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    Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Now on Minecraft!

    This is the Seasons Mod. A mod that adds the four seasons to Minecraft, each one with its own features(and danger!)
    The first version is just the basic stuff! Other things are being planned, like seasonal mobs and plants!

    (The mod is almost entirely configurable. If you don't like one feature, it's likely you can disable it on the config file!)

    Feedback will be nice! :biggrin.gif:
    Lastest version: Seasons Mod - 1.34
    Required: ModLoader;
    This mods edits the following core classes:
    kd.class - BiomeGenBase
    jh.class - ColorizerFoliage

    So you need to put all the contents of the .rar inside your minecraft.jar! Placing the file on the ".minecraft/mods" folder will not work!


    17/08 - 1.34:
    Fixed desert heat acting during Winter. I don't think there are any bugs left in 1.3, so I can move on.

    Now compatible with Pam's Harvestcraft. That changed a little on the seed nerf, but shouldn't be a noticeable change.

    Fixed the "dirt wall" crash, this time for HD texture packs.

    Fixed the "dirt wall" crash (crashing after Mojang logo).

    -> Changed how seed nerf works. The crops are back to normal now, but the chance to get seeds from tall grass was lowered.
    -> Each season has its individual length now.
    -> Added frostbite to Winter. Will happen only on cold biomes, only if you are directly under the sky. Can be avoided if you wear full leather armor. Deals damage and slows you down for a few seconds.
    -> Snow can form above leaves now.
    -> Right-clicking the Season Watch will now tell you the current Season, the current Season Day and the days left.
    -> Right-clicking the thermometer will tell which biome you are on, and the temperature, in %.
    -> Now there's an "image"(It's only text currently) that shows on Season transitions.
    -> It'll not snow on the Aether anymore.
    *-*-* GENERAL *-*-*

    By default, each Season is 7 nights long(you can change each season length individually)*. The transition between seasons days are 00h30m*, 30 minecraft "minutes" after the default minecraft sleep.
    When you create a new world, or load a world without a season, that world will start in the middle* of a random* season.
    Most of the features are disabled on multiplayer, but it's recommended that you restart Minecraft if you log from a SP world to a MP world.

    (Features marked with a * means that feature is configurable on the config file)

    *-*-* GENERAL FEATURES *-*-*
    * - Nerfed getting seeds from tallgrass. It's 250% harder(It's not that bad, really), but it balances out very well.
    * - Will show an image when transitioning to a Season to another, to show what's the new one. It's non-invasive and fades away in some seconds.

    *-*-* VIDEOS*-*-*
    Showcase by MinecraftScorpion:

    Showcase/Tutorial by Alivejai:

    *-*-* KNOWN ISSUES *-*-*
    For some unknown reason, or a curse, or something... the water flow speeds up only on daylight of summer. I have spelunked every piece of code and there's nothing left there. I'll try more, and maybe it'll be fixed on 1.4.


    *-*-* SUMMER *-*-*
    The HOT Season. Probably the most dangerous.

    * - All Summer rains will be thunderstorms;
    * - Instead of snow, it'll only rain on snowy biomes(but not defrost);
    * - Wheat will grow 1.5x faster;
    *- If you are on the desert, and is not under something, you'll take a random damage each time interval;
    * - Summer rain will destroy most of the plants on plains(will clean the excessive plants grown at Spring);
    * - Along with Spring, will defrost ice/snow on non-snowy biomes(to clean snow from Winter);
    DISABLED: * - Days are longer, nights are shorter;


    *-*-* AUTUMN *-*-*
    Adds an orange feel to the Minecraft Vegetation.

    * - Grass and Leaves have a modifier color spectrum;
    * - Yellow and Red flowers change their on-world textures to match the grass.;
    * - You'll get bonus wheat when harvesting.


    *-*-* WINTER *-*-*
    The COLD Season. Snow and ice will not be rare on this one! Not a lot of features, but nicely changes the gameplay!

    * - It's ALWAYS snowing on Winter, everywhere but the Desert/Hell. This will make your days darker!
    * - On Winter, the cold biomes will be cold as hell(?!). So, on the cold biomes, like Tundra, Taiga, and Ice Deserts, you'll get frostbite if you stay outside too much. It'll hurt you and slow you down, so careful! To prevent this, just wear a full leather armor.
    DISABLED: * - Nights are longer and days are shorter.


    *-*-* SPRING *-*-*
    The plant season! Probably the most invasive and overpowered one :tongue.gif:

    * - Tall grass, plants, and custom plants(if added on config) will grow on grassblocks affected directly by the sunlight.

    *-*-* ITEMS *-*-*

    The mod also adds two new items to Minecraft!

    * Season Watch:

    Recipe: 2 gold bars, 2 iron bars and redstone dust.
    An item used to check in which Season you are. It spins counter-clockwise, and if they are perfectly aligned, the current season is the one on the right.
    You can right-click it. It'll tell you the current Season, the current Season Day, and the days left on that season.

    * Thermometer:
    Recipe: 3 iron bars, one block of glass and redstone dust.
    A neat item that shows the estimated temperature of the place that you are. It's affected* by the Winter and Summer seasons.
    When right-clicked, will tell you the current biome and the temperature, in %.
    (Please be aware that each xz has a different temperature, and it's not affected by lava, ice, or anything.)
    *-*-* CONFIG *-*-*
    This mod uses the default ModLoader config saving, so the configuration is stored and commented in the ".minecraft/config/mod_seasons.cfg" file.
    You edit the ones not commented(without the #).
    Also, if add Spring's custom Block IDs, you NEED to add a max metadata to the other field(0 if none). Otherwise, it'll crash.

    *-*-* CHEATING *-*-*
    To change the current season of your world:
    -> Download NBTEditor and edit the SeasonInfo.dat file on your world folder;
    -> Enable the "debug" command on the config, so when you press the key "H" you change the season, and when you press "J", you skip a day of it.
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    Fixed, sorry for the issues!
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    Thank you guys!
    I'm taking note of every suggestion/bugfix.

    Next version is going to have some winter dangers, season-specific length, changes in the "seed nerf", and maybe even more.
    Oh, and a non-adfly link.
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    posted a message on [1.6.6-1.7.3]Nandonalt's Mods -Coral&Trees&A lot More!
    Nandonalt's Mods

    Hello! This is my modding topic. I will post all my mods here. The lastest update will be on the topic's subject. Stay tuned!
    My computer is having some performance issues, and coding and testing is slower. I'm really trying to find the solution soon!
    Downloading the mods supports me, but if you want to support more,

    Also, the real IDs of the items are "ID here + 256". :smile.gif:
    Current WIP: ------
    If you errors on startup, post your ModLoader.txt!
    Use Shockah's ToolUtils to fix BiomePack mining issues.

    5/06/2011 - Revised my thread. Updated all mods for 1.6.6.
    11/06/2011 - Fixed More Trees apple trees.
    12/06/2011 - Fixed again the apple trees. I think there's no problem with them now.
    27/06/2011 - Fixed beekeeping incubator. Beeswarm fix TBA.
    12/07/2011 - Started updating to 1.7.3; Updated: MoreTrees, Coral, DairyMod, Chocolate, ScubaDiving and Beekeeping(With a bug, that makes the comb presser/incubator don't change textures when activated, it'll be fixed eventually).

    Pack with most mods:
    - not ready for 1.6.6, will come soon -

    CactusCraft v1.21 -

    This is my first mod ever. Yay!
    Do you ALWAYS spawn on the desert? No trees around? Only cacti? No problem, sir!
    With CactusCraft, you can begin your survival with using only cactus.
    Let's get started:

    Video by willsage:

    Cactus Sticks

    Recipe: 2 Cactus Blocks.
    The most basic thing you can do with cactus. Sticks!
    These are used to make tools and torches.

    Cactus Pickaxe

    Recipe: 3 Cactus Blocks and 2 Cactus Sticks.
    The cactus pickaxe. Has the same durability as the wooden pickaxe.

    Cactus Axe

    Recipe: 3 Cactus Blocks and 2 Cactus Sticks.
    The cactus axe. Has the same durability as the stone axe.
    Now breaks cacti very fast!

    Cactus Sword

    Recipe: 2 Cactus Blocks and 1 Cactus Stick.
    The cactus "spiked sword". Has the same power and durability as the stone sword.

    Cactus Stick -> Wooden Sticks

    Recipe: 1 Cactus Stick on the furnace.
    Once you get stone, you will not use cactus stick anymore. So you can explore and gather logs yourself, or burn cactus sticks to wooden sticks to make better tools.
    Cactus Spade

    Recipe: 1 Cactus Block and 2 Cactus Sticks.
    The cactus spade/shovel. Has the same durability as the wooden spade.

    Cactus Hoe

    Recipe: 2 Cactus Blocks and 2 Cactus Sticks.
    The cactus hoe. Has the same durability as the wooden hoe


    Nonsense but REQUIRED
    At the beginning, I was all excited about making cactus tools without wood and stuff. Then I remembered: how can we can make tools without the workbench and light?



    Download - CactusCraft v1.21 - Minecraft version 1.6.6 - ModLoader Required

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Cactus Stick: 2307
    Cactus Pickaxe: 2308
    Cactus Axe: 2309
    Cactus Sword: 2310
    Cactus Hoe: 2311
    Cactus Spade: 2312
    Chisel v1.3
    A few months ago, I saw a [REQ] requesting a Chisel. I couldn't make it that time, but I made it now!
    Well, it's a chisel for removing ore of stones. When you use(right-click) the Chisel with the ore block, the block will transform into smoothstone, and will drop the ore(it has a chance of dropping 2 ores!). They don't help mining any block. Chisel graphic made by Lakmeer. If you are a Modder, scroll down to find how to register your ore to make it work with chisel(Thanks Shockah!)
    Let's get started:

    Iron Chisel

    Recipe: 1 Stick and 1 Iron Ingot.
    Basic Chisel. Has 32 uses.

    Diamond Chisel

    Recipe: 1 Stick and 1 Diamond.
    Powerful Chisel. Has 128 uses.

    Gold Ore

    Recipe: Not craftable.
    When you use the Chisel with the Gold ore Block, you get this. Can be smelted for 1 Gold Ingot.

    Iron Ore

    Recipe: Not craftable.
    When you use the Chisel with the Iron ore Block, you get this. Can be smelted for 1 Iron Ingot.

    Video by tylerclardy1996:

    Download - Chisel v1.3- Minecraft version 1.6.6 - ModLoader Required

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Iron Chisel: 2807
    Diamond Chisel: 2810
    Iron Ore: 2808
    Gold Ore: 2809
    Dairy Mod v1.02 - 1.7.3
    The CheeseMaker and the ButterChurn has been combined in one mod: the Dairy Mod. It also includes a new item, the Bowl of Milk.
    Let's get started:

    Bowl of Milk

    Recipe: 1 Bucket of Milk, 1 Bowl.
    Used for making Cheese and Butter. You get the empty bucket back, like cake!
    Compatible with PlasticCraft.

    Cheese Maker

    Churning milk into cheese was really weird. So, after suggestions, I made this. The Cheese Maker!
    What is this? The Cheese Maker transforms Milk into Cheese after a while. So you put Milk in it, wait some time(don't know exactly, maybe 5-10mins) and it'll transform into a blocky cheese. (Note: Don't use the bucket of milk with anything except cows, the butterchurn and the cheesemaker. Seriously.)
    Let's get started:

    Cheese Maker

    Recipe: 7 Cobblestone and 1 bucket.
    This is where the fun takes place. The side texture is compatible with any texture pack! It'll be the same as the furnace's side texture.

    Cheese Block

    Recipe: 9 pieces of cheese.
    This will be the final product of the Cheese Maker. Is placeable like cake, but you can't eat it.


    Recipe: 1 Cheese Block.
    Heals for 1.5 Heart. So, 1 milk = 13.5 hearts.
    Will be used for future foods.

    Tutorial - Using the CheeseMaker

    1. Empty a bowl of milk into the cheese maker.
    2. Wait some time, go hunt, mine, anything.
    3. When it's ready, right-click the maker.
    4. Left-click the maker to release the cheese.
    5. Storage, slice into pieces, do anything you want with it :biggrin.gif:
    Butter Churn
    This is a custom block I made. With this, you can transform one bucket of milk into two pieces of butter.Why? I'm working on some food mods, and it'll probably need butter. This might be not the final version of the mod, it still need some tweaking, but it works. And yes, I am REALLY bad with pixel art. I accept new sprites(16x16) if you can do it :smile.gif: (Note: Don't use the bucket of milk with anything except cows, the butterchurn and the cheesemaker. Seriously.)
    Let's get started:
    Butter Churn

    Recipe: 7 planks and 2 sticks.


    Recipe: Not craftable.
    This is what you get from the Butter Churn: two pieces of butter.
    They ARE stackable.
    Butter heals for 1 heart. So, 1 Bucket of Milk will result in 2 hearts of healing.

    Tutorial - Using the Churn

    1. Place the Churn.
    2. Place a bowl of milk in your hand.
    3. Empty the bowl inside the churn.
    4. Right-Click the Churn.
    5. Left-Click the Churn to release the Butter.
    6. Sell on ebay.
    7. ????
    8. Profit.

    "A Blocky Churn? Do not want." WAIT!
    I know, this looks soo blocky, that it doesn't looks like a Butter Churn.
    But I found a solution :cool.gif:
    Take 6 spare sticks and craft fences. Put a fence over the Churn and tadaa!

    Download - Dairy Mod v1.02 - Minecraft version 1.7.3 - ModLoader Required -

    This mod uses the following block IDs:
    Butter Churn: 135
    Cheese Block: 137
    Cheese Maker: 138

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Butter: 2456
    Cheese: 2457
    Bowl of Milk: 2467
    Cheeseburgers v1.0
    Simple mod that adds Cheeseburguer and "Hot Cheese"(Cheese + Bread) to the game.They aren't the prettiest cheeseburguers out here, but enjoy!
    Let's get started:

    Bread Slice

    Recipe: 1 Bread.
    Slices are used to make the burguers. Eating one will heal 0.5 heart(Yeah, I know. But these are for making the burguers, not to eat!).


    Recipe: 2 Bread Slices, 2 pieces of cheese and 1 cooked pork.
    The main burguer. Heals 10 hearts(2.5 + 3 + 4 = 9.5. +0.5 bonus)

    Hot Cheese

    Recipe: 2 Bread Slices and 3 pieces of cheese.
    A bonus burguer. Heals 7 hearts.

    Download - Cheeseburguers v1.0 - Minecraft version 1.6.6 - ModLoader Required - DairyMod Required

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Bread Slice: 2891
    Cheeseburguer: 2892
    Hot Cheese: 2893
    Scrambled Eggs v1.01
    This is one of the mods I was planning to do with Butter. Do not throw eggs, EAT them!
    Let's get started:

    Scrambled Eggs - Not Mixed
    Recipe: 2 Eggs, 1 Butter and 1 Wooden Bowl.
    The start. Right-click it to mix, or put on the crafting table to revert back to 2 eggs(You lose the butter and the bowl, think better next time!)

    Scrambled Eggs - Raw & Cooked
    Recipe: Not directly craftable.
    Put the raw Scrambled Eggs on the furnace to cook it, or eat it.
    Raw heals 4 hearts, and cooked heals 6 hearts.

    Download - Scrambled Eggs v1.01 - Minecraft version 1.6.6 - ModLoader Required - DairyMod Required

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Not Mixed: 2047
    Raw: 2048
    Cooked: 2049
    Coral Reef Mod v2.03 - 1.7.3
    Are you a explorer of the deep sea? Do you live underwater, but there's nothing to look at? I present you... The Coral Reef Mod! This will change your sea forever(yes, forever.)! This basically adds some plants and blocks under the sea. You can use the coral to decorate your home or to make dye. This will NOT affect your current generated sea, but explore/create a new game and it'll appear. This mod is really enjoyable if you use Roundaround's CrystalClearWaters mod, otherwise you'll not see much(Actually, with the new Light Coral, you may see something without the mod). The pictures below were taken with that mod installed.
    Let's get started:

    Some screens:

    Video by Xenoph:

    Coral Plants

    When you destroy coral plants, you get these. You can plant only underwater.
    Spiky coral damages you 1 heart, and light coral provides light level of 15. Green Corals sometimes refills your oxygen when "inside" it.
    Also, you can make dyes with them, in a 1:1 ratio.

    Orange Coral = Orange Dye
    Green Coral = Lime Dye
    Magenta Coral = Magenta Dye
    Pink Coral = Pink Dye
    Spiky Coral = Brown Dye(Coco Beans?)
    Light Coral = Cyan Dye

    Coral Blocks

    These two are normal blocks, they are the "base" of the coral reef. You can put them anywhere.

    You can set these settings in "Options -> Mod Settings -> CoralReef Mod". These changes only apply if you reload your save/create a new game.
    CoralReef Gen.: Enables/Disables new Coral generation.
    Average Size: Average size of Coral Reefs. Be aware that the "Big" option may cause lag! The default is "Normal".
    Spiky Coral: Enables/Disables the generation of new Spiky Coral(This will not delete them if they are already generated).
    Bubbles: Enable bubbles. Default: enabled.
    Growing: Enable coral growing. Default: disabled.

    Download - CoralReef Mod v2.03 - Minecraft version 1.7.3 - ModLoader Required - GUIAPI Required

    This mod uses the following block IDs:
    Coral: 176, 177, 178, 179, 180

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Coral Plants: 2670 to 2675
    CorruptionBlock v1.0
    I made this mod for fun. With this mod, the game will generate corruption blocks in the Nether, and when they touch something that doesn't belong to the Nether... well... The screens below show a overworld cave, corrupted. They texture is a mix of sould sand and netherrack. Up to you to find :biggrin.gif:
    What it does: It transforms nearby blocks into Nether's blocks. It can transform some in more corruption blocks, so it can take it to the entire world. That's why you can disable it. Also, it'll not transform some of man-made blocks, like ladders or torches.
    Let's get started:

    You can set these settings in "Options -> Mod Settings -> Corruption Block". I don't really now if you need to reload your save.
    Block Corruption: Enables/Disables corruption of blocks.
    Fire: When enabled, corrupted blocks have a chance of creating fire over them(they only catch fire when corrupted).

    Download - CorruptionBlock v1.0 - Minecraft version 1.6.6 - ModLoader Required - Settings API Required

    This mod uses the following block IDs:
    Corruption Block: 136
    Chocolate Mod v1.1 - 1.7.3
    The NEW chocolate mod! This mod lets you make chocolate(or cocoa beans!) with cocoa. Also, you'll start seeing Cocoa Trees! And you can plant it :biggrin.gif: This mod includes Bowl of Milk, compatible with DairyMod.
    Let's get started:

    Quote from Bowl of Milk »
    Bowl of Milk

    Recipe: 1 Bucket of Milk, 1 Bowl.
    Used for making Cheese and Butter. You get the empty bucket back, like cake!
    Compatible with PlasticCraft.

    Cocoa Trees

    When you create new maps/explore, you'll start to see Cocoa Trees. These Trees are not soo rare, and not soo common. When you plant a Cocoa Fruit on the ground, it'll grow like a sapling(same conditions, etc), but into a new Cocoa Tree.

    Chocolate Bar Mould

    Recipe: 3 Cobblestone and 2 Smoothstone. (Couldn't find a better recipe)
    Makes chocolate bars. Explained below.
    Acts 2x faster when on ice/snow biomes(Temperature below 50%).

    Chocolate Block

    Recipe: 9 Chocolate Bars.
    For storage. Can be returned to 9 bars.

    Video by Xenoph

    Making Chocolate
    1. Collect cocoa fruits from cocoa trees.
    2. Make Cocoa Dust (2 Cocoa Dust = 3 Cocoa Beans):

    3. Make Chocolate Milk:

    Recipe: 3 Cocoa Dusts, 1 Sugar and 1 bowl of milk.

    4. Smelt Chocolate Milk into Hot Chocolate Milk:

    Making Chocolate Bars

    1. Craft a Chocolate Bar Mould;
    2. Pour the bowl of hot chocolate milk into the mould and wait;

    3. Right-click the mould with your hands empty, and left click to get the bars.
    Info: Chocolate Bar. Heals 4 hearts. Stackable = up to 16. Inedible when stacked.

    4. If you have PlasticCraft installed, you can wrap your chocolate with Plastic Wraps :biggrin.gif:

    Info: Wrapped Chocolate Bar. Heals 4 hearts. Stackable = up to 16. Wraps not returned.

    Making Chocolate Cake

    1. Craft two balls of chocolate.

    2. Make the cake.

    Recipe: 2 Chocolate Balls, 1 Milk, 2 Sugar, 1 Egg and 3 Wheat.

    3. Eat! Nomonnmonomnmnomnomn

    Download - Chocolate Mod v1.1 - Minecraft version 1.7.3 - ModLoader Required - Plastic Craft Optional

    This mod uses the following block IDs:
    Cocoa Block: 217
    Cocoa Sapling: 216
    Chocolate Bar Mould: 215
    Chocolate Cake: 218
    Chocolate Block: 219

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Cocoa Fruit: 5764
    Cocoa Dust: 5765
    Bowl of Chocolate Milk: 5766
    Bowl of Hot Chocolate Milk: 5767
    Chocolate Bar: 5768
    Wrapped Chocolate Bar: 5769
    Chocolate Ball: 5770
    Ice Maker v1.0
    This is a simple block that makes Ice :smile.gif:
    Let's get started:

    Bowl of Water

    Recipe: 1 Bucket of Water and 1 bowl.
    Used for making ice(I didn't want to change the bucket class). Also, works with Plastic Craft buckets.

    Ice Maker

    Recipe: 5 Cobblestone and 2 Snow blocks.
    Used for making ice. Works a little faster on snow biomes.

    Making Ice
    1. Make bowl of water;
    2. Pour bowl of water on the ice maker;
    3. Wait a little time;
    4. Left-click and you'll have 5 Ice!

    (Sorry for the seam :tongue.gif: )

    Download - Ice Maker v1.0 - Minecraft version 1.6.6 - ModLoader Required -

    This mod uses the following block IDs:
    Ice Maker: 213

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Bowl of Water: 16093
    Pies v1.01
    Well, mod that adds Pies(Apple, Pumpkin and Porkchop)! Sprite of the Pies Items by CDi-Fails.
    If you want to plant/farm Apples, get Xie's Farming Mod or MoreTrees from this thread!
    Let's get started:

    Making Pies
    1. First, make the Pie Pan. Recipe is 3 Smoothstone in a V shape.
    2. Make the dough. The recipe is: 2 Wheat, 1 Bucket of Milk and 1 Egg. One recipe = 2 dough pieces.
    3. Put one dough inside the Pie Pan.
    Image of 1,2 and 3:

    4. Choose the flavour. Apple, Pumpkin or Porkchop?
    4a. If Pumpkin, the center of the pie recipe will be pumpkin block.
    4b. If Apple, the center of the pie recipe will be one apple.
    4c. If Porkchop, the center of the pie recipe will be 3 cooked porkchops.
    5. The recipe for pie is: One dough, the center of the pie, and one Pie Pan with Dough.

    Image for 4 and 5(There are no pumpkin slices anymore, it'll be like apple, but with one pumpkin):

    6. Cook it on your furnace/microwave.

    7. Done! Put the pie on your table and eat. You'll get your Pie Pan back! You can eat it like cake. (The image shows the inside of the pies)

    Download - Pies v1.0 1- Minecraft version 1.6.6 - ModLoader Required -

    This mod uses the following block IDs:
    Pies: 225, 226 and 227.

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Pie Pan: 14566
    Dough: 14567
    Pie Pan with Dough: 14568
    Pies: 14570 - 14575
    Mob Masks v1.0
    Make yourself masks! Currently it's only for show, no special functions(gives you some armor too!).
    Let's get started:

    Video by Xenoph(Includes Stilts)
    " frameborder="0" autoplay="false" allowfullscreen sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups">

    Empty Mask

    Recipe: 2 Strings and one paper.
    Base for all masks. You can wear it too :smile.gif:

    Mob Masks

    Each Masks requires different dyes. The recipe is one empty mask + the dyes. It's a shapeless recipe(like wool+dye, you put anywhere in the crafting grid):
    Creeper Mask: Lime dye, Bonemeal and Ink Sac.
    Skeleton Mask: Bonemeal, Grey dye and Light Grey dye.
    Zombie Mask: Cactus Green dye and Ink Sac.
    Pig Mask: Pink dye and Ink Sac.
    Sheep Mask: Pink dye, Bonemeal and Ink Sac.
    Cow Mask: Grey dye and Ink Sac.

    Download - Mob Masks v1.0 - Minecraft version 1.6.6 - ModLoader Required

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Masks: 10564 - 10570.
    Stilts v1.0
    Mod based on 303's LongerLegs Mod. It does the same thing, but you need to be wearing these stilts to work.
    If you don't know what is LongerLegs: it allows you to walk in higher blocks without jumping.
    Let's get started:

    (Bad Screenshot, sorry!)

    Recipe: 4 Redstone Dust, 2 Iron Ingots, 2 Strings and 1 Iron Leggings.
    Wear it and you'll be able to walk nicely. Also gives some armor bonus.

    Download - Stilts v1.0 - Minecraft version 1.6.6 - ModLoader Required

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Stilts: 23948.
    Scuba Diving Mod v1.1 - 1.7.3
    You want to explore the sea, the coral, see the squids closer? But you can't because you have low oxygen? Your problems are over! With the Scuba Diving system, you can walk the sea floor for much more time! But it has it costs... (When wearing the scuba gear(with air) you'll not drown).
    Let's get started:

    Video by Xenoph:

    Scuba Helmet:

    Recipe: 6 Iron, 2 leather and 1 glass block.
    You'll need to wear this to use the scuba tanks. Be aware that if you wear this underwater with no/empty tank you'll drown faster! Also provides a little armor, can be damaged by mobs/fall damage. Wear in Helmet slot.

    When you wear it, and have the setting enabled, you can see this buggy HUD(Shows above quickbar, hearts, etc):

    Credits to Glimmar for the HUD!

    Scuba Tank:

    Recipe: 6 Iron and 1 leather.
    You create it empty, and you'll need to fill it with air with the air compressor(explained below). When wearing with the scuba helmet, it'll slowly drain the damage bar, and in the end, it'll transform into (empty) again. It also drain air when not underwater! So don't waste it.

    Air Compressor

    Recipe: 6 Iron and 2 redstone dust.
    Use this to fill your empty scuba tanks. It's like the furnace, but the only fuel is Redstone dust and it can fill two scuba tanks. It also has air effects(only sometimes) :biggrin.gif:

    You can set these settings in "Options -> Mod Settings -> Scuba Diving". Items marked with a * means they require the game to be restarted.
    *Air Drain Mode: Default - High FPS - Custom. "Default" is the same as v1.0, "High FPS" is the same as v1.0hFPS, and "Custom" enables the value you specify in the next setting.
    *Air Drain - Custom: Default = 100, highFPS = 250. Change this to your liking. If you want more air, +. If you want less, -. High FPS computers may require higher values. This setting only works if you set Air Drain Mode to "Custom".
    Scuba Helmet HUD: Enables/Disabled the scuba helmet HUD when wearing it. Default is "Disabled".

    Download - Scuba Diving Mod v1.0 - Minecraft version 1.7.3 - ModLoader Required - Settings API Optional

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Scuba Helmet: 6412
    Scuba Tank: 6413 - 6414

    This mod uses the following block IDs:
    Air Compressor: 199
    More Trees v2.3 - 1.7.3
    Adds, currently, 4 tree types into the game. It has a proprieties file to change block IDs, too.
    Let's get started:

    Video by Xenoph:

    Palm/Banana Trees
    Thousands of years ago, these trees were buried deep in the sand, and the ocean floor... Now, with the change of the worlds, they started to show up on the surface. They are the Palm Trees! And Banana Trees!
    They are generated on sand, but not in the desert and not on low temperatures! And, some palm trees has developed the hability of giving bananas, though this is rare. You can plant palm trees, and the grown ones will have the better chance of giving bananas(will be green first, but by the time they'll get yellow). Logs works much like normal logs(fuel, charcoal, etc), but gives only 2 wood planks blocks.

    Banana and Banana Cakes
    Yellow bananas heals 2 hearts when eaten, and green bananas only heals one.
    You can take one banana to make the Banana Cake! (Sorry for crappy screenshot)

    Recipe: 3 Buckets of Milk, 2 sugar, 1 Banana and 3 Wheat.
    Heals 3 hearts/bite, instead of normal 2.5.

    Call them Sequoias or Big Weird Hollow Trees. This year, some minecraft scientists found giant, hollow, strange trees. After some study, they determined that these trees were the first trees of Minecraft, and that they "gave birth" to all other trees. To get to this size, they grow for more than 3 thousand years.
    It drops normal saplings, because you can't grow these giants things! It would take years! Also, be careful. Some mobs like to live inside they...

    Cherry Blossom Trees
    The most beautiful tree ever. With their pink leaves, they attract anything. Contains an alternate texture of PainterlyPack.

    Fruit Tree - Apple
    Adds a farmable apple tree to the game, easy to harvest and farm!
    To harvest apples from trees, just left click the leaves once. When harvested, they'll leave an "FutureFlower" block where they were, and after some time, it'll turn into a flower, and then into apples! It's a never-ending cycle, so you don't need to cut it down and plant the sapling again!

    The "big" version of Minecraft's birch trees. Not plantable. Sometimes they are really gorgeous, like the one from the screenshot below:

    These plants grow on blocks near grass. They are climbable, but fragile. If you destroy one, you'll get one branch. With four branches, you can craft a vine plant to place on walls. They grow with light and time. They now match the grass they are, so the image is outdated.


    Recipe: 1 bonemeal and one dirt. Shapeless recipe.
    This works exactly like bonemeal, but works with saplings from this mod too :smile.gif:

    Topiary Blocks

    Recipe: 4 saplings(can be normal, cherry, apple and palm saplings) or 4 seeds(for grass topiary).
    This is a special block for decoration. Leaves and grass textures will be adjusted to match its biome. And they are pass-through(Toggleable on options) =D

    Texture Packs
    You can download the texture packs for this mod in MoreTrees McModCenter page. They are:
    Texture Pack for "Fast": This removes transparency on leaves.

    Painterly: To match PainterlyPack by rhodox. This pack was made by TehKrush, with some small tweaks by me.

    You can set these settings in "Options -> Mod Settings -> More Trees Mod -> Tree Subsection". Some options may require a game restart. Also, contains a props file that is generated at the start of the game. If you want to set it before entering the game, please go to downloads part.
    Palm Trees:
    Enable: Yes/No. Enables or disables palm trees generation. Default: Yes.
    Max Size: Integer. Sets the max size of palm trees. Default: 24.
    In Deserts: Yes/No.Enables palm tree generation on Desert Biomes. Default: No.

    Sequoia Trees:
    Enable: Yes/No. Enables or disables sequoia trees generation. Default: Yes.
    Max Size: Integer. Sets the max size of sequoia trees. Default: 38.

    Apple Trees / Vines:
    Enable: Yes/No. Enables or disables the respective tree/plant generation. Default: Yes.

    Cherry Blossom:
    Enable: Yes/No. Enables or disables the tree generation. Default: Yes.
    White Gen: Enable generating of white cherry blossoms. Default: yes.
    Log Tint: Enable red log tint. Default: Yes.

    Eucalyptus Trees:
    Enable: Yes/No. Enables or disables eucalyptus generation. Default: Yes.
    Max Size: Integer. Sets the max size of eucalyptus. Default: 35.
    Minimum size: Integer. Sets the min size of eucalyptus. Default: 20.
    (Please, don't set, for example, Max to 20 and Min to 30. It'll not work as expected)

    Topiary Blocks:
    Pass-Through: Yes/No. Enable this property of topiary blocks. Default: Yes.

    Big Birches: Enable/Disable. Enable Big Birches generation. Default: Enable.

    Download - More Trees Mod v2.3 - Minecraft version 1.7.3 - ModLoader Required - GUIAPI Required - SAPI or ScotTools Required.

    This mod uses the following item IDs:
    Please refer to the proprieties file :smile.gif:

    This mod uses the following block IDs:
    Please refer to the proprieties file :biggrin.gif:
    Beekeeping v1.5 - 1.7.3

    This is the Beekeeping mod. A mod with a non-invasive environment that adds a new job, or a hobby, to minecraft: the art of keeping bees. Thanks for Winddelay for suggesting and making awesome graphics!

    This mod contains three new GUIs, and some blocks and items. Has a proprieties file to change IDs and a setting.

    : ModLoader and Audiomod.
    This mod is also on the AmazoPack, by Rhodox(check the guide on the page!). So you can choose this mod's textures on the painterly pack customizer! (PainterlyPack/AmazoPack not required!)
    Video by ImKyFy:

    Information to get started:
    Cloth sheets:

    Recipe: Two white cloth.

    Beekeeper helmet:

    Recipe: 5 cloth sheets, 1 iron ingot.

    Beehive Box:

    Recipe: 4 plank blocks, 2 wooden slabs, 3 iron ingots.

    Comb presser:

    Recipe: 6 Iron ingots, 1 glass block, 1 empty bucket.


    Recipe: 3 glass blocks, 2 plank blocks, 2 iron ingots, 1 glowstone dust.

    Text Info:
    -> Get queen bees from Beenests in trees. They are created on world generation or...;
    -> ... by randomly spawned Bee Swarms in grass areas. They'll eventually set up a beehive.
    -> You need to put the Queen Bee in the main slot of the beehive box for it to work.
    -> The Beehive Box works slowly, but that can be changed if there are some specific things near(some things slows down it, think what bees like);
    -> Honeypork!
    -> You can make candles with pressed wax + strings.These candles can be combined into chandeliers. (4 candles around ingots)

    -> Make a more swarm-like movement to bee swarms;
    -> more?

    Download - Beekeeping v1.5 - Minecraft version 1.7.3- Info at McModcenter -
    http://mcmodcenter.net/infusions/pro_download_panel/download.php?did=184" target=""http://beta.mcmodcenter.net/index.php?/files/file/65-beekeeping/" target=""-Link-

    Wall Clock v1.0
    This mods adds a new block, the Wall Clock! Basically it's the every day watch, but placed on the wall. It animates the same way, using your dial.png :smile.gif: Contains a props file for changing IDs. Texture is a mix of some Painterly textures, so credits to Rhodox.
    Let's get started:


    Recipe: 4 planks, 4 gold ingots and one redstone dust.
    8 planks, already made clock at the center.
    You can turn the wall clock on clock again by putting it on the crafting square.

    It's the wall clock! :biggrin.gif:

    Video by Xenoph

    Download - Wall Clock v1.0 - Minecraft version 1.6.6 - ModLoader Required -
    BiomePack v1.0!
    This is the BiomePack!

    This mod makes some blocks act like grass/leaves in different biomes, so they'll have different colors. Each type comes with its own color map, that you can customize! You can enable/disable using the props file that is generated on .minecraft folder.
    Current Blocks:
    Sand - Default is enabled;
    Sandstone(to match sand) - Default is disabled;
    Gravel - Default is enabled;
    Stone - Default is enabled;
    Ores - Default is enabled;
    Cobblestone(& Stair(maybe half blocks in future?)) - Default is disabled;


    More on the album: http://imgur.com/a/LyGAm

    Credits to Glimmar for the rockcolor.png(I modified it a little)!

    Download - BiomePack v1.0 - Minecraft version 1.6.6 -ModLoader Required;
    Sorry for bad english D:

    Special thanks to all modders on #Risucraft who helped me =D
    Special thanks to NeoWorm for improving some sprites for me!
    Huge thanks to Xenoph for making great videos for my mods!
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    posted a message on [1.7.3][1.5]Wolves Extended!
    Wolves Extended 1.5

    Tired of the same generic wolf all the time? You can't identify who's Rex and who's Scooby? Is your pet wolf useless in travels? Then, get this, a (most)major overhaul of wolves!

    v1.5 - 1.7.3

    This mod is on heavy testing! Your wolves may disappear after installing the mod for the first time, just recover it with SinglePlayerCommands or something else!

    Video by MCModShowcase:

    Config file:
    The config file is on /.minecraft/WolfVariations.
    EnableSizeMixOnBreeding - default is true. If enabled, the puppy size will be a "mix" between the parents size.
    BreedingRate=100 - default is 100. More means less breeding.
    ClothingMakerID=213 - ID of the Clothing Maker.
    DebugInfoOnShift=false - default is false. Shows some info of the wolf when shift+right-clicking.
    ImmuneToFireAndLava=false - default is false. If true, the wolves will be immune to fire and lava.

    Module 1 - Wolf Variations:
    An API(comes with 3 wolves + default) that lets you create your own wolves, without modifying the code.
    (When a wolf spawn for the first time, it'll choose a type. I don't know what happens with already-tamed wolves, but it will not crash I think) The wolves that comes with this pack are: Default, Fox, Brown and Gray, made by user GreenxCactus(Thanks!). The husky skin that Loki uses was made by user Abra and is not included in the mod.

    It allows to create new wolves with:
    -> Custom textures;
    -> Custom size.
    -> Custom speed;

    Module 2 - WolfGUI and Clothing:
    You can now ctrl+rightclick your tamed wolf to show this GUI(backpack slots only shows when it's wearing a backpack).

    On the right, there are the gear slots. In order, up to down: Headgear / Collar / Bodygear / Backpack. You can put dyes on their collar slot :opblock:

    It shows the name of your wolf on the top. To change the name, click the "Name" button. This GUI will appear:

    Put the name you want and click "Save". The nametag will now appear over your wolf!

    You can add clothes to your wolves now! And even make your own clothes with an easy-to-use API!

    To make the clothes ingame, first craft the Clothing Maker:

    Recipe: 5 wood planks, 3 wool and one iron ingot.

    To each type of clothing(Headgear, Collar, Bodygear and Backpack), you need a different supply.
    To craft these supplies, it's easy(they are shapeless recipes):
    Headgear supplies: 2 wool blocks and one dye (any color).
    Collar supplies: 1 wool block and one iron ingot.
    Bodygear supplies: 3 wool blocks and one dye.
    Backpack supplies: 2 leather and 2 wool block.

    Then, open the Clothing Maker:

    That's it: You put the supplies on the first slot, and it'll preview the item in the second. Select the item you want with the arrows and click the "Mk." button to create it. Be careful, the "Mk." button is sensible!

    To make your own clothing: Just see how the included clothing works, they are in the Clothing section of WolfVariations folder. You make a text file for the piece with the info, put it in the folder, add in the clothing list, add the textures to your jar and done!

    Included clothing:
    -> Brown cap; Sunglasses.
    -> Colorful collar; Spiked Collar; Dyes(coded into the mod);
    -> Argyle Body;
    -> Backpack with 4 inventory rows.

    Module 3 - Breeding:
    You want to have more wolves, but can't find one? Already has two wolves? Well, you can reproduce them!

    The process:
    1. Craft two breeding bones, the recipe is two raw porkchops and one bone, a shapeless recipe:

    2. Give the bones to each wolf you want to reproduce.
    3. Put them together in a place, alone.
    4. If you have luck, they'll pop a Puppy. The chances of reproducing again for the parents are reduced every birth.

    In "WolvesExtended_Config.txt", there's a setting for mixing the sizes. If true(default), the Puppy size will have a mix of the parents sizes, so it creates a new unique variation(if you don't think it's working okay, you can set it to false to it'll have normal sizes)! The texture is randomly chosen between the parents textures.

    You can shift+rightclick the wolves that has parents, this will show up:

    It shows: The wolf name, its parents names and the age. If there's no parent name, it'll have a generic name. The names are registered at the time of birth. And yes, they grow over time.


    Module 4 - Wolf Riding(Originally by Kodaichi):
    You can now ride your wolves! Any wolf that is at least the default size can be ridden if tamed.
    To ride it, just jump + right-click your wolf!


    WolfChooser(Download separately in MCModcenter):
    A item that lets you cycle the wolf types, only useable with tamed wolfs. Has 16 uses.

    Recipe: Rose red dye, Cactus green dye, lapis lazuli dye and two sticks.

    Installation video by TexanFury:

    Download Wolves Extended v1.5 - For Minecraft 1.7.3 - Requires ModLoader.
    - Link -

    Quote from Tutorial »

    - ! - Don't put an ";" in the end of any line

    1. Let's start creating a file in your .minecraft/WolfVariations folder. It needs to be a txt file, i'll call mine "creeperwolf.txt". Put this inside it, at first:

    2. It's easy to create new wolves. So i'm adding a creeper wolf, with these textures: "creeperwolf.png", "creeperwolf_tame.png" and "creeperwolf_angry.png". I'll put them inside the "mob" folder in minecraft.jar.
    You need to add them, respectively, into "WolfWildTexture"(Non-tamed), "WolfTamedTexture"(tamed) and WolfAngryTexture(angry). It'll end up like this(if you put the textures inside the mob folder):

    3. With the textures done, we will move on to the size. If you don't know what size you want, leave it to 1F. I want my creeper wolf to be a little taller than the normal wolf, but keep the other dimensions. It'll end like this:

    4. The speed isn't a big deal. Put "1F" if you don't know what to put. This wolf will be a little more faster than normal wolves, so I put 1.2F.

    5. The result:

    5. Save the file. Open your "Wolf_List.txt" that is on that folder. Now, simply add the name of the file you added before, without the ".txt".
    If it was like this:

    It'll be like this:

    You added a wolf, congrats!

    MOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - Luiz Fernando Cardoso(Nandonalt), Original author(s) of the MOD. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the mod, person installing the mod.


    2. USE
    Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.

    This MOD may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this mod must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

    This mod is provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of this MOD require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.
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    posted a message on [1.6.6-1.7.3]Nandonalt's Mods -Coral&Trees&A lot More!
    Update will come this weekend, as all the required mods are updated.
    It's taking more time because I'm preparing some things to tidy the thread up, like icons.

    Also, there will be a few more mods on the update. :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.6.6-1.7.3]Nandonalt's Mods -Coral&Trees&A lot More!
    Quote from DooM Marine 99

    Does anyone know what texture pack Nandonalt is using in the pic for how to craft a wallclock?

    The one that shows four wood in the corners, lump of redstone in the middle, and the remaining spaces filled with gold bars?

    Minecraft Enhanced(with shaders) + Bordercraft items.

    People, I CAN'T submit updates without the mods required updated to 1.6.5 too. Also, i'm waiting for 1.6.6.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3][1.5]Wolves Extended!
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    posted a message on [1.7.3][1.5]Wolves Extended!
    That's it. Redownload :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.7.3][1.5]Wolves Extended!
    Quote from VincentX3 »
    Quote from Nandonalt »
    Guys having errors: Can you post your ModLoader.txt?

    I just tried adding this mod to my Modded 1.4 jar instead of the clean one, hoping for some luck.
    But no go.

    Hope this helps :sad.gif:

    Thanks! I forgot to include NandoProps on the download. Please redownload.
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