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    Also, I know that the banner might look cool, but it doesn't really describe what you do, so you might not get a lot of views because of it, but I'm gonna sig it anyways, lol and I was asking both of you
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    Quote from exone »
    Well, I thought of another factor; weight. This would be a pain to implement, and not really needed (Don't want to turn this idea into a bugspawner.)
    But, depending on how much you got in your bag/inventory, and what armor you're wearing, prints could stick longer.

    Really, the only hard thing I see with implementing weight, would be giving a weight value to your minecraft person and how

    I've recently seen a suggestion where it was the % of BackPack Filled
    Personally I would just go with the armour you are wearing

    Anyways the formula would go something as followed

    Light FootPrint = 10 Weight
    FootPrint = 15 Weight
    Deeper FootPrint = 20 Weight
    Path = 40 Weight

    Now Footprints would have a timer, if the weight supplied doesn't happen for X,Y,Z time (each different for each footprint depth) then it would start to face (except for paths)

    Now when wearing armour, it would supply you with a certain amount of weight (Let's say you start with 10) adding leather would make you automaticly have FootPrints and anything higher would give you more weight (A diamond Set is going to around 30 weight or something)

    ***Again these are just made up weight values, these aren't balanced at all***

    ofc, this is just some extra thoughts. I don't really see this becoming a *must*.

    Very true, just keep it simple for vanilla

    I don't really now how long prints should stick, if it's to long, tracking will be to easy, and it would be more for the client/server too handle, and too short, it could become pointless ><'

    But since the newest addition to 'Redstone-Dust', there's a fading/opacity function. This could be used.

    Yeah, that could be used...
    Maybe the more weight applied to a block, the more it fades in, the longer it stays
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    posted a message on New Nether... Survive This
    Quote from CoraiUnki »
    This makes the Nether seem way to lively.

    The old Nether is creepy enough, I find a long, barren, wasteland with zombie pigs and flying jellyfish creepier then this. And the Nether is suppost to be a deadly but quick travel use. This completly KILLS that, cause I doubt anyone would be able to build a portal without it being melted, deactivated, or themselves being slaughtered.

    I completely agree with this statement, The Nether is supposed to resemble the fabled "Hell", and Hell is a wasteland which favorite colour is Red

    But I am the One that hates on all the Nether Updates, So I'll divide my criticism into sections :

    Updated Content

    Environment :
    - I don't mind the blight
    - I don't really like the idea of Bone tools
    - I don't think there needs to be a dungeon in the Nether
    I find Biomes are very much Unneeded in Hell, There should only be 2, Waste Lands And Lava Lakes

    Mobs :
    - I don't think Zombie pig men should have a chance to drop their tool, it makes getting Golden Tools way too easy
    I don't mind the zombie pig men chief idea, except for everything else he does, I think he should be the one to have a chance to drop his golden tool
    - Leave the Ghast the way they are (Except for the difficulty thing, I don't mind that), and Fire sets off portals (activate/deactivate) I'm pretty sure you can't say ghats firebombs can't activate a portal, unless you take away the "fire" out of the firebomb

    Updated Blocks :
    - Obsidian, I don't really like the idea of bigger portals = Higher mob spawning chance, I say leave it the way it is
    - Netherrack, Grey you know exactly why I dislike the idea, but I wouldn't mind the idea of Netherrack corrupts cobblestone only, since they seem to be the same thing, and I'm not sure if the fuel thing could happen, but I'm no programmer, so I can't say
    - Glowstone,....Uh....I don't think glowstone is redstone, even if they are both dusts and all, gonna go with a No
    - Soul Sand, Tools should stay the same for their tiers, I don't think they should be clime-able, I just really dislike the whole overhaul of it in general
    Lava, I don't think I understood it properly, but I like this
    - Furnace, I don't mind that, but I generally dislike gloom wood..sooo....if fuel could be snow or something I wouldn't mind it
    - Gravel, Ok
    - Mushroom, Ok
    - Snowballs, Ok
    - Minecarts, Ok...

    New Mobs :
    - In General, No (Except for Salamander, I just hope I don't see them very often) but maybe instead of the Salamander's Skin, you could use dragon hide? (Dragon Skin) but that is another suggestion all together

    New Blocks :
    - Glowstone Sand, Idc
    - Netherraze, Uh, No, I dislike the idea of anything that is used to make a "burning" tool like this (with ingots that burn)
    - Midas Tears, I think that might require a code re-right/tweak for Liquids, anyways I dislike the Idea once again (for some odd reason)

    New Plants :
    - In General, Hell + Plants = No (I did not say I dislike them all, I'm just shortening what I have to wright)

    New Items :
    - Gold Bucket, Well I dislike the idea of Midas Tears, so that kind of renders the golden bucket useless....
    - Netherraft, Nether Fishing Trip,Yes
    - Demon Bone, No thanks
    - Portal Compass, Idc, but using logic I say this would be good to have, Leaning towards a yes
    - Emergency Port, Idk, People might think it's a glitch though lol
    - Bloodgem Tools, Idk, with the Blight these would be usefull, again idk what to say, but here is a suggestion, instead of all tools taking duribility X2 while in the Nether, why not just make it that items (that are able to) made with bones, instead of sticks not have X2 duribility, just a crude idea
    - Netheraze Tools, No

    Oh and Item Suggestion, Since I like fishing and all, maybe have some sort of Nether Fishing Rod, and some kind of Nether Fish (I am a big hypocrite sometimes)

    ...Well, yeah that is my opinion on everything here, but I always dislike Nether Updates, so my opinion may not count as much as others....yea, bye
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    posted a message on Transportation - Boats and Wagons (?)
    While looking through old suggestions (in the 400 pages) I found the idea of a canoe, what is now a boat, and I have also seen oar suggestions from other people (again Old Threads), which I though was very promising, so now it's here

    Update : The Whole Nature Of This Thread Has Changed, It used to only be about Canoes and Ores, but it is Now About Wagons too



    Description : It's a 2 seating boat

    Crafting Recipe :

    [] []
    :wood: :wood:

    :wood: = Boat

    Uses/Stats :
    - Can hold 2 people
    - Goes Slower, If not using an oar with 2 people
    - Goes Normal Speed if using an oar with 1 Person
    - Can be combined with a chest, to create a One-Seating, Storage Boat*
    - Takes more to get it off land

    *Storage Boat, It will be slower than a regular canoe, but it will hold an accessible chest



    Description : The Thing you paddle a boat with

    Crafting Recipe :

    [] :|: []
    [] :|: []
    [] :wood: []

    Stats/Uses :
    - Makes boats go 10-25% faster then normal for 1 person (Effect Stackable), when in a boat, and when you are clicking into the water
    - Makes Canoes go normal speed when with 1 person
    - Makes Canoes go 10-25% faster when with 2 people
    - Makes small boats really fast


    With this Idea, I came up with Another Idea



    Description: The Boats counterpart, being able to travel on land, faster than the speed of foot, but makes noises that alerts people around you, that you are comming

    Crafting Recipe:
    2 Parts,

    Part 1
    [] :|: []
    :|: :|: :|:
    [] :|: []
    = 1 Wheel

    :|: = Sticks

    Part 2
    :Logs^: [] :Logs^:
    [] :wood: []
    :Logs^: :wood: :Logs^:

    :Logs^: = Wheel
    :wood: = Boat

    - It goes 5 to 10 % Faster than On Foot
    - Controllable Like Boat (unless other suggestion counteracting such)
    - Takes Wide Turns
    - Is Like A Normal 1 Man Boat
    - Can be combined like a Canoe (To Make 2 Man Wagon*, To Make Storage Wagon**{?})
    - Can be pulled by pigs (they will lead you to random places, unless somehow able to lead them)
    - Can only go up Stairs or Slope Blocks (See Grey Acumen Block Improvement Guide) but will be slowed
    - Can be Pushed to go faster (If going too slow)

    * 2 Man Wagon, will be slowed to slower than average speed (On Foot), but will be able to carry 1 person (who can use his bow)
    **Storage Wagon, will be slowed to slower than average speed (On Foot), but will be able to carry a chests inventory


    Do not give credit to me, but give credit to the people that founded this suggestion forum, that nurtured it, cause you will be supprised all the suggestions we have missed, give thanks to them and in your spare time, check a few of them out
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    posted a message on Kingdoms
    You do not seas(don't stop) to impress me, you are awesome
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    posted a message on Kingdoms
    Block placement changes :
    - *Claps* this is something I never thought about, but makes a lot of sense and is needed in the New update

    And dude you should check out Colony Mode (My signature, not the thread actually called colony mode) and if your done modding this thing and ever want to mod more, and if we aren't done, we could use you

    Anyways some of these ideas we have are similar

    P.S. Can't wait to play it, (Hyperbole)
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    posted a message on Increased Map Height
    9000 damage dealt to Nath99's eyes
    Nath99 is Blind
    Nath99 is weakened
    Nath99 will not be able to perform complex motor skills

    ...That was a well organized wall of text, I can not decide what to vote on,and I think I might need to read everything again...god is cruel...

    Comming soon : *** Opinion on this thread ***

    P.S. don't expect everyone to read all of this thread all at once
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    posted a message on New Mod: In the Colonial Era...(NPC Poll 4DR)
    Quote from mackjr123 »
    You sir, have watched too much Yogscast.

    This doesn't have sh1t all to-do with the Yogcast,or Israphael and Daisy and etc.,but it is a sweet show

    Quote from mackjr123 »
    And this idea would essentially lag up the game. If you want this, start a server and get some dedicated REAL members to make this. This is a great idea, and I would like it if it would be simpler and wouldn't lag as much.

    1. We know it will lag up some computers but this will be a mod right now, and a separate mode when it is implemented
    a) Not everyone can have a server or a friend with a server
    :cool.gif: I.It is hard to get enough "Real" members to actually have a couple city battles if you wanted to start your own server
    II. On some developed servers it is hard to develop your own city, with your own real members to do what you would do here
    c) A lot of people would like it if it didn't lag as much, but that means we would have to tone down the whole idea by a lot, anyways we are starting from the basics and we are gonna work our ways up (from no lag to lag-central) and I have a few ideas on how to tone down the lag, and let this sorta keep it's realism (sorta hard and game changing)
    3. When I get minecraft, I'll message you so we could start a mini village war between the two of us, and people wiling to help
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