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    posted a message on EnderChests Copied?
    You can't copyright ideas AFAIK. The only thing you can copyright is actual products and the like, which is what ChocoCraft said, the code is copyrighted but the idea is not.

    Because think about it, lets say I write a book where somebody kills somebody else, and then the story follows the detective trying to solve the case. I just wrote a murder mystery, arguably one of the most popular genres of books there is. I can't just go copyright the idea of a murder mystery because that would be ridiculous. Granted that was a more broad generalization, but it was just to show why copyrighting an idea would be ridiculous (and would probably lead to a halt of progress in society because of only one person being able to make something like a computer or phone just because they thought of the idea of a computer/phone, for example go look up Apple attempting to sue because of other people making touch-screen phones, ridiculous right?)
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    posted a message on Why the bud should stay essay
    Quote from Pokechu22

    The bud isn't broken, but this is why it shouldn't be broken.

    I don't think people break stuff on purpose...

    They said if they broke it (by fixing other bugs) they would replace it with a block
    Nobody is purposefully removing anything.
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    posted a message on I'm worried..
    Quote from Cuddly_Stalker

    I recently found out my sister has been using this to steal accounts and use the person's account to grief servers...it may be funny(ish) but i do not condone this personally.

    Wow, your sister can hack into someone's account JUST BY LOOKING AT THEIR SKIN!?!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Science: Mass of the Minecraft Earth
    Quote from Wyboth

    The mass of the Minecraft Earth is 1.924 * 1025kg. In comparison, the mass of the Earth is 5.8 * 1024kg, meaning that the Earth is 1.18 times as massive as the ME! This means that the ME is is closest in mass to the Earth (as opposed to other planets in our solar system).

    Wait a minute, don't you have that backwards? I wrote out both the numbers in normal notation and isn't the other way around?
    ME: 19,240,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
    RE: 5,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
    (RE stands for Real Earth, I needed something to line up with ME)

    Not to mean you didn't do a good job, this is the only thing I noticed that looked wrong (mostly because it is the only thing from your post I understand)
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    posted a message on Making Diamonds Renewable (From Villagers)
    I don't see why villagers couldn't trade diamonds, just as long as they were expensive.

    Quote from Kitteh6660

    Redstone is renewable.

    May I ask how redstone is renewable?
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    posted a message on What era is Minecraft supposed to be in?
    It is whatever era you design all your buildings in. If you build Medieval buildings, you are in the Medieval era. Modern buildings = modern era. It is a sandbox, there are no specific era's!
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    posted a message on How to be famous like CaptianSparkelz and AntVenom
    Quote from littlepunk42

    ... Thats my dream is to be invited to like a hunger games...

    Actually, the recent Hunger Games CaptainSparklez records are not actually "popular people only" servers. They are just regular hunger games servers anyone can join. Proof: Watch the chat when captainsparklez wins, he is on one of his alias accounts.
    Just saying.
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    posted a message on Conversable AI Mobs
    Whoa? Did I stumble onto the Small Suggestions Thread?
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    posted a message on New Mob: Sumo Wrestler
    Quote from Turkybaconyum

    Eskimo is a rude term. Say inuit

    You just referred to Inuits like they are objects by not capitalizing Inuit, I would say that is more rude than calling them Eskimos.

    Anyway, OP may I ask how you came up with this random assortment of stuff for this suggestion?
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    Quote from yoshi9048

    All you really need is /ban [name] but banning would not ban their name, but their actual account ID therefore any pseudonym they choose would be ignored as their account ID is banned, not their name.

    Wut the heck?

    Uhm, you can't change your name in Minecraft, banning someone by their name would be the same thing as banning their account ID (which I think is just used for storing and retrieving the name in a database and not any practical in-game use)

    Anyone you see using multiple names is actually using multiple accounts and the only way to ban them on all accounts is to ban their IP (which they could just change anyway)
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    posted a message on New Mob: Sumo Wrestler
    Good grief, I knew this post was going to be interesting when I saw the title mentioned Sumo Wrestlers, but the randomness of this suggestion just broke my brain.

    Now I see people already asked about the silverfish a lot, but why did you decide to put them in an Igloo?
    Sumo Wrestlers are not Eskimos. Stereotypical Sumo Wrestlers are from Asian countries like Japan, so really they should live in Dojo's (which in my opinion would be cooler)

    Wow twelve new posts in one minute.

    And I just saw you think Sumo Wrestlers in Taiga is an accurate representation, please refer to my second paragraph.
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    posted a message on How and Why Minecraft is Being Ruined
    After reading the commands blocks part I was afraid I would be biased towards the rest of your post because of how ignorant the first part was. (For all of you wondering what ignorant means, my response to that is, "You are ignorant of the meaning of the word ignorant" It is very different from arrogant, though most ignorant people use ignorant as another variation of arrogant)

    But I was wrong, even if the first part didn't bias me against you, the last two parts made sure I was.

    Adventure maps shouldn't be ridiculously hard to make in the first place, and I actually have never been able to play of the popular adventure maps BECAUSE of the immense amount of redstone that my computer had to process, now with command blocks that load is lifted and I can play more adventure maps now.

    And the last part sounded like you are a conspiracy theorist. Ulterior Motives? Really? Even if Mojang was trying to push people onto multiplayer servers, what would they gain from that?
    And then you go and say they are trying to make it impossible for small home servers to run (because of it apparently eating up all the CPU power) and also large servers because apparently having 200-300 people on the new format will be impossible.
    So first they are making everyone play multiplayer, then destroy most of the servers with bad software?

    Can we just /thread soon, this post is ridiculous.
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    posted a message on Should I Buy Minecraft
    Quote from DigMaster23

    You can just download minecraft for free what is better?:
    Premium Free
    pay 20$ or more free download (679 kb)
    have any skin change skin with name or char
    play minecraft play minecraft
    must register don't need register

    You sir can leave.
    Pirating ain't cool, plus it is illegal.
    And you can't play multiplayer, which the OP seems interested in.

    BTW: Notch never said pirating minecraft is OK, he said that he (Notch) doesn't really care AS LONG AS you buy the game if you like playing it, obviously if you don't like it, don't buy it.
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    posted a message on What is this madness?
    It could never go down glowstone, at least in the way I assume you mean.

    G = Glowstone
    R = Redstone


    Ya, it could only ever go up glowstone (also, using upside down slabs where the glowstone goes works better, no block updates)

    And really, this should either go in redstone or recent updates (since you thought this was updated)
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    posted a message on I'm looking for a laptop
    Quote from Aquaman1125

    i cant use a pc i travle WAY TO MUCH to get a pc

    First off, PC stands for personal computer which a laptop is technically a personal computer.

    OT: Then start saving up money, because a laptop that can do what you want is going to cost a lot more than $200.
    You don't even the option of ordering the parts separate and building a computer (which by the way, can get you a high end computer for half the price of buying one already assembled from stores, especially if that store is Apple, just sayin')
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