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    Added more recipes :P
    Have Fun! :D

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    Minecraft Dungeon 1.8.5 BETA "Beautiful Bugs"

    I had an idea after playing Infinite Creeper Dungeon, I remembered that one "Rogue Like Game". Pixel Dungeon So, I got straight to work on a , by MinecraftPG5.
    So I went ahead and started looking at the redstone. Like all his creations, most of it didn't make sense, so I left it alone.

    In the first version, 0.1 there were so many glitches and it was way too easy to win, there really wasn't a goal but it had 4 secrets, giving tons of free stuff, which was op. So I updated into version 0.2, and added so many more items, made the secrets less valuable, and tried MCEdit to make a shop. It failed to make a shop, every time I tried, nothing happened. The chests were gone and so were the villagers. Whenever you roll over the last trade, the arrow is darkened, if you click it OR EVEN ROLL OVER IT, it crashes. I have nothing against MCEdit, it's useful, but not for creating mobs. For some reason, version 0.2 to 0.6, the rogue's weapons don't do damage, I'm looking into it... I also added custom names and lore lines that include color. I added armor and a depth counter. Then from 0.2 on, I added 2 worlds per update, cheat mode, and regular. Eventually I updated it to 0.3 "All Stuffed Up", Which adds find able food, more chests, upgradable armor, better legendary chest, A WORKING SHOP (thanks to All U Want Inv Editor), dungeon 6 placeholder, and a dungeon 10 shop. Version 0.4 was small, It fixed a couple of misplaced blocks and added the dungeon 6 reward. 0.5 was a pretty big update, it added walls, so you can't just fall off the world and lose good items, it also made secrets A LOT harder to find, meaning you might want 2 people to get the secrets, but it is possible with one. Brewing is now easier, it adds water for the reward, empty bottles and arrows are now buyable, the exit system is improved, for multiplayer and the rewards now look and feel better. 0.6 isn't that big but it adds sell able armor, and removes misplaced blocks. 0.7 lets the walls close in, and changes the dart price from 5 to 1 gold coins. 0.8 adds bugfixes, and the walls are closing in... 0.9 doesn't add much, just a bugfix. 1.0 released the game into BETA, and I updated a huge amount, it was so difficult. It added a boss fight, a short back story, and depth messages after you complete a dungeon.

    0.1 ALPHA - 1.8.5 BETA

    Update Log:

    0.1 ALPHA "Out Of The Sun, Into The Cave"
    -Too Easy
    -No Goal
    -Too Easy To Get Free Stuff
    -Easy To Keep Items On Death
    +Works (Barley)
    +Custom Names And Lore Lines
    +Different Each Time
    +4 Secrets
    +Safe Chest
    +Store On Level 5 (Dosn't Work)

    0.2 ALPHA "We Need To Go Deeper!"
    -Very Hard As Rogue
    -Hard To Get Items
    -More Blazes(?)
    -Shop Dosn't Work (It's MCEdit's Fault)
    +Works Better
    +Depth Counter, 1-20
    +Custom Names And Lore Line WITH COLOR (:D)
    +New Armor
    +Items Have Custom Names And Lore Lines
    +Better Store On Level 5 (CURRENTLY NOT WORKING)
    +Cheats Are Off (No Cheating)
    +Cheats Are On: World Duplicate

    0.3 ALPHA "All Stuffed Up"
    -Big Empty Area :P
    +FOOOD (Now Findable) :D
    +More Chests! :D
    +Armor Can be Upgraded In The Shop
    +Legendary Chest Is Better
    +Dungeon 6 Reward(?)
    +Dungeon 10 Shop (:D)
    +-Should I Remove Magma Cubes?-+

    0.4 ALPHA
    +Dungeon 6 Reward :D

    0.5 ALPHA "Secrety Secrets"
    +Walls :D
    +Harder To Find Secrets
    +Removed Magma Cubes, Replaced With Creepers
    +Book Updates
    +Brewing Is Now Easier (Water Was Added)
    +Darts Are Now Buyable
    +Redstone Skillz
    +Better Exit System
    +Improved Rewards

    0.6 ALPHA
    +Potions And Armor Are Now Sellable

    0.7 ALPHA "Closing In"
    ?The Walls Are Closing In...
    +Dart Price 1 coin, instead of 5

    0.8 ALPHA
    ?The Walls Are Closing In...
    +Villager Turning Into Zombie Bugfix

    0.9 ALPHA
    +Dungeon 10 Not Opening Fix
    +The Walls Are Closing In...

    1.0 BETA "??INSANITY??"
    +Beta :D
    +Boss Fight, With SHADOW
    +Depth Counter, In Chat
    +You Are Closed In
    +Back story (Not That Good)

    1.1 BETA
    +Fixed Depth Counter In Chat

    1.2 BETA "It's Nerfin' Time!"
    -It's Nerfin' Time! (NERF ALL DA EXPLOITS)
    +Buffed Shadow
    +Better Backstory

    1.3 BETA "Huntress Arrives"
    +Spawnpoint Bugfix
    +New Class! Huntress!
    +Less Cheatability

    1.3.1 BETA
    +Huntress' Bow Unbreakable
    +SHADOW's Lair Doesn't Open Bugfix
    +Put Book Here Dude Fixed
    +New Class Coming Soon!

