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    your mod has a big influence in multiplayer of minecraft 1.72, some players can use your mod to glitch out the real enchantment,such as looting 9999 ,yes in server,so plz update this mod to 1.8!

    ... Have you read ANY OF THE POSTS BEFORE?!? Please people.
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    Quote from g17123»

    I hope more features such as custom spawn eggs gets added in the 1.8version soon.

    Were all pretty sure that the mod is dead. Maybe, hopefully not, the creator too.
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    I wish everyone good luck with whatever they are doing, and have a good day.



    MINECRAFT Bloons Tower Defense Mod

    Introduction I have played a lot of btd5 deluxe, original and mobile. I have see many mods that take content from another game, like Lambda Craft, and Portal Gun. So I thought, what about Bloons Tower Defense? I immediately thought of the mob, red bloon. smaller than a block with half a heart. Snowballs could be re textured as darts, or darts added in the mod. The screenshots will show how to craft the items, so you don't have to read stupid text. But this could be just an idea that nobody wants. I intend this to be a singleplayer and multiplayer mod, multiplayer would let the players send bloons to attack each-other and see who dies first. The singleplayer would let the player play to survive _ rounds and get a reward, such as diamonds for round 100. Losing on each one would cost consequence, like you have to get 2 stacks of 64 wooden planks before playing again. Or you would have to find, pop and collect a ceramic bloon, or something like that.

    Pictures & Crafting Recipes (MAY BE CHANGED)

    Community's Ideas

    Cheeyev's Idea
    Another idea is to make a Monkey Town Hall spawn occasionaly as a structure, and it'll contain chests and whatnot full of Bloontonoum and Monkey Weapons. And speaking of Bloontonium, pools of bloontonoum will spawn occasionly once more with the mod installed, and bloons will generate within the bloontonium pools. The bigger it is, the more powerful the bloons generate in it. They already come as normal bloons, although camo and regen upgrades can be dropped into the bloontonium pool, alowing it to also generate Camo and Regen Bloons respectivly. Most bloons will be a neutral mob, although if you pop one, there is a chance that other bloons will come to you and try to attack you. You can also 'tame' bloons by giving them enough bloontonium (As an item, which means you'll have to smelt a bucket of bloontonium to get the item), and once tamed, you can ride on them and they'll help defeat enemies, and upgrades can be put on the tamed bloon to make it more powerful.

    Progress: 6-ish%

    :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red:

    :Green: Bloons (Items And Textures)
    :Green: Blimps (Items And Textures)
    :Green: Rubber (From Trees)
    :Green: Camo Bloons Texture
    :Green: Regeneration Bloons Texture
    :Green: Popped Bloon Texture
    :Green: Regeneration Bloon Recipes
    :Green: Camo Regeneration Bloons Texture
    :Yellow: Camo Bloon Recipes
    :Yellow: Monkeys Texture (Including upgrades, that's gonna be a killer :( )
    :Yellow: Monkeys Mob/Block (Including upgrades, that's gonna be a killer :( )
    :Yellow: All Bloon Mobs (HELP, I CAN'T MODEL!)

    :Yellow: Bloon Summoner Thing...?
    :Blue: Propeller Texture
    :Blue: Maps
    :Blue: Blimp Mobs
    :Blue: Inflating Popped/Unmade Bloons
    :Red: Kiln (Just Using Furnace :P)
    :Red: Hardened Clay (Using Furnace)

    :Green: = Done
    :Yellow: = Planned
    :Red: = Cancelled
    :Blue: = Possibly

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    Just finished Crypt Crawler. Wow. The single best map I have ever played. I have played many custom maps, but this one was the best. I'm gonna play it again, and look behind the scenes, to see how much work was put into this. Also, how long did it take to make this map? (btw I bought your mask at the end and won XD)

    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: 4 U

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    I cant wait for 1.8 with this... Can already imagine all the map-making possibilities...

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    Mo' Zombies
    Resource Pack
    So, what I wanted to do was add some more zombie skins to look at in survival. This resource pack alters NO SOUNDS AT ALL, it only changes the way NORMAL ZOMBIES look like. So far, I have made 20 unique skins. Here are the names:
    Names & Descriptions

    Arrow Zombie
    Arrows from a previous fight, the person has fallen and the arrows fell out, leaving large wounds.
    Average Zombie
    The average zombie, cut and stabbed.
    Brainless Zombie
    A fallen human victim.
    Explosion Zombie
    A human whom died from a TNT prank.
    Eyeball Zombie
    A zombie with an eyeball falling out.
    Fed Zombie
    A Zombie who just got some tasty brains.
    Fireman Zombie
    A fireman zombie... Basic.
    Flower Zombie
    Ah... Zombie love is cute... until the female stabs a flower in the male's head.
    Graveyard Zombie
    That's some dirty dirt he has there!
    McDonalds Zombie
    Um... I can't describe this with words... sorry.
    Miner Zombie
    Ding Ding Ding Ding...
    Nerd Zombie
    ZoMg, MuSt PlAy MiNeCrAfT LoL LoL LoL!
    Racecar Zombie
    Vroom Vroom!
    Scientist Zombie
    Have you played HL1 yet?
    Shotgun-To-The-Face Zombie
    Shotgun-To-The-Chest Zombie
    Shotgun-To-The-Legs Zombie
    NOW YOU CANT WALK... oh, you still can.
    Skeleton Zombie
    Sunflower Zombie
    A Sunflower Got Angry... LOL!
    Zombie Guard
    Not even the guards can stop them.

    Pictures (3D)

    Im working on getting the 2D pictures, Please Be Patient!
    If you give me a suggestion, I will put you in the credits!

    Drawing: Nathmon565_
    Ideas: MunchkinMax/Nathmon565_Skins Created At: http://www.newground...71250?id=571250
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    Thanks, I'll Look For Some Bugs On A New World :)You Might Wanna Add Some Installation Instructions...
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    What size would the islands be? It would be cool if you hand created some of the island so if any modders happen to pass by they can see what it would look like and adjust the spawn rate of certain islands, and if any people that test or texture see them, they can recommend to fix a texture, change a size etc. I really like the mod idea because I don't want to install the Aether ALL OVER AGAIN! (FIRST COMMENT :D)
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