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    Ello Lady's and Gents!

    IGN: [/b]Native_Badger

    Why would you want to be a tester?: [/b]I have played several role playing games, One of which was the fallout series! I know how to stay into character. I have a big love for Both minecraft and role playing games!

    Tell us your story of how you got into the Exodus spaceship: [/b]I was born into a normal life. My mother a common wealth shop keep and my father a scientist. at the age of 7 my father said he would share his work with me show me what he did every day. For 7 whole years i worked by his side, experimenting on small to large animals in a lab downtown. He's dream was to make it so humans could talk to animals and if possible give humans enhanced animal traits. Once we had believed to found a perfect serum We had it so animals could speak to us but we could not understand it. So phase two of our experiment had to start... My father had decided to experiment on himself, Me being his loyal lab assistant and son. I chose to join him. We both chose our favorite animals me a Badger and him a Fox. The experiments went on another 6 years. By my 21st birthday my mother had been dead for 4 months, She had come down with a strange illness that could not be cured. Me and my father spent most of our time in the lab. We could speak to our chosen animals but not others. A month after my birthday my father gave me news that they were sending people to space on a ship named the "Exodus" He didn't know how long they would be gone but he felt it would be better to get away from from the life we had created for ourselves, He said it shouldn't be to long and he would be back home waiting for me to return home. He handed me the pre-purchased ticket and told me to get in the van, that he would drive me there and wish me luck on my journey through the stars. Once we got to the launch center me and my father got out of the parked car. He gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear. "You are my pride and joy, never once have i been so proud of something in my life. Just promise me you will come home safe." "I promise i told him" and i went off on my journey to the stars. Once in the launch center they got me on the ship and told me to to put on the mandatory uniform and to step into my assigned "Resting" pod. and so started my new life, Under my nickname: Badger.

    This server uses a custom resource pack that you need to have in order to play. The download link is at the homepage. Did you download and install it?: [/b]Not yet, I will once this is posted! :D

    [b]RP scene 1:[/b] Well, If you must know. I Dropped my lucky coin my Father had given me before my depart. I have had it with me since that day and i don't plan on losing it anytime soon. Oh but where are my manners! My name is Badger and yours? *I reach out to shake the shadowy figures hand.*

    [b]RP scene 2: [/b]

    I think to myself for a moment, "What if it was my crying for help" With this thought running through my head, I Sprint to the cry for help. as i get closer to the person i notice it was a women not much younger than myself.

    Me: "What happened to you?"

    Stranger: "I was attacked by bandits and refused to give up my supplies, So they broke my leg and ran off with my things."

    Me: "I'm going to take you to town, We have to hurry so i need you to get on my back Fast!"

    *She lifts herself onto my back*

    Me: "I'm sorry if its a bumpy ride but we have no choice, We will be to lucky if we make it to town alive.

    Stranger: It's okay, Without you i would never have had a chance to live. My name is Grace by the way."

    *I give a small laugh*

    Me: I'm Badger. Miss Grace lets hope we can make it"

    Night falls faster than we had anticipated but luckily on the way to town there was a small opening in a cave. It was someones old camp, The old logs lying around, some branches ashes and a old pack.

    *I lay Grace down by a wall, and look around*

    Grace: "Thank you Mr.Badger"

    Me: "No thanks are needed. And call me Badger, There is no need for formalities."

    *i put the logs together in a small stack and look into the old pack. I find some papers and a lighter, i stick the papers under the wood and light them on fire."

    Me: "Well at least we wont freeze to death now"

    Grace: "Good job badger!" *She claps, and gives me a big smile*

    *I look into the pack again and find some medical bandages. I walk over to grace with them and bend down to see her leg*

    me: "Now grace this may hurt a bit ok? but in the end it will help heal your leg"

    Grace: "Okay, but please be quick"

    *I pour fresh water in her wound and wrap it up, i then take some of the thicker sticks i found and tie them together to make a splint.*

    Grace: "Where did you learn to do that!?!"

    Me: "My father and I were scientist, and we had to know the basics about medical treatment."

    Grace: "Thank you for all you have done"

    *I sit down next to her*

    Me: "Its Time to get some rest, Its going to be a long night"

    Grace: Your right." *She Lays her head on my shoulder*

    *Her face is he last thing i see before it goes dark, and i pass out*

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