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    posted a message on One change you'd like to see....
    I agree with you, liquids should be like they are in djoslin's liquid mod. Infinite source blocks of water just don't seem normal, although in some cases its useful for scaling large heights or descending them.
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    Yo dawg, I heard you like computers...
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    Neither, it depends on the terrain. If defending with a bow, you'll want high altitude on a tower and good aim, however if attacking with a bow you'll want to send weak volleys over the walls, and shoot upwards at towers, taking vantage at a mountain you can hide behind, with sword wielding guards covering you.

    With a sword, defending you'll want medium height points to jump down from, narrow passage ways for entrances which are easy to defend, and potions, lots of potions, particularly regeneration, speed and strength. If Attacking, you'll want organized small groups of people with heavy armor, iron or diamond. In open areas zig-zagging movements can confuse archers, and let you see enemies coming towards you. In hilly or forested areas, sneak and sprinting repeatedly is good, and surprise gives you a good edge. And in any case, potions, potions, POTIONS. ALWAYS BRING POTIONS. In the end, its your terrain, armour, buff items (potions), and destructive items/block (liquid buckets and tnt).
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    Servers with age discrimination.
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    posted a message on Wish I Could Eat Squid
    I wish you could eat sheep! They're EVERYWHERE and seriously, when do you ever really need wool?
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    posted a message on I am extremely bored with Minecraft
    Quote from swampertkamm85

    I, unfortunately, think I'm starting to lose interest in Minecraft

    So I need someone to help me get it back! WHAT DO I DO ON MINECRAFT NOW THAT I'VE DONE PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING!

    Well, you have 3 options here.

    1.) Play SMP, it gives you a goal outside of single player: Out matching everyone around you. It gives you something to stride for.

    2.) Mods, the drugs of minecraft! You get them, and it does make minecraft better, but you keep wanting more and more until your minecraft.jar is 20 times the size of the original one.

    3.) STOP PLAYING MINECRAFT... No, not forever! Just stop playing for a few days or a week, play other games, find something else to do. I remember a while I'd never play minecraft, just TF2, Halo Reach, and MapleStory. Then after about a month of not playing, I started playing it again and I was like "Its good to be back!". Of course, this was only with mods and SMP. I only play when there's new additions into the vanilla game, or with mods.
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    posted a message on What's the Manliest You've Ever Felt?
    Watched My Little Pony. HELL YA. Lol
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    posted a message on Do all new features HAVE to be complicated?
    I disagree. Complex features most likely means more features. I don't even understand how they are complicated. I'd like it to be more complicated, it gives your more things to do, because all you have to do in MineCraft now (at least by my standards) to beat it is get fully enchanted diamond equipment, and get potions. After that there isn't much left to do. I want more features, as much as possible, and if that means being more complicated, then by all means make it more complicated.
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    posted a message on The new fences are ruining my breeding farm...
    Um... Use more fences?
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    posted a message on Round Moon/Sun is better!
    Quote from Kusandaa

    Some children think that Minecraft should only have squares. Stop, I know what you're thinking: what about round objects like music disks, cookies, etc? Well, they have chosen to ignore that.

    Next, we shall have a poll to remove potions, as they are not in square vials.

    These people cannot think outside the box.

    I don't think everything should be squares, but I think that square moon and sun kind of make minecraft different Minecraft. Who said it should be all squares? Bows aren't square. Swords aren't square. Heck, one of the most valued items is a circle (diamond).
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