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    posted a message on The Biggest Minecraft Survival Build Ever
    Hey PitchBright the reason nobody believes you is because you haven't showed them anything more than one side of a pyramid and a tunnel. Sure they can't truly say you are lying since they don't know whether or not you did it, but there is no reason for them to believe that you DID do it since you haven't shown anything substantial!

    P.S. You are going to get in trouble if you keep bumping your own post, even if the posts are responding to people, you can't double post, especially in your own thread!
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    posted a message on Extreme Hardcore
    Quote from MaxGames

    I would die so much its not even funny!

    Actually you would only die once :P
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    posted a message on Message bubbles
    Quote from nico_21

    Adds a touch more realism...

    What planet are you from, because here on Earth when people talk I don't usually see a white bubble pop-up beside their head with whatever they just said written down in it.

    Honestly, without actual voice-chat the current chat system is as realistic as you can get (and why so many games use it)
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    posted a message on Best island survival! [HOT] a live or die challenge!
    Where are the pictures?
    How the heck do I know what this is if you don't even post pictures?

    Oh, and also, don't put [HOT] in your title when it looks like no one has even downloaded it. It's dishonest and will make people (like me) suspicious.
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    posted a message on What would mojang have to add to MC to make you quit?
    Obviously something like a subscription fee would MAKE me stop, since I wouldn't keep paying for it.
    But something that voluntarily makes me stop, it would have to be something I had to use involuntarily.
    What exactly? I have no idea, but it would have to be pretty dang horrible.

    Read spoiler for my rant about people complaining about the difficulty being lowered, directed at Kholdstare's post on the first page.

    Quote from Kholdstare

    Honestly, Mojang has already made me mostly quit by gradually lowering the difficulty so that survival isn't fun for me (admittedly it wasn't hard to begin with but it was good enough for me in early Beta)

    Because obviously they have been lowering the difficulty, it isn't like you could possibly be getting any better at the game or anything like that. Not like they are making skeletons harder to melee or zombies call for backup or anything.
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    posted a message on Can I run Sphax on minecraft?
    I don't wee why you couldn't.

    I only get 30-40 FPS in total vanilla, but I can still run Sphax 64x64 with only a 10-20 FPS drop.

    Anyway, it isn't like a 10-20 FPS drop would wreck your experience. You would probably still get over 100 FPS, which is pretty darn smooth!
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    posted a message on Discuss : Measure the contraption
    Quote from vader1612

    humph... not a redstone expert. Add diagrams.

    When you build something with redstone, the redstone itself has to sit on a block or else you can't place it.
    This means that if someone builds a redstone circuit and they place a piece of restone on the ground, should that piece of ground be counted when you try to figure out the height of the circuit, or should you just count the actual redstone and blocks that are actually part of the circuit (having power sent through them, moved by pistons, etc)

    The reason this matters is because if you should count the ground, you can't have a one-high circuit if it requires and redstone dust because that dust sits on top of a block, and if you count that block the dust sits on it makes the circuit two-high.
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    posted a message on Discuss : Measure the contraption
    Quote from Magix

    That is a biased opinion, I could literally replicate that last paragraph you wrote, except the other way around

    Except I am not biased, it would be great if everyone built their contraptions in mid-air so that you can see exactly how big it is going to be, but of course that doesn't happen. I am saying being hostile because someone doesn't follow your conventions is a horrible way to act towards other people.

    EDIT: Forgot to put in, I realize that everything on this forum is obviously communicated in chat and usually the people typing aren't being hostile, but when reading everything through text if someone just repeatedly tells you that "You're wrong" even in the nicest of terms it comes across as hostile.
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    posted a message on Discuss : Measure the contraption
    I am not saying I like MC Schematics, I find them very annoying to use and much prefer just a bunch of good pictures, but I have seen so many people use MC Schematics to distribute circuits you can't just flat out kick them out and say they're wrong in how they use MCEdit to cut/paste their circuits, because it TECHNICALLY works in-game, and all you have to do is paste the circuit onto already existing ground to make it work just fine.

    I don't understand why, if you realize that someone isn't counting the floor of their circuit when it is required to build the circuit [in mid-air] you can't just mentally add one block to the height, like seriously, you freaking ostracize people just because the height-count on their circuit is one less than what you would say, it is pathetic and sad in my opinion.
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    posted a message on Sticky Pistons
    Quote from xH3ROxOFxWARx

    and yea i F'd up trying to upload that

    Probably because you didn't get to the upload part?

    Anyway, Munin is right, there is something powering your pistons in a BUD fashion, they are getting powered diagonally or something causing a BUD (Block Update Detector) and the reason replacing the piston works to make it retracted is because the original piston was being powered in a very glitchy fashion.

    Go test this out, go power your piston so it gets stuck in the extended state, then place a block right next to the piston and see if something happens, if it does then come back and tell us, if not, come back and tell us that too.

    Oh, and go fix that image with Imgur
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    posted a message on Discuss : Measure the contraption
    Quote from xClaks

    Any block that is needed should be counted, floor included. Otherwise you can have two or three designs all claiming the same size when they clearly aren't, like has happened over and over on here.

    The thing is though that MC Schematics don't need the floor, so anyone using MC Schematics as the form of download for their circuit may be one block shorter than if you made it by hand in-game.

    Also, like AntOfThy said, it is mostly assumed you have a floor that you are attempting to build your circuit, and there is a pretty good chance that the floor would be there whether or not you build a redstone circuit on it (that requires the floor to put stuff on)

    I think it is more subjective to what you are doing. If it is something that is supposed to stack, obviously the floor is important in figuring how much vertical space you need per circuit (in a situation where you are trying to, say, figure out how many you can fit in a ten-high opening) But if it is something that you can just cram into any old spot, I don't think the floor is very important since you are probably just going to carve out space for it anyway (hence the floor was already there, and therefore rather irrelevant)

    One last thing: I think it is ridiculous to discuss about this so much. I have seen so much heat over someone calling their very compact (width and length wise) AND gate a one-high circuit because all of the redstone/torches etc. all stayed right along the ground. People come into these threads JUST to bash the fact someone said it was one-high when "It requires the ground to work!" I just sit looking at their comment and think "These people must be lawyers." Seriously who cares if it 'technically' isn't one high because you couldn't build it one-high if it was floating in the air, but really if you were building it in the air, why not use a vertical design or something in the first place?
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    posted a message on COMPUTER INSIDE A COMPUTER- The quad core challenge.
    Quote from VoltzLive

    but that last line "Needs to be on the scale as the computer you are using right now..." That's impossible in minecraft my dual core processor runs at 4.8 Gigahertz the fastest minecraft computer i know of is only 3.3 hertz at best.

    Personally this challenge is ridiculous, very impractical. Does anyone recognize this guy hanging around the redstone forums before or did he just come on here to make some challenge without realizing how ridiculous it is?
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    posted a message on I'm having a little problem...
    You better hurry up and scoot over to this forum, they should be able to help you fix any technical problems.
    (BTW: If you are using mods, go to this forum, they should also be able to help)

    EDIT: I should mention it is VERY important you only go to the first link if you do not have ANY mods installed, because mods can cause a myriad of problems, and the people in the unmodified support forum (the first link) will get quite huffy if they find out you are asking for help and you have mods installed.
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    posted a message on Minecraft crashes when I try to turn the sound or music up.
    First of all you posted this in the wrong section, so stop acting like an entitled brat who expects us to solve all of your problems for you.
    BTW: The correct place you should go to get some help on this error is this forum - http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum/151-unmodified-minecraft-client-support/ That is the unmodified Client Support section (obviously use the Modded Client Support if you ever get an error with a mod installed)

    Now, I see in the second error you posted you got a null pointer exception. In programming language that means your game was looking for something (like a number) and got literally nothing, no number, no letter, just nothing. The game apparently doesn't have a fail-safe in the case you get a null value and it crashed.

    How to fix it, I have no idea. I suggest making sure you run it with everything updated and if it still doesn't work, go to the Unmodified Client Support Section.
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    posted a message on 1.6 is out messages?
    Hmmmm, I have two theories...

    1: This is just a troll post (hey, it is going to be said eventually)
    2: Your brother is playing minecraft versions downloaded from torrent/pirate sites

    If the second situation is true, I would suggest not clicking that link, because there is a 99.9999% chance it is a virus (and that would also explain why a filter is blocking it) and the person who released that torrent/pirated download put it in to infect your computer.

    I see no way this is the legit version of minecraft, since 1.6 isn't out, my game doesn't do that when in 1.5.2 and Mojang wouldn't put a notification out on a brand new official update about a non-existent update.
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