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    I hope to God that you realize that Minecraft doesn't support every single language in existence..
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    Quote from Highproguy

    Hello this is my way

    i saw a creeper in my house getted my sword and slayed him.
    i was away to get some wood i came back. i saw 2 creepers i slayed them again
    than i was away again and saw 5 creepers i thought ''WTF''
    so i looked in my house and i saw problem

    Are you another one of those 5 year olds who play Minecraft?
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    Apparently, on line 324, you're missing a semicolon..
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    posted a message on calling all MC girls
    Honestly, this is so sexist that it's ****ing pathetic.
    You're acting like a mentally ill 7 year old.
    What's so different about girls, other than their characteristics?

    This kid is obviously an underage retarded 7 year old Justin Bieber fanboy.
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    Quote from klglange

    Here is a topic about Herobrine! My prediction is, in a few minutes, this topic will be deleted immediatly! Lets see what happens.

    Sorry this is in the screenshots section. I don't bother changing it cause its the default for me.

    i farted
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    Quote from Worthless Troll

    Guys, everything is real, I didn't make the pyramid by myself. I actually wouldn't even post this here because no one would believe me..
    I had downloaded some new mods today and I wanted to test them out, so I opened a new world. Tested some of my mods and wandered around looking for some nice places. Then I found this pyramid in the middle of a snow landscape.... there are 4 spawners in it, al 4 different spawners. there was a waterfall in the center, but i removed it because there were some zombies who wanted to see some sunlight. :biggrin.gif:
    Guys I SWEAR this is real.

    Creeper Spawners do not exist in Vanilla Minecraft. Nice try, but it's too easy to see as a fake.
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    Quote from ShadowGiritina

    Hello! I was watching the Bashcraft episode #1 and I thought: "WOW! I kinda want to do something like that." So does anyone know what program the owner of the video used? Or maybe a program very similar to it.

    They used FRAPS - which is 37$ for a license. I suggest something like Camtasia Studio 7 - which is paid for - but you can get a free license from a simple google search, or on YouTube.
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    Quote from ArcticDude

    It means adding games into the minecraft world, gamestands/stations and everything. :smile.gif:

    Ahh, okay. My apologies for jumping to conclusions - sounds great, I hope you pull through with it!
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    Quote from Arrow42


    I've been working on an idea, and I just can't quite make it happen.

    What I'm trying to do is a more clean implementation of pistons as a switchable light-source.

    I know the design where you have two pistons pushing a block of glow-stone back and forth over a hole... But what I'd like to see is a design where the glowstone is retracted, pushed to the side and a smothstone is put in it's place.

    I envision this being done with three sticky pistons. One on each side and one above, facing down.

    There would be three actions when someone turns the light on:

    1. The top piston would retract the smoothstone.

    2. The side pistons would push the glowstone and smoothstone over one block, so the glowstone is now over the hole.

    2. The top piston would push the glowstone into the hole.

    Here's what I have so far... it's about half functional.


    (use with: http://www.mordritch.com/mc_rss)

    Ahh, I understand what you mean. This would actually be rather easy for me if I had Pistons - however I'd rather not download the mod, I'd much rather wait for 1.7.
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    Quote from Mj64


    You wake up on a mountain, all you see is whiteness. [No racism and no this isn't the 1800s...] You wonder where you are, and where's the sand? The ocean? The trees that are usually behind you? Nothing. All you see is mountain and... snow. You realize you are on snow! What a strange spawn! So how do you survive here? Will you make an igloo? An underground retreat? or maybe even a log cabin out of the nearby copses... The choice is yours! But then you see something green... and moving. What could it be? You hiked down the mountain and realized something... you are also not alone. In this forbidding landscape you must not only fight the normal mobs, but SLIMES. BIG OL' NASTY SLIMES. Life just got a lot better for you! And no, I am not Vechs. If you have complaints of there being no coal, iron, gold, redstone or diamonds, try looking around! There are many resources hidden under the snow [Try digging the top layer near stone] in this landscape, too. No spawners here, but there may later be a dungeon full of traps.

    Sorry, but this post is so new and the map [I made the map on same date as topic] that screen shots will be later today OR tomorrow. I promise you shall get them though! just expect a large hill, a big river, a few trees, and other things. Oh, and did I say river? Ya, there's a big river down the center! Tip: There's another material other than rock, snow, and wood under the river... Starts with a B_ _ _ _!!!


    Enjoy! [First map by the way, so please don't troll!]

    NICE! Trying now. First, btw!
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