to download Blue Dragon
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    posted a message on ~Worldbreakers~ Griefing Clan Recruiting!
    Excuse me while I ban all of you on my server.

    Griefers are children who have nothing better to do. Please go do something constructive... Thank you.
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    posted a message on NEW THINGY THAT RANDOMLY SPAWNS
    No new biome, just add natural waterfalls into the tall mountains. Would look nice.

    Nice idea though.
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    Quote from SunWukong

    If we renamed it as a brunaidh? (same pronunciation)


    That would sound better.
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    Quote from SunWukong

    Well, brownies are meant to function a bit like the thief from More Creeps and Weirdos. The goblins and the brownies (this is not a bronie in disguise) are around the size of a small child (see all posts on the Millenaire mod for more info). I imagine that the brownies would look like a cross of sorts between a dwarf and a gorilla, and maybe should be able to teleport...maybe.

    The name brownie made me laugh a bit.. >_>
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    Everything was cool until you got to brownies.

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