    1.3.2 BETA
    -Don't Light It On Fire... Seriously, Don't.
    -Put Book Here Has Other Trades
    +Better Respawn
    +Fixed Depth Counter In Chat
    +Car :3

    1.4 BETA "A Wizard's Lizard"
    +Less Cheatability
    +De-Buffed Shadow
    +New Class! Mage! Less Health! Wand! Hat!
    +New Shop Trader! Wand Exchanger!
    +Moved Rules To Safe Chest
    +Removed And Added A Chest
    +Dispenser Is Hidden, New System Being Used

    1.5 BETA "Bugfixes!"
    ~Huge Trade Update
    ~"Unbreakable" Trading Tag Fixed (Non stackable items etc.)
    ~Fixed Free Items Dropping Every Round
    -Put Book Here Doesn't Work Due To 1.8

    1.6 BETA
    ~Fixed "Put Book Here"
    ~Fixed Mage's Hat Breaking
    ~Fixed And Tweaked Level Completion Message
    ~Fixed Depth Counter
    ~Fixed Rewards Not Opening
    +No More Fire!
    -Removed Nausea At The Beginning (For My Sanity's Sake)
    +Let Driver Talk To You
    +Will Soon Update Rule Book (It's SOOO Outdated) *wont happen till 1.8 lol*

    1.7 BETA
    +Fixed bug!
    ~Stopped progress after reward 4

    1.8 BETA "Beautiful Bugs"

    +Bug Fixes!

    ~Shadow's Door Failing To Stay Open

    ~Added More Times The Dungeon Could Be Run

    ~Prevented The Villagers From Growing Up

    ~Fixed The Class Selection Message

    ~Fixed The Rogue's Starting Dagger

    ~Fixed Spelling Errors

    +Made The Interior Of The House More Detailed and Pretty

    +Made The Car Look Better

    +Added A Teleport Button In Front Of Reward 5

    +Added 3 More Secrets!


    +Added A Depth Displayer To The Side Scoreboard

    +Resupplied The Mob Dispensers

    +Made The Sand Depth Displayer Prettier

    +Added An Effect After A Certain Level

    *Gets Nostalgia After Playing MC Dungeon ALPHA 0.1

    1.8.5 BETA

    +More bugfixes :\

    ~Fixed Reward 10 Not Opening

    ~Removed the Ability To Cheat At the End Of A Dungeon By Walking Over The Plate More Than Once

    ~Fixed The Spawnpoint System (Clock Locked Up)

    +Added The Ability To Convert Bars Of Gold To Nuggets Of Gold (How Did I Forget That? ;-;)

    Planned Updates:

    *A dungeon level system...
    *No Big Empty Area :P
    *Short Sword +7 Is Findable

    *Re-work the redstone. I'm MUCH better now

    *More Replayability

    *Use the "Scoreboard System" to my advantage.

    *Dungeon Race, a Two Player versus game mode. First to depth 10 wins.

    *Upload Elsewhere (Planet Minecraft Maybe?)

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    posted a message on Modder For Hire
    I need help learning Java. I have tons of textures for my mod. I currently am struggling in learning Java. If you could teach me, or just help that would be great! Link To Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2722685-minecraft-bloons-tower-defense/page__hl__%2Bbtd5
    Right now I need help on creating items and crafting recipes. If you think you can help, I will send you the textures and the current crafting recipes. If it would be possible, please teach me how to mod, I know very little. thx :)
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    posted a message on [Idea] Bloons tower defense mod
    I've got a more detailed mod idea... If anyone is willing to help me code, I'd love it. Link: Minecraft Bloons Tower Defense
    I would love if anyone knows any modders... Java is hard
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    posted a message on Minecraft Bloons Tower Defense [CANCELLED/TEXTURES OPEN]




    I wish everyone good luck with whatever they are doing, and have a good day.



    MINECRAFT Bloons Tower Defense Mod

    Introduction I have played a lot of btd5 deluxe, original and mobile. I have see many mods that take content from another game, like Lambda Craft, and Portal Gun. So I thought, what about Bloons Tower Defense? I immediately thought of the mob, red bloon. smaller than a block with half a heart. Snowballs could be re textured as darts, or darts added in the mod. The screenshots will show how to craft the items, so you don't have to read stupid text. But this could be just an idea that nobody wants. I intend this to be a singleplayer and multiplayer mod, multiplayer would let the players send bloons to attack each-other and see who dies first. The singleplayer would let the player play to survive _ rounds and get a reward, such as diamonds for round 100. Losing on each one would cost consequence, like you have to get 2 stacks of 64 wooden planks before playing again. Or you would have to find, pop and collect a ceramic bloon, or something like that.

