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    posted a message on Fix these annoying missing chunk thing please
    Quote from Latrakx

    I was making you aware that it's not minecraft's fault..

    I kind of think that if something in Minecraft isn't loading right then it is most likely Minecraft's fault.
    And if what warfighter67 suggested works, then it was indeed Minecraft's fault (technically Optifine, but still not his hardware)

    I am surprised this thread has lasted this long, no mods must've looked at it because you people have been having an all out nerd-war, just saying.
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    posted a message on I'm looking for a laptop
    You would probably be stretching your budget just to buy a DESKTOP that can run Minecraft on medium render distance with fancy graphics for under $200.

    Then you go and throw recording into the mix, so for under $200 you are not going to find a laptop that will satisfy your needs.

    Either shell out a lot more money for a decent laptop or buy a desktop and only shell out a little but more money, 'cause $200 isn't enough for a decent gaming/recording computer
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    posted a message on Phsycopathic sheep
    Glass would solve that problem, since they can't suffocate inside glass.
    Otherwise, make the pen bigger.
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    posted a message on Enderdragon in the Over world in 1.0.0?
    A lot of quirky things can happen on multiplayer. Trolling admins can create quite the confusion.
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    posted a message on How is Nodus legal?
    With launchers like FTB or Tekkit they download the official Minecraft JAR the same way the minecraft launcher downloads it, and they require you to login, then it puts mods in just like normal. Things like that are legal.

    After looking at what Nodus is, it looks like you just download a minecraft.jar right?
    That is illegal because it does not download the official minecraft.jar from Mojang and it doesn't require you to login to get the minecraft.jar That also means you could play minecraft without having an account, which is also illegal.

    AND don't say Notch said pirating (like downloading Nodus and playing without an account) is not illegal, he said he doesn't care if you pirate the game AS LONG AS YOU BUY IT IF YOU LIKE IT.
    Very different from "pirating the game is ok"
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    posted a message on Removal of armor points from HUD
    Quote from Insurrection

    Armor points being on the UI is pretty pointless. It clutters up space needlessly, and takes up room that could be taken up by better mechanics (Thirst, stamina).

    "Better mechanics"? Thirst is a horribly tedious game mechanic that would literally not make the game harder (having even less of an impact than the food bar change) just because of the fact that water is EVERYWHERE! Literally, it is everywhere, even in the desert is everywhere.
    Stamina is also in the game in the form of the food bar, there are a few invisible variables that affect the food bar and one of those affects how fast the food bar depletes, and while running/jumping the food bar depletes faster. That seems like a pretty good substitute for stamina without taking up any more screen space.

    Second of all, being able to see how much armor defense you have on at any given moment can be quite useful. If I see a group of skeletons and I am deciding whether to go around them or take them on, I can just look at my armor bar to help me decide. Sure, I could open my inventory and look there like you are suggesting, but it is more convenient to just look at my HUD already on my screen.

    THIRD I actually like it on the hotbar because it makes the hotbar nice and square, satisfying my OCD, I don't think it makes it cluttered.
    Now the serious third reason, just because the armor bar is on the HUD doesn't mean Mojang can't add in new game mechanics, it isn't like "Oh darn, we have this armor bar already on the HUD, I guess we can't go implement (whatever game mechanic should have an HUD bar)"
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    posted a message on Progressive survival mode!
    At the original idea, this is mostly just fake difficulty, making mobs harder to simulate the game getting harder. This would also turn getting armor into a rat-race. "Can you get to the next armor tier before the damage mobs do make it irrelevant?"

    At the idea that hijacked this thread, the first one was OK, but not having mobs spawn above ground is lame, I don't want to have to go down into some cave to fight mobs. There are already situations that can cause practically no mobs to spawn above ground (like having a huge cave system under your base where all the mobs spawn during the day, maxing out the mob cap for the surface at night)

    At the second one that was totally off topic (kilyle), making stone harder to mine the lower you get is a horrible idea. It is minecraft, not real life, making it so I need an iron pick to effectively mine through stone which at the surface I could mine just fine with a stone one is annoying and, quite frankly, doesn't make the game any harder. It would be like forcing the player to make leather armor before they could make iron armor. In a lot of situations it is actually faster to go mine the iron you need for a full suit of armor than it is to farm a lot of cows and get enough leather for a full suit, especially if you don't spawn anywhere near a large herd of cows. That wouldn't make the game harder, just more tedious.
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    posted a message on Slimeballs as a projectile?
    I feel like it would make just as much sense and be simpler to implement (since this way it won't require different hitboxes for the character) is just make it so if you hit someone with a slimeball, they get slowness.

