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    Hello Pyroduck,

    For the past six months or so, I have been working on a map that is very similar to this one (It's not dk64, it's unique), and I was wondering how you did the commands for the collectables and music. I want to make my map as great as possible, and it would really help me out if you explained how you did these commands. If it helps, the map is in 1.11.2 with no resource pack currently.



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    This Will Be For Anyone Who Wants To Download This As Well As My Personal Pros And Cons, And Or Problems For The Map Maker To Fix... Thanks!


    Great Builds

    Flawless Animation

    Long Length (I Clocked In At About 14 Hours Or So...)

    Lots Of Colectebals

    Overall Fun


    There's Only 2

    The Final Boss (While Amazing) The First Phase Is Infuriating And Often Glitches Out On Me... And On My First Few Playthroughs, Mad Jack Broke And I Had To Restart The Map...

    My Other Problem Is That Well, You Need To Constantly Eat... (Add Saturation Or Effects Or Something) This Made Some Parts Of The Map Annoying To The Point Of Finding The Nearest Hammer And Smashing My Computer

    Oh And This Ones Personal Taste, But I Don't Like Gloomy Galleon

    Overall If You're A Fan Of DK64 Or Not This Is A Map That You NEED To Play, It's Great Gameplay, Challenging And Stratigical Boss Fights (Mad Jack/Pufftoss/Second Dogodon Fight), And Great Recreation Of A Classic N64 Game, This One's Something You Need To Play. (Oh And Map Maker, If You're Reading This, I LOVED This Map, And The Complaints I Listed Above Are Just Minor Nitpicks I Had, Please Don't Hate Me... Because I Loved Almost All Of This Map... So If You Can, Fix Those Problems (Exept Gloomy Galleon) And This Map Will Be Perfect, Thanks For Spending Your Time Reading This... And Let Me Know If You Have Differing Oppinions... Thanks!)

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