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Hello! I'm nate. I like do do a lot of stuff with technology, computers, computer building, and creating things! I'm fairly good at most computer games, but im not one of those noobs who rub it in your face that im better than you XD. Im cool with the community, I talk with a wide variety of people and organize youtube projects and other things. I am always interested in any positions anyone has open for youtube vids, server moderators, or heck, even being a clan member! I have got good experience with managing server files and plugins, that is one of my strong suits. Also, im goot at debugging, so if there is an error with anything, ill fix it! My many names of the internet are Nateboy57, Videogamer1010, Flare26, AFTERSHOx, and ShadowHaze. If you see any of those ANYWHERE, its me ^.^ Another thing; I know how to code a bit. I practice in a sandbox game called "ROBLOX". Its a good mess around open source platform for the community to learn and code their own games using a simple language called LUA. Plus, everyone who plays it sucks at fighting for some reason, so its a good place to go on and just blow a whole bunch of people up! I have been playing that game since 2008 and havent seen any improvement in the skill level of the players XD. So thats a bit about me guys, see you on the battlefield!
Interests Computers, Computer Hardware, Coding, Modding, LUA, Roblox, FPS games, Xbox, Building and creating things, Peacekeeping.

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