    Simple and effective, and not too OP, plus I think it would be much harder to fight with blindness than slowness and hitting someone in the head is much easier than hitting them in the feet in my opinion (since the slimeball can't hit the ground first)

    But if you really want to keep the idea of different effects for different places you get hit, you could probably use math to figure out which part of the character the slimeball hit, I don't see any reason you couldn't do it with math instead of separate hitboxes.
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    posted a message on Oil from Ink Sacs
    First off, you are going to get flamed by starting off with anything similar too "Hi this is (username here)" because we can see your username right there next to your post.

    Second, your idea is pretty blah. It isn't explained very well.
    Like for running the jackhammer with oil, well now you came up with a jackhammer, what is the jackhammer's recipe, all you told us was that it would be hard to make. Also, there are currently no tools in minecraft that require a fuel to use, that would be a totally new feature (to vanilla minecraft) and should also be thoroughly explained.

    Then what is the recipe for gasoline and for the gasoline TNT?
    (BTW: Gasoline isn't a very good ingredient for an explosive, just saying)

    ALSO: Wishlists are not allowed, which this is very close to being, so be very careful.
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    posted a message on Title Bug?
    Actually this is a rare occurrence when you start up the game.

    I am impressed you actually saw it, even though it happens fairly often (considering there are thousands of people starting up the game every hour) most people will just see the title "Minceraft" but because of how our brains read words we just assume it says "Minecraft" and most people never realize it happened to them.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w06a is out! Apparently just bug fixes.
    Quote from Darkfyre99

    Given the fact that the most annoying bug for me is the upside down slab/stair lighting glitches, and this bug is even more noticable when smooth lighting is off...

    That is not actually a bug, but just an issue with the current lighting system.
    There was one snapshot that this was actually 'fixed' in but that was a snapshot with a new lighting system that was rather CPU intensive IIRC. So they took the new lighting engine out and have been working on it since, which is reportedly supposed to be in 1.5
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    posted a message on Beds as chunk anchors
    Quote from AnonTheMouse

    Then there's situations where beds are used for aesthetics, and so have multiple in a relatively small area, leading to larger groups of chunks loaded.

    Having multiple beds next to each other acting as chunk anchors won't load more chunks than if you just had one because the game isn't going to load those chunks multiple times.

    EDIT: Just saw Drac posted the same type of idea I talk about in the text below, but mine is a little more explained as to what happens.
    Anyway, a better way to go about this I think would have it so when you have crops growing they remember what the system time was when they got unloaded and when they get reloaded they calculate how much time has passed and then figure out how much it should grow based on how long you were gone.

    This shouldn't cause any noticeable performance hit, and most certainly nothing like a chunk anchor would and it would still achieve the same affect (albeit, a fake affect, but still the same thing). BONUS: This wouldn't be very hard to code, it just requires a variable, checking the system time and a short math formula to grow the plant based on time passed, much easier stuff to do than chunk anchors I'm sure.

    I don't mean to hijack this thread, since this isn't my idea, I have seen it (the idea I just posted) before here.
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    posted a message on Missing support for multi-core systems
    Well Minecraft wasn't built around multi-core support and hasn't been retrofitted to support multi-cores yet, maybe with the new rendering updates Jeb & Co. are working on they can add it.

    @Martinmine in Optifine with multi-core features doesn't it just spread part of the load from one core to the other so that two things get completed at once without increasing CPU usage very much?
    I thought that was the point of multiple cores, but if not, please forgive my ignorance.
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    posted a message on Minecraft was on Jeopardy!
    Apparently (after a quick internet search) Minecraft was the answer to a $12,000 question on Jeopardy.

    I have no idea why this would be on the news other than blogs with geeky writers or video-game sites.

    I also have no idea why they thought the question was hard enough to be a $12,000 question.
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    posted a message on Does the new texture pack format improve loading speeds?
    Quote from Phycozz

    It would most likely cause load times to be slower, since it takes all the individual textures and stitches them into one .png file.

    That is only when you start the game, once you are playing (even just in the menu) they are back to one file and the game should actually load textures faster while in-game, but the INITIAL load time (or if you switch texture packs) will be longer because of taking individual files and patching them together.

    The reason your game loads slow is because of the huge texture pack and all your mods.
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