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    posted a message on Are there even any unmodded survival servers anymore?
    Seriously. I'm sick of the Buxvilles and the RPing, the currency and towns, the altered physics and NPC's. Can't I just get a plain, simple server where it's just like my default SSP, except with other people in it? That's all I want. All I need.

    Tired of this fancy not-even-Minecraft-anymore crap.

    Item supply by request and /give is fine, I just want to make the things I'd make in SSP for all to see.

    These have to exist, but all the ones I manage to find are laggy, low population, or don't stay up 24/7. Optimal servers would be about 20-30 people on during EST daytime hours, unmodded physics, freebuild but non-griefable.
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    posted a message on Odd structures [Glitch?]
    Sorry, that was my castle. I make those a lot over lakes. Also the water mountain was just something that happened when I put a lot of water at the top of a natural mountain then dug it out. It re-sourced itself down to the bottom.

    I was wondering where that save file went.
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