    Pictures & Crafting Recipes (MAY BE CHANGED)

    Community's Ideas

    Cheeyev's Idea
    Another idea is to make a Monkey Town Hall spawn occasionaly as a structure, and it'll contain chests and whatnot full of Bloontonoum and Monkey Weapons. And speaking of Bloontonium, pools of bloontonoum will spawn occasionly once more with the mod installed, and bloons will generate within the bloontonium pools. The bigger it is, the more powerful the bloons generate in it. They already come as normal bloons, although camo and regen upgrades can be dropped into the bloontonium pool, alowing it to also generate Camo and Regen Bloons respectivly. Most bloons will be a neutral mob, although if you pop one, there is a chance that other bloons will come to you and try to attack you. You can also 'tame' bloons by giving them enough bloontonium (As an item, which means you'll have to smelt a bucket of bloontonium to get the item), and once tamed, you can ride on them and they'll help defeat enemies, and upgrades can be put on the tamed bloon to make it more powerful.

    Progress: 6-ish%

    :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green: :Green: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red:

    :Green: Bloons (Items And Textures)
    :Green: Blimps (Items And Textures)
    :Green: Rubber (From Trees)
    :Green: Camo Bloons Texture
    :Green: Regeneration Bloons Texture
    :Green: Popped Bloon Texture
    :Green: Regeneration Bloon Recipes
    :Green: Camo Regeneration Bloons Texture
    :Yellow: Camo Bloon Recipes
    :Yellow: Monkeys Texture (Including upgrades, that's gonna be a killer :( )
    :Yellow: Monkeys Mob/Block (Including upgrades, that's gonna be a killer :( )
    :Yellow: All Bloon Mobs (HELP, I CAN'T MODEL!)

    :Yellow: Bloon Summoner Thing...?
    :Blue: Propeller Texture
    :Blue: Maps
    :Blue: Blimp Mobs
    :Blue: Inflating Popped/Unmade Bloons
    :Red: Kiln (Just Using Furnace :P)
    :Red: Hardened Clay (Using Furnace)

    :Green: = Done
    :Yellow: = Planned
    :Red: = Cancelled
    :Blue: = Possibly

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    posted a message on FTL In Minecraft v0.6 ALPHA (FTL: Minecraft Edition) [PVP;WIP]
    Reason For Not Being Active: Prescott For 3 Days
    Reason For No Server: Owner In Washington D.C. For A Week
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    posted a message on FTL In Minecraft v0.6 ALPHA (FTL: Minecraft Edition) [PVP;WIP]
    Quote from epicawesomeness5

    Done and done. Ip?

    I'll send you a PM
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    Quote from epicawesomeness5

    Got it. I'll get those right away!

    Edit: Modding Minecraft incredibly fast help

    Hey, its 1.6.4 forge....
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    posted a message on FTL In Minecraft v0.6 ALPHA (FTL: Minecraft Edition) [PVP;WIP]
    Quote from epicawesomeness5

    What mods? Or moderators? Yes.

    Not Enough Items and Code Chicken Core, AKA NEI
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    posted a message on FTL In Minecraft v0.6 ALPHA (FTL: Minecraft Edition) [PVP;WIP]
    Quote from epicawesomeness5

    Look at the edit I posted! I want to help! :3

    hey, would you be able to join a server with a couple mods and help?
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    posted a message on FTL In Minecraft v0.6 ALPHA (FTL: Minecraft Edition) [PVP;WIP]
    Quote from Kitta

    I recall you've made quite a few forums about maps and none of them get finished. Stick to one thing because you do come up with very good ideas that people would enjoy playing.

    ugh. I know, i'm the only one making them and nobody seems to want the maps or even help me.
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    posted a message on FTL In Minecraft v0.6 ALPHA (FTL: Minecraft Edition) [PVP;WIP]
    Quote from epicawesomeness5

    As an owner of both these games, I want this map.

    hm... Should I release it? The map mechanics won't work at all, but you can see what I'm doing. need 2 votes to release map, just to see how far I am
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    Quote from Hinaidra

    I do not know if you are able to handle the task of rebuilding the incredible mechanics of FTL in Minecraft. But i'll be very happy, if you succeed.

    I wont. The mechanics of FTL are NOT repeatable in Minecraft, especially with the advanced version out. I am just doing one of the encounters, when your engines go out (they really don't in game, the go down to 1 bar) and enemies board your ship, but it is first person, with classes, each with certain health and armor and weapons. The Zolton, Rock, Mantis, Engi, Human, and Crystal. Each class has a buy amount in "scrap". Scrap is how many kills you got. I am encountering one problem with this, I am not the best builder or map designer, I am just a Minecrafter, so It wont be the best unless someone else supports me.... But yes, I will start to work on this again, I think I have two people supporting me.
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    Quote from Cybexx16

    Could You finish it someday ? I really wanna have this :D

    Hm.. I was starting to lose hope for this... Sure, I'll see how much more I can do...
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    posted a message on [WIP] Warrior Cats Mod [Abandoned]
    yup :3
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