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    posted a message on HMGMC.com Prison Server IP: prison.hmgmc.com
    • In-Game Name: IceStar
    • What block are you in at the moment:Millionaire
    • Have you read both the server AND prison rules:I have read and fully understand the rules of HMGMC as I am a Chat Moderator on HMGMC as of right now.
    • Why should you be a guard: I believe I should be promoted to Trial-Guard because I think I am doing a good job as a ChatMod and I would like to help out the server even more. There are a select few people that are always making fun of other players or a fellow staff member and I would like this to stop. I love playing Prison and I would like to see it grow into a much bigger server.
    • How old are you (Must be 13+):13

    Thank you for reading and considering, ~IceStar A.K.A Nate

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