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    IGN?: Zwei94

    Are you willing to join the Pandorum Gaming Community?: yes!

    Are you going to be active?: As much as possible i love minecraft but i am i college. Needless to say i ll be on a lot specially if more people koin or if we have a missions

    Your reason for wanting to join the server?: Minecrafting with cool peepz and also i dont mind moderating if need be :)

    Any questions, concerns or additional info you want to add?: Interview through TS or Skype?

    Age?: 21

    Do you have access to Teamspeak 3?: yes

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    Hey my Name is Nate from Texas

    I am 21 and currently looking for a cool server since the last one i was in people stopped logging in. I love building and tinkering with redstone. It would be awesome to play in an amplified server with people. ( I am a Hermicraft fanboy fyi)

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    posted a message on Brand New Vanilla Server, Looking for new players!

    Username: Zwei94
    Skype Name (Can be skipped for privacy reasons, but would like it in a PM):I shall pm it if i make it :D

    Country (or Timezone works too): USA Central time
    Best Skill (mining, building etc,): Building, resource gathering
    Favorite block(mobs are fine too): creepers. Their randomness cracks me up
    What you look forward into the server once accepted: See how a community comes together. Having stores and helping with other builds as well as community builds
    How long are you planning to play: As long as you'll have me
    Talk abit about yourself here: I live in Texas. I enjoy playing minecraft and building things that pop in my mind. Also enjoy learning a lot from other people. Currently a junior in college hope you'll have me!!

    Thanks for the time

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