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    Also, it took all morning, but i am pretty happy with it. What else needs done Numenorean? I am sure I missed something.

    //i.imgur.com/Xd1GW5N.png" width="" height="" alt="" />" width="" height="" alt="" />
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    Ok, glad you brought up the missing textures. I have been low on time lately, but i will try and get some of those done. Also, glad you are having fun too, I am loving this!
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    I think this mod could have some crazy potential. It would be really cool even if it just added phasers and a replicator. It would be even better if it added its own dimension, complete with ships and "Planets" to visit. To go to this dimension, you could build a portal out of world-gen material in the overworld. You then spawn on a ship, and you have traveled into a time after the last Star Trek series (2430 or so) After getting your starter ship after spawning, you could get the chance to upgrade your ship using ores mined from planets. To visit planets, you must warp to a sector using the helm on your ship. A simple GUI with options would do. You could get basic information from your sensors about the planet, depending on your sensor level. Then, you visit your transporter room and then beam to the surface. It loads a new dimension, and you are free to mine and explore. To return you could hit a key that opens your comm badge GUI, from which you can be beamed up. If by chance you do die, you re-spawn in your sickbay. Ores collected could be used to power your ship, upgrade, or fix damage. (dilithum, tritanium, duranium, etc) If anyone knows what Faster Than Light is, I think the mod could be really cool like that, at least for ship battles. Nothing too fancy, just clicking "torpedo" or "phaser" on your tactical console, and then waiting for the return fire. You could upgrade and train your crew (NPCs that just wander around or help you on away missions) Upgrading could increase efficiency of your ship, and decrease upgrading cost. To buy a new ship you could go to a Starfleet station and buy it using ores. This is just a summary of some of my ideas, and I could elaborate more if anyone has any questions, and I could help with music/ sound effects and ship building.
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    Nice, I think this is well balanced and fun to play around with.
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    "The day cycles tick buy, sweat drips down my head like Niagara Falls, my hands cramp with agonizing pain due to the repetitive action of right then left clicking. Tiny ninja, no. Bowl of fruit, no. King from that one old game, no! Flaming skull, no! Wait! But it is too late. I passed the second skull needed for my dungeon of doom. In despair I close Minecraft and cry myself to sleep over the evil painting gods..."
    -My Life in Minecraft Vol. 14

    Don't you cry child, I have a solution for you!

    Simply middle click an existing painting to copy it for use somewhere else. This can happen in one of two ways:

    1. Middle clicking an existing painting will make the next placed painting a copy of the original. However this will last only for one placement, after that, normal placement mechanics will return.

    2. Middle clicking an existing painting will give you a painting with a damage value corresponding to each painting image/size. Example: if the bowl of fruit is 329:1, then middle clicking will give you 329:1 to place infinitely. (One could also do a /give command to pick paintings precisely)

    Overall Pros:
    • Great for map makers
    • Great for server builds
    • Takes the frustration out of placing paintings in creative
    • Keeps placing paintings in survival mode interesting
    #1 Pros:
    • Simplifies getting paintings for the noobish unfamiliar with item id's
    #2 Pros:

    • The /give command could prove very usefull

    Overall Cons:
    • Might be difficult to make this feature compatible with texturepacks (If I am wrong, please let me know)

    How you can help:

    Click the green arrow at the bottom!

    Participate in the above poll!

    Comment and leave feedback!

    Thanks for reading! Hopefully we can get this simple, easy, and much needed change into the 1.7 snapshots!
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    Man, this is a suggestion right up there with the gryphon. Mad support